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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Morning in the BB House

SuzieQ here!  Helloooooooooo BB fans!!!
I'm not as exciting as Jamie, but I'll try to keep y'all updated. 
Here we go!!!

I'm having trouble re-learning about screenshots, so none for today - sorry guys.
(you can always click on one of Jamies links to get the live feeds to see what's going on.)

HG's woke up early and were getting ready for the day.  Today they will pick the POV players and the MVP choice for the 3rd nominee will be announced.  Later today, the VETO comp will be played.

approx. 8:46am: 
The only thing worth mentioning this morning is a conversation with Judd, Spencer, & Amanda (with McC sleeping).  Judd mentions he doesn't think the MVP twist will be part of the game at some point soon.  Spencer agrees.

Fishes..... MVP nom and picking POV players time!!!

approx. 10:20am - Feeds are back!

Jeremy is the MVP nom!!!

POV players are:

Elissa, Helen, Jeremy, Amanda, Aaryn, and Nick

It appears that GinaMarie is hosting the comp.

approx. 11:30am BBT - Fishes - VETO comp time!!!
I will give some cliff notes of other morning activity while we're on fishes.  Then I'll blog live for a while after comp is over.


* 10:22am BBT, cam 3 - Elissa & Nick:  Elissa is trying to make a deal with Nick.  Asking him to throw the POV comp.  He's considering this option, it seems. 
* 10:26am BB time, cam 3 - Elissa & Howard (after Nick leaves) - praying together before the comp.
   Then Judd, then Andy come to Elissa to wish her luck.  Elissa tells them both that she got the MVP again, and that she tried to encourage Nick to throw the comp.
Stay tuned...
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Nancy said...

Nick better hope Jeremy doesn't win it as he will be going up and no one will even have to feel badly for voting him out as "he at least had the chance to play for veto."

King Marvin Mugabi said...

Elissa needs to stop trusting McCrae and Amanda. They screwed her over 3 times last week and even tossed her on the block.
She just keeps on trusting them.

Secondly, if Elissa ever ends up HOH, she needs to put up Amanda and Aaryn. Amanda cause it would hurt McCrae and the MC wouldn't really have to save her and Aaryn cause Aaryn is never going to put up anyone but Elissa.

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