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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Morning Post (+Veto Players & MVP 3rd Nom Results)

Today, the houseguests (and us live feed watchers) will find out who the MVP Nominee is that Ameirca picked. Amanda said that "word on the street" is that she could be going up as the nom. We'll find out either way today.

The HG's will 1st pick the veto players & at that time, they'll learn who the 3rd nominee is. Then a little bit after that, the picked HG's will play in the Veto Comp.

Okay, let's see what's happening in the BB house! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

9:30am BBT:
Judd asks Elissa if she knows something that she's not telling him. She said yes & that "they" (production) tells her everything. She is smiling and acting weird, which is making Judd more pissed off. He asked if she knows something but just can't say, and she said yes.

She told Judd that she was placed there to screw with everyones game, that she "produces" the show, she's not even Rachel's sister, she's lying about everything, and to backdoor her. Judd tells her to stop saying weird things & to take it seriously. 

Judd is getting mad that Elissa won't tell her info about the twist/MVP.

9:37am BBT:

Judd meets up with Andy in the hallway. Judd said he's thinking about backdooring Elissa.
Judd: "She's not giving me much of a choice."

9:39am BBT:
HOH Room

Judd: "If Aaryn takes herself off the block, I'm gonna have to backdoor Elissa."

Judd said that Elissa isn't being serious with him and it's pissing him off.
Spencer: "That's fine with me." (re: backdooring Elissa)

Judd: "(Elissa) will be backdoored. There's no other way around it."

9:45am BBT:
Judd: "Do we have the numbers to get Elissa out?"
Spencer: "Yes."
Judd: "Big move. But that's what we're here for."

Judd: "I told her maybe I'll have to backdoor you and she said "maybe you should". I like her so much as a person.."
Spencer: "If you asked her to be honest & she's not..plain & simple.."

9:49am BBT:
Talk turns to Amanda. Spencer said they (Amanda/McCrae) is just trying to get Judd to do "their dirty work".

Spencer is anxious to pick for Veto Players so they can find out who the 3rd nom is. Judd is saying again that he's gonna backdoor Elissa.

Judd: "Win veto, take Kaitlin off the block, backdoor Elissa. Worst case scenario, Aaryn goes home."

9:56am BBT:
Lounge Room

Talk is about the MVP and how it could be true that America is the MVP and will put up the 3rd nom.

Helen: "My worry is that (BB) keeps this twist for like 5 weeks."

10:00am BBT:
Judd/McCrae talk real quick.
Judd said that Elissa is acting weird. McCrae thinks maybe Elissa flipped and is working with Howard & them. Judd said no, he doesn't think that happened. They talk about backdooring Elissa. McCrae said that if she (E) is without the MVP this week, to do it.

BB: "Judd, please go to the Diary Room." (**might be time to pick for veto players shortly.)

10:30am BBT:
Feeds switch to fishies, as Judd makes his way out of the Diary Room to pick veto players!

**Off-topic: I missed an alliance being formed last night at 4:40am BBT. Scroll down 1 post to The Overnighter to check it out. (This cast takes the cake for most alliances in 1 season. Hands down. lol) The alliance includes: Judd/Howard/GM/Kaitlin/Spencer (plus Candice via Howard).

10:49am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Veto Comp Players are:

MVP 3rd Nom is:


Howard & Helen are trying to cheer Elissa up. Howard said to just have fun in the veto comp.

Elissa: "My stomach hurts."

10:52pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Aaryn is saying that she has to win veto or else she's going home. Amanda doesn't know if Aaryn would go home against Elissa. Amanda doesn't think America is MVP because why would America vote Elissa to be MVP for so long & now she's on the block.

Aaryn: "Could Elissa nominate herself?"

Meanwhile, Elissa is telling Candice she wants to go home and to just vote her out.

Elissa: "I wish Aaryn went before me, but.."

Helen joins. She tells Elissa not to worry and that "everyone loves her so much".
Elissa is crying.
Elissa: "Thanks girls, for being so supportive."

**HG's don't know America is MVP. They're all trying to figure out who it could be, or if Elissa put herself up.

11:07am BBT:
Pick a feed, any feed..all HG's speculating about who the MVP is or what twist it is that could make Elissa go up on the block.
*Judd apologized to Elissa, says he thought she was lying to him.
*Amanda thinks they should save Elissa with the veto and see who the MVP would put up as a replacement nom to expose who the MVP is.

