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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wedneday Night BB Episode

Good evening, ladies & gents! Tonight's BB show will feature the MVP nom of Amanda, Veto Comp where Spencer won & POV Ceremony where Spencer took himselff off the block & then Candice goes up as the renom. Us live feed watchers already know all of this since the Veto Comp happened on Saturday & POV Ceremony was on Monday. Ahhh...seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?! :P

Sidenote: there has been a new alliance chart that was just released today by the awesome @89RazorSkate20 on Twitter:

In other news...

The houseguests have been on inside lockdown since this morning & will continue to be until tomorrow's live HOH Comp, which we're all 99% positive it'll be an endurance comp! With so much at stake, I have a feeling it's gonna be a loooooong endurance comp!! And in case you didn't know, you can watch the endurance comp *LIVE* tomorrow on the live feeds!! They are super duper cheap @ $10/month!!

Those of you who signed up for the live feeds by using the links here on the blog, THANK YOU!!! And all of you who have donated to support the blog, you guys are amazing, THANK YOU!!! I literally could not & would not be here without y'all. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you soooo much!!!!! You guys & gals are truly the best BB fans out there and I am both honored & lucky to have y'all right here on the blog.

Okay, you guys get your snacks & drinks and I'll meet y'all in the chat room for the show at 8pm EST!! :D

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Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! OMG, we missed so much while I was at work!! ...haha just kidding. :P We didn't miss anything!! lol

As I type this (1:12pm BBT), all 4 cams are on sleeping HG's.

2:26pm BBT:
Signs of life!
Spencer has claimed his perv-zone spot on the bathroom lounge. (Jessie was in there, fresh out of a shower, with nothing but a towel on.)

2:30pm BBT:
Jessie goes into the bedroom to get dressed.

2:31pm BBT:
Storage Room
They're talking about the plan that was in place to get Candice out. They don't think it's gonna happen anymore. Andy hopes not because otherwise "they're screwed".

Andy: "GM swears up & down that she'll (vote out) Howard."

Talk turns to about Judd and how they don't trust him.

Andy: "If I win HOH, I"m taking Judd out." (*I don't see Andy winning HOH on purpose. He's in a good spot right now & why voluntarily put a target on your back & blood on your hands when you don't have to.)

They talk about Candice: Andy doesn't wanna put her up because "she's a vote" and Amanda said she agrees and doesn't want Candice out. (She was saying last night how Candice has to go up & out. So, yea. *shrugs*)

2:35pm BBT:
HOH Room

Amanda: "Blah blah blah...I don't trust Judd...blah blah blah...."

Amanda asked Aaryn if she's working with Judd, she said Judd thinks he is, & that he wants Howard gone this week.

Amanda claims that Judd wants Howard to stay. Aaryn doesn't think so. Amanda is again saying that Judd is "sketchy". 

Aaryn: "(Judd) wants to work with me & told me that last night, but I'm loyal to you guys."

2:48pm BBT:
Andy joins. (McCrae is in the HOH bathroom.)

Aaryn: "I'm flirting with him and keeping him close because he tells me stuff & I know he's using me for a vote later on, I"m not stupid. He's never asked me to do anything sketchy or whatever...I'm loyal to you 3." (*McCrae/Amanda/Andy...the new Goof Troop.)

2:54pm BBT:
All 4 are now talking.
Amanda/Andy are telling Aaryn that with Howard, you never know what he's thinking/doing but with Candice, they do. So Howard needs to go. (**I think she's over-paranoid that she (Am) could still be going home and wants to make sure that Aaryn isn't working with Judd & that she'll vote Howard out if it ends up coming to a tie.)

3:06pm BBT:
The 4 are still talking.
Aaryn told them that she would never work with anyone behind their backs and that she's just making Judd think they're working together because he gives her info but she's "100%" with them 4.

Amanda mentions (again) that she thinks Judd is MVP because he supposedly looked into one of the house cams and said "Thank You". (**I never saw that.)

Aaryn: "It's gotta be Judd (that's MVP)."

Amanda tells Aaryn that Helen is "disposable" but she's not gonna get rid of her anytime soon.

Speaking of Helen...

3:14pm BBT:
Helen joins Amanda/Aaryn.

