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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday to y'all!! :D Today is the POV Comp, so the feeds will be down for a few hours at some point today. Before that, the Veto Players will be picked.

Last night, we learned that Elissa is the MVP again for this week & she plans to put up Jeremy. If Jeremy wins veto, then Elissa will put up Nick. If it's Jeremy/Elissa/Helen on the block, there's a slight chance that Jeremy could go home this week! It'd be a close vote, but it's definitely doable. There's a convo at 12:35am BBT between Aaryn/Jessie that show signs of support of Jeremy crumbling.

Since I was up late last night posting house happenings, this mornings Overnighter is gonna be a lighter version.

You can use the Flashback feature on the live feeds to view anything below.

Speaking of Flashback, if you already have the feeds, then you need to go to 8:09pm Cam 4 to watch Nick/GinaMarie talk. It was both hilarious (even though it shouldn't have been lol) and very awkward to watch! ...but in a funny way.

GinaMarie, who is practically in love with Nick, is sad because she likes Nick more than he likes her.

GinaMarie: "I"m used to getting hurt."

Nick pulls out every stop..even cries during this convo! (**If he's not a professional, then he should be! lol) 

GinaMarie: "The way you look at me, I thought it was just different."
Nick: "It IS different!"
GinaMarie: "No, you look at Kaitlin the same way."
Nick: "You're joking, right?" (laughs)
GinaMarie: "Do whatever you want, I don't have any control over you. It's fine."
Nick: "GinaMarie...GinaMarie...look at me.."
GinaMarie refuses. He lightly lifts up her chin and tells her to look at him. She keeps her eyes shut at first, then opens them.
 Nick: "There is NOTHING between me & Kaitlin. I have NO feelings for Kaitlin. None! I can guarantee you that. That is not my kind of girl. I'm not gonna talk bad about her, but she is not my kind of girl."

 The talk it out, Nick calms her down, then slowwwllyy tries to get away from her. lol He inches towards the edge of the bed, and then gets up and leaves a couple of minutes later.

9:52pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Candice is a smart one! She's figured out that Jeremy, Nick and other boys are working together. (*Moving Co. Alliance). Candice talks about Spencer and how he's really smart and making calculating moves in the move. Helen agrees, but mentions that physically incapable, so they can "get him out when they want to".

Candice: "But right now, (Spencer) has both sides of the house in the palm of his hand!"
Helen: "Yea. It's not time to deal with Spencer (right now), but we'll deal with Spencer. The key to Spencer is to not be on his radar, and to kiss his ass."

Definitely worth the flashback look at this convo!

9:59pm BBT:

Elissa told Helen that she got MVP again this week. Helen quietly & quickly jumps up & down with joy.

12:00am BBT:

Amanda scolds McCrae for giving Jessie attention. McCrae said he was just calming Jessie down because she was having a mental breakdown. Amanda's also mad that Jessie told McCrae that she'll have his back once Amanda is gone. (McCrae told Amanda that).

12:27am BBT:
Andy/McCrae/Amanda talk.
Andy said that if Elissa is MVP, they need to get Jeremy up & out. Amanda fully agrees. McCrae is silent.

12:54am BBT:
You can tell McCrae is a superfan because he's talking to the camera, which us live feeders love! Gives us a look at HG's true intentions/plans.

McCrae wants to stick with the Moving Company alliance because he feels that will get him further in the game. He's concerned with ticking off Amanda "for the rest of his life" which would "really suck" because he likes her a lot. He thinks he can bring Amanda closer to him which would help him out later to get the Moving Company out at some point.

McCrae: "I don't know what to do."

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! It really all comes down to today's POV Comp and who wins it. I'm gonna have SuzieQ fill in for me today, and she'll be starting a new post shortly! Enjoy your Saturday & enjoy the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Kern's Kreations said...

McC needs to burn Jeremy before Jeremy burns him. I wish they would've figured out that he voted against MC already anyway. Dude has more alliances than NATO.
If the Magnificent Seven can somehow get Jeremy gone this week, I'll be in heaven watching both Aaryn and Kaitlin crumble next week.
As always, you rock Jamie!

jen said...

The MC knew how they were all voting. Nick voted David out to guarantee Elissa had the votes to stay, in case Candice wouldn't vote David out. They only needed 7, so Jeremy was able to vote out Elissa, while blaming Candice for Nick's wonky vote.

Erica Iles said...

Yes, I would probably pee my pants if Jeremy were to go home this week, then Aaryn, and then Kaitlyn. But, once those people are gone whose left to make us despise the show enough to keep watching?

jen said...

The MC knew how each were voting. They only needed 7, so Nick voted out David in case they couldn't control Candice's vote. Then they would blame Nick's vote on her. I hope MC realizes Jeremy is a ticking time bomb, though. He needs to GO!!

Ste ven said...

So basically as long as MVP is in play, Elisa has Hoh every week.. She rules the game and screws up the entire game play and premise of Big Brother. ZZZ

When I first saw the have not room, I thought they were forcing them t sleep standing up. Now I realize they sleep lying down in a row of sears so its really not as bad as it looked at first

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