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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Night BB Episode

Happy Afternoon/Early evening, BB addicts!! :D I was gonna start a part 2 afternoon post before the show but nothing game changing has been happening on the feeds, with the exception of Judd telling Amanda that Jessie will definitely be voting to keep Elissa. I still think Elissa will be going home at the point (though she does have Judd/Amanda/Candice/Jessie/Andy on board to keep her safe this week), but we still have 24 hrs or so until the live eviction tomorrow and as you know, anything can change at any time!

Tonight's BB episode will show the Veto Comp & POV Ceremony. Also, we'll get to see former BB houseguest Britney Haynes return to the BB house to host the Veto Comp that already took place. This was confirmed by CBS earlier today.

I will have the chat room here on the blog open as usual (blue CHAT button on the right side of the blog), so come on in & talk to all of us BB addicts! :D

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I'll make a quickie post before bed after the show to get us caught up, but highly recommend y'all get the live feeds because (1) anything can happen tonight! & (2) tomorrow, the game changes all over again when a new HOH will be crowned! The feeds are SUPER DUPER cheap this year, only $26.99 for the whole season! Not only will you be able to watch the feeds 7 days a week, but you'll also get to watch this seasons Endurance Comps (my fav!!!) & you'll get access to the Flashback Feeds so that you can catch up on anything you'd like! Don't worry about dates/times, that's what I'm here for. ;)

Okay guys & gals, get your snacks & drinks and meet me in the chat room 30 mins before tonights show!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Mike said...

I just don't get the Elissa love fest by every blogger out there. Yes, the "cool side" of the house sucks, but there's always an obnoxious side of the house everyone gets worked up about.

Did Elissa deserve all the crap she's gotten? No, but a lot of that was because of her sister (fairly or unfairly, on week one, people are looking for a target and she was an easy one) and the stupid plan to hide what was painfully obvious to anyone who's ever seen Rachel. But besides all that, she's just not a very good player. At all, really.

And does anyone else feel like hitting the FF button every time she opens her mouth? S...l...o...w......t...a...l...k...e...r.

Greg said...

I don't quite understand what everyone's fascination with Elissa is? She's the sister of a player that was obnoxious and hard to watch. And she's not much better than her. She's not playing an MVP game, Nick is, McCrae is. These people are making better moves. Heck even Howard is playing smarter. Elissa has her back against the wall and has been nominated twice. Not MVP status in my opinion.

ReneeSC said...

I understand what y'all are saying! I HAVE noticed her talking slow too! Lol But I just like her. I think Amanda and Candice are really playing a good game also worthy of MVP!

Anonymous said...

@Mike & Greg

I think the love affair with Elissa is mostly due to the concept of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Since all the most vile and hated HGs have been hardcore after Elissa since day 1 I suppose it's only natural for many to root for that player especially since she wants them out as well. Plus it doesn't hurt that so far this early in the game not too many other players have emerged to really like and root for.

As far as her winning MVP the 1st 2 weeks it was pretty much preordained regardless of how well she played since in an all new cast she was the only one who came in with a built-in fanbase due to her sister. When people are voting for HGs they know almost nothing about it was pretty obvious Elissa would win the early votes just based on who her sister is and how hard she played and all her fans simply voting for her sister. Now whether that would've held throughout regardless of the play of her and others I don't know and it doesn't look like we're going to get to find out either.


Debbie Sutterfield said...

Thank you Jamie for the chat info. I had to switch over from mobile to web version to see the chat link. Once again, as I watched BB tonight, I got nauseous every time I saw Jeremy and Aryan Nation. It would be a lot funner to watch if those two were gone.

Just me said...

I'm with you. She's a boring, non-strategic player. As much as I disliked that fool Rachel, she at least whined enough to make things interesting. This cast is worse than any of those all-star seasons (I loathe all-star seasons). There are less than a handful of people here I would help on a lifeboat situation. Stopped watching, but will keep up with it via this blog. Love the blog, not the show. Bullies suck.

rigs said...

Mike & Greg, I agree with Brian. Elissa has been at a huge disadvantage since the beginning. Jeremy and Aaryn are good competitors. In the last competition Andy and Elissa almost beat Jeremy/Aaryn so they can be competitive. If we only consider Elissa's sister Rachel, Elissa is THE MVP. She has the most value as a player. Smart players will use her to their advantage. This is a TV show and BB has to keep coming up with new twists and this is a good one. Elissa is a good person, good competitor and she seems to be pretty smart. Time will tell just how good she is but so far she is winning. Being MVP just levels the playing field for her and it helps to level the field for the bullied.

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