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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Afternoon in the BB15 House (+Veto Spoiler) UPDATED!!

Good afternoon, BB addicts! :D Hope your Saturday is going good so far. Earlier this morning, the houseguests picked veto comp players and everyone except for Judd, will be playing in today's Veto Comp. With Andy & Spencer throwing it, and GM going for prizes (if it's a prize/punishment veto comp), that leaves a lot of room for Amanda & McCrae to win it. The only question at this point is, which one of them will be heading to jury. The target is still McCrae this week.

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below!

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Currently on the live feeds...

Winner of the Veto Comp is:


2:08pm BBT:

McCrae won veto!
He's puking in the bathroom downstairs.

Amanda: "I tried really hard! I'm happy you won it, though." 

2:13pm BBT:
Amanda is crying.
Amanda: "You saved yourself, it's better this way."
Sounds like McCrae is crying, too.

Amanda: "Who do you think (GM) will put up? Andy or Spencer?"
McCrae: "I dunno."
Amanda is crying more.
Amanda: "I fought so hard, as people slid by and made no moves. I fought so hard! It's just a game.."

McCrae hugs her.

McCrae: "I'm so sorry."
Amanda: "I can't believe it came down to me or you, and I was 3 seconds behind you. I'm gonna miss you."

Looks like Amanda hurt her hand(s) during the comp. She's been icing them on/off.
2:18pm BBT:
HOH Room

Judd confirms it was not a prize/punishment comp that they were hoping for.
Elissa enters.

GM: "Obviously McCrae is gonna take himself off, and worst case scenario if he wins HOH, I'll go up."
Elissa: "He'll put up me and Judd."
Judd: "Yea, he hates me."

GM: "(Amanda) is goin' anyway. Worst case scenario, he wins HOH next week."
Judd: "No matter which one of us goes up (as the renom), Amanda will go home."

Back downstairs..

Amanda: "You won it fair & square."
Spencer enters & tells them that he's not sure who GM is gonna put up as replacement nom.

Spencer leaves.

McCrae tells Amanda that she/they can campaign because they have no one and that Andy won't be on their side anymore because they're poison to his game.
(Upstairs, the HOH crew are talking about the comp. I'm trying to keep my eye on Mc/Am to see what, if anything, they plan to do or if Amanda is giving up.)

Andy is talking to McCrae/Amanda.

Amanda: "You or Spencer are going up but it doesn't matter, I'm going home. I don't know how (that comp) was fair. I went up 4 times. I'm surprised you put me up, Andy. I didn't think you'd do that. My hands are all blistered and red."

Andy: "It was super last minute and I just freaked out." (*he's covering his tracks of not being with them anymore.)
Amanda: "I tried."
Andy: "You did."

Amanda: "If Spencer goes up, would you guys still vote to keep me?"
Andy looks like a deer in headlights. lol
2:37pm BBT:
Amanda is crying, saying that people like GM and Spencer have made no moves in the game and are skating by.

Amanda is asking McCrae/Andy to vote for her to stay and even if it's GM to send her to jury, at least it won't be them two sending her to jury. Andy is very quiet during all of this.

Judd comes in and hugs her.

Judd: "You feelin' better, McCrae?"
McCrae: "Naww..."
Judd: "Take pepto bismal."

Judd leaves a minute later.
Amanda/Andy/McCrae talking about dizzy the veto comp was, hence why McCrae puked after the comp.

2:48pm BBT:
McCrae is telling Amanda to not give up, there's still time. The mood is lighter, with laughs and no more crying. Andy is still there. Judd is in the bathroom again.

3:00pm BBT:
Everyone is talking about the veto comp. Andy didn't like it. GM liked it.
3:10pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda are showering.
Amanda is giving McCrae advice for playing the game after she leaves, telling him to not make himself a bigger target. (Hard to hear since they're not mic'ed up.)

Upstairs, Elissa/Judd/Andy/GM are talking, non-game. Fun chatter.

While I was making dinner, Elissa made another jab at Amanda by saying "Who do you think would be the most memorable: BB12's Kristen or Amanda?" Amanda said that Kristen didn't even make jury.

3:37pm BBT:
Amanda campaigned to Judd. (*Not gonna happen.) Judd gave her false hope by saying maybe they could both stay this week (Am/Mc). Judd was basically just working on his jury vote by saying if he had won HOH, he wouldn't have put them (Am/Mc) up. Judd even asked if McCrae would take Amanda off the block, and Amanda said no & that he'll take himself off. (*Remember, McCrae was the target this week.)

Amanda said she knows she screwed Judd over but if she stayed, she'd be loyal to him until there was nobody else to put up. Spencer joins and game talk stops.

4:01pm BBT:
Amanda tells McCrae about her convo with Judd.

She thinks Judd might have been giving her false hope.
McCrae: "Could be. Don't get your hopes up."
Amanda: "Do you think he was giving me false hope?"
McCrae: "You never know with Judd."
Amanda: 'Ok. Whatever."
McCrae: "Just don't get your hopes up."
Amanda: "I'm not."

