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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Afternoon in the BB15 House (+Veto Spoiler) UPDATED!!

Good afternoon, BB addicts! :D Hope your Saturday is going good so far. Earlier this morning, the houseguests picked veto comp players and everyone except for Judd, will be playing in today's Veto Comp. With Andy & Spencer throwing it, and GM going for prizes (if it's a prize/punishment veto comp), that leaves a lot of room for Amanda & McCrae to win it. The only question at this point is, which one of them will be heading to jury. The target is still McCrae this week.

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below!

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Currently on the live feeds...

Winner of the Veto Comp is:


2:08pm BBT:

McCrae won veto!
He's puking in the bathroom downstairs.

Amanda: "I tried really hard! I'm happy you won it, though." 

2:13pm BBT:
Amanda is crying.
Amanda: "You saved yourself, it's better this way."
Sounds like McCrae is crying, too.

Amanda: "Who do you think (GM) will put up? Andy or Spencer?"
McCrae: "I dunno."
Amanda is crying more.
Amanda: "I fought so hard, as people slid by and made no moves. I fought so hard! It's just a game.."

McCrae hugs her.

McCrae: "I'm so sorry."
Amanda: "I can't believe it came down to me or you, and I was 3 seconds behind you. I'm gonna miss you."

Looks like Amanda hurt her hand(s) during the comp. She's been icing them on/off.
2:18pm BBT:
HOH Room

Judd confirms it was not a prize/punishment comp that they were hoping for.
Elissa enters.

GM: "Obviously McCrae is gonna take himself off, and worst case scenario if he wins HOH, I'll go up."
Elissa: "He'll put up me and Judd."
Judd: "Yea, he hates me."

GM: "(Amanda) is goin' anyway. Worst case scenario, he wins HOH next week."
Judd: "No matter which one of us goes up (as the renom), Amanda will go home."

Back downstairs..

Amanda: "You won it fair & square."
Spencer enters & tells them that he's not sure who GM is gonna put up as replacement nom.

Spencer leaves.

McCrae tells Amanda that she/they can campaign because they have no one and that Andy won't be on their side anymore because they're poison to his game.
(Upstairs, the HOH crew are talking about the comp. I'm trying to keep my eye on Mc/Am to see what, if anything, they plan to do or if Amanda is giving up.)

Andy is talking to McCrae/Amanda.

Amanda: "You or Spencer are going up but it doesn't matter, I'm going home. I don't know how (that comp) was fair. I went up 4 times. I'm surprised you put me up, Andy. I didn't think you'd do that. My hands are all blistered and red."

Andy: "It was super last minute and I just freaked out." (*he's covering his tracks of not being with them anymore.)
Amanda: "I tried."
Andy: "You did."

Amanda: "If Spencer goes up, would you guys still vote to keep me?"
Andy looks like a deer in headlights. lol
2:37pm BBT:
Amanda is crying, saying that people like GM and Spencer have made no moves in the game and are skating by.

Amanda is asking McCrae/Andy to vote for her to stay and even if it's GM to send her to jury, at least it won't be them two sending her to jury. Andy is very quiet during all of this.

Judd comes in and hugs her.

Judd: "You feelin' better, McCrae?"
McCrae: "Naww..."
Judd: "Take pepto bismal."

Judd leaves a minute later.
Amanda/Andy/McCrae talking about dizzy the veto comp was, hence why McCrae puked after the comp.

2:48pm BBT:
McCrae is telling Amanda to not give up, there's still time. The mood is lighter, with laughs and no more crying. Andy is still there. Judd is in the bathroom again.

3:00pm BBT:
Everyone is talking about the veto comp. Andy didn't like it. GM liked it.
3:10pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda are showering.
Amanda is giving McCrae advice for playing the game after she leaves, telling him to not make himself a bigger target. (Hard to hear since they're not mic'ed up.)

Upstairs, Elissa/Judd/Andy/GM are talking, non-game. Fun chatter.

While I was making dinner, Elissa made another jab at Amanda by saying "Who do you think would be the most memorable: BB12's Kristen or Amanda?" Amanda said that Kristen didn't even make jury.

