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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Night BB Episode

Welcome to the Tuesday Night BB Show party! :D Tonights show will feature the Veto Comp and POV Ceremony. The tv audience is sooo way behind us live feed watchers. ;)

The Chat Room is now open, so come on in & say hello and watch tonights show with the rest of us BB addicts! :D

Also, in case y'all missed it in the Afternoon Post, the BB15 tv schedule will be changing starting July 11th. The TV schedule will go back to the familiar Sun/Weds/Thurs (live eviction day) schedule. I'll be sure to remind y'all as that date approaches.

Okay, BB starts at 9pm EST, so grab your snacks & beverage(s) of choice & I'll see y'all in the chat room! :D

PS if you have the live feeds already, come chat with myself & other addicts in the "BecauseYoureAddicted" room! See ya there!

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Pauletta May said...

1. there this beach bumb that is so stupid and he has not idea what he did to hurt that girl.
2. Hes so in love with himself he has no room for anyone else.
3. There's the guy sitting in HOH room flossing his teeth in front of people he has know for less than a week. I'm sure his Mom is soo proud.
4. Pls vote the beach bum out of the show.

JChism said...

This season is B-O-R-I-N-G. Cast is the worst. Shallow catty women... uneducated men...Can't wait for the house to unload some of its garbage (Aaryn, GM, Jessie to start), so that it MAY have a chance of becoming somewhat interesting. Honestly, I would not mind seeing an all male cast next year. These women are just needy and nauseating (except her!)

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