Helen: "Us 3 need a name: '3pm Package'. So when we need to talk, we'll just say we're 'waiting for the 3pm package'." (*head-desk*)

Helen: "...because the 3 of us are packages of brain & beauty."

McCrae rejoins the HOH room, with food in hands for breakfast.
Jessie joins as a well.

3:21pm BBT:
Andy has rejoined the HOH crew. Talk is about the suitcases that they brought to the house.
3:36pm BBT:
They're talking about various HG's, in which all them have to go at some point. They wanna get rid of Judd before jury starts.

3:40pm BBT:
Elissa has joined the HOH crew. Talk is about Judd, still. Aaryn is happy that she can't play for HOH tomorrow because they wanna get Judd out and she doesn't want that blood on her hands. Helen said she'll have no problems putting Judd up if she wins HOH and isn't scared if he gets off the block & guns after her.

3:55pm BBT:
Aaryn/Andy/Helen/ELissa (not really talking/more listening) are talking about how Judd & Candice both need to go soon & hopefully before Jury.

**Okay, I'm gonna take a break until tonights show @ 8pm EST. I'll start a new post about 15 mins before the show! See ya then!! :D

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The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! A lot happened yesterday in the BB house and it was one of those days that if you had the live feeds, then you were in luck!

As I reported yesterday, there was a house meeting, where Candice called out Spencer and exposed his lies. There was a lot of aftermath that followed, mostly rehashing the meeting and what was said. Then at 5:10pm BBT on Cam 3, Howard whispered something to Amanda.

What was actually said? Nobody knows because the audio on Howard couldn't be heard. But Amanda's audio was on and you could here say "Thank you!" and smile before a smiling Howard walked away.

A minute later (5:11pm BBT), Amanda told Judd/Andy in the kitchen what Howard said:

Amanda: "He said 'You know when we're both outta here, I'm gonna f--- the s--- out of you."

She then goes on to tell Judd/Andy that...

Amanda:"I think what he wants to do, is derail what's actually going on with that comment or whatever, so just don't say anything."
Judd: "What?"
Amanda: "I think he's trying to take the focus off of (what happened earlier) and onto something new, just don't..don't talk it about it anymore."

After that, people in the chat room on the feeds & on Twitter blew up with speculation...did he or didn't he say that?

Amanda ended up going into the Diary Room to talk to production about what Howard said. (She told a lot of people, including Elissa/Helen/McCrae, what happened but to not let Candice know.) Then Amanda made her 2nd trip back in the DR around 6:45pm'ish.  In between Amanda's DR sessions, her & McCrae went to the Hammock to talk (6:11pm BBT) after she soaked in the hot tub for a little bit, but all cams auto-switched to the HOH room as soon as they got in the hammock, so we don't know what Amanda told McCrae.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds monthly pass!

6:23pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Andy & Helen did some plotting against Judd & when to take him out. Helen told Andy that she doesn't think Elissa is gonna get too far in the game & she might be the 1st sent to jury. She thinks that she'll go a lot further in the game with him (Andy).  Helen then told Andy that Judd approached her yesterday morning (11:43am BBT) to confirm that they are still planning on getting them out soon.

7:16pm BBT:
HOH Room

Spencer: "I know Howard is toast this week."

Spencer said he hopes to stick around at least 1 more week and maybe an extra vote. Other than that, he has no other plans.

Aaryn: "Things change in here all the time, every week."

Spencer says he's gonna lay low for the next couple days, but hopes that she will still talk to him, despite him not being that social in the house. She said she will. He says he wishes that Howard would've came in the house

Spencer: "He's made a couple of speeches in the past couples of days that don't make any sense." (**Amen. lol)

Spencer wonders if someone will vote for Amanda (to get evicted) and then pin it on him. Aaryn doesn't think so. Spencer said he's gonna vote Candice out because he doesn't wanna be a vote for Howard to go, though he knows it won't make a difference. Spencer mentions how pissed he is that Howard didn't speak up for him during the house meeting.

Aaryn: "He's not a man. Howard is not a man."
Spencer: "I thought I handled it pretty well." 
Aaryn: "He should've told Candice to stop. But he wants the target to be you. Anybody but them."

8:13pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Fast-forwarding to....

10:30pm BBT:
Lounge Room

The girls are talking about getting rid of Candice instead of Howard tomorrow.

