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Monday, July 22, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House (+Veto Ceremony Spoiler!)

At 10:40am BBT, the feeds switched to trivia for the Veto Ceremony! Who will be America's choice to take Elissa's spot on the block? We'll find out as soon as the feeds come back! :D

While we wait, take a look former BB alumni Wil Heuser's Episode 4 of the BB15 Saga on YouTube!!

Currently on the live feeds...

11:25am BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Elissa took herself off the block.
America's MVP Replacement Nom is:


11:30am BBT:

GM is delusional right now. lol
GM: "I take it as a compliment. Nobody wants to play against the best. You shook cause I can beat you. I'm strong. Send me home. I'll get to see Nick. It's all good. Don't bother me. If it's my time to go, it's my time to go. Wait till Thursday."

Aaryn said this will be the 1st week a girl goes home.

11:37am BBT:
A look at the quad cam...

11:39am BBT:
Judd checks on GM.

Judd: "How ya doin'?"
GM: "I take this sh*t as a compliment, bro. I'm from New York. Representin'."

Judd: "You'll have zero votes (to get evicted) if you just say nothin'."
GM: "That don't bother me."
Judd: "I need you to stay here."
GM: "I'm putting Amanda/McCrae up togther if I win HOH."
Judd: "i think there's bigger people to get. Don't ruffle any feathers, I need you here."

11:43am BBT:
Kaitlin joins GM/Judd.
Kaitlin said that GM is safe this week, it's gonna be either Aaryn or herself. Judd said that the house wants Aaryn gone this week, though Kaitlin will probably get a couple of votes.

Kaitlin thinks that GM was put up to make sure that either K/A goes home. GM then said something about Candice & called her an "oreo cookie". (*whoa.)

11:50am BBT:
Judd/Kaitlin/Helen are now talking.
Helen said that Aaryn definitely is not MVP because she would never put GM up on the block with her. Helen also said that America can't be MVP because America probably loves GM and would be a fan favorite. (*so, so wrong.)

11:53am BBT:
Kaitlin/Helen talk.
Kaitlin thinks if MVP was Howard, he would've put up Amanda.  Speculation over who the MVP is starts.
Kaitlin asked Helen if Aaryn is this weeks target, she said yes.

12:00pm BBT:
Judd/Kaitlin talk in the HOH room.

Judd: "I think Aaryn will go home, you don't have anything to worry about. If you go home, I'm f**ked because that means people are lying to me." (**He wants Kaitlin out this week.)  

Judd is talking about  how GM was going off about being a "competitor" & how she's saying all the "wrong things" right now.

Sidenote: Judd can't find his bear shirt. :*( 

Judd mentions that Amanda/Elissa both think they run the house.

12:10pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

Spencer tells Howard that he made an alliance with Judd/Andy and included him (H) in it, didn't think he'd mind. Spencer mentions that they should name their alliance so that Andy feels like he's a part of something solid. Howard agrees.

Spencer thinks they're in a good position in the house. (**yea if half the house didn't know you have multiple alliances, maybe. lol)

12:55pm BBT:
Candice/Howard are in the pool, he's whispering to her but can't hear due to no mics on them. McCrae is also swimming in the pool

Helen is poolside & talking about McCrae/Amanda's BB wedding. She thinks this Wednesday would be a good day to do the wedding. McCrae mentions that Amanda wanted to wait until next week to do it.

Helen said that they (the HG's) should request booze for the next couple of nights & save all of it for the wedding so it's not a 'dry wedding'. (Elissa is the wedding planner & Andy is the officiate.)

1:05pm BBT:
Andy is in the pool for the 1st time this summer.

Helen mentions how it took him 32 days in the house to finally get in the pool.
1:40pm BBT:
Most HG's are in the pool or poolside.

As Judd/GM take a nap in the HOH room. (GM was mad that she couldn't sleep in her bed because HG's were making too much noise.)
2:05pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...
Most HG's are outside, still enjoying the beautiful day & pool.

Candice/Howard are talking about future HOH comps.

Howard: "Be prepared for whatever (the comp is)."