11:18am BBT:
Amanda is telling Aaryn/Judd that she feels that Elissa nominated herself.

Amanda: "This is crazy."
Aaryn agrees that Elissa might have nominated herself.

*Speculation online is that Elissa's fans had a mix-up on what they were voting for, that maybe they voted for Elissa to be MVP by accident, instead of voting for who the 3rd nom should be.

11:33am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Elissa is asking Howard if he's the MVP and put her up. He says no. Elissa tells him that she was told to put up Howard as MVP and didn't.

Elissa: "It's gonna be a twist, because Julie said 'Expect the Unexpected'. It's something that they did."

11:39am BBT:
Lounge Room

Amanda said she can read people really well and she thinks Elissa is the MVP. McCrae said he's gonna ask the DR if the MVP can nominate themselves.

11:40am BBT:
Judd/Kaitlin talk.
Kaitlin said she's not gonna fight that hard to win veto, so that Judd won't have to have more blood on his hands by putting up a renom & Aaryn would still leave.

Judd: "Amanda wants me to put up Candice (as a replacement nom)."
Kaitlin: 'What? Don't do that."

11:45am BBT:
Judd is telling McCrae & Amanda to stop isolating themselves and to talk more with Howard & Spencer. Judd thinks Spencer will be around a lot longer than Spencer. Judd said he (J) has to start talking to Candice more because they never talk.

BB: "Judd, please go to the Diary Room."
McCrae: "Could this be it?" (re: time for veto comp)
Judd: "Could be!"

11:52am BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae said he asked the DR if the MVP can nominate their self, and they said yes.

BB: "McCrae, please go to the Diary Room."

McCrae said it's either the smartest move, or dumbest move, that Elissa could make..if she actually nom'ed herself.

McCrae leaves to go the DR.

Spencer: "Amanda is nothing but trouble."
GM: "I knew that from the beginning."

They both talk about getting Amanda out.
GM said she'd like McCrae to play the game without Amanda. 

11:58am BBT:

Judd told Candice/Howard that Aaryn's gotta go this week.

**Turn your live feeds on!! Lots & lots of talking going on!

Stay tuned...
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mel n said...

jamie, have the house guests been told that America is the mvp and that their picking the 3rd nominee?

Anonymous said...

So either Amanda is making this up for some unknown reason or more likely BB production told her she was gonna be the MVP nom which is BS.


Anonymous said...

Elissa really isn't good at this game at all. She did the same thing with the mishandling of being Rachel's sister. Now she's doing it again here with Judd. Either production told her stuff and she's not allowed to tell anyone in which case why would you tell someone that. Or even worse they didn't tell her anything and she's just making it up as a joke or something. And she's doing it with the current HOH before POV is played. How dumb is that? Unless she just wants to go home now that she didn't get MVP this week.


Anonymous said...

This is something I just thought of what happens if the MVP nom wins POV or someone else uses it to take them off the block? How is the replacement nom then chosen? Because of the timing difference between when things happen and when they actually air they can't have America vote again since MVP nom and POV comp don't even air till Weds which is the night before eviction. It also wouldn't seem fair for Judd to get to/have to put a 3rd person on the block. My best guess is they'd have to then just keep going down the original list to the next highest vote getter.

So its possible we could end up pretty far down that list by the time all is said and done. We all assume Aryan was #1. So for example if Kaitlin was 2nd today's MVP nom would already be the 3rd choice. Now lets say the 4th choice gets picked to play in POV, wins it and saves the MVP nom that would then put the 5th place person on the block as the renom. And if Judd happens to be in the top 5 of vote getters we could even then have the 6th highest vote getter put up and potentially voted out.


UnionGrl said...

My theory on Elissa's nomination is that people didn't read or understand the shift. They thought that they were giving her MVP again and instead they were nominating her. Dumb, but sounds about right.

Nancy said...

Although I think Aaryn was America's first choice, I can't help but wonder how many Rachel fans didn't pay attention to what they were voting for!

Muddy Math said...

Hi Jamie my daughter and I love your blog. I am not buying that America voted for Elissa. Do you think maybe she told production she wanted to go home so they just put her up? This who thing seems fishy to me.

Jolene Greak said...

I believe that if Helen or Judd wins veto that they should take Elissa off the block and then backdoor Amanda.

hummingbrd said...