3:37pm BBT:
Amanda campaigned to Judd. (*Not gonna happen.) Judd gave her false hope by saying maybe they could both stay this week (Am/Mc). Judd was basically just working on his jury vote by saying if he had won HOH, he wouldn't have put them (Am/Mc) up. Judd even asked if McCrae would take Amanda off the block, and Amanda said no & that he'll take himself off. (*Remember, McCrae was the target this week.)

Amanda said she knows she screwed Judd over but if she stayed, she'd be loyal to him until there was nobody else to put up. Spencer joins and game talk stops.

4:01pm BBT:
Amanda tells McCrae about her convo with Judd.

She thinks Judd might have been giving her false hope.
McCrae: "Could be. Don't get your hopes up."
Amanda: "Do you think he was giving me false hope?"
McCrae: "You never know with Judd."
Amanda: 'Ok. Whatever."
McCrae: "Just don't get your hopes up."
Amanda: "I'm not."

They kiss & hug.
They walk out of the Have Not's room and Amanda tells GM about Elissa's "Who's more memorable" comment...

Amanda: "And that's who you're keeping here?!"
GM: "I'm not aligned with her! I just didn't her up because she didn't put me up."
Amanda: "I put my neck on the line (for Elissa) and she snapped on me in a second."

Amanda: "Me, McCrae and Andy..if you don't put him up..would be SO LOYAL to you, so loyal."
GM is doing her normal not-making-sense rambling.

Amanda: 'Nobody likes me in jury, then why not keep me here?! I've only won 1 comp! You would BEAT ME!"
GM: "Mm hmm."
Amanda: "Elissa has a LOT of friends in that jury house!"

GM: "I know. I was thinking about that before, too. I'll sleep on it and we'll talk tomorrow. Come up and talk to me anytime! I'm just laying in the HOH bed resting my foot, but come up anytime."
Amanda: "If you put Elissa up, she would go home and you wouldn't have ANY targets! You would walk away from this so good! I have nothing else."
Amanda: "All that matters at this point in the game, is winning comps and I've only won ONE!"

4:20pm BBT:
GM/Amanda are still talking. She said that Amanda is making a lot of good points and she has a lot to think about. (*I don't think she's gonna change her mind, I think she's just listening to her.)

Amanda: "Every week, people will wanna separate us (Mc/Am) and you wouldn't be a target! You'd walk away from this with no blood on your hands."

Amanda: "If you backdoored Elissa, you'd be getting rid of the person who got Nick out."
GM smiles real big.
A couple of minutes later, the convo ends. GM leaves the bedroom.
BB: "GinaMarie, please go to the Diary Room."

**Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm outta here for the night! Y'all enjoy your Saturday night & enjoy the live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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I hope GM got rid of her turtle head before the veto comp. It sounds like something Judd could help her with, all that frog experience and all.

Rachel said...

I cannot stand Andy!!! He's totally working both sides of the house to cover his freckled butt! He's a rat and I don't respect how he's played. Elissa is totally on to him, she has been on to everyone's bs. Andy needs to go, he doesn't deserve to win anything, neither does nasty spencer. Judd, Elissa and Gm need to stick together to get the rest out. I think Judd deserves to win the 500k, runner up can go to Elissa or Gm. But omg plz plz get Andy the rat out!!!!! I want to see him cry and turn red and explode lol.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see McCrae win POV. I really liked him early in the season and would like him to at least get an opportunity to see if he can redeem himself in the game sans the shackles of Amanda. He may have made the mistake of getting involved in a showmance but there's no way he could've possibly known the crazy that was to come from her and by the time he did he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.


This Is My Journey said...

@ Brain I totally agree. I would so much rather Amanda leaving and really wonder what McCraes game would have been like. I also think leaving Amanda in the house could back fire. Look at last week she actually won something and it was a physical competition. I'd be afraid of him using the veto on her though, thinking she's the target. Do you really think he regrets the relationship? If he did would he have been crying yesterday?

Shana Barton said...

I want McCrae and Judd as final two. This season has been hard to like. Thought Candice deserved to get further. Don't get how so many nasty and hate-filled comments were tolerated. Glad Aaryn was called out bu Julie. Want to see GM and Amanda leave.

kwood said...

