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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Morning in the BB House

BB woke up the houseguests super early today (6:30am BBT). Today is the POV Comp & that will determine who's going home this week: Jeremy (via being backdoored) or Aaryn. The HG's will first find out who the MVP nom is, followed by picking for veto comp players.

Let's see what's happening in the BB house!

Currently on the live feeds...

6:27am BBT:

Spencer/Howard say their solid with each other (**They've been working together the whole game.)

Spencer: "I know we're together, above all us."

7:09am BBT:
Storage Room

Helen fills Andy in on what happend in the HOH room last night plus how McCrae cut a deal with Howard, Spencer is going up as the MVP nom, etc. Helen said she was really disappointed in Howard when he started to blame Amanda for being McCrae only because he was the 1st to win HOH and how he blamed Amanda for starting a rumor that he was in a "minority" alliance.

A few minutes later, Helen talked to Aaryn in the Storage Room and told her she is not the target this week & that Jeremy is target #1 this right now.

7:30am BBT:
Judd asked McCrae if they're working with Aaryn now. McCrae said kinda, but if Jeremy wins POV, then Aaryn will be going home.

8:00am BBT:
McCrae/Helen talk. McCrae tells Helen that Kaitlin said if she wins veto, she's not using it. Helen said they'll tell her (if she wins veto) that if she doesn't use veto, they'll vote her out. During this convo, Helen told McCrae that she's gonna talk to Howard because she didn't like how he was accusing Amanda of sleeping with McCrae only because he was HOH & to stop saying stuff like that.

8:26am BBT-9am BBT: 
Feeds on fishies as the HG's pick for veto comp players!!

Playing for the POV today are:

Helen, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer, Candice, & GinaMarie!
Judd is hosting.

Helen is so happy that Jeremy can't play for veto.
Meanwhile, Jeremy is upset he can't play for veto & is worried that he'll be backdoored.

9:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen said they cannot let Kaitlin win it, since Kaitlin might not use the veto.
Helen mentions, again, that she'll tell Kaitlin that if she doesn't use the veto (if she wins it), then they're gonna vote her out.

Candice mentions how she'd like to see Aaryn out first, because if Aaryn won HOH, it's be much, much worse than if Jeremy won HOH. She understands that this weeks target is Jeremy and she's fine with that, she was just saying what she thought.

9:09am BBT:

Jeremy is telling GM that he thinks they're gonna try to backdoor him this week. (**Yup.)

9:11am BBT:
Kaitlin is telling Aaryn that she just talked to Amanda a minute ago and told Kaitlin that the plan is to backdoor Jeremy and that she (Aaryn) is not the target.

9:14am BBT:
Storage Room

Kaitlin: "If you win POV, you have to keep it for yourself. They're gonna backdoor Jeremy and I don't want Jeremy going home...keep the nominations the same, Spencer will go home."

GM: "You think they're really gonna vote Spencer out?"
Kaitlin: "I think so. They said that Aaryn is not the target." (**As we know, this is not true. Jeremy is the target, Aaryn is Plan B.)

9:30am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Amanda is not happy about Howard not being nominated by Helen or Elissa. She thinks Elissa/Howard have a deal together.

11:39am BBT:
HG's still waiting for veto comp to start.

Early, Jeremy said that his downfall in the game was that he played too hard (winning comps). Aaryn is talking to him right now in the airplane bedroom saying that she's bit her tongue a lot in the game and said that she's a target because she has blonde hair/blue eyes. Oh boy. lol :P

**I'll be back with a new post when the POV Comp starts, or I'll update this post is anything major happens. Right now, the HG's are waiting around for the comp to start.

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

WOW from the pics, these people look like they are total slobs. not a surprise I guess.
Yea - Jeremy can't play for veto - let's hope Kaitlin or GM don't win it

Razldazlrr said...

let's hope jeremy goes home - it will be fun to watch the meanie Kaitlin!

Nancy said...

If GM and Kaitlin believe Spencer will be voted out before Aaryn or Kaitlin they get what they deserve for their stupidity. And GM, please go tell Aaryn what Kaitlin said. :)

Angel Peugh said...

I watched this entire meltdown with Amanda and crew when Elissa chose not to put Howard on the block. I guess I am still really confused on what the big deal is. I agree that Howard would have been the only one able to beat Jeremy in the POV if Jeremy had been drawn to play. But they have said continuously that Jeremy is target number 1 and Aaryn is target number 2. So what is the purpose of getting Howard on the defensive by putting him up with no intention of voting him out??? I have never understood this entire meltdown. I would think it's smarter to antagonize as few people as possible. I'm assuming that A & M are only wanting to throw their power in Howard's face because they are ticked at him. Just confused about this whole thing.

dannyb said...