Jessie: "All we would need is 3 votes and then you (Aaryn) be the tie breaker."

*This is an important convo, but I'm on limited time this morning. I only have 45 mins before I have to leave for work. Use the Flashback feature on your live feeds to hear it. If you have headphones, I recommend you using them for this conversation.

10:57pm BBT:
Storage Room
Candice tells H/E that she knows there's a plan to get her out of the house, with Aaryn being the tie breaker and since Aaryn hates her (C), she will be going home instead of Howard.

Helen: "Who told you that??"
Candice: "Nobody told me, I'm just really smart...if I go home, I go home! I have a beautiful life!"
Helen: "That's not gonna happen, I'm gonna stop it."

11:06pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Helen tells Andy how Candice said there's a plan to evict Candice.

Andy: "That's a lie. It's gotta be!"

They start getting paranoid and talking about Judd/Jessie, and how they can't trust Judd because he's shady.

11:17pm BBT:

All are talking about the plan of evicting Candice over Howard.
Amanda: "That's not gonna happen, I'll make sure of it."

11:50pm BBT:

Amanda goes to confront Aaryn/GM about the plan to evict Candice. GM says that Candice is "making sh*t up". Andy thinks it could be a master plan of Howard/Candice's to make sure Howard goes home this week.

12:06am BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae said that they'll push to get Candice out next, but Howard's gotta go this week.

McCrae: "If Howard goes, both Spencer/Candice are on the outs."

Amanda is saying she wants Candice gone & so does everyone else, but they gotta get Howard out this week & get Candice out next week.

3:15am BBT:
HOH Room
Amanda/Aaryn are going back & forth...Amanda wants Howard out, Aaryn really, really wants Candice out.

Andy: "I feel like we're talking in circles. Can we just move on now?"

**And that's it for the Overnighter. Sorry I couldn't be more detailed, but I have to jet off to work. Howard is still going home, though the target on Candice for next week is huge. Speaking of, Candice was not told about the plan, she just has good intuition and figured it out..the same way she figured out The Moving Company alliance weeks ago.

Aaryn said last night that they're gonna be on an inside lockdown today & won't be off of lockdown until the HOH Comp. All signs are now pointing to an endurance comp tomorrow!! :D Yayyy!! My all-time favorite thing to watch on the feeds!! (They're only $10 bucks/month now!)

 Ok, I'll be back for the Morning/Afternoon post though! See y'all then! :D

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Candice Calls a House Meeting!!!

At 2:54pm BBT, Candice asked everyone in the house to gather around for a quick house meeting. Aaryn/GM were taking pictures in the pool & delayd the meeting for a few minutes.

This is a must-see on the live feeds!! Way, wayyyy too much to transcribe & I doubt they'll show it in it's entirety on the show.

2:54pm BBT:
Candice calls for a house meeting!!

Elissa: "Is this gonna be a long meeting?"
Candice: "No, it's gonna be very short."

They're waiting on GM/Aaryn in the pool taking HOH pics.

Candice is calling out Spencer hard!!!!

Candice: "Keep my God damn name out of your God damn mouth!!"
Spencer: "That's a real Christian thing to say."

Candice: "Spencer told me he wants Amanda out and wants to rally the votes to get her out.."

Spencer is denying it all and saying Candice is trying to make him look bad.

Candice: "I wish you (Spencer) were on the block!"

Candice says that if it's endurance for the HOH comp this week, then Spencer better "hold on to that wall" because she wants to get him up & out next week. WOW!!!

This is a must-see on the live feeds!! Start at 2:55pm BBT on Cams 1 & 2.

Howard is saying he wants to still self-evict, he respects everybodys game, talking about God, he's always been with Candice in the game, he talks about how 4 HG's are running the house, etc.

3:06pm BBT:
Amanda chimes in.

Amanda: "You said that Candice is cancerous to your game."

Howard & Amanda are now going at it. (*There is no way to transcribe this, they're talking over each other and raising their voices.)

Meeting is over.
GM chimes in & says if people would stop slamming doors while she's sleeping, she'd appreciate it. lol

Well, Spencer's game is blown up now.

3:12pm BBT:

Helen is telling Aaryn that she didn't like how Howard said they are all selling themselves out for $500k.

Helen: "We all signed up for this show. We knew what we were getting into."
Aaryn: "I'm not showing my cards because I'm playing a game. You never show your cards."