3:45pm BBT:
*HG's have been talking about who the MVP could be, maybe it's America, maybe it's not, etc.

*Aaryn/Kaitlin are worried they're going home. GM is still delusional and thinks she's a threat in the house & could go home.

*Lots of talk about this weeks upcoming HOH comp on Thursday & wonder if it's endurance or not.

3:46pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is telling Judd that it'd suck to go home, she doesn't want to go yet. (*In other news, Elissa told Helen earlier that if Aaryn stays, she (E) wants to go because she doesn't wanna be there with Aaryn anymore.)

Aaryn: "I will never put you up if I stay."
Judd: "I don't intend for you to go home. I want you to stay."

Sidenote: The bear shirt has been found! Yay Judd!

4:08pm BBT:
Aaryn said she feels like if she made it to Final 2, then whoever sitting next to her would win. (**Bingo.)

4:40pm BBT:

Spencer figured it out that America is MVP and that America probably voted for Aaryn, then Kaitlin, then Elissa, and then GinaMarie. He said Aaryn might have had the most votes, but then they just kept going down the list.

Helen: "That makes sense!"
Elissa can't believe that America would hate her over Candice.

4:44pm BBT:
Elissa is having hard time believing that BB fans don't like her and wonders how she's being edited, saying that tv only people don't know everything.

4:52pm BBT:
Elissa said she was "treated so poorly" the first couple of weeks and it's a "slap in the face" that so many people don't like her.

**okay guys & gals, I'll be back in the morning with the overnighter! until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Part 4 of Wil's Big Brother 15: The Saga is up if you want to check it out while you wait


This Is My Journey said...

GM is a bad representation of New Yorkers. Can we switch her with Nick. I really want Aaryn gone because she makes me sick but I'd be happy with any of those three. How about they knock out all three and then I wouldn't mind any of the rest making it far. Spencer is disgusting so he can go right after but he doesn't bother me as much as the three widows.

Shannon Caswell said...

Anyone seen any interviews with Nick since GM lost her marbles? Ole boy needs to be scared!

AmiLrn said...

Hehehe the three widows. Now that's funny

Razldazlrr said...

WOW - are you sure these women know that Candice was a true beauty queen and NFL cheerleader? Or is it that they do know, are jealous and that's what makes them so unbelievably evil?I'm fine with any of those 3 leaving but Kaitlin is probably the house's best choice.

no said...

I think Gina Marie is just as obnoxious and disgusting as Aaryn, but receives far less criticism in the media. I'm not a fan of Kaitlyn, but I'd rather see her stay and either Aaryn or GM go home this week.

Anonymous said...

I think GM may have also referred to Howard as Magilla Gorilla.


JChism said...

Jamie, your comments in parentheses crack me up!

Jamie said...

Brian: wow, i didnt hear that one!

Jch: lol thanks! ;)

Robin Jackson said...

Does anyone have an idea of what heck Judd is doing? At first I thought he was playing both sides to cover himself, but watching him after Veto nominations I don't know.

Anonymous said...


I agree. GM may not have the number of instances as Aryan but some of the worst things have come out of her mouth. The difference according to BB is that some of Aryan's comments have become public knowledge in the house and thus a part of the storyline of the show. That's why they've aired segments on her comments and not on GM.


Dannielle Burciaga said...

"The three widows". lmao. Thats a good one! I dont care which one goes home either this week at least one of them is gone.

Stephanie said...

GM is totally disgusting and vile. Ugh! Her or Aaryn could go and I'll be completely satisfied! Send them both!

gigicatz said...


This Gina Marie from New York begs all my fellow BB fans not to take her as our NYC Rep.

Whenever she opens her mouth and that horrible Staten Island accent comes out, I cringe. She fulfills every negative NY stereotype and I find her offensive and embarrassing.

On behalf of NYC, please accept my sincerest apologies for GM.

Steve Robbins said...

I seem to be missing domething- how exactly is Kaitlyn a threat? Why not get rid of GM and Aaryn, before jury selection? They're hateful, toxic, ugly-to-the-core and petty. Do the rest of the HG want that baggage vengefully deciding who gets the prize?

Robin Jackson said...

