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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We've made it to our very 1st *Live Eviction* of the BB15 season!! :D May goodness, it's only been 1 week so far??! lol Feels like a month! My oh my, do we have a long summer ahead of us. But I love it, so bring it on! ;)

I will be live blogging the show tonight, so if you don't want any spoilers, be sure to come back after you've seen the show for yourself. Otherwise, those of you without access to a tv or those of you on the West Coast can stay tuned in right here on the blog & get all the spoilers your lil BB heart can take.

Breaking News: GinaMarie has just been fired from her job as well. (Article on This is in addition to Aaryn also getting "released" from her Modeling Agency.

David is still slated to be the 1st BB15 houseguest to be evicted tonight, which will surprise Aaryn. Then it'll be time for the remaining BB houseguests (minus out-going HOH, McCrae) to battle it out for the title of being this weeks HOH. Who will win? Who will they target?

If you don't already have the live feeds, I highly suggest you get'em now before tonights show starts. We've seen fights, tears from multiple houseguests, paranoia at it's finest, and it's only been week 1! This year, the price is super duper cheap @ only $26.99 for the ENTIRE SEASON!!! 3 months of round-the-clock entertainment for less than a night at the movies. (**I just went the other day, trust me, the feeds are cheaper!! lol) :P

Okay ladies & gents, I will see y'all in the Chat Room tonight (blue button on the right side)! I'll bring the Bloody Marys, you bring the snacks. ;)

See ya at 8pm EST! :D

Updated @ 4:24pm BBT:
Looks like it's gonna be a physical comp tonight! HG's are dressed in athletic clothes. 

8pm EST:
Show starts...

8:15pm EST:
Aaryn is getting the right edit tonight...they're showing just how manipulative she is.

8:23pm EST:
Live voting starts after commercials.

8:25pm EST:
3 Nominees plead their case to try to sway the votes.
Elissa: "Nobody comes between me & my Big Brother game, not even you McCrae".

Time for voting!

The Votes to Evict are: 
Amanda votes to evict...David (cheering from audience)
Aaryn votes to evict..Elissa (lots of boo's from the live audience)
Nick votes to evict..David (cheering from audience again)
Candice votes to evict..Elissa (more boo's from the audience)
Spencer votes to evict..David (no reaction from audience)
Kaitlin votes to evict..Elissa (also no reaction from audience)
Helen votes to evict..David
Howard votes to evict..David
GinaMarie votes to evict..Elissa
Judd votes to evict..David
Jeremy votes to evict..Elissa (**WOW!)
Andy votes to evict..David

Evicted from the BB15 House is:

Aaryn looks shocked!
Julie: "David, you could hear a pin drop in that house right now."

8:39pm EST:
David said Aaryn is the girl he waited to meet for his whole life. He said he was getting bored in the BB house.

The HOH Comp begins after the commercial.

The HOH Comp is a fill-it-up endurance! This will last way past tonight's show!

If you want to watch tonight's HOH comp, ya gotta get the live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Dana Lynn said...

Tonight's going to be interesting! I hope my six-year-old sleeps so I can watch the live eviction! (Crossing fingers)

Lani said...

Is it just me, or does Aaryn remind anyone else of Daniele Donato????

Jennifer Winchel said...

That's EXACTLY what we were thinking at our house!

Carl Mack said...


Daniele Donato wasn't a racist. Maybe if you look at the "constant complainer" yes, but I would never compare Daniele and Aaryn to each other

Zombiegirl said...

It's her mouth and the way it looks .

Lunarae said...

Hey Jamie could you send me an invite to the chat on the live feeds my chat name is Lunarae

Lunarae said...

Hey Jamie could you send me an invite to the chat on the live feeds my chat name is Lunarae :) thanks

viewtifuljoe93 said...

My god. Amanda is gorgeous. She has a good personality as well. I hope her and mccrae

Vicky P said...

How is the HOH determined if theyre playing in two man teams?

Jamie said...

the winning team will decide between the both of them who will be HOH.

BamaGirl said...

How will that work? What if both of them want the HOH?

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