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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Holy game talk today on the live feeds!! Let's just dive in to see what's going on inside the BB house.

11:10am BBT:

Andy is trying to talk Spencer into keeping Elissa. He says that America obviously likes her (E) and he's afraid that if they get rid of her, America is gonna be mad and won't give any of them the MVP.

Andy: "She's winning (MVP) every week! If she doesn't get it next week, then we cut her loose. But she probably will."
Spencer: "One of my fears is, but don't f'ing talk to anybody about this, an alliance (of 7) this big, is hard to maintain. I'm worried about McCrae/Amanda flippin'. Ok? Because they got the same numbers either way. (re: they can be on either side of the house). Just watch who's talkin' with who, regardless of what anybody says, just watch. My fear is that this alliance of 7 will crumble."

(The Alliance of 7 is: Spencer, Howard, Andy, Helen, Judd, McCrae, Amanda.)

Spencer said that the alliance of 7 will still be in tact even after Elissa goes, and that Jeremy will go after Candice next week. Andy doesn't think Jeremy would target Candice.

Helen briefly joined Spencer/Andy on the hammock and said she thinks they should backdoor Nick this week & that she thinks Nick/Jeremy have a Final 2 deal together. Helen then leaves. 

11:22am BBT:

Elissa tells Judd she's putting Nick up as the replacement nom.  

12:00pm BBT:
Backyard Patio
Elissa approached Jessie about getting Nick out this week. Jessie said she'll have to think about it because it puts her in a tough position.

12:01pm BBT:
Storage Room
Spencer told Howard that he's voting Elissa out this week because that's what Jeremy wants. (**It's important to note that they just wanna appease Jeremy this week, but do want to get him, Jeremy, out when the timing is right.)

12:20pm BBT:
Storage Room

Jessie doesn't know what to tell Elissa, regarding to vote for her to stay or not. Andy said to just tell her "you're cool with me", but not directly address how she (J) is voting. Andy asked Jessie who the other side of the house is targeting, and she said Elissa, Candice, Helen, Amanda, but don't tell anyone. Andy said he won't. 

12:54pm BBT:
Candice/Helen/Elissa are talking about how Nick could possibly be related to former BB houseguest/winner, Dan Gheesling. They compare Nick to Dan, saying that he's playing a similiar game to Dan's: quiet at first, then social. (**This is Helen/Elissa's plan to start a rumor about Nick.)

1:40pm BBT:
A plane flew over the house with a message that read "Who Has Hollywood Bowl Tickets". (Non-BB related, obviously.)

1:52pm BBT:

Spencer throws out the idea of maybe saving Elissa this week & getting Amanda out of the house instead. He thinks McCrae/Amanda will turn on them and go over to the other side. Spencer tells Helen to just think about it for awhile. Helen said she will, though she's not sold on the idea at the moment.  

2:09pm BBT:
Have Not's Bedroom


Jeremy informs Amanda that Elissa now wants to get her (A) out this week & that she might be aligned with the wrong people.

Jeremy: "We have the strong players, this is your chance to jump on (board) and be safe for a long time. I'm not saying I'm believing what they're telling me (about wanting Amanda gone), I'm just telling you what they told me." 
Amanda: "Ok. Female or male?"
Jeremy: "2 females, 1 male. They've been saying that Amanda controls McCrae, McCrae's a good player, we want McCrae to be with us fully. So if you wanna jump on board with a strong team, now's the time to do it. I'm giving you my trust right now by telling you this, Elissa wants to make a deal with me, throw you up as MVP nominee,  and everybody vote you out, I didn't say no or yes to her.."

Amanda: "Should I confront (Elissa)?"
Jeremy: "I'd just leave it. But that just goes to show you, she'll throw anybody under the pick the team you wanna be with."

Amanda said that Elissa is going this week and said that she trusts Jeremy and McCrae, who also wants Elissa gone this week. 

Jeremy: "Come over to the dark side." 

