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Friday, July 26, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, everyone! :D Welcome to the Afternoon post. The HG's still have to play their Have Nots Comp today + the Nomination Ceremony later on. As of now, it looks like Aaryn will be putting up either Howard/Candice or Howard/Spencer. Both options have been thrown around this morning.

As far as the MVP vote goes, we won't find out who America voted for until tomorrow when the HG's pick POV Comp players. Speaking of, it was brought to my attention that I didn't give a link for y'all to vote for who you want to be the 3rd Nominee this week. (Sorry, Grandma! lol Love you!!) So, per my grandma's request, here ya go. ;)

Pay no attention to the live feed signup banners over there while you're there. ;) If you want the live feeds, all ya gotta is click here to get'em! (Thank you for using the links on the blog to help support it & keep me here all summer long!!)

Currently on the live feeds...

1:43pm BBT:

*We have sleepy HG's on cams 1 & 2.
*On Cams 3 & 4, Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn/Andy/Jessie are still in the HOH room and are talking about everything from the Have Not Comp today, to various houseguests.

1:47pm BBT:
Helen/Elissa can be seen on Cams 1 & 2.
Aaryn was just called into the DR, so that means that the Have Not Comp should be starting soon!

Amanda: "This week couldn't have worked out better. I hate Howard, and Spencer, and Candice."

Andy is complaining that Spencer is following him around & 5 mins after he (Andy) enters any room, Spencer shows up. (**Spencer is the new Andy! lol)

1:52pm BBT:

Aaryn is out of the DR & back in the HOH room.

1:59pm BBT:
TRIVIAAAAAA!!!! :D We got ourselves a Have Not Comp underway! The feeds will come back on in 1-3 hours (on average). I'll start a new post at the top for Afternoon Pt 2 between now & then!

Stay tuned...
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James Adams said...

Thanks as always, hope you have nice lunch. :-)

fenney said...

Hi Jamie, I live in England and can't access the live feeds so I always read your blog. Have been following since series 10. Thanks for all your updates.

Jamie said...

Thanks James & Fenny!! :D I started Season 9, so Fenny you've been with me for a long time my friend! Thank you!

Ricky said...

Love how its ok for Amanda to use the word "hate" on people. Such a ugly house this yr

Robin Jackson said...

@ Ricky,

I just went on a rant about this in a previous blog. The cast in general seems to be really mean spirited and hateful this year. My earlier post was mainly about Amanda finding joy in the fact that Candice is upset and crying today. Granted Candice thought Amanda was faking it when she was crying about Elissa's comments about how she (A)looked during McCrae's birthday spanking. The difference to me though is that Candice didn't laugh at Amanda for being upset or find joy in Amanda's pain. Also, Candice did say that Amanda's reaction could have been because of her (A's) body image issues or too much alcohol, and Candice apologized to Amanda for the overall situation. I was watching the feeds earlier today and Amanda seemed to find glee in Candice's pain. I get they are on opposite sides, but good grief.

I don't care for Amanda, but she is a good game player and I give her credit for that, but does she really have to be so hateful, mean, and nasty toward people. BTW all the Spencer haters (I don't like him either) and Amanda lovers who like to comment on his derogatory and tasteless comments (i.e., the C-word) should keep in mind that Amanda has used that word and that she makes some eyebrow raising remarks as well. I'm just saying.

I think stuff like this is part of what makes people dislike her so much. She would be more likeable if she didn't look down on most of the other players and wasn't so dang mean.

Robin Jackson said...

Food for thought

I was thinking that Candice's announcement to Helen and Elissa that she (C) and Howard were going to play separate games was true. I think she meant it when she said it, but when C went to lay down with H he said do you trust me. I am pretty sure she said yes.

Here is my thought....Candice thought H was lying to her about his conversation with Aaryn but Andy inadvertently confirmed Howard's account when he said that H pulled Aaryn into the bathroom to talk the night before. Also, Helen seemed somewhat uncomfortable when C was talking about someone lying about the conversation. I am sure C noticed this. I think Candice will remain loyal to H, but that they will keep up a charade of playing a separate game. Does anyone agree or disagree?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I've heard Amanda say the C word as well as other things....I still like her tho'

James said...

@Robin Jackson
I think it's odd to single out Amanda as mean when you have Aaryn and Elissa still in the house. Amanda is angry at Candice right now because Candice keeps on throwing her name around to try and get people to vote her (A) out. At least Amanda had the guts to call Aaryn out on her comments rather than just talk about them behind her back with everyone else, and also to stick up for Jessie when people were unfairly targeting her


I don't dislike Amanda at all.

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