They kiss & hug.
They walk out of the Have Not's room and Amanda tells GM about Elissa's "Who's more memorable" comment...

Amanda: "And that's who you're keeping here?!"
GM: "I'm not aligned with her! I just didn't her up because she didn't put me up."
Amanda: "I put my neck on the line (for Elissa) and she snapped on me in a second."

Amanda: "Me, McCrae and Andy..if you don't put him up..would be SO LOYAL to you, so loyal."
GM is doing her normal not-making-sense rambling.

Amanda: 'Nobody likes me in jury, then why not keep me here?! I've only won 1 comp! You would BEAT ME!"
GM: "Mm hmm."
Amanda: "Elissa has a LOT of friends in that jury house!"

GM: "I know. I was thinking about that before, too. I'll sleep on it and we'll talk tomorrow. Come up and talk to me anytime! I'm just laying in the HOH bed resting my foot, but come up anytime."
Amanda: "If you put Elissa up, she would go home and you wouldn't have ANY targets! You would walk away from this so good! I have nothing else."
Amanda: "All that matters at this point in the game, is winning comps and I've only won ONE!"

4:20pm BBT:
GM/Amanda are still talking. She said that Amanda is making a lot of good points and she has a lot to think about. (*I don't think she's gonna change her mind, I think she's just listening to her.)

Amanda: "Every week, people will wanna separate us (Mc/Am) and you wouldn't be a target! You'd walk away from this with no blood on your hands."

Amanda: "If you backdoored Elissa, you'd be getting rid of the person who got Nick out."
GM smiles real big.
A couple of minutes later, the convo ends. GM leaves the bedroom.
BB: "GinaMarie, please go to the Diary Room."

**Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm outta here for the night! Y'all enjoy your Saturday night & enjoy the live feeds!!! :D

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Morning/Early Afternoon in the Big Brother 15 House

Happy Veto Comp Saturday, y'all!! Today is a big day for McCrae/Amanda. Amanda thinks she's the target this week, but it's actually McCrae. Heck, Amanda isn't even a target for next week...Elissa is. As I mentioned in the Overnighter this morning, both Andy/Spencer plan on throwing today's veto comp.

At 9:50am BBT, the live feeds came back from trivia. The houseguests drew veto comp players and...

Playing for Veto:

*Judd is the only one not playing.

As I covered in the Overnighter, Elissa/Andy had a convo last night that was strictly for Andy to make Elissa trust him, in hopes that she'd keep him off the block if she were to win HOH. Elissa, however, told Judd this morning that Andy can't be trusted and that he's playing both sides of the house.

Also this morning, Andy/Spencer confirmed with each other that Elissa is next on the hit list of houseguests to go.

Let's dive into the Morning/Early Afternoon post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:24am BBT:
*McCrae/Amanda are sleeping on cams 1 & 2.

*Judd/Spencer/Andy/GM are Amanda & McCrae bashing in the HOH room.

Every other word out of GM's mouth is "f*ckin'", as usual. She doesn't think McCrae/Amanda will last outside the house, she thinks Amanda is in for a rude awakening once they leave the house, and then mocked how she wanted to self-evict last night. 

GM: "Then there's the f**ckin' door, you stupid b*tch!"

10:27am BBT:
Talk turns to the veto comp & taking prizes. Judd brings up paying taxes on won prizes & money.

Judd: "My $5,000 is gonna be like $200 (after paying taxes on it)."
Spencer laughs.

GM said she's gonna try to go for prizes today in the veto comp *if* it's a prize/punishment comp.

10:41am BBT:

GM is telling Judd/Andy/Spencer about all the injuries she's had since being in the BB house. She hurt her back wrestling with Judd, hurt her hand during the BBQ party, fell down the stairs, etc.

GM: "Do you think Pandora's Box is done?"

They talk about if maybe there's not going to be a P.B. this season.

10:58am BBT:
GM/Andy/Judd are still talking in the HOH room about random topics: The Exterminators & whether or not to tell people (if they're in the Finals) about the alliance, Andy said he wouldn't use the veto if he wins it today, and GM doing more Amanda bashing.

Spencer is downstairs getting ready to nap.
Amanda/McCrae are still sleeping. Elissa is off-cam.

11:03am BBT:
Judd goes downstairs to get something to eat. Andy thinks he wants to nap soon.

Andy hopes today's Veto Comp won't be too physical, since GM's toe is messed up from falling on the stairs yesterday and her back still hurts from wrestling with Judd a few days ago.

11:09am BBT:
Judd is back in the HOH room w/ Andy & GM.

11:15am BBT:
Judd just called to the D.R.

11:20am BBT:
Judd is out of the D.R.
GM is getting coffee in the kitchen.

11:23am BBT:
Judd/GM are clipping their nails.
Andy is in the HOH room as well.

Judd: "These clippers suck."