2:17pm BBT:
Retro Bedroom


Howard is telling Nick that he wants Amanda to go this week because she's targeting the Moving Company Alliance. Nick wants Elissa to go home, but is also okay with getting her out next week.

2:42pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Helen said she told Elissa to put up Nick & that Amanda is not going up as the MVP renom. Helen then mentions that she thinks Spencer/Jeremy are working together, and that Spencer is just doing Jeremy's dirty work. Amanda no longer trusts Jeremy.

Helen gets up for a moment. McCrae quickly talks to Amanda.

McCrae: "Don't talk to anyone, ok? You're already on everyones radar."
Amanda: "OK."

2:50pm BBT:

McCrae/Amanda talk alone.
McCrae is telling Amanda that Ellissa has to go. Amanda is not backing down: she's keeping Elissa. This is making McCrae frustrated.

Amanda: "I don't trust Jeremy."
McCrae: "We have to, for now. If Spencer's shady, we won't have the votes."

Amanda: "I'm just gonna lay low."
McCrae agrees that's best for her to do. 

2:52pm BBT:

Howard joins Amanda/McCrae. Amanda is careful on what she says.

Howard: "Whatcha thinking?"
Amanda: "I'm just...disappointed in people."
Howard: "Like?"
Amanda: (silent)
McCrae: "Elissa's throwing her name under the bus and she (A) might go up. That's what Jeremy said."
Amanda: "I don't think that's gonna happen, though. That's not (why I'm scared). She won't do that."
Howard: "So you're disappointed in her (E)?"
Amanda: "No."
Howard: "So, who's the disappointment?"
Amanda (to McCrae): "Do you wanna speak?"
McCrae: "We just don't know what's gonna happen now."

3:04pm BBT:
Helen told Andy that she thinks Spencer is the "mole" of their alliance & to watch out for him. Andy agrees.

3:08pm BBT:
Andy is on board with Amanda to SAVE Elissa this week. McCrae, not so much. Andy asks him why, McCrae says he's worried about being on the wrong side of the votes & then becoming targets. Amanda says that Spencer is a "wild card" and they need to get him to vote to keep Elissa.

3:15pm BBT:
Andy leaves the room. McCrae/Amanda talk. McCrae is trying his best to control Amanda's thoughts and mouth. He tells her to stop saying that Spencer is a "wild card".

In a Nutshell:

McCrae doesn't want to tick off Jeremy, so he's doing what he (J) wants this week to make him happy, but McC wants Jeremy gone when the time is right. So, McCrae is trying to get Amanda to vote the way he's gonna vote (to evict Elissa) so that they don't rock the boat & become targets. McCrae can't tell Amanda any of this because she doesn't know that he's in the Moving Company alliance.
**Okay guys & gals, I'll be back to open up the chat room in about an hour. Until then, enjoy the game talk on the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Mary O'Brien said...

Did you hear the conversation between Helen and Elissa in the BY? While doing yoga, they hatched a plan to start a rumor that Nick is Dan G. cousin. Elissa said something about how Dan G. is blogging about BB 15 and why would he do that unless he had a vested interest in this season. Helen then left to begin the rumor mill. This conversation was the same time as Andy and Jessie chatting in the storage room.

Such fun!!!!

Joni said...

Jamie, do you know why the MVP is able to be voted out. Kind of pointless to be MVP if you can still be nominated. Get CBS on that.. Lol

Nancy said...

Can't get rid of Amanda if Elissa doesn't put her up! I guess the idea is they make a deal with Elissa to put up Amanda in exchange for not being voted out.

Zachary Richardson said...

@Joni because it's anonymous. If they were immune everyone would know who it was and therefore it would make them a target. Supposed to help the person not be a target but give them power, but you have to keep it a secret to have that happen.

James said...

All the girls and Andy seriously need to get together ASAP and put 2 and 2 together. Put up Spence and vote him out.


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