OMG! this is poetic ... I wonder how production will fix this !!! I bet they will !I want to say thank u Jamie ,I was unable to watch feeds for the past 24 hours (Uggg IKR ) But thanks to your Blog I am now caught up & I love ya for it ~
Have a great day ...

Nancy said...

I read at least one Elissa fan who didn't understand the vote, then realized and had to go back and vote again. But you can't take away a bad vote and unless they all voted for the same person instead it wouldn't help.

dannyb said...

I agree that this is looking fishy. Not really enjoying this year. Seems production is to envolved and not letting the people play the game.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else getting tired of Amanda. She claims she is good at reading people??? Really?? Couple of hours ago she was convinced she was up for nomination ....

Jolene Greak said...

Amanda is too fishy and can't make up her mind for anything.

Heather Mueller-Jones said...

I voted for Elissa to go home and think others did too. Add Rachel fans who didn't pay attention and people fed up with the MVP going to her, I think it is very possible that America voted for her to be nominated.

Hollywoodeasy said...

I don't know about that. My guess is that there are just as many fans that like her as dislike her. She would probably have had most votes to get MVP or nominated by us for 3rd nom each week. She's a mega floater that plays a terrible game.

Polar41 said...

Wow...that is interesting. Never thought of that. I was more thinking along the lines if Aaryn wins POV and takes herself off the block then Judd puts someone else in her place. The thing is she is probably the one America voted #1 so in this case, America got sorta screwed cause we dont get the renom and they can put anybody else to backdoor.

kali pahl said...

It's the person with the most votes after ellisa

Anonymous said...

There were probably some fans who were confused but I'd doubt that's the main reason why Elissa is the nom. I think the vast majority of votes from Elissa fans and in general went against Aryan and thus were discounted. Elissa seems like a very divisive figure you either are a big fan or think she's terrible and undeserving of getting MVP every week.

Normally the vote is a positive thing for someone so the anti-Elissa votes get spread out amongst several people so it's not concentrated to one person to keep Elissa from getting MVP. This week however it's a negative vote against someone so all the people who don't like Elissa getting MVP can now have their votes combined against Elissa. So that along with as I said before most of the pro-Elissa fans votes being wasted on Aryan and maybe even to a much lesser extent Kaitlin lead to Elissa being the nom. She could've even been 3rd on the list behind both those 2 so who knows. So really it was Judd changing his mind and putting up Aryan instead of GM that screwed Elissa.


RCW504 said...

Amanda has to go she is a puppet master.

Renee said...

I am so happy that all the houseguest are on to Amanda! It will be interesting to see if the POV is geared towards Elissa to win.

Could it be possible that Production oops I mean America wants to backdoor Amanda? hmmmm

Erica Iles said...

I don't guess this would have been possible since they do nominations and POV so close together, but I think that if they wanted America to really vote for the MVP nomination then America should have known who Judds noms were going to be first. I mean it's still kind of obvious that he would have nominated Aaryn, Kaitlyn or GM but at the same time we couldn't have known for sure! So I just think it would have been more fair...or at least more accurate if America could have known the 2 noms before voting MVP nom.
With that being said, I probably sound like a big Elissa supporter, and I was. However, that died pretty quick once I realized she has no game. None. She hasn't won anything besides MVP and it hardly even seems like she wants to when all I ever hear about her is that she wants to go home, doesn't want to make it to jury, etc. I mean I can't blame her because other than money what motivation does she have to stay in the house? She has nobody she can really "hang out" with, her main alliance Helen ditched her after her HoH reign, and she's been excluded from all current alliances. I believe Elissa has already packed her bags and she's waiting to go home but until then she'll just float around and see what happens.

Erica Iles said...

Well, she's trying to be one but seems like every time she keeps trying to shove her thoughts down people's throats, they don't buy it. If she doesn't cool it she'll be one of the next to go for sure!

Erica Iles said...

Yeah but that was because of the "word on the street". lol
No, I agree though, how many wrong decisions has she made about people just today?!

Ste ven said...