@Rachel, I am completely on the same page as you! Hopefully this POV and vote will expose him (Andy) and GM, Judd and Elissa can get on the same page! My Big Brother dreams will be crushed if Andy or Spencer make it to F4, just simply floating there! I hope Elissa gets HOH in the DE and sends Andy packing! A girl can dream :)

**Alea73** said...

I Agree!!
I actually thought at one point that McCrae could actually Win this Game, but since all the Amanda Drama she's been a part of & Done
(Even with his pleas to her to Stop), he really has put & kept himself in a really tough spot....
However, it would be very Interesting to Warch & see just how He plays the Game (HIS GAME)
WithOUT That Crazy Woman attached to him.
I'm afraid he may very well have a
Stage 5 Clinger, once He leaves the BB House.
Amanda jus seems all kinds of 50 Shades of
Crazy & Possesive!
Watch out McCrae, Amanda might
Boil your Rabbit, if you're not careful....

**Alea73** said...

Well, I think we're gonna see bcuz McCrae won Veto...

UshifferBrains said...

Please lets say good-bye to Amanda!!

Anonymous said...

@This Is My Journey

I don't think there's any way McCrae would use the POV on Amanda. I actually think judging from yesterday there's much more of a chance she'd use it on him and I don't think she'd even ask him to use it on her. That's seen as a chivalrous act and she's always been more of the man in the relationship anyway so it'd make more sense that way. Haha! Judging from his DRs a couple weeks ago when he was talking about how there was nothing he could do at this point as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned I believe he does regret getting in the relationship. I also believe his tears very well could've been from a game perspective that his time in the house is most likely coming to an abrupt end as opposed to because he may be separated from Amanda on a personal level.


Darren said...

Bye Amanda!!


I hope this is the start of a McCrae winning streak. There are a few rats that need Exterminating.

rigs said...

It's time for floaters and traitors to grab a life vest they can depend upon.

Anonymous said...

Good I'm glad McCrae won POV especially since it was pretty obvious 1 of them would with perhaps Elissa being the only other 1 trying to win.

And there we have it Spencer already asking to be put up as the pawn. 1 down 1 to go. I'm really curious if Andy will too. I know he's super adverse to danger but I actually think there's less danger for him sitting on the block next to Amanda then in having to vote. What would he do tell Amanda he'd vote for her but GM would send her out on a tie anyway so there's no point so he won't? I don't think Amanda would be too happy about that. Would he try to sell to The Exterminators and Elissa that he'd vote for Amanda to stay to give GM the pleasure of standing up live and booting Amanda out to her face? But his trust level especially with Elissa of playing both sides of the house is already shaky enough and that could definitely exasperate it.


J Layla said...

Bye Amanda no one is going to miss you!

Erica Iles said...

It's only Saturday and I'm ready to see who wins the next HoH!!

Anonymous said...

It would seem to me if I'm 1 of the 3 guys in the Exterminators this renom choice should be pretty simple for GM. There's only 1 person left to put up that's not in their alliance in Elissa. The fact that's so 100% out of the question would be very concerning to me if I were them as to her commitment to the group and who she's really with. But then again they're all double dipping so why not I suppose.



Since Elissa isn't in the alliance, shouldn't she go up? Then we could see some of her haughty nastiness directed at someone besides Amanda.

Mary O'Brien said...

I think McCrae cried yesterday out of regret for his lost game. Perhaps GM's comments during nomination ceremony finally sank in and he was reflecting on the lost opportunity. I think it must have been emotionally and mentally draining to be with Amanda, and why he laid about. If she wasn't all over him, she was starting stuff with other people. He mostly just hid out and giggled at her antics, or he had to go into and calm her down. I think his crying was an emotional release to all the drama she brought and the fact he has lost this opportunity to play the game he loved so much!


Anonymous said...

Look at Andy's face I'm telling you he better go to GM and beg to be the renom. It'll actually be much less stressful for him this week to be on the block than off of it. He should be the 1st person in BB history to offer the HOH a deal to put them ON the block. Hahaha


laserkat said...

I agree!