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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday to y'all!! Yayy it's the weekend!! :D In BB land, today is Veto Comp day + MVP Nom day. The HG's will be told who the MVP nom is as they're picking veto players. Since I'm sure most of America wanted Aaryn up on the block, and with her already being on the block next to Kaitlin, I'm wondering who will be America's 2nd choice. The HG's still don't know that America is MVP this week, so this could start some drama today.

In other news, Jeremy's interview with Jeff Schroeder is up on, just click the link to watch it. (I watched it while eating breakfast this morning, I was pleasantly surprised at how much he's changed since he went into the house. Still a bit cocky, though. I don't think that'll ever change. lol)

Okay, let's dive into the Overnighter & see what happened last night in the BB house!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

9:05pm BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about Elissa getting nervous about not getting MVP yet.

Amanda: "She knows her only value in this game is that she wins MVP. 'Cause if she doesn't win MVP, then she's gone.

Amanda then switches topics to what's Judd's plan for this week & asking about backdooring Howard.

Judd: "I don't know what I'm doin' yet."
Amanda: "You saw Howard tried making a deal with Kaitlin & Aaryn in the room..."

Judd: "I'm gonna backdoor GinaMarie." (*lol)
Amanda: "NO! Juddd...!"
Judd starts laughing.
Amanda: "Shut the f**k up."
Judd: "I know what I'm doin'!" (*In other words, "stop telling me what to do". lol)

Elissa enters.

Judd: "What's up Elissa? What's wrong?"
Elissa: "Nothing."
Judd: "Why are you nervous as sh*t?"
Amanda: "Yea, what is that face..?"
Elissa: "I dunno."

Judd laughs.
Amanda: "You're acting really weird right now!"
Amanda does an impersonation of Elissa that's pretty spot-on & funny. Elissa laughed.

Amanda: "Did you get MVP yet?"
Elissa: "No."

Amanda: "We'll find out if they're messing with the MVP if you don't get it tonight."

11:17pm BBT:
Lounge Room
"The Goof Troop"

Andy enters & joins McCrae/Amanda/Judd.

Amanda: "We have a new operation, it's called 'Operation: Stay the f**k away from Elissa because she's going crazy right now'."
Andy: "What the f**k is going on with her??"
Judd: "She's freakin' me out."

Jessie enters.
Judd said that Elissa is following people around asking about their DR sessions. Amanda said she's asking people weird questions lately, like asking Amanda who does McCrae find attractive in the house besides Amanda...right in front of Amanda.

11:30pm BBT:
Hot Tub
Aaryn: "Who do you think is going up as MVP nominee?"
Judd: "No clue."
Aaryn: "Maybe Elissa did not get it & that's why she's acting weird."

Aaryn: "Maybe America is MVP & they get to vote." (**ding ding ding!) 

Cams switch to...

11:31pm BBT:
Lounge Room

*This is a long convo, definitely worth the look on the Flashback Feeds.

Howard talks about how he doesn't believe that McCrae got MVP last week. (**He didn't, Elissa did. McCrae did that to take heat off of Elissa with the intent of Elissa putting up Howard.) Howard tells them he thinks McCrae lied to take the pressure off of Elissa. (*Yep.) Howard said he heard people that knew that Elissa was the actual MVP "slip up" and say it.

Howard: "I just wanna know where I stand, are we still good?"
McCrae: "If we work together ,we could go far in the game."
Amanda said nobody would suspect them working together but her fear is Howard's social game.

Howard seems to want him/Spencer to work with Amanda/McCrae. He said he'd be very loyal to them in the game. Howard's goal is to get to the Jury House for the money. (*The HG's get paid close to $1k/week while in the BB house & if they make it to the jury house as well.)

11:38pm BBT: Talk continues.
They're talking about Elissa is using the MVP to her advantage and that without it, she'd be useless.

*This convo ends around 12:10am BBT, but the convo basically is about Spencer/Howard working with Amanda/McCrae because they're a strong couple.

12:45am BBT:
Lounge Room

Amanda tells Andy her convo with Howard.

Amanda: "..even if he wants Helen out, Helen is about of our 6 (person alliance), so I want (Howard) gone."
Andy: "Yea. I do, too."

Amanda points out that Howard is doing one-on-one "protection talks" with everyone. She thinks Howard just wanted to talk to her & McCrae because he thinks they have influence on Judd.

Amanda tells McCrae that they need to get Judd to backdoor Howard so the blood isn't on their (Mc/A) hands. 

1:01am BBT:
Elissa tells Judd she didn't get MVP.

Elissa: "Do you think there's any way that Howard would've gotten it?"
Judd: "I dunno. You swear to God you didn't get it?"
Elissa: "Swear to God. I think there's a twist..."

They get up and part ways. Judd looks frustrated and worried.