11:26am BBT:
GM: "I gotta take a sh*t, bro. I need toilet paper, I got a turtle head." (*classy. lol)

11:45am BBT:
GM is holding a pic of Nick, while talking to Andy on the HOH bed.
12:04pm BBT:
TRIVIA!!! Yayy we have the Veto Comp underway! I'll start a new post in a little bit. Expect the feeds to be down for 2-3 hours, so if you have errands to run, now would be a good time to do them. ;)

**Psst....2 new polls on the right side of the blog! :D -->

(refresh periodically)

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The Overnighter (Summary Edition)

Happy Saturday, BB addicts! Sorry for the late start, but's the weekend and frankly, I haven't had a day off in like 3 weeks. lol It's really starting to take a toll on me.

Okay, so last night was actually pretty uneventual in the BB15 house. Kinda surprised by that. McCrae/Amanda mostly just laid around and slept, though Amanda did go up to the HOH room and tell Judd/Elissa/Spencer/GM that she's sorry, she knows she's leaving, she love all of them. (Amanda still has no idea that McCrae is the target this week.)

One other thing worth mentioning, is that Andy/Elissa talked last night. Now, Andy has been on this whole "I gotta get Elissa to trust me" kick lately, so this talk was just that. While it seems that they've had a heart to heart, I believe Andy still wants Elissa out of the house ASAP but now he's in a safe spot with Elissa if she were to win HOH. (**UPDATE: Andy just confirmed this morning while talking to Spencer, that this is true..he wants Elissa out next.)

Truth be told, this is smart of Andy to do, especially with the Double Eviction coming up on Thursday. He should have all of his bases covered. The only thing that could trip him up, is if he wins veto today and is forced to show who he is really with in the house. (Amanda/McCrae still think they have Andy on their side.) Though Andy & Spencer both plan on throwing the veto today, it'd be interesting to see what would happen if Andy somehow accidentally won. lol

That's it for The Overnighter! Starting the morning post now! :D

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Nomination Ceremony Spoiler + Aftermath

At 4:04pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means we have a Nomination Ceremony underway! How will Amanda and McCrae react to be putting on the block together? We shall find out!

Currently on the live feeds...

Nominated for Eviction:


5:16pm BBT:
Feeds are back!

Amanda: "Unless she has the numbers, she wouldn't have put us up together. Doesn't make sense."
Spencer leaves.

Amanda thinks Spencer/Judd/Elissa/GM are working together.
Amanda: "We just have to win veto and take one of us off the block. I don't care, hunny. I'd rather go home than you. Why would she not nominate Elissa? Doesn't make sense. She has to be working with Judd/Spencer/Elissa."
McCrae: "Probably."
Amanda gets up and leaves the room & heads into the Lounge Room where Spencer/Andy are.

She's trying to figure out who's working with GM.

She leaves & goes up to the HOH room.

5:21pm BBT:
Amanda is yelling at GM!
GM is telling Amanda that when Aaryn needed them (Am/Mc) the most, they weren't there for her. Turn your feeds on!
Amanda said she wanted to keep Aaryn, McCrae didn't. GM is telling Amanda that they are a power duo and need to be split up.

Andy comes in.
They're going back & forth wayyy too fast for me to type!

GM said her/Andy/Spencer/Judd are "on their own" in the game, while Mc/Am have each other. She knows that whoever stays, will be gunning for her. GM said she loves them both, it's a game move.
Amanda: "I can't believe you listened to Elissa! YOU let her win! This girl calls you stupid and you're letting her WIN!"
GM: "She didn't tell me to put you up, I did it!"
Amanda: "IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! We wouldn't have come after you!"

Amanda is getting really loud. GM is trying to explain things.
Amanda left the room pissed. Judd is pissed at Amanda, too.

Amanda: "Elissa put Aaryn up!"
GM: "But she didn't put me up."
Amanda: "Because she wanted Aaryn to go home SO BAD!"

Amanda just went off on GM and then walked away crying, saying she doesn't wanna be there anymore in the house. As soon as Amanda walked away, GM laughed.

GM: "If you can't take the heat, get outta the kitchen."

5:37pm BBT:
Amanda is crying to McCrae in the Have Not's room.

Amanda: "I love you so much! I'd rather just leave now than stay, I just wanna go now. GM/Spencer/Elissa/Judd are all working together." (*She still thinks Andy is on her side.)

Amanda: "I don't wanna look at Elissa's face for the next week. If it's a luxury veto comp, I'm taking all the (prizes). I'm ready to go."

McCrae isn't saying anything. Tears are falling down his cheek, though.

Amanda: "I wanna go. I wanna go now. I don't wanna wait a week."
McCrae is telling not to.

Amanda: "I'm so over it but I don't wanna be away from you. I love you."
McCrae: "I love you, too."

**Alrighty guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! 9 hrs of blogging & my back is killin' me! Turn on the
live feeds (pstt..they're only $10/month!)..and watch the drama unfold!! :D

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