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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Morning in the BB House

Good afternoon, everybody!! Welcome to the morning post! :D The HG's are mostly sleeping as I type this, but we've had a little bit of game talk on the live feeds already this morning.

Andy/Judd talked about when to tell Spencer that they're all voting Howard out. Judd thought maybe they should tell him right before the HOH comp, but Andy thinks it'd be better if they told him before the show starts so that if Spencer wins HOH, hopefully he won't target them. Judd didn't like Andy's plan because he (J) is paranoid that Howard might have some "special power" (*he doesn't) and it'll be used during the live eviction. Andy doesn't think so.

In other news, Episode 5 of the BB15 Saga by former BB houseguest Wil Heuser is up & ready for your viewing pleasure! *Warning: Not suitable for work.* (I loved his Elissa & GinaMarie impression!)

Okay, let's dive on into the morning post, shall we? :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:51am BBT:

*Helen/Elissa/Judd are in the kitchen.
*Candice/Howard are laying in bed.
*All other HG's still sleeping.

The HG's are on inside lockdown as BB fixes an awning in the backyard.

11:00am BBT:
BB opens up the backyard again.

Howard is up.

Helen: "Good morning, Howard!"
Howard: "Good morning."

Elissa/Judd are talking about dogs, as Helen is doing dishes.

Howard passes through the kitchen, going back towards the bedroom.

Judd: "It's 2 o'clock eastern time."

Andy is on cams 1 & 2 snoozing...

11:39am BBT:
Judd/Helen are talking.

Talk is about Howard. Judd said that he uses the sympathy card & he doesn't like that. Helen joked & said she won't cry when he leaves the house, she'll be happy.

Judd: "Who would you want to go first, Candice or Spencer?"
Helen: "I don't care what order they go."

Judd wants Candice out 1st. He said that she talks about being poor, but then talks about having a rich life. He doesn't like that she used the "poor card".

Helen mentions how they'll get to a point where they all will have to turn on each other in the game. (**I can't wait! hehe)

Sidenote: I missed something in the Overnighter, the new Goof Troop is now minus Judd & replaced with Aaryn.  Amanda told Aaryn about the original 4 person alliance but now that she doesn't trust Judd & wants him out, Aaryn will take his place.

11:57am BBT:

Elissa/Judd/Amanda are out on the backyard couch. They're talking about TV shows at the moment.

Elissa: "I had a dream about hair extensions last night."

Spencer joins the couch crew.
Spencer: "Andy's up. He's in the bathroom."

12:02pm BBT:

Helen is running laps, as Spencer/Judd talk about how they were on inside lockdown this morning for BB to fix an awning.

**I'll start an afternoon post once the HG's are up & talking about stuff that deals with the game.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

There was another alliance that was formed last night around midnight in the HOH room which wasn't covered in the overnighter. If the Goof Troop were The Beatles Judd apparently just became Pete Best while Aryan is the new Ringo Starr. Amanda even told Aryan about their previous F4 with Judd but that they don't trust him anymore since he started making other alliances and not telling them so I believe this is a real deal alliance and not a fake one.


Anonymous said...

I guess Judd doesn't like playing cards!


Anonymous said...

Wil Hausers impersonation of Elissa is spot on, lol!


People who think Amanda is controlling should realize that it is a facet of her character that she is aware of, it serves her well in her job as a real estate agent, but it has been greatly magnified by the paranoia and pressure of being on the block this week. That same pressure has caused Candice to turn into a serial weeper and it has magnified Howard's sense of righteous indignation and moral superiority. Amanda will return to normal, Howie will return to Mississippi, and Candice, I don't think anything can help her.

Razldazlrr said...

ha ha craig - good one!
Wil - so funny!!! his impersonation of Elissa was great!

Essence Howard-Watford said...

I'm wondering why you always have negative things to say about Candice and Howard but praise Amanda's bad character Craig...

Jef Rosen said...

I think that was a huge mistake by Amanda. Simply stupid to replace Judd with Aaryn. She just expanded the 4 member alliance to a 5 member alliance. She greatly increased the chance of it being outed by Judd or Aaryn (which will piss off Helen and Elissa for being excluded). And she did this without talking to other members lol. Wow that was a huuuuuge blunder by Amanda. She is not handling the pressure well at all- big time paranoia...


I see what you're trying to drive at but i'm not taking the bait. Because Candice and Howard's game is a trainwreck and Amanda is playing the game, what you call her 'bad character'. They are all under immense pressure being on the block which exacerbates all their character flaws. Howard and Candice aren't any different, they aren't better people, and their game is weak.

Anonymous said...


McCrae and Andy were both in the HOH with Amanda and Aryan when the Goof Troop 2.0 (now with more racism) was formed.


Cassi said...

I agree, glad this was pointed out!

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