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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Overnighter (Summary Edition)

Good morning, BB addicts! Happy Tuesday to y'all! This morning I have to work, so I'm gonna do a summary simply because I only have about an hour before I have to leave. I'll be back before Noon BBT to blog the afternoon for ya though. ;)

The McCranda BB wedding will take place sometime next week or the week after (according to Amanda 8:28am BBT). This week, Kaitlin will be the one going home, unless something happens between now & Thursday's live show. Amanda/Andy/Helen all worked on Elissa last night to vote Kaitlin out this week, instead of Aaryn. Amanda/Andy told Elissa they can always get Aaryn out next week. (Amanda/Andy told Elissa that they think Kaitlin is aligned with Howard/Spencer, 10:08pm BBT).

Amanda/Elissa still think Howard could be this weeks MVP (10:46pm BBT). Amanda/Aaryn talked about the deal Aaryn agreed to (10:53pm BBT), which is to throw the HOH to the Knockout Alliance or to nom who they want if Aaryn wins HOH.

Howard worked on Candice to get Kaitlin out this week (11:00pm BBT) instead of Aaryn.

At 11:09pm BBT, Amanda is still on her "We need to get Howard out" campaign. She told Judd that she wants to nominate Howard/Spencer if she wins HOH, to make sure 1 of them goes home. She wants Aaryn to also nominate H/S if she (Aaryn) wins HOH and mentions how Aaryn said she'd nominate whomever they wanted to as a sign of loyalty. She told Aaryn about all of this at 11:23pm BBT.

At 12:02am BBT, Amanda was telling Elissa/Judd/Andy/McCrae that they can't tell H/S/C that they're voting Kaitlin out & that they have the votes to evict Kaitlin anyways, so they won't need their votes. Andy asked if they should tell Kaitlin if she's going home or blindside her. Amanda said "Blindside."

Spencer talked to Howard/Judd at 12:40am BBT & said that Aaryn told him (S) that she made a deal with Amanda/McCrae to throw the HOH comp this week & in return, she'll stay this week. Judd denies it. Howard also mentioned during this time how Candice wants Aaryn out for personal reasons, but knows that Kaitlin is the bigger threat.

At 2:18am BBT, Aaryn (jokes) and tells Kaitlyn that Jeremy was her brother. Kaitlyn freaked out. Aaryn told her a few minutes later she was just kidding.

Judd talked GinaMarie out of putting up Amanda/McCrae (2:46am BBT) if she wins HOH. Instead, GM will gun after Elissa/Candice. Judd mentions a Final 4 deal, being Judd/GM/McCrae/Amanda and that him/GM could be Final 2 together. 

At 2:54am BBT, Aaryn/Jessie/Judd try doing the "Tablespoon of Cinnamon" trick. 

(If you're not familiar with this game, it's practically impossible to eat & swallow a tblsp of Cinnamon because of how dry it is. Most people spit it out.)

Aaryn spits it out 1st (see pic above)..then Judd (pic below)...

All 3 run to get a drink of water. The couch crew are laughing hysterically (**so am I! lol)

Definitely worth the look on the Flashback Feeds!!

Poor Judd ended up throwing up a few minutes later. At 3:05am BBT, GM does the trick, but with 2 tablsepoons! At 3:24am BBT, GM said she felt like she was gonna throw up from the cinnamon, but let out a big burp instead.

Aaryn: "It smells like Christmas!"

At 4:20am BBT, Spencer/GM talk. They talk about who they trust more; Aaryn/Kaitlin. GM mentions that having Aaryn in the house will ensure that Elissa will always have her target set on her (Aaryn).

Around 4:53am BBT, Howard/Spencer tell Judd they'll get out whoever he (Judd) wants out this week. Judd tells them he thinks it'd be better to keep Aaryn this week, vote Kaitlin out. They also talked about how Amanda is more of a threat than McCrae.During this convo, Judd mentioned that he's trying to distance himself from Jessie because people in the house are starting to view him as a pair, when they're not. (He often corrects people when they tell him he's in a showmance.)

