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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! OMG, we missed so much while I was at work!! ...haha just kidding. :P We didn't miss anything!! lol

As I type this (1:12pm BBT), all 4 cams are on sleeping HG's.

2:26pm BBT:
Signs of life!
Spencer has claimed his perv-zone spot on the bathroom lounge. (Jessie was in there, fresh out of a shower, with nothing but a towel on.)

2:30pm BBT:
Jessie goes into the bedroom to get dressed.

2:31pm BBT:
Storage Room
They're talking about the plan that was in place to get Candice out. They don't think it's gonna happen anymore. Andy hopes not because otherwise "they're screwed".

Andy: "GM swears up & down that she'll (vote out) Howard."

Talk turns to about Judd and how they don't trust him.

Andy: "If I win HOH, I"m taking Judd out." (*I don't see Andy winning HOH on purpose. He's in a good spot right now & why voluntarily put a target on your back & blood on your hands when you don't have to.)

They talk about Candice: Andy doesn't wanna put her up because "she's a vote" and Amanda said she agrees and doesn't want Candice out. (She was saying last night how Candice has to go up & out. So, yea. *shrugs*)

2:35pm BBT:
HOH Room

Amanda: "Blah blah blah...I don't trust Judd...blah blah blah...."

Amanda asked Aaryn if she's working with Judd, she said Judd thinks he is, & that he wants Howard gone this week.

Amanda claims that Judd wants Howard to stay. Aaryn doesn't think so. Amanda is again saying that Judd is "sketchy". 

Aaryn: "(Judd) wants to work with me & told me that last night, but I'm loyal to you guys."

2:48pm BBT:
Andy joins. (McCrae is in the HOH bathroom.)

Aaryn: "I'm flirting with him and keeping him close because he tells me stuff & I know he's using me for a vote later on, I"m not stupid. He's never asked me to do anything sketchy or whatever...I'm loyal to you 3." (*McCrae/Amanda/Andy...the new Goof Troop.)

2:54pm BBT:
All 4 are now talking.
Amanda/Andy are telling Aaryn that with Howard, you never know what he's thinking/doing but with Candice, they do. So Howard needs to go. (**I think she's over-paranoid that she (Am) could still be going home and wants to make sure that Aaryn isn't working with Judd & that she'll vote Howard out if it ends up coming to a tie.)

3:06pm BBT:
The 4 are still talking.
Aaryn told them that she would never work with anyone behind their backs and that she's just making Judd think they're working together because he gives her info but she's "100%" with them 4.

Amanda mentions (again) that she thinks Judd is MVP because he supposedly looked into one of the house cams and said "Thank You". (**I never saw that.)

Aaryn: "It's gotta be Judd (that's MVP)."

Amanda tells Aaryn that Helen is "disposable" but she's not gonna get rid of her anytime soon.

Speaking of Helen...

3:14pm BBT:
Helen joins Amanda/Aaryn.

Helen: "Us 3 need a name: '3pm Package'. So when we need to talk, we'll just say we're 'waiting for the 3pm package'." (*head-desk*)

Helen: "...because the 3 of us are packages of brain & beauty."

McCrae rejoins the HOH room, with food in hands for breakfast.
Jessie joins as a well.

3:21pm BBT:
Andy has rejoined the HOH crew. Talk is about the suitcases that they brought to the house.
3:36pm BBT:
They're talking about various HG's, in which all them have to go at some point. They wanna get rid of Judd before jury starts.

3:40pm BBT:
Elissa has joined the HOH crew. Talk is about Judd, still. Aaryn is happy that she can't play for HOH tomorrow because they wanna get Judd out and she doesn't want that blood on her hands. Helen said she'll have no problems putting Judd up if she wins HOH and isn't scared if he gets off the block & guns after her.

3:55pm BBT:
Aaryn/Andy/Helen/ELissa (not really talking/more listening) are talking about how Judd & Candice both need to go soon & hopefully before Jury.

**Okay, I'm gonna take a break until tonights show @ 8pm EST. I'll start a new post about 15 mins before the show! See ya then!! :D

Stay tuned...
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hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie Happy Wednesday .. The feeds were So dead this morning ,The only fun was Helen cleaned the bathroom & then washed the toilet brush in the Left sink & we had the joy of watching Elissa use it 1st! (Yes YUK) ... Have a good day & thanks again for all you do !

