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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D Today is "Summer Sunday" for me, where I force myself to get off the computer & go do summer things & relax. It's my 'day off' for the week, though I'll be back tonight for Sunday Night BB Episode at 8pm EST.

Okay, last night was a doozy of a night. We had HOH Judd serving out his POV Comp punishment of being locked in the lounge room for his 24 hrs of solitary confinement with an alarm that goes off every 9 mins & will continue to go off until he hits the snooze button.  Here are the rest of the results from the POV Comp:

*McCrae won $5,000, & now worried that'll make him a target in the future.
*Helen has an 8pm curfew & was also not allowed to speak during that time. (**Ahhh....serenity now! lol)
*Elissa has to sit out of the next Veto Comp.

Tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony, where veto winner Elissa will take herself off the block. The question on all the HG's minds, and mine, is 'Who will be the replacement nom?'. It really could be anyone, though I'd suspect it'd be GinaMarie at this point (based on the results of the poll on the right-side of the blog).

Okie dokie, let's start the Overnighter & see what the houseguests got into last night! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

6:20pm BBT:
Elissa told Howard that she didn't get MVP this week, she only put Spencer up last week because she didn't feel a connection with him but now she does with both Spencer/Howard. She also threw Amanda under the bus pretty hardcore. She said that Amanda wants to get rid of people she (A) can't control. She also mentioned that she thinks Aaryn is stirring stuff up in the house.

Candice joined them in the room & said that Amanda has been telling Aaryn that she's safe this week. Elissa tells C/H that Amanda was pushing hard for Howard to go up last week but she didn't wanna put him up.

6:38pm BBT:
Amanda/McCrae took over Judd's HOH room for the night, since Judd was in the Lounge Room for his 24 hrs of Solitary Confinement. McCrae, however, expressed his concerns over doing that & mentioned that they don't know who the MVP is (*they still think it's someone in the house) and it could make them targets.

6:44pm BBT:

Candice/Elissa are still talking.

Candice is pissed because Amanda keeps telling Aaryn she's safe & that they need Aaryn to leave this week. Candice mentions how Aaryn flipped her bed & said racist remarks, and she's gotta go. Candice wants to know why Amanda is telling Aaryn she's safe this week.

They head up to the HOH room to ask Amanda.

6:45pm BBT:

Candice: "So I heard you're telling Aaryn that she's not gonna go home.."
Amanda: "Well yea, I'm not gonna say to her face 'yea, you're going home'!"
Candice: "Mm hm."
Amanda: "And I don't know who the 3rd nominee is gonna be, so I don't know who's going home or not. And I'm only 1 person, 1 vote..that was a pretty abrasive confrontation."

Elissa: "She just wanted to ask you because everyone in the house is saying that Aaryn's saying she's not going home."

Amanda said she only told Aaryn that she's not going home, so if she doesn't go home, she won't go after her (A). 

Amanda tells Candice that when she told Aaryn she's not going home & that it depends on who the 3rd nom is, that there were "like 5 people" in the room when she said it, including Kaitlin who is also on the block.

Candice said she'd be "really offended" if her or Howie got put on the block & then went home, when Aaryn who's said racist remarks, would stay.

Candice: "Me & Howie haven't done anything.."
Amanda: "You're preachin' to the choir right now."
McCrae: "..I want (Aaryn) to go! She runs around & lies and stirs sh*t up."

McCrae said that everyone should be worried about who's gonna the replacement nom, none of them are safe.

Elissa: "What do you think the twist is?"

Elissa then asked McCrae if he went to production & asked them if the MVP can self-nominate and McCrae said yes he asked, because everyone wanted to know so he asked.

6:50pm BBT:

Candice: "I just feel like you guys (McCranda) are after Howie & .."
Amanda: "You don't know the conversations that McCrae & I and Howard have had."
Candice: "Just like y'all lay up & talk, Howie & I lay up and talk, too. So you don't know what me & Howie talk about!"