***Okay, so that's it for the Overnighter!! :D Looks like everyone is on board with getting Kaitlin out this week. I'll be back around 11:30am-12pm BBT to start the Afternoon Post. Hopefully the HG's will be up & at'em by then. ;)

Stay tuned...
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bigbrotherlurker07 said...

Why can't they see the light? Amanda is running everything. She is the queen. Cut the power off at the head. Otherwise quit and hand her the money.

bigbrotherlurker07 said...

Geez big brother house...just hand Amanda the money. Why are they following orders. I miss game play like Dan...even Brachel.

Kevin said...

Love the action shot of Aaryn gagging on the cinnamon. Good way to choke to death by the way. Great work Jamie!

Razldazlrr said...

how many go home before jury?

no said...

with the MVP pick each week too, that means Aaryn and GM are going to be in the house until the end really, because there will always be someone more dangerous in the game than them. I'd like to see them both go home before the jury stage

Lily Pearl said...

Not to be a spoil sport but they should not be ingesting cinnamon that way. People have actually died from doing it. :/

Jess said...

I get that they think Kaitlin is a bigger threat than Aaryn, but I seriously think that they might regret this decision. Kaitlin seems more trustworthy to me than Aaryn. Aaryn, as Judd aptly put it, is a Texas Tornado--you have no idea what goes on in that crazy brain of hers. Let's not forget this is the girl who doesn't believe she's a racist. I also consider this: Who would you want as a potential jury member? Crazy Aaryn or Kaitlin? I'd rather have Kaitlin. She's smarter and more likely to vote for a winner based on game play.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say thanks for working so hard to keep the rest of us updated. I've checked in every day this season. You do an awesome job!

Anonymous said...


I feel pretty confident that there's very little chance Amanda wins this season. She's already made herself way too big of a target and is on way too many people's radars right now this early in the game. And unless she's throwing things, which she's given no indication of to my knowledge, she's not shown any ability whatsoever to win many if any comps to keep herself from going up or take herself off.

And if Amanda was really running things Howard would be going home this week and he once again wasn't even nom'd. She's tried with 3 different HG now to get Howard put up and none did. So she's not really running much of anything though she's trying way too hard to which is turning people off.



Just because Amanda speaks her mind and doesn't easily panic, she's "running the house"? I'm hoping she gets HOH so she can root out the real snakes, Spencer and Howard. Tho it would be nice to keep Howard around for Candice to blather to, non-stop, as a form of torture. That girl is incapable of shutting up and holding it in, like verbal diarrhea. For you, Howard.

AmiLrn said...

There is a potential blow up for later brewing. Last night (around 10 or so BBT) when Helen and Elissa were in the storage room, Helen really went to work on Elissa and convinced her to vote out Kaitlyn. She talks about the deal with Aaryn and tells her that it is if Aaryn wins HoH, Helen, Elissa and Judd control her nominations alone. Apparently Amanda is of the opinion that she will control the noms. Could be trouble :)

Jamie said...

thanks Kevin & Unknown :)!!

David Torres said...

Amanda speaks her mind and I think has put a huge target on her back, but to say she is running the house? Really? She has tried to get Howard out the last few weeks and not only has she failed, he hasn't even been nominated. Don't see how you can say she is running the house when none of the HOH's have done what she wanted.

Ste ven said...

Per what many of you are saying, Amanda has been the real mvp so far. I hope Julie doesn't tell them America picked the mvp this week. But the house guests are expecting some kind of twist. Amanda s faux wedding is just gonna magnify the target on her back as someone will need to figure out that the couples have to be broken up. I do laugh at all the deals because BB history shows us people will say anything to be saved but its probably too early to try to flip the house

Shantilla said...

Exactly !!!

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