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Monday, July 1, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Well BB addicts, the day has been slow thus far on the feeds. Lots of rehashing of last nights events, mixed with swimming/tanning/working out. Not a whole lot has been happening today & most likely won't until Wednesday when David is evicted..that's when the fireworks will happen! Aaryn will be devasted that her showmance partner will be gone, a new HOH will be crowned, and then it's a week of plotting, scheming and backstabbing. Can't wait! ;) hehe

Earlier on the feeds, Aaryn/Kaitlin were comparing notes on their showmance partners (Jeremy/David) have been telling them.

They both agree that the boys think they're playing them, but they're not failing for it. A short while later, David stripped down to his speedo and jumped in the pool. Aaryn said she hopes she can erase that memory of David in his skimpy boy short speedos from her memory. David also mooned the HG's that were on the couch. They all cheered.

1:34pm BBT:
 Helen was crying again about the whole Jeremy thing last night. Elissa was very supportive, offering kind words and a hug to Helen, telling her that her husband would be proud of her and focus on the game.
Helen said that the game is tough & she has a lot of respect for those who have played the game.

1:54pm BBT:
It's HOH picture time!! McCrae has the HOH camera for an hour and is going around taking pics.

2:00pm BBT:
More HOH pics being taken.

2:25pm BBT:
HG's are now looking at the HOH pics they took & erasing the pics they don't like.

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