Wow..Ellisa wake up, they are using you for the mvp vote. Be thankful because that is the only thing you offer. You have no strength or social game play. Fall in line and let Helen take you as far as she can. Amanda and McCrae need to chill out and lay low this week and not get personal on the Howard verse Spencer conflict. This week the prize is Jeremy or Aaryn. This helps their game in the end. Helen will have her hands full keeping team insecurity in check. Andy judd jessie ellisa. I believe Helen has a plan if she can keep the group in check at this point.

Robin Jackson said...

@Angel Peugh

A&M's meltdown is because 1) McCrae said that he was the MVP and that he was going to put up Howard; 2) I am pretty sure Amanda and McCrae were going to try and get Howard out. Basically, they are ticked off because they weren't able to use Elissa as a tool. She thought for herself this time around. I am glad that she did that. I am starting to dislike Amanda and think that McCrae really can't think for himself.

Robin Jackson said...

I think it is really funny how the whole group (Amanda and McCrae) in particular are really angry at Howard and Spencer for lying and playing the game. Don't they (A & M) do the same thing to everyone else. It's funny to see how people behave when someone they are with gets power. I like Elissa's approach. She is upset with Howard, but is willing to see the bigger picture this week. Hopefully, this rift will allow her and Helen to see that they need to be wary of Amanda and McCrae. Also, was it just me or was Amanda not shooting herself and McCrae in the foot when she was fussing about Candice and Howard voting for each other. Isn't that the samething she and McCrae do? I'm just saying.

dannyb said...

Helen i believe first wants Jeremy. I believe then she will use Aaryn and Kailyn to help get Howard and Spencer out and she will still plan to get Aaryn and kailyn. I think Helen had a wake up and is now in the game.

Denise said...

Ugh so frustrated I liked Amanda and thought she was bright but yelling at Elissa because she didn't do what you guys wanted how dare she pick who she wants and saying that she's messing McC game huh?? Kinda like what he did to her the first wk when she confided in him that she won MVP and he not only blabbed it to everyone but nominated her and said its what the house wanted! Trust me he's telling everyone he's MVP so they think that we like him no one asked him to lie about being the MVP I hope it blows up in his face

Angel Peugh said...

@Robin Jackson

That was my train of thought too! The only reason to want Howard on the block was if they had a different plan going on to get him off instead of Jeremy. I was just confused as to why Elissa and Helen didn't see that and question it. Crazy stuff! LOL

Rebecca McCamish said...

You guys don't understand. The reason Amanda and McC were upset was not necessarily because they wanted Howard out. It was because McCrae took the heat off of Elissa this week by lying and saying that he had MVP so that anything she did wouldn't come back to bite her. In other words, she gets a free pass this week and Amanda and McCrae will take the heat for putting Spencer on the block (?!) as well as Jeremy if he's a renom. That's why they're upset. Elissa screwed them by getting ANOTHER person mad at them--Spencer. Even Helen said she would tell the house she was MVP if it came down to it so that they could nominate Howard and that it wouldn't hurt Elissa at all. See? That's the big deal. Not the Howard issue but the fact that Elissa just threw Amanda and McCrae (who worked very hard to keep her in the house) under the bus in multiple ways. Also, it shows very poor game play for Elissa to keep Howard (who voted for her to leave and lied on his Bible to her) and put Spencer on the block. Elissa does not deserve the MVP title. Period. It's just a popularity contest, and we all know it. If we're voting MVP, it should be Amanda for orchestrating Nick's ouster.

Denise said...

No one asked McC to do that he is a big boy and did it himself HE told H he put him up he should of kept his mouth shut. He wanted everyone to think that America picked him. Then to yell at her for having a brain of her own and not doing what they wanted Good for her for not being a yes bot. You go Elissa!!

Robin Jackson said...

I couldn't have said it better. Also, she kept telling them she wasn't comfortable with putting Howard up. They kept pushing her like she is a tool. She has a brain and can think for herself. I think either way it was a smartElissa. Anyone who watches big brother knows that the next HOG will likely be geared toward Howard, Spencer or Candice. Since the big reveal there is a lot of tension and it would make great TV if one of them got HOH. everyone would be scared and scrambling.

Robin Jackson said...

**smart of Elissa***

Jef Rosen said...

Yes Rebecca, you get it. Im so surprised nobody else gets that Elissa seriously backstabbed Amanda/McCrae's game...
She said she would put up Howard and that McCrae should take the blame. McCrae did that and then she puts up Spencer?!
I'm upset that America will keep voting Elissa now, after everything Amanda did for her. Amanda literally saved Elissa from getting voted off. If not for Amanda pushing and campaining so hard, Elissa would be gone.
And Elissa/Candince fall so hard for Howards bible shield. "He's a good man" blah blah blah, no he voted to get Elissa off, even though he knew how racist Jeremy's alliance was and how good Helen's alliance is. He is fake fake fake.

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