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Friday, July 12, 2013

Nominations + Evening Post

Good evening, BB fans!! :D At 5:20pm BBT, the live feeds swtiched to trivia, which means it's time for the Nominations Ceremony!!

Helen plans to backdoor Jeremy this week, so he won't be nominated. If he win plays & wins veto this week, then Plan B is to get Aaryn out.

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the results below! :D

7:01pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Aaryn & Kaitlin

Helen wants Howard to go up as the MVP Nomination. (**No word on who might be the MVP yet.)

7:01pm BBT:
HOH Room
Helen tells Amanda/McCrae that Howard lied about not being in the Moving Co. alliance. McCrae said he's gonna fill Elissa in so they know who to put up as a MVP nom. (**They're guessing she'll get it again.) They want Howard up.

Amanda tells Helen how Howard has Candice wrapped around his finger & they can't tell her that Howard will be the MVP nom.

Helen thinks that Aaryn is "so lost" & isolated now and will vote the way they want her to vote.

McCrae think the next HOH comp could be endurance and geared towards girls. They know Elissa would do really in it, but also think Aaryn would do well, too.

Amanda brings up the idea to let Aaryn know that Jeremy voted David out, just in case Aaryn stays and wins HOH next week, that way it doesn't look like they're lying.

7:11pm BBT:
HOH Room
Spencer is spilling everything! She told Helen how Howard & himself were in the Moving Company alliance & even how she told Jeremy yesterday to maybe get Helen out because she's smart. Helen starts crying because she feels like she looks stupid in front of America.

7:24pm BBT:
Spencer is telling Helen that he wants to work with her, that's why he switched sides. Helen wonders why all of sudden Spencer wants to work with her. Spencer said she's HOH & they're talking and he's being totally honest with her. He even mentions how Nick told him a week ago that he's a professional rollerbladder.

Spencer hopes that him being 100% honest with Helen now will earn Helens trust. Helen tells Spencer that Howard denied being in the Moving Company, Spencer said he knows. Both agree they don't know what he's doing game-wise, but Spencer believes Howard truly is a good man. 

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Amanda told Aaryn to not trust Jeremy/Kaitlin, that they've tried to make alliances with others behind her back, and that if Jeremy doesn't get picked to win veto, then Jeremy will be going home this week.

Amanda told Aaryn that if any of them win veto, they're pulling Aaryn off the block & putting Jeremy up.

Back upstairs...
Spencer is telling Helen that he will never nominate her, nor vote her out & that she can trust him. Helen tells him actions will speak louder than words.

**Okay guys, I'm out for the night! It's been a loooong day! See y'all back in the morning with The Overnighter. Until then, enjoy watching the  live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Dannielle Burciaga said...

Good move Helen!!! <3 Really excited about this week. I hope they stick to the plan and vote out Aa or Jerm!!

Random World said...

Wow. I can't believe Amanda is telling Aaryn about Jeremy/Kaitlyn. Like, I wouldn't tell Aaryn jack sh*t. Mmmhhmmm but that's me.

Random World said...

Wow. I can't believe Amanda is even letting Aaryn know about Jeremy/Kaitlyn.. if it was me, I wouldn't tell Aaryn jack sh*t.. mmmhhmmm but that's just me. I thought Amanda wanted Aaryn gone, why is she telling her they gonna take her off & put Jeremy up. I would take Kaitlyn off & leave Aaryn up on nominations. Mmhhmm.

Jamie said...

i think they're doing that in case Aaryn stays & wins HOH next week, then Aaryn will target Kaitlin.

Nikki said...

I'm glad Aaryn got her wakeup call! Jamie, thanks for your time! You are awesome!

Erica Iles said...

I would do the same, I would leave Aaryn TOTALLY in the dark to watch her squirm. I wouldn't tell her jack squat!

jayne said...

thanx Jamie for all the juicy details in your blog today. rest up and cannot wait to hear from you again tomorrow night.

p.s. have to admit that i have been reading many other bloggers out there on BB15 and yours is the Top Notch of them all. thanx again and goodnight

Anonymous said...

Amanda is def just covering her bases with Aryan just in case she wins HOH next week especially since she's not the ultimate target this week Jeremy is. And what's the worst that could happen anyway? Even if Aryan spills the beans to Jeremy it's all gonna come down to whether he's 1 of the 2 other names picked to play POV. And if he is he's gonna be playing super hard to win it regardless if he knows that info for a fact or not. So no harm no foul.


Jennifer Petru said...

Funny how the tide shifts when a new HOH comes into power. Spencer and Howard are quick to jump ship to align more fully with Helen and spill all of the beans...

Vicky P said...

Yeah I'm with you, Jamie. While Aaryn is a little snot and I would never want to help her in any way, I still think its smart what Amanda is doing. If the HOH is endurance next week, aaryn will have a great chance of winning HOH.

Razldazlrr said...

ahhh - i was wondering the same thing - why tell aaryn anything? Looks like the meanie girls have lost a little bit of the wind from their sails! LOL

Razldazlrr said...

Nick is a professional rollerblader? What is that? LOL

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