Andy joins.
Aaryn: "So if Howard came to play kumbaya, then you came to the wrong place, buddy."

**Watch the houseguests talk about what just went down on the live feeds! Emotions are still running high and they're all talking about it. 

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Afternoon in the BB House

The live feeds have been pretty interesting starting at around 12:30pm Cam 1. Amanda/Spencer went round & round clearing the air & getting pretty heated at times.

Amanda called Spencer out for being in an alliance that tried to get her out. Spencer blames Amanda for putting Spencer up on the block. Amanda called her a "bully". Spencer told her to "shut up" & that he's not gonna kiss her butt.
Amanda mentions that they could get Candice to go home if he (S)  is willing to work with them instead of against them. Spencer then called her a bully, they then start talking in circles.

1:25pm BBT:

The Spencer/Amanda argument is still going on.

Spencer: "We can work together, Amanda but.."
Amanda: "I know you think you have the votes to get me out."
Spencer: "No I don't! I want Candice out."

Amanda is calling him out on the info she already knows, which is Spencer's plan to get Amanda out (that nobody is falling for.)

Spencer: "I know you don't believe me,'s just that simple."
Amanda: "I don't win any comps, I may be strategic and socially, but I'm 1 person. And if you were to fip the house, I know what you're trying to're sitting there telling me there is no plan, but i know there is. I know that there is. That's fine. But you can still change (the target) to Candice. I'm fine with either one of them going. The whole point of this convo is that I wanna stay, and I know you don't wanna be low-man on the totem pole."
Spencer: "I want Candice gone. I gotta get Howard in that same mindset with me."

1:31pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Amanda: "By trying to save Howard, you're hurting yourself."
Spencer: "I know, I know."

Spencer said he's been trying to get Howard to wanna get Candice out, but Howard has been saying to vote him out over Candice and he (S) doesn't know why.

Amanda tells him to stop the plan of trying to get her (A) out, and to switch it to Candice.

Amanda: "I admire your loyalty to Howard and I'm not even saying to campaign against him..let him fight for himself. Ok? Because him being here, will only hurt you. Him being gone, will only help you."

Spencer: "I. Want. Candice. Out. But Howard will leave, and I know that'll help me."

Amanda: "If you help me, I'll help you."
Spencer: "I AM helping you, Amanda!"

Amanda wants so desperately for Spencer to admit to his plan of getting her out this week. He's not budging.
Spencer: "If you tell me you can trust me after this week, then we'll see."

Spencer: "Just drop it. Howard's going home. That's all there is to it."

1:38pm BBT:
McCrae rejoins Amanda/Spencer on the couch.

Spencer: "I'm gonna vote Candice out this week, I can't vote (Howard out)."

Amanda said that there shouldn't be any votes for her (A) then on Thursday and then she'll have no reason to not trust him (S). (**This whole convo was more of a "stop coming after me" plea from Amanda. She's been a paranoid mess since being put on the block.)

Candice joins them. Talk stops, for now.
BB: "Aaryn, please report to the HOH room." (**HOH blog & picture time.)

1:45pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda walks in on J/J/H/A talking and joins them.

Amanda: "I just wanted to instill fear in him & have him switch his target to Candice." (**But by doing so, she totally threw Judd/Andy under the bus by telling Spencer that she knows about the plan.)

Judd/Jessie leave.

1:51pm BBT:
Andy tells Amanda about how he talked to Judd this morning & how Judd didn't want him to tell Spencer about voting Howard out until after the votes are done.

Andy: "(Judd) doesn't want Spencer to know!"
Amanda: "Because (Judd) wants to flip the house (and vote me out)!" (**Not true.)

Candice joins. Game talk stops.

1:56pm BBT:

Howard/Spencer have a quick chat. He told Howard that Amanda knows about the plan (to get Amanda out) and to just deny it if he gets asked. Spencer said they'll talk more later after his nap.

2:37pm BBT:

Andy/Amanda are talking about bored they are and how long the stretch is to wait for Thursday. Judd comes out and joins them.

Judd (to Amanda): "Is your sister hot?"
Amanda: "Yea she's pretty."
Judd: "You gonna hook me up?"
Amanda: "She's had the same boyfriend for 7 yrs."

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