Yeah, that's what she called him, and she called Candice an Oreo. I don't understand why she hates Candice so much. What did Candice ever do to her? I lmost wish GM would be the one to go home. I really don't like aaryn, but dang GM is an idiot.

Anonymous said...


I could be wrong it was when she was talking with Kaitlin and Judd around 11:45BBT or so. Then Judd told her not to say that. She may have said Manilla Vanilla whatever the hell that is though. She misspeaks so often sometimes it's hard to know what she actually means once you figure out what she said. Not sure if she was talking about Howard that's why I thought she said or meant the 1st. But she could've been talking about Candice and it could've been the 2nd and meant as another similar Oreo type comment I suppose.


Random World said...

I'm feeling bad for Candice right now. Aaryn & GM are always talking so much mean shh about her, & she hasn't really done shh to them, has she? But I guess that's what happens in BB house, huh? It becomes like high school, the mean girls vs. All.

umm-hmmm... said...

For the pure sake of strategy, I would get Kaitlin out now; she has come close to winning almost every competition outside of the physical ones but Judd has enough people to count on to win physical comps. Also, Aaryn is much more pliable since she truly has nobody in the house and can't keep her mouth shut. GM is just an all around idiot with no self awareness who is off tangent from the rest of the people in the house in regards to game play and can't win a competition unless it's eating ice cream straight out of a tap. gross.

Anonymous said...

@Steve Robbins

Kaitlin is viewed as a threat because she's done really well and come close to winning the last 2 HOHs and she won a POV to save herself from the block. Plus she's someone who can easily be picked up in an alliance with Howard, Spencer and Candice and in fact has been. Whereas Aryan will always be an easy target in the house and there's little chance of her forming any real alliance with Howard and Candice. GM has done a much better job of cloaking her racist comments I guess as she doesn't have the same rep at all in the house. Only problem people seem to have with her is how annoying she's been mourning Nick.


Anonymous said...

@Robin Jackson

Ok so I did get that right the 1st time I wasn't sure and was looking for confirmation.


Amy Leonard said...

I agree

Amy Leonard said...

She is a very hateful girl! She is too stuck on herself but why???? Lol

Razldazlrr said...

I just get the impression that Kaitlin is smarter and a bigger competitor than some of the others. I think she can really bring "game on" now that jeremy is gone. In the end, I think he was more into her than she into him. Remember she made that comment that he's really immature? LOL
And Howard, he certainly is all over Candice for being Mr. Cool about it all.

Why hasn't Andy been in the pool? He's getting so skinny that he probably can't float!

Robin Jackson said...

@ Brian
You can just say Robin. My google account lists my whole name. Anyway. When I heard her say that my mouth dropped. At first I was more upset with Aaryn's comments, but GM has said some stuff that has made my hair stand on end. Aaryn's comments truely reflect her youth and ignorance. I really think the girl doesn't realize that she is racially insensitive.

Steve Robbins said...

Thank you

It's been cute trying to find instances of "Minnesota Nice" from Kaitlyn and MC. Minnesota Nice actually means extreme passive aggression- raging hostility masked behind Midwestern politeness.

I don't get the live feeds (can't afford it, work 10 hours a day), so I want to know if that's been going on.

Anonymous said...


Wasn't sure if there was more than 1 Robin in here or what haha. GM is also the only one to actually drop the N word when she referred to welfare as n____ insurance. That to me was the single most vile comment made in a season full of vile comments to the best of my knowledge of all the vile comments that have been made.


Ortega13 said...

What really gets me about GM is that she affects a homeboy 'tude, buy the things that come out of her mouth are racist and stupid. What's up with that???

Jen P said...


Dawnsy said...

I cannot keep track of the alliances - these people are nuts!! Sheesh!

Essence Howard-Watford said...

Am I missing something... why don't the house guests like Candice? She seems nice enough to me. No arguments with the other house guests except those that are spewing racist comments so I'm a bit confused. Can anyone help me out?

Debbie C said...