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be able to be in a towel after a shower around Spencer, ick. He really is a pervert.

Donna Parker said...

I don't know about you, Jamie, but I'm heartbroken over how they've turned on Judd. I'm pretty sure he didn't do anything and that it's just their paranoia thinking he's shady. He's the dearest, most stand up guy in there and I hope they realize that before they hurt him. He so doesn't deserve it. :o(

Darren said...

I really hope there is a coup de' tat or a double eviction next week to spice things up

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure about Judd. I was very confused by the Judd and Aaryn pillow talk late last night (4 -15 am ish) seems like they have an ongoing plan. Curious for your opinion Jaime because you've been quiet about Judd.

Kim M said...

Donna - Judd is making deals with everyone. The guy has at least 4 different final 4 deals. People are starting to figure that out and it is slowly coming back to bite him. Doesn't mean he isn't a sweet guy but people aren't just being paranoid about him either.

Jamie said...

Dono, Aaryn is just making Judd believe that they're working together but they're not.

umm-hmmm... said...

Amanda is the annoying person who beats a dead horse.

@Donna, I'm with you about being heartbroken about them turning on Judd.

Erica Iles said...

For Amanda to supposedly have the strong ability to read people, she really, REALLY sucks at figuring out this MVP thing.
I kind of wish they would just tell the houseguests that America is picking the 3rd nomination so stick that in your all mightier than thou pipe and smoke it!
I mean these people are just making it soooo easy to not like them. Also, is it just me or has there ever been a season where so many people have just said they don't care if they win or not, send them home packing!? Since when did 500K become pocket change to so many people?

shari melton said...

Is there any real hope Amanda or Candice will go tomorrow?

Jamie Grijalva said...

I REAAALLLLY wish they would get rid of this "twist" and do something extreme to mix this house up. It is getting stale. Bring an old houseguest back or something….Just bland. And I know I say a lot of silly things off the cuff but these people…"3PM Package"? This makes my head hurt...

KayKayLah M said...

All of these HGs are really starting to get on my nerves. Are they serious!? All of them have been in more than one alliance some at the same time. These people have made so many real alliances, fake alliances, final four and final two deals. Its almost laughable for them to target Howard for the deals he has made when every one of them has made several deals to cover for their inability to actually win a competition.

jayne said...

hey Jamie, read that you clean for a living...i do as well but noticed you aren't gone for too long...i have houses that take me anywhere from 4-7 you clean houses? please forgive me if i am over stepping boundaries, lol....and thanx for keeping us all family (husband n daughter) has banned me from getting live feeds, due to the fact that i would not be able to put down the computer/phone...i have a serious problem with television...thanx again...u rock!

Jamie said...

each place is different. 1 place is a condo that I've been cleaning for 3 yrs, so i'm on auto-pilot when i go and it takes me about 1 1/2 hrs.

Tomorrow though, I have a house (also been with them for 3 yrs) and their place takes me 3 hrs to clean (they're bi-weekly). Their place is a 3 story house plus sun porch, so it takes a long time. lol

The place i went today, i only do the 1st floor (per their request) so it only takes me 1 1/2 hrs there plus travel time.

It all depends. :) Feel free to ask me anything! Your'e not overstepping at all hun.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I'd immediately feel dirty again because of those perverted eyes and thoughts...

Debbie Sutterfield said...

You know, if they told the hgs that America votes for the mvp nom, they might just start behaving themselves!

Anonymous said...

Yeah cause "waiting for the 3pm package" is a real inconspicuous natural thing to say that won't arouse any suspicions whatsoever.


Jamie said...

LOL @ Brian..right?!!

Anonymous said...


They'd be better off just saying "time for our secret alliance meeting!" At least then people would probably laugh and think they're joking cause why would you say that out loud if it were true.


viewtifuljoe93 said...

The challenges they are given for HOH aren't fair. Sigh. This season.

Kayla said...

That's exactly what I was thinking!!!!

Random World said...

I'm getting borred...time for something crazy to happen. Amanda needs a Xanax. IMO.

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