They eventually calm down from their heated debate & talk about how Aaryn's going home this week & do more speculating on what the twist could be. (**They don't know America is MVP this week.)

Sidenote: The HG's have thrown out the possibility of America being MVP this week, but just can't understand why they'd vote Elissa to be nominated, when she's been MVP for 3 weeks in a row. So they're more or less dismissing that as an option.

7:16pm BBT:
Spencer/Helen/Elissa visit Judd.
Elissa: "So is the alarm really loud?
Spencer: "It goes off every 9 minutes."
Judd: " front of the photo booth, there's a porta-potty. It has curtains (around) it."
Elissa: "Oh my god, my stomach would hurt so bad because I'd never go to the bathroom in there."
Judd: "I'm only gonna pee in here."

Off Topic:
GM admitted to having Nick's chapstick stuffed in her bra during yesterdays veto comp. O_o

7:50pm BBT:
GM/Howard/Spencer are plotting to get Amanda out next.

8:05pm BBT:

Amanda is wrapping Ellissa in saran wrap. (Elissa said it's an alternative to a sauna.) 

8:50pm BBT:
Now they're doing each others faces.
Amanda: "We have some damn good ideas."

9:14pm BBT:

Spencer tells Aaryn that there's a big push to get her (A) out this week.

Aaryn: "Who said that?"
Spencer: "Pretty much everybody."
Aaryn: "Really??"

9:24pm BBT:
Spencer/Aaryn continue talking in the hammock.

Spencer said that the target could move to Kaitlin but she (A) would have to make some deals & depending on who the 3rd nom is.

Spencer: "You know Howard is my boy, and he's not MVP."

9:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Earlier in the night, Helen told Andy to "not tell anyone but watch out for Amanda/McCrae". Of course, Andy being Andy, went & told them what Helen said.

Amanda: "What?? Why would she say that?! That's weird."
Andy: "I dunno, I'll figure it out. Don't worry about it. You can't tell anyone.."
Amanda: "Swear to God on my life, I will not say anything."
Andy: "She was very serious about me not saying anything."

11:39pm BBT:
Candice/GM/Amanda...and Spencer. (*Uhh..)
McCrae's birthday is in 20 mins, so Amanda is trying on different outfits & plans on giving McCrae a strip tease.

The Cowgirl look:
The Dominatrix look:
She decides on the dominatrix outfit. GM did her makeup, she's wearing Candice's earrings, and that "bodysuit" is just a 1 piece bathing suit from Goodwill.

11:58pm BBT:
McCrae is anxiously awaiting for his birthday begin.

12:00am BBT:
HOH Room
Everyone (but Judd, who's still in solitary confinement & Helen who was on curfew)

Elissa starts singing "It's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday.."

Everyone runs in. The boys tackle McCrae & stand him up...
 Amanda gives McCrae 24 kisses on his chest/stomach. (*It's his 24th bday.)

Amanda: "Now, he needs to lay down!"
All: "Woo hoo!" *lots of cheers*

Amanda: "He's been bad for 24 yrs and needs 24 spankings!"
Everyone counts the spankings..

All: "1! 2! 3! 4!..."
Everyone starts singing...
All: "Happy birthday, TO YOU!!! Happy..." (feeds cut to fishes because the song is copyrighted.)

McCrae hugs Amanda & thanks everyone for the "best birthday gift ever".
12:13am BBT:

Elissa: "I'm not tryin' to be mean, Amanda.."
Amanda: "What did you say?"

Elissa commented that Amanda looks like a stripper & that she would vomit if Amanda put whipped cream on herself for McCrae. (**Elissa was drunk.)

Amanda gets up & leaves the HOH room.

12:37am BBT:

Amanda: "I just wanted to have fun."
Aaryn/Andy tell her it was fun.

12:40am BBT:
Candice/Aaryn/GM/Kaitlin are all comforting Amanda in the bathroom.
Kaitlin: "Don't let (Elissa) get to you. She thinks she's better than everybody else."

They all tell her how awesome Amanda was & that they all had a great time and to not let Elissa get her down.