Just have to say as a native NYer that GM does NOT represent us! She is an embarrassment to the state (and I am from an area close to where she is). I hope she realizes how foolish and uneducated she looks and does a 180 when she gets out of there. She should think about where she lives...a VERY diverse area and her racist remarks are not being taken kindly. (and I AM WHITE)

Ortega13 said...

I think she said "Millii Vanelli" the guys from Germay that got the Grammy for lip-syncing ...but who knows. .it's GM and she ma makes up words (Omg... she thinks those are resl words)

andrea said...

Hey all, I'm new. Have to say, I was an Elissa fan but she has turned into a self righteous, narcissistic per Madonna. The whole thing disgusts me. The Amanda talk was laughable in how she deflected all responsibility... you are getting good edits honey, but the live feeds ain't edited.

Also her comment to Helen about Kaits sex life and reproductive choices... that is just not cool. Then to laugh about it? Classless.

My 2 cents.

RCW504 said...

I totally agree they don't like her are Howard... I wonder why? I dont have the live feeds but when I watch BB after dark they are not involved in drama...

andrea said...

I thought Aaryn was a sociopath at first, but the more I watch I think you are right. Clearly she lives in a place where not only is this language socially acceptable its used freely in public. That's very sad. Its too bad she has been made the face of racism when while wrong, she isn't the sole problem.
I think the one bright spot in this is its shined a lot in the fact that racism sexism and homophobia still exist. We might not be lynching people in the street, but there is work left to do.

Christina Habib said...

Aryn will be safe no matter how much people hate her. As mentioned before when it comes down to the last two. The other person will win BB. GM is mean, but because of her going psycho is lol ike an innocent child. An alliance should be formed with her becsuse she would follow the alliance. Kaitlin is smart and manipulative she has a chance to win. Smart game play would be to get rid of kaitlin.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Wow, didn't think if that. 3 widows. ..that's hilarious!! Just when Aryan finally muzzles herself, racism again rears its ugly head with GM doing a good impression of her (a great one!). I just hope that none if the 3 widows make it to jury, including that sick puppy Spencer.

Debbie Sutterfield said...


Debbie Sutterfield said...

And I don't like the way she "celebrates" after being on a team that wins a comp (she obviously can't win one by herself, that vile creature). It's like "Boom! Take that you cock-a-roaches! Eat this!". She's so disgusting, and totally delusional as well. It's hard to believe she thinks so highly of herself...especially saying all that stuff after she was nom'd. I thought I wanted Aryan Nation out this week, but now I want GM to eat some major humble pie as she walks out of the house. Also, I wish I could see her expression when she finds out that she lost her pageant job that she's been talking about so much! Major LOL!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

No need to worry. If I ever met someone from NYC, I wouldn't even expect a "GM". I realize that she doesn't "represent" as she keeps saying. You have nothing to be concerned about. BTW, it's great to meet you! LOL

Debbie Sutterfield said... hard right now. Thanks Brian!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Hello, nice to meet you too, Debbie! Now I've "met" two normal New Yorkers. GM is just straight up vile and a useless human being. I don't even associate her with an area. "Represents"? No way!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Has anybody else noticed that Jessie has packed on some poundage? What has she been eating?!

JChism said...

For the sake of just doing the right thing, leaving strategy aside for a moment, Aaryn and GM are the most despicable hateful vile ignorant racists I have witnessed in a long time and they need to be removed by either being voted out or by CBS. I would like to watch just fun strategic physical and mental gameplay as opposed to threats and verbal abuse. I sure wish it was "double eviction" and they left together.

no said...

I know from a gaming point of view, Kailtyn is more of a threat than Aaryn or GM, but to be honest at this stage of the game if I were HoH, I would put up the people I didn't want to be in the house with. If Kaitlyn goes, that means that the housemates have to spend at least another week with either Aaryn or GM, and at least 2 weeks with one of them (if they were then to decide to vote them out each week after this)

Unknown said...

The only reason Aayran takes more crap than GM is because Aaryn is from the south. The most racist comments I've heard the last few years at work have come from 3 to 4 transfers from our northern facility (NJ). The south will always carry that stigma while others can say whatever and it not be taken as bad. What Aayrn has said & done is wrong and should have to pay the price outside this house.

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