1:20am BBT:
Lounge Room
Aaryn thinks Elissa could be lying about not getting MVP this week so that she can backdoor Howard. Amanda warns Aaryn to stop talking game to people & to just win the veto to take herself off the block. She told Aaryn that listening is more valuable than talking this week while she's on the block.

1:41am BBT:
HOH Room
Kaitlin is talking about MVP & Elissa.

Kaitlin: "I heard people say she (E) told them she doesn't wanna stay the whole (game)."
Judd: "Yea, I heard that too."
Kaitlin: "She doesn't wanna be here that long. And I feel like she already knows what the twist is."
Judd: "I do, too."

1:55am BBT:
Amanda & Andy are now with Judd/Kaitlin in the HOH room.
Amanda walks in...

Amanda: "I've been told that I'm a possibly of going up as MVP (nom)."
Kaitlin gasps.

Andy: "Wait, who has MVP?"
Amanda: "I dunno."
Judd: "How'd you hear that?"
Amanda: "Word on the street."
Kaitlin: "WHAT STREET?!! I wanna know what lane!"
Judd: "Who told you that? Can you not say?"
Amanda: "I can't say."
Judd: "Elissa swears up & down (that) she don't have it." (re: MVP)

1:58am BBT:
Storage Room

Elissa said production told her she didn't get MVP.
Elissa: "Maybe, like, America voted."
Amanda: "America wouldn't vote me, why would they put me up? There's no way."
Elissa: "I think they'd vote for Aaryn but (now she's on the block)."

Elissa thinks maybe Kaitlin got it. Amanda doesn't think so.

4:40am BBT:
HOH Room

A new alliance is formed that includes...
GinaMarie/Judd/Spencer/Kaitlin/Howard (plus Candice via Howard)

The name of their alliance has yet to be determined. During their HOH gathering, Judd informed Howard that Amanda wanted him (J) to backdoor him (Howard). After GM/Kaitlin left, Howard/Spencer/Judd talked about getting Aaryn out this week, and Amanda out next week.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! The rest of the night was filled with paranoia of who is the MVP, who will be the 3rd nom, etc etc. Nothing game changing. The HG's are up, so I'm starting the morning post immediately! :D

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

Jaime, you missed a pretty big meeting in the HOH from about 2:45 - 4:30 am. Howard, Judd, Spencer, GM and Kaitlin talked about forming their own alliance (ugh!) They want Amanda and Aaryn out. Howard was throwing his whole new alliance under the bus... really surprised at what was going on.

Jamie said...

i missed that, i'll go back & listen to it, thanks!!

Ste ven said...

Its not surprising that the HG would start figuring out the America was MVP this week and voted for the nomination. (although that still wouldnt make sense how it went from Elissa MVP every week to her being on the block but thats another story). THE STUPID THING on the part of Grodner & Company was telling the HG that there was a twist coming up. Because if there is no visible twist going on, then they are going to assume its the MVP. Again, I dont know how CBS hasnt found new producers to freshen up the show. I think its easy for the HG to figure out when Elissa says she didnt get it and she had gotten it 3 weeks in a row. The whole show is so frustrating this season. Why tell them theres a twist; isnt expect the unexpected supposed to be just that - not give them hints that unexpected stuff is happening. Unless Julie announces something else to the HG, they might as well have told them

Jen P said...

I like your 'McCranda' nickname! I am fairly put off by them, tho. Feels like they think they are king and queen of the house. And what's with Amanda announcing that she heard she's going on the block? Is she trying to see if there is an MVP?

Not too impressed with Judd so far. But it could be because prior to him being HOH, he didn't really influence the game ...he was just fun and nice. I notice that Jessie isn't hanging on him at all....has she slept up there with him?

I don't have the live feeds, so to me it doesn't seem like Jessie is that bad ...hate that GM looks down at J, when GM's 'showmance' seemed all one sided.

robere11 said...

I just want to see some people on the block more than others I want Amanda gone. Let's be honest mc crea didn't break up the mc for his game he did it because he knew the mc wanted her gone. And why is Howard and spencer taking the fall when mc crea is just as guilty . Mc crea didn't have to stand before the entire house and do all that. And why are people trusting Andy he is the biggest sneak in the house he's playing everybody. But I do like that king Judd won the hoh it's going to get interesting. I'm so happy that America is MVP now I was so sick of Alissa getting it she is not even that good of player I think she's horrible but I like better than her sister bc she's less annoying. I mean if you really think Alissa is the most valuable player come on. Final thoughts for tonight I think Alissa among many others see this as oppertunity to get all the guys out and for it to be all girls even though they don't like each other they just want all females thanks alot mc crea. Mc crea has two really big things on his mind and I think we all know what they are. Bug unless things change we will probably be watching two women in the finals I just hope they both deserve to be there and that either of them is not Amanda

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