I think what happened is that "America" might have not heard exactly what waas going on with the vote and got confused. They might have voted for Elissa to be MVP. Otherwise, it makes absolutely no sense. Shes come in #1 for MVP every week and now she's #1 for the nomination? Id like to give BB voters credit, but honestly Im pretty sure thats not what happened. Im glad it is because I hope it shakes things up. I hope that NO ONE figures out it was America's vote or that BB doesnt tell them it was. I hope it fuels some paranoia, and that Elissa goes out and then the MVP starts again and we get someone else in there. I wouldnt be surprised if the HG think America voted or there was some twist where the MVP winner ends up being the nominee or that something is the opposite of what it used to be. Hopefully it at least makes for some interesting game play. But as usual, we see the endless manipulation by producers. Even McRae ;said something about coup d-tat. that one year. All told, this season has not been fair from day 1. The HG cant really control things no matter what their strategy because of the MVp. We've had one HG get to evict 3 consecutive players - and all backdoored. That just doesnt seem right. Id like to know what the HG are surmising with Elissa going from MVP to evictee...and if theres any discussion about who might have won the MVP and if the HG are going to be smart enough to vote her out if she doesnt win veto

Ste ven said...

For the person who asks what happens if Elissa is taken off the block or if Aaryn or Kaitlin were top vote getters, they are just going to go down the list of who's next. But like others said, it seems pretty obvious that the voters got confused and voted for Elissa, not realizing they were voting for her nomination. Sorry but I dont t hink the people who are voting are that smart; if they were, they wouldnt have voted for Elissa 3x in a row. I just hope the other HG start getting suspicious of who nominated her. Please have her get evicted and breathe some new life into the show . The whole 3 person nomination and MVP is ongly going to go on for a few more weeks most likely. They shoudl shake things up like having a double eviction earlier in the season or doing Pandoras box now...or giving Pandoras box to a veto winner instead of an HOH. The show has gotten so predictable with the same challenges and formular season after season. The HG already know whats coming. It was funny with people saying no, double elimns dont happen this early

Ste ven said...

Well if people think viewrs voted for Elissa to be on the block then they definitely are 100% different than the people on this blog who voted the total opposite

Erica Iles said...

Right, he's saying that he knows it goes down the list after Elissa, but how far down the list could it get if events were to perfectly align.
Basically, the majority of America's votes didn't even matter!

Erica Iles said...

I totally agree, and one of Elissa's main problems she's been labeled with is being a liar. No wonder because of all the weird things that come out of her mouth! I believe that if she would have been straight forward from the get go so many people wouldn't have such a problem with her. She would still be a huge floater though who can't win anything but I think that would have gotten her further in the game due to the fact people know they can beat her in comps.

rigs said...

I have to admit that I am one of the "dumb" ones who voted Elissa to be MVP this week only to realize, after casting 10 votes for her, that I was voting to put her on the block. Sooo sorry Elissa. I also suspect many, many did the same thing. It makes no sense for America to vote her MVP multiple times in a row and then vote to put her on the block.

That is too bad, she never really had a chance to play the game on a level playing field. It is telling who is who when those who "used" her to their advantage are now ready to cast her under the bus. A lot of people in the house owe her big time.

If the vote on this blog is any indication of America at large, Aaryn should be going on the block and Elissa should not be. Going in order this blog voted Aaryn first on the block, Gina Marie next, Amanda and then Elissa.

It is not true that Elissa got 3 HGs evicted. The HGs evicted them and Elissa was doing what they wanted.

Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

Elissa didn't have to come in #1 in the vote to be the nom. She could've been behind any or all of Aryan, Kaitlin and Judd but they were all not eligible.

Actually only Jeremy was backdoored as David and Nick both got to play for POV.

A lot of speculation in the house that Elissa is MVP and put herself up to throw everyone off.


Heat said...

Despite Elissa being one of the few girls in the house I can stand, The whole show was ruined allowing her to win MVP for three straight weeks. Three relatively competitive and interesting characters are already gone simply because she wanted them to, if BB was trying to get rid of floaters it didn't work.

With Elissa gone at least MVP would truly be up for grabs and would make for a really interesting season. It's too bad Nick Jeremy and David are all gone because they at least brought something to the tables competition wise or entertainment wise. Spencer, Candice, GM, Judd, Kaitlin, Andy, Aaryn, Jessie have been boring and gameless and haven't done much to deserve where they are.

iunique said...

i hope elissa goes home! tired of her always winning mvp, takes away from what makes Big Brother, Big Brother!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Yep...I voted for Andy to be MVP and didn't see until afterward that I was voting for him to be the MVP nom. The print is small, especially on my phone. I bet that the twist has backfired. I can't imagine Elissa going from MVP so many weeks in a row to end up being nom'd for eviction. It doesn't make sense.

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