12:47am BBT:
Amanda is crying in the bathroom stall.
McCrae: "Can I come in?"
Amanda lets him in.

Amanda: "She's been so nasty..."
McCrae: "I know."
Amanda: "I just wanted to have fun. I'm sorry!"
McCrae: "Give me a hug. There's nothing to be sorry about."

Amanda is still crying pretty hard.

McCrae tells her that Elissa is just mad because Amanda was getting more attention than Elissa and she didn't like that.

Amanda: "This is someone that we protected when the whole house was against her!"

1:26am BBT:

Elissa is out of the bathroom for the moment, and before she walks back in, GM made a comment about Candice.

GinaMarie: "I can't stand that b*tch. I don't like your fat, skanky ass. *mocking Candice* I'm so white, I'm so black..oh my god I dunno what to be..."
Kaitlin: "I wanna talk to Howard & Spencer really bad. I think Candice will flip & vote me out."
GM: "Why do you say that?"
Kaitlin: "I dunno. Cause now I feel like Amanda and Aaryn are buddy-buddy now."

Elissa joins the girls .

Elissa is asking Kaitlin about Jeremy and what drew her to him, she said she doesn't know. Kaitlin said she'll stay in contact with Jeremy but doesn't think she'll stick with him. He's got a lot of growing up to do.

2:18am BBT:

Aaryn is telling Andy/GM/Kaitlin that she cried the hardest when she heard that people think she's racist. She said she hasn't cried that hard since she was a child.

Topic switches to Elissa and how yesterday she mentioned how weird it'd be if the lights in the house just went out. (*At this point, the HG's are on inside lockdown as production fixes the lights in the background..they suddenly went out during the evening.)

4am BBT:
And let's see how Judd's holding up...

Judd: *snoring*

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! :D Told y'all it was a doozy of a night. ;) Okay, I'll be back tonight with a new top post & to open up the chat room here on the blog at 8pm EST. Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!!

Speaking of....
You can watch everything that happened tonight on the feeds, just use the times to flashback to them. All ya gotta do is click on the calendar icon to the left of the "LIVE" button.

Also, the feeds are also available on ALL mobile devices! Android, iPad, etc. If you wanna get'em, just click here & see whatcha been missing!!

Stay tuned...
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Kingboo985 said...

Doesn't Aaryn have to due her hair?

Michelle Drake said...

Why would they still be on lock down maybe they will have a comp with a special power

Dannielle Burciaga said...

Yeah.. I want to see her hair dyed! I'm curious to know what color. Pink, purple.. brown? LOL She's need to get on to it, do it!

Sarah Terwilliger said...

Aaryn didn't get anything in tge veto comp. She said she was worried the mud would discolor her hair do she needed to shower. was misheard and spread like wild fire that she had to color her hair. Sillyness!


Aryan doesn't have to dye her hair (see veto comp results below) although she was a redhead shortly before joining BB.
The amount of paranoia in the house is amazing.

Ste ven said...

So disappointed that Elissa won MVP. The producers cant get anything to work their way. SHE NEEDED TO GO OUT To freshen up the shows MVP twist. Oh well. Hope its a surprise replacement. I still think it was a mistake for Julie to tell them a twist was coming because they should figure out America voted for MVP. However if America thought they were voting for the MVP and not the nomination, there could be a surprise. But we see once again BB cannot come up with any original challenges and we get the same ole VETO competition and the same ole punishments. Confinement - did no one have to wear a silly costume? This season is really beginning to suck...And Im sorry, but if Howard or Candice are nominated.evicted, its not cuz theyre black

Anonymous said...

Elissa is a skank. She definitely needs to go. Next week is not soon enough.

Polar41 said...

I said it before but I think Elissa is at huge disavantage. Everybody wanted her out week one, she played it well and did what the house wanted thus saving herself. Since then things hasn't really change, people are using her, disliking her simply for getting MVP, and not really working with I think she is playing the cards that were dealt pretty well, alinging herself with Helen and not being influenced too much in her choices of MVP. It looks like most people are judging Elissa based on normal standard yet she has never been on equal ground (yes I know it can be viewed both ways)...just saying look at it both ways!!!

AmiLrn said...

Today is my birthday too. Think McRae would trade me his 24 for my 37? As to the whole Elissa/Amanda comment...Elissa shouldn't have said that, but just reading it, I am not sure why Amanda was so very upset and sobbing. Maybe the tone and context it was said in wa more vicious?

Robin Jackson said...

@ Steven

I really don't think anyone said anything about Howard or Candice being nominated because they are black. Don't know where you got that from.

Kingboo985 said...

Oh thanks for clearing that up for me.

Robin Jackson said...

I think Amanda was either really tipsy or she was playing for sympathy in case she goes on the block. Who knows. It wasn't that bad of a thing to do, but I wouldn't have done it with knowing that it could be on television or the Internet. Having said that Elissa was being an a..hole last night. I get that she doesn't know who to trust and all that, but she needs to remember she can't play in the next veto. She is starting to act like her sister, which I guess is good for the show.

Rebecca McCamish said...

Elissa is not playing a good game. She doesn't want to be there and isn't invested in the game. She only wants to be treated special. Yes, she does. That's why she ripped into Amanda. All the Elissa fans out there need to step back and realize that Elissa is not playing a good game. No, I'm not talking about her Veto win. I'm talking about the way she handles herself in the house and how she has to be constantly managed by others (Helen, etc.) or she does the stupidest crap ever. (Gosh, let me keep the very athletic guy who tried to vote me out and lied on his Bible.) Come on.

Jen P said...

I was on the Elissa side previously, and I still do think she has to shake off a lot of negative comments from others.

But, as time goes on, it doesn't seem like she really connects well with others and says odd things that make people nervous (or at least in Amanda's case, upset).

So, not really wanting her to win BB; but, not hating her either. She's dispensable, as a game player.

NEED to go: Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer
WANT to stay: Amanda, McCrae, Howard, Helen, Judd, Candice
DON'T CARE: Elissa, Jessie, Andy

I'll admit though, without some of the need to gos, the game wouldn't be as dramatic.

Ellyson said...

Elissa was very drunk last night and was acting very weird and rude towards everyone, including production. She called out production by name and was saying how much she hated them, so much so that there were big blocks of fishes. She was extremely rude towards Amanda's strip tease for McCrae, saying she was fat and didn't think anyone should wear a one-piece bathing suit. Amanda wanted to write happy birthday with whipped cream and have McCrae lick it off and Elisaa said it would make her vomit to watch. And when she was speaking to Kaitlyn and GM she was basically making fun that Jeremy got evicted. She asked Kaitlyn what she would say to Jeremy when she first say him, "My dude, you got EVICTED," or something like that. She was just being overly obnoxious.

howardsternsbaby said...

Can ANY of these people say one sentence without the word "like" in it?

Jennifer Pinkney said...

Polar41 I totally agree with you I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Elissa is at a disadvantage. I hope she goes far in the game. I also really like Judd!!

Jennifer Pinkney said...

I agree totally! She is being judged just because of her sister. I think she has done good to have lasted this long. I really like her and Judd!!

AmiLrn said...

I didn't realize BB gave the HG enough alcohol to get one person as drunk as everyone is saying Elissa was much less a couple of people - since some are saying Amanda was tipsy too. Of course if Elissa said Amanda was fat, I can see that being something that would hurt her feelings enough to cry over. I just didn't think the whipped cream/vomit comment was enough.

Tracey Renfro said...


jen said...

Elissa never called her fat. She said she looked like she worked at Spearmint Rhino...a popular upscale strip club. Elissa thought that was the look Amanda was going for. GM was the first to say no to the whipped cream idea. That said, while her comments were kinder than any the other girls have said, she should have just apologized to Amanda instead of making it about Aaryn. She lacks the social skills to get along with a house full of strangers.

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