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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday, bb addicts! :D I gotta make the Overnighter a quick one today due to work. (So hard balancing my BB addiction & real life. lol) But I'll try to cover as much game talk as possible before hitting the road. Don't worry, I'll be back around Noon BBT and as we all know, this cast are not morning people..they're night owls. So we won't be missing much of anything. If we do, I'll get y'all caught up to speed as soon as I log back on.

Okay, I got my coffee in hand and I'm gonna start posting the Overnighter!

**You can watch everything posted below on the flashback feeds!

9:48pm BBT:
Cam 4

Aaryn has been expressing all night that she's "done" with Kaitlin and now she's telling Jeremy that she doesn't want his "douchebag showmance" screwing up her game. She told Jeremy that she doesn't wanna be in a Final 3 with Jeremy/Kaitlin, only to get knocked out because those 2 (J/K) are in a showmance. Jeremy told her not to worry, she's the strongest female in the house, and that she's not going anywhere for a long time.

Jeremy: "I personally see you hear longer than Kaitlin."

Jeremy leaves.
GinaMarie then brought up the concern that Nick could be playing her. (**Ya think? lol)

10:04pm BBT:
Jeremy told McCrae/Spencer that they need to get rid of Elissa/Helen/Candice first because they can't control them.

10:32pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 3
McCrae told Amanda that Jeremy thinks she's getting the girls against the boys. McCrae said they (A/McC) have to vote the way Jeremy wants this week. Amanda disagrees. Amanda then talks about getting Nick out. Amanda gets upset with McC because he didn't defend Amanda to Jeremy when Jer claimed that Amanda wants to get the girls together in an alliance. They go back & forth.

11:26pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 1
Aaryn is venting to A/Mc about how Jeremy/Kaitlin have taken over her HOH room and that she asked if they could rotate sleeping up there (currently all 3 of them sleep in the HOH bed every bed), but Aaryn spent the other night downstairs because she thinks it's weird to sleep with them in the same bed.

Aaryn said she thinks Kaitlin is acting like this is the tv show "Real World" & not BB.

1:06am BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 1

Howard is telling Nick that Amanda is smart and is catching on that there's a guy alliance and that she needs to go soon. They talk about talking to McCrae about it and telling him that Amanda doesn't like him-she's just using him.

1:38am BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 1
More talk about getting Amanda out, as well as Aaryn.

Spencer: "Dude, Aaryn and Amanda got to go! We gotta talk to McCrae about where Amanda sits and tell him that it's not that we don't trust him, it's just that Amanda is such a sh*t starter & can get into peoples heads.."

1:46am BBT:
Living Room
Cam 3
Jeremy explained to Kaitlin why he walked away from their pool table game earlier in the night. He said he can't deal with her negative energy that she's been giving off for a few days and that it's draining. They end up making up, kissing, and then talking about Aaryn. Kaitlin said that Aaryn is telling her stuff that makes her (K) question Jeremy. Jeremy doesn't understand why, since he's never given Kaitlin a reason to not trust him.

2:07am BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 1
Aaryn asked Nick how his talk with Spencer went. Nick said he couldn't get a good read on him. Aaryn then complained how Kaitlin's been pouting all day and wanting attention, and how Jeremy told Aaryn to go talk to Kaitlin but refused to "kiss her a**". Aaryn then went to bed.

2:11am BBT:
Cam 4
McCrae was holding his stomach & Amanda asked him why...

McCrae: "The converstation out there has made me upset."
**McCrae is referring to a racist remarks by Aaryn that took place outside earlier.

Amanda: "I guess I don't take things that seriously."
McCrae: "I do. I feel like I'm the kind of person that stands up for sh*t, ya know?"

**And that's about it for the Overnighter! Nothing game changing happened. Sadly, it looks like Elissa will be going home at this point.

Okay, I will be back at 12pm BBT to start the Afternoon post! :D Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Debbie Sutterfield said...

I really liked Jeremy at the very beginning of the show. BUT, now it makes me sick to my stomach every time I see his face (almost as much as when I see Aryan Nation's face). Spencer and Ginamarie are not far behind. Elissa may not be a very good player, but at least she's not a racist homophobe. I actually hope that Nick goes home. OR, something like Pandora comes up. It's not that these people are just rude, they are absolutely disgusting people with disgusting morals. This is my 1st year watching BB, I hope it won't be my last. At the very least, CBS showed Aryan Nation's true colors on the show. I thought FINALLY! Maybe there's hope after all.

Kiley said...

Am I the only one who despises this season's housegyests? Aside from Elissa and Helen, the rest are childish, cocky, racist bigots with no real personalities. I can't even make it through the CBS airings! BBAD is even worse. I read this blog and get more disgusted every day. If Elissa goes home, I might, for the first time EVER, give it up. CBS dropped the ball on the houseguests big time this year. But thank you Jamie for your amazing blog! You rock girlie! :)

Dannielle Burciaga said...

I'm a little excited to see these guys crumble a little bit.. (A/K & J). Even if its not major, I feel that these guys would let petty things come between them. ***fingers crossed they all start turning on each other*** XD

Vicky P said...

Sounds like Elissa should've put up Amanda or Kaitlin to have a better chance of staying in the house... They seem to be the others under everyone's radar right now...

Razldazlrr said...

I don't like the majority of the people in the house and think the casting was horrible but I doubt I'm their target demographic. With this cast it looks like they wanted meanie girls with drama to get the teenagers and early 20 somethings to watch. I wonder if there are groups out there that like this cast.

Mrs WonderBoy said...

I'm really not liking the cast this year. What happened to a little more of a mixed cast? It seems like we now have a bunch of young 20somethings that just want to be famous. I miss the days of Chicken George and ages ranging from young to old.

Keaco said...


Kern's Kreations said...

I'd like for BB to allow Julie to tell Aaryn and GM that they lost their jobs because of their immature remarks inside the house. Then it would be cool if Julie smacked Aaryn upside the head.
A guy can dream.
I may be in the minority here, but I find Amanda to be pretty funny and somewhat charming. I wish McC (and Howard) were not tied to the MC. If they'd flip it'd be fantastic.

Vicky P said...

What dis they say that made mccrae sick to his stomach??? I'm with everyone else who commented about how disappointing this seasons cast is. There is always a wide variety of personalities, ages, ethnicities, etc... This season is just the mean girls club and a house full of people who are constantly bullied by Jeremy! It's disgusting! Step it up next summer, CBS!

April Gamble said...

Is CBS and bb really gonna allow these people continue to play while they throw racial slurs around as if they are doing nothing at all! I like Elissa Amanda Helen big Mac and Andy. They seem to be well rounded people who deserve to be in the game and closer to the life changing money!! It sickens me that they let these bigots get anywhere near the money!! PS some of the house guest should have went to open cast call for adult films!! Not BB!

Brooke Martella said...

I cant agree with ALL the previous posts! I thought I was alone in thinking CBS made a HUGE blunder with this cast of ignorant people (not all but most). I cannot stomach actually watching the show anymore and cant wait for Summer to see it. But its been one disappointment after another! Not to mention the horrible switch from Showtime to TVGN! Really? HORRIBLE DECISION!

2boysmom said...

I like Amanda too. She's funny!

Crystal Imes said...

This whole racism thing has really made me think and can be as bad as bullying ...which equals violence to me I think the house guests such as well mainly Ayrn should be dq ...just sayin

cyndi said...

If we expect our kids not to bully and say racial remarks at school, how can we not hold cbs accountable for making it look like this is ok in todays society. I am way disapointed with this season, elissa and helen, and maccrae are the only ones who are playing a good clean game in my book

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