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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Friday, y'all!! :D Today is the Have Not's Comp + Nominations. Mix that with game talk & it's gonna be a busy day for the houseguests!

Okay, so yesterday Aaryn won HOH but, truth be told, this is Amanda's HOH this week. She runs the nominations. This is mostly due to Amanda/Helen's deal with Aaryn that they'd keep her in the house if she agreed to let them control her HOH if she ended up winning it. And Aaryn is holding up to her end of the deal.

A little off-topic, but I wanted to share an alliance chart that was made by @89razorskate20 on Twitter. I absolutly love 89RazorSkate20 because he uncluttered my mind of all the alliances & breaks them down in a visual chart. Bless you, Razor. Bless you.

(The "New Formed Alliance" is now called 
"The Grasshoppers Alliance")
(He's making a new one tomorrow, I'll post that sometime tomorrow.)

Okay, while you study the alliance chart, I'm gonna go gather up The Overnighter.

The short summary of last night is that we should expect Aaryn's nominations today to be either Howard/Spencer or Candice/Spencer.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

Okay, so apparently Flashback is totally screwed up AGAIN this morning (WTF?!!), this was verified by others in the BecauseYoureAddicted chat room on the feeds as well. I was starting to wonder if it was just my computer but nope..they're wonky as heck. And with the HG's waking up right now, I'm just gonna do highlights. (I'm just sliding the time bar on the feeds to get to the times I need.)

10:40pm BBT:
Aaryn got her HOH room. She also got her creepy clown doll back.

12:00am BBT:
The Have Nots are now Haves again! Yayy!!!

12:37am BBT:

Candice/Howard talked for awhile. Candice brought up the idea of getting Aaryn to switch sides of the house to theirs, that would include: Candice/Howard/Spencer/GM/Aaryn. (**This won't happen.)

12:52am BBT:

McCrae/Amanda tell Elissa to suck it up, be nice/civil this week to Aaryn & that she's safe this week, she Aaryn's not putting her up. Elissa then did some Aaryn bashing.

1:19am BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda commented on how nice Spencer has been since Aaryn won HOH because he's scared he's gonna be nominated. They then talk about how Elissa was lying & saying that Elissa's claiming that Aaryn didn't hug her when she won HOH, but that he saw Elissa turn away when Aaryn tried to hug her.

2:18am BBT:
HOH Room
Aaryn is telling the HOH crew that Amanda talked her out of putting up Elissa. She mentions that Amanda told her that they'd have the votes to keep Aaryn if Elissa won HOH & put her (A) up on the block. She tells them that she didn't know that Howard/Spencer were pushing to get Aaryn out of the house.

Andy brings up the MVP nom this week. He said if Elissa is the MVP nom, then they'll know for sure that it's America's vote because Elissa wouldn't nominate herself twice. (*They think it's possible that Elissa won MVP last week & nominated herself. But others think it could've been Howard as MVP, while others wonder if it was America's vote.) 

They all agree that in the next 4 weeks, to target Howard/Spencer/Candice/Elissa & get them out of the house.

2:26am BBT:
Have Nots Room
Spencer said he's gonna be social all week & they need to pitch a plan to Aaryn to get her to keep them safe.

Spencer: "I gotta get in Aaryn's ear."

They want Aaryn to make a "power move" and put up Helen/Elissa.

2:46am BBT: 
Lounge Room

Andy tells McCrae/Amanda about what was said in the HOH room with Aaryn & others. He said that they need to get rid of Howard/Spencer/Candice/Elissa in the next 4 weeks. McCranda agreed.

**The HG's are already up & talking game, so this is where the Overnighter ends. Starting a morning post immediately!

Stay tuned...
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James said...


Helen is such an imbecile sometimes. It is driving me crazy. I was such a huge fan of hers at the beginning. She screwed up so badly after the eviction and didn't even have her facts correct. Rather than sit back and figure out what really happened she totally threw her most loyal ally (Elissa) under the bus in a malicious way to the Knockouts and Aaryn. A short while later, come to find out it was Jessie and not El that outed the alliance and the Aaryn deal to Candice and not Elissa. Now Helen is cleaning up her own mess and begging Candice not to talk to Elissa or tell her about Jessie. Helen is reminding me of Shelly and just telling way to many unnecessary lies. She is going to get burned badly one of these days. She needs El on the jury or in F2 to win and she needs to figure out how she is going to overcome McCranda sooner rather than later in this game. I see McCranda in full control right now and the rest are blind sheep.


Trevor said...

The only person playing this game right now is Amanda. I am shocked at how silly these people are. Howard and Spencer are your targets Aaryn?? When have they come after you? What do you gain by getting one of them out? It is so hard to watch this season. Im struggling to stay involed. You have an entire house vs Howard and Spencer. How does this make any sense? SMH

James said...

I think Helen is justifiably upset at Elissa, because Elissa told Kaitlyn that the whole house was going to vote to keep Aaryn in, thus going behind everyone's back. Helen worked out a deal with Aaryn to keep Elissa safe if Aaryn won HoH, but Elissa screwed it up by blabbing to Kaitlyn

Polar41 said...

I know that Aaryn can't go home this week but Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Andy and Helen should really think about getting rid of her for their game. Let me explain, Elissa is one vote and ally they can trust (yes, they can trust her...she is with them, dont see her alining with anyone else) but I don't think Elissa is ever going to be able to function like a smart player if Aaeyn is there. Just look at the overnighter, she cant even put up a face and be nice to Aaryn and all she talks about is how she dislikes Aaryn. But think once she is gone, she could be golden for their alliance.

Donna Parker said...

Like most others, I too have been driven crazy by Amanda's brashness/pushiness/control freakness but I must say I was laughing out loud while watching her last night while they were waiting for Aaryn to get the HOH room. Her dirty dancing with Judd was hysterical as was her song about the great new product Amandaids. She is truly a source of great entertainment for us fans as well as the other houseguests. The rest is just her style of gameplay and I suspect she'll go far.

hummingbrd said...

Hi Jamie ... Cool Chart 89RazorSkate20 Love it !
This week should be so interesting to see how MVP plays out & the stress this house will go through around the 3rd vote lol ~ Have a great Friday All BB15 addicts !

Adam said...

Howard missed the opportunity. He should have told Aaryn to nominate McCrae and Amanda while simultaneously getting Helen's support. Howard should have told Helen her biggest threat is the chick playing the same type of game as her, not the jacked guy. As time goes on there are going to be more memory competitions. That makes Amanda more dangerous. Amanda & McCrae aren't getting any easier to remove.

That would give him:

McCrae/Amanda (whoever would stay)

MC2.0 is toast.

James said...

Response to the other guy named James:

Almost no one is upset about that "town hall" incident at this point except Hel. It had virtually no impact on the game and Kait is now gone. Even if Kait knew she was going home, who cares. Even if Aaryn went home instead of Kait, who cares. Helen just needs to chill and and understand what is important and not important and to think before she acts.

Helen keeping Elissa happy and in this game is much more important than is over responding to some drauma episode.


Rebecca McCamish said...

Elissa is one of the Mean Girls. Deny it all you want, but the videotape shows all. It's not just about Aaryn. She actually did make Amanda (of all people) cry and then forced her to apologize for it (?!) among many, many nasty comments directed at not just Aaryn but anyone that Elissa feels like bashing at the moment. Elissa is NOT a reliable vote or a reliable HoH for the Goof Troop or any alliance. She gets MVP or HoH, and she starts feeling like a queen (actually, she never stops). So "controlling" her is never an option. She's proven that before.

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