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Friday, July 12, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

The HG's had a Have/Have Not Comp today from 11:40am BBT-2pm BBT, so we only missed an hour or so of stuff. So let's get caught up & see what's going on inside the BB house today! :D

The Have Nots are:
America picked Grapefruit & Guacamole for their food for the week!

At the end of the Overnighter, I posted that Helen's plan for the week is to backdoor Jeremy. If Jeremy wins veto, then Aaryn will be the one sent home. 

Currently on the live feeds...

2:16pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen talked to Jeremy in the HOH room.  Helen asked Jeremy what he'd think about her putting up Kaitlin, as a pawn. Jeremy said she's not his girlfriend, just a showmance. (**Helen still plans to backdoor Jeremy, but she's gonna try to work with him in case all fails.) She promises loyalty to Jer, as long as Jer can be loyal to her. Jeremy then voluntarily told Helen about The Moving Company alliance and who all was in it. She then tells Jeremy that her target this week is Aaryn. Jeremy promised to keep Helen safe, if he can get to Jury.

2:36pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen talks to Kaitlin. Kaitlin said she's "guilty by association" with Aaryn and that Aaryn brings out a side of herself that she doesn't like. Helen tells Kaitlin that she can still "play the game for herself", it's not too late. Helen told Kaitlin that she'd love to work with Kaitlin & that she's thinking about putting her (K) up as a pawn. Helen asks for safety from Kaitlin if she were to win HOH & promises Kaitlin that she's safe this week, even if she goes up as a pawn.

2:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen talks to McCrae/Amanda. She tells them that Aaryn is going up and Kaitlin will be a pawn, but not sure who the 3rd nom should be. (**Helen is hoping that one of their solid 6 will get it...Helen/Elissa/McCrae/Amanda/Judd/Andy.)

3:07pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen talks to Howard. Helen, who knows it was Howard or Spencer with the wonky vote & would forgive them if they came clean, asked Howard if there's anything that she wants to tell him. He doesn't & lies to her, saying that he voted to keep Elissa last night. (**In case you missed the votes yesterday, Howard's vote was get Elissa out, not Nick. This was Howard/Spencers plan & then they tried to pin the wonky vote on Jessie, but the Solid 6 know the truth.) Helen tries to Scare Howard by telling him that Jeremy might be her "new best friend" until the wonky vote person comes clean. Howard still denies the vote. Howard also denied being in the Moving Company alliance. This is a huge let down for Helen because she loves Howard but doesn't like being lied to.

3:58pm BBT:
Howard/Helen continue talking.

Howard finally confesses to being the wonky vote, but STILL denying being in the Moving Company. (**She knows he was, though. This is not good for Howard.)

3:43pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Helen: "I don't wanna put GinaMarie up. I wanna backdoor Jeremy." (**Helen better hope he doesn't tell Jeremy that.)

Helen tells Howard her full backdoor Jeremy if they can, but if not, Aaryn is going home.
Howard asked Helen if he can tell Candice her plan, Helen says yes but nobody else.

3:48pm BBT:
Howard is telling Helen that he'd rather see McCrae as a pawn because he knows for a fact that McC wouldn't go home. Helen is telling him that they have to votes & that Howard wouldn't go home if he was up on the block.

Helen: "I need you to win the POV for me so I can backdoor Jeremy."
Howard: "Ask me and you can ask me in front of anybody, the house, anything..because at this point, I'm not talking game with anybody. My personal alliance is with you & Candice."

The hug. Convo is over.

Howard: "I'm sorry."
Helen: "Just don't lie no more."
Howard: "I won't."
Helen: "OK."

3:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen tells Jessie that the person that made the wonky vote came clean. She doesn't say who it was though. Jessie is thrilled! (**Spencer/Howard were pinning it on Jessie, before Howard came clean to Helen.)

Jessie said she's so happy to be working with Helen and that she knows she made the right choice switching sides. Helen/Jessie hug.

3:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen: "I"m gonna put up Howard & Aaryn, tell Aaryn she's a pawn, but backdoor Jeremy. (**paraphrasing.)

Helen tells Judd that Howard just confirmed the wonky vote.
Helen: "I'm gonna tell Howard he's safe, but it's gonna scare him & Spence. Either Aaryn or Jeremy are going home this week."

Helen said that she's not putting GM up because before yesterdays HOH comp, GM came up to her and promised her safety if she (GM) won HOH & Helen promised the same, so she wants to honor her word.

Helen: "Howard is so scared out of his mind right now.."

4:01pm BBT:
Chess Board (Outside HOH)

Jessie/Aaryn try to clear the air, but they just start going back & forth instead. Aaryn tells Jessie she's "victimizing herself" when she says that Aaryn's being rude to her & Jessie is telling Aaryn that maybe she doesn't remember what's coming out of her own mouth. The convo ends about 5 mins into it, with nothing changing from when they first started. Jessie gets up & tells Aaryn "Good luck this week!" and walks away.

4:06pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

Kaitlin is telling Andy that she wishes everyone would be on the same page to get Aaryn out. (**Don't worry, she's the backup plan Kaitlin. lol)

**Dinner time!! This blogging gal hasn't ate since yesterday! lol I'll be back in 30-45 mins. :)

Stay tuned...
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Jennifer Pinkney said...

I'm glad Aaryn is a have not for the week. I just wish Kaitlyn and Jeremy were have nots too. Thank you for keeping us posted.

Gannazac said...

I think she should put up Aayron GM and Kaitlin and so what if Jeramy plays veto he will use it on Kaitlin and then back door Jeramy

stephanelson said...

Grapefruit and Guacamole! That is not even a have not food. I would be happy to be a have not this week lol

Jennifer Winchel said...

So glad Howie fessed was eating him alive

Adi Bouskila said...

If he wins he can not go up.

Shannon said...

I think McCrae is a have-not too..he was looking at the list, and talking about making slop-crackers to go with the guac. it was right when the feeds came back on. At least they got good food this week!

Jamie said...

oops! thought i put his name, thanks Shannon!! yep he's a have not as well.

Adi Bouskila said...

How many beds are in the have not room?

sophieee_marieee said...

Jeremy can't be. He got the never have not reward in the first hoh comp.

Anonymous said...


Jeremy won the not have not pass for the season in the 1st HOH comp so he can't be a have not.


If someone not on the block wins POV and uses it to take someone else off the block that person is not eligible to be the replacement nom. So Helen couldn't do that with Jeremy.


Anonymous said...


Jeremy won the not have not pass for the season in the 1st HOH comp so he can't be a have not.


If someone not on the block wins POV and uses it to take someone else off the block that person is not eligible to be the replacement nom. So Helen couldn't do that with Jeremy.


Anonymous said...


Jeremy won the not have not pass for the season in the 1st HOH comp so he can't be a have not.


If someone not on the block wins POV and uses it to take someone else off the block that person is not eligible to be the replacement nom. So Helen couldn't do that with Jeremy.


Jennifer Petru said...

Hoping that Howard's confession came from a genuine need to get it off his chest. I like him and how he comforts other houseguests and seems like a good guy. Hopefully he can redeem himself. We tend to forget that this is Big Brother so when someone we hold to higher standards lies, we pick at that more. Everyone in the house has lied.

I'm rolling on the floor about Aaryn and GM talking how they have their careers to go back to. I am glad that BB let the viewers see some of Aaryn's comments, but would like to have seen more of GM and Spencer as well. But, at least the problem has been exposed! I can't believe A is so oblivious. A, K and GM are such disgusting, mean girls...too much 'self esteem' from being pretty and too little self control.

Gannazac said...

Well lets hope he isn't picked for veto then he really needs to go away along with his mean girl posse

Dana Lynn said...

Jamie, you are doing a great job on here girl! But, please don't forget to eat 3 meals a day hon!!! We would be lost without you!!!! ;-)

Jamie said...

LOL!!! Today was just a crazyyyy day!! I promise to remember to eat from now on. lol ;) xo

Jennifer Pinkney said...

I totally forgot about that. Thank-you for reminding me :)

Debbie Sutterfield said...

No beds...they have extremely uncomfortable airplane seats.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

If the POV is used by someone who is not on the block, then why can't that person be nom'd? The POV would've been used for someone else, so...I don't get it.

Dana Lynn said...

;) We all have those days!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Someone plz help me understand something: if Aryan Nation and Howard are the noms, and Jeremy is one of the random picks to play in the veto comp-and wins, and say he takes A off the block...couldn't Jeremy then be the replacement nom since he used the veto on someone else? After all, the veto wouldn't be used for him, right?

Lonnisha Thomas said...

No if he wins the power and then uses it to save Kaitlin he can still go up for he has already used the power on someone else.

Kim M said...

@ Debbie

Winning the veto basically gives you immunity. If you are on the block, you can pull yourself off. And if you aren't on the block, you can't be put up as a replacement.

That is simply how BB made the rules (probably to help encourage the use of the Veto - if you know you can't be put up, you are more likely to pull someone else off because there is no immediate risk to yourself).

Michelle said...

The list says Amanda/Judd/Jessie/McCrea. Is Aaryn supposed to be on the list too? Finger crossed!

Erica Iles said...

No, if Jeremy won POV and uses it on someone else then that person comes off the block and Jeremy can't be backdoored. It's kind of weird because you would think hey, he used the POV on someone else, end of story now go on the block but it doesn't work that way :(

Mirth St Juste said...

No jeremy cannot be nominated if he wins POV, winning POV is a gauranteed safety for yourself like winning HOH.

Boonella said...

No because as winner of the POV he cannot be nominated

Adi Bouskila said...

Nope. Then they're both safe

Adi Bouskila said...

I knew that i meant how many xP

UshifferBrains said...

Just wanted to say how awesome you are at keeping us up to date! Thanks for your hard work!

Stephanie Williams said...

When you get the POV you are exempt from being on the block. Its extra safety for the winner. He can't go up

Stephanie Williams said...

Its an extra safety for that person. Whether they use it or not they are safe from going up.

beca said...

@Jennifer Pinkney, Aaryn is NOT a have-not!!

Vicky P said...

Why wouldn't she nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin?!?!?!!! Then IF Jeremy does win it, at least one of his lil posse members is going home! He would use POV on Kaitlin before Aryan! I just don't understand using Howard as a pawn...

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