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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Candice Calls a House Meeting!!!

At 2:54pm BBT, Candice asked everyone in the house to gather around for a quick house meeting. Aaryn/GM were taking pictures in the pool & delayd the meeting for a few minutes.

This is a must-see on the live feeds!! Way, wayyyy too much to transcribe & I doubt they'll show it in it's entirety on the show.

2:54pm BBT:
Candice calls for a house meeting!!

Elissa: "Is this gonna be a long meeting?"
Candice: "No, it's gonna be very short."

They're waiting on GM/Aaryn in the pool taking HOH pics.

Candice is calling out Spencer hard!!!!

Candice: "Keep my God damn name out of your God damn mouth!!"
Spencer: "That's a real Christian thing to say."

Candice: "Spencer told me he wants Amanda out and wants to rally the votes to get her out.."

Spencer is denying it all and saying Candice is trying to make him look bad.

Candice: "I wish you (Spencer) were on the block!"

Candice says that if it's endurance for the HOH comp this week, then Spencer better "hold on to that wall" because she wants to get him up & out next week. WOW!!!

This is a must-see on the live feeds!! Start at 2:55pm BBT on Cams 1 & 2.

Howard is saying he wants to still self-evict, he respects everybodys game, talking about God, he's always been with Candice in the game, he talks about how 4 HG's are running the house, etc.

3:06pm BBT:
Amanda chimes in.

Amanda: "You said that Candice is cancerous to your game."

Howard & Amanda are now going at it. (*There is no way to transcribe this, they're talking over each other and raising their voices.)

Meeting is over.
GM chimes in & says if people would stop slamming doors while she's sleeping, she'd appreciate it. lol

Well, Spencer's game is blown up now.

3:12pm BBT:

Helen is telling Aaryn that she didn't like how Howard said they are all selling themselves out for $500k.

Helen: "We all signed up for this show. We knew what we were getting into."
Aaryn: "I'm not showing my cards because I'm playing a game. You never show your cards."

Andy joins.
Aaryn: "So if Howard came to play kumbaya, then you came to the wrong place, buddy."

**Watch the houseguests talk about what just went down on the live feeds! Emotions are still running high and they're all talking about it. 

Stay tuned...
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Rebecca McCamish said...

Again, I LOVE CANDICE FOR THIS. I'm no Candice fan, but what she just did to Spencer was well-deserved, long in the coming, and downright brutally honest. GOOD GIRL! You smack that misogynistic jerk with his own lies!

Kim M said...

Howard annoyed me with his speech during the house meeting (and he made me like him less and be more okay with the fact that he's going home this week).

He seems to want the whole house to be all kumbaya and is unhappy that people are actually playing the game (lying, scheming, etc). This is Big Brother! That's part of the game. Deal with it. It isn't like Howard hasn't lied himself.

Rebecca McCamish said...

I agree, Kim. But he's been talking like that for weeks. It's only just now that people are noticing. He tries to make everyone else feel like bugs for playing the game they signed up for. Helen was right. They didn't sign their souls away, they just signed up for a game.

Luke and Leah Pounders said...

It's about time somebody got called out in front of EVERYBODY and not behind closed doors... Not a Candice fan, but thanks for making something interesting happen in the house...

Razldazlrr said...

What the heck is self evict? telling everyone you want to go home? Thinking Howard doesn't have the "stuff" to play this game!

tabsouthard said...

I wish these ppl get a backbone and deal with amanda and put her in her place....they will end up letting amanda or aaryn win the game.....they both frustrate me terribly

nwoot said...

Playing catch up. Any chance of Amanda going? Hoping the tide has turned.

Anonymous said...

@KimM Howard has been in a strange position. Early on when the Mean Girls were going after Candice with racist sh*t, he talked about how he was afraid of losing his temper so he had to pull inside himself. I think there is still a lot of anger because there has been a lot of horrible things said and done. Maybe he is just afraid of the anger getting the better of him. Maybe he's just had enough.

Robin Jackson said...

I just watched the meeting. That was quite humorous. All spencer could say to Candice at first was that wasn't Christian of her. I don't remember Candice ever saying anything about playing a Christian game. Spencer is the one that tried to jump on that band wagon when he thought it was working for Howard. I think Candice helped herself tremendously by doing what she did. You might not like her but at least you know where she stands with things.

Maria Gree said...

It took guts to do what Candice did.....good for you Candice :)

Anonymous said...

Do you think Candice would actually target Spencer if she won HOH or do you think that's a strategic smokescreen to try to gain allies and take the next target label off herself?

If true this house meeting would be a huge windfall for the majority of the house if Candice and Spencer the only 2 not in it come out of it targeting each other. Regardless of their personal feelings about each other that wouldn't make much sense for either of them to do so I tend to doubt that'd end up being the case.


Anonymous said...

Howard was seen whispering to Amanda in the kitchen. Amanda laughed. Howard walked away. Amanda told Andy and Judd that Howard whispered to her that when they get out of there, he's gonna f*ck the sh*t out of her because she's so f*cking hot. Amanda says she swears that is what he said to her.

Amanda tells Helen and McCrae what Howard said to her. Amanda wonders if she should talk to the producers. Amanda goes to the DR and tells Elissa not to say anything to Candice. Amanda says she is really creeped out.


Michelle said...

This is the worst group of players in BB history! They are always trying to get everything out in the open! It's annoying! All Candice had to do was tell other people that's he's after Amanda. A house meeting? This is the stuff that's making me vote this the worst season of BB ever! I don't like the MVP, I don't like 3 people up for eviction. There is no diversity in the house. Really becoming disappointed!

Ricky said...

Candice is crazy, she has been ready to lose it for awhile.Good job throwing Spencer to the wolves I so hope he wins HOH and makes thja game interesting again so bored with all these allicances.Personally I don't want any of these spoiled, racist nasty people to win...

AmiLrn said...

I'm really tired of the entire "keep my name out of your mouth" BS. Almost all of the women have said this phrase. It's something kids in high school say. And btw HGs...this is BB. Others are going to talk about you. Strategy is a huge part of the game. Winning half a million dollars is the goal - not playing the most honest, fair game. Absolutely get the strongest players out whenever you can. It's the only way to win!

Anonymous said...

Depending on who wins the next HOH I could see yet another potential new alliance formed in the wake of what's happened the last 2 days of Aryan, GM, Spencer, Judd and Jessie. I can see that coming about if Aryan decides to tell Judd about the Goof Troop secretly dumping him for Aryan. I could definitely see her doing that if she feels she needs to throw the Goof Troop 2.0(now with more racism)TM under the bus to further herself in the game.


Robin Jackson said...

Do you think that is what he really said? The reason I ask is because about a week or so ago Amanda was making some really sexually explicit comments and jokes to Howard when several people were on the patio. She even commented later that Candice was getting pissed about it. Amanda seemed to get a kick out of it.
Also, before anyone jumps down my throat about how women should be treated and the things that go along with that, please know that I study gender issues for a living. I just wonder if Amanda if Amanda isn't using this to her advantage. I know she has commented that he "flirts" with her, but she was never creeped out by it. Instead she acted like it was a boost to her ego.

Anonymous said...

Aryan is on such a crazy anti-Candice bent right now she might even try blowing some stuff up this week just to try to get her out. She'd need to get 4 votes against Candice for her to then be able to break a tie which she'd absolutely love to do obviously. She could have Spencer and GM easily and even Jessie I believe after her fight with Candice so she'd only need 1 more which she might be able to do by telling Judd about the Goof Troop secretly dumping him. So those 4 vote Candice out and Aryan breaks the tie. That would make the new alliance even stronger as you'd add Howard to Spencer, Aryan, GM, Judd and Jessie vs Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Helen and Elissa.


robere11 said...

I hate the poop troop

Debbie Sutterfield said...

What exactly is Aryan complaining about to Spencer in the hoh room on BBAD? I didn't think that the events of the day had anything to do with her, and now she is saying that she looks really bad again. BTW, I thought it was funny when she said that everything they say in the house is heard by America (referring to someone else's comments...she truly is clueless).

Rebecca McCamish said...

Brian, thank you for reporting that. I wish you had listed a BBtime. That's seriously freakin' bizarre, and I hope she did tell the producers... and that the producers took it seriously. Of course he'd whisper it because then nobody could prove anything.

And... he probably is just trying to self-sabotage.

enb said...

Who zooming who, should be the theme song for this season


Dick move, Candice. Weak.

Razldazlrr said...

wow - anyone else see howard saying that to amanda? I can definitely believe it, from personal experience. I don't think people have seen much about all the sides to Howard, he's just trying to portray the "religious" side.

Ryan Long said...

Are you'll insane? Candice is the biggest dope in the house. She's up on the block to go home with her only alliance in the house and Spenser is trying to save them and send Amanda (whom hates Candice and Howard ) home and she calls him out. Good going girl great game.dumb dumb

rbjjb said...

Should Call This Season BB15 HS Version. I Agree With Michelle. With This Group Of Players Not Sure What BB Could Have Done To Make This Work. I Have Given My Wife Such A Bad Time For Being BB Fan Until Season 6. Then I Have Been A Fan Since Then. The MVP Twist Did Not Work For A Couple Reasons. Elissa Getting It Week After Week For Doing Nothing To Deserve It And Elissa Telling People She Got It. The Three On The Block Still Does Not Work Because The House Flipping Is Reduced To Slim To None. BB15 I Hope Will Take Those Away. They Really Already Have The MVP. when I Read That These Players Are Playing The Game I Disagree. This Would Be A Perfect Week For A Game Change For Many Reasons And This Vanilla Group Does Nothing.

Ryan Long said...

He probably said it but she is an attention freak that likes it so who cares

Ste ven said...

I didn't see this but paranoid Candice is becoming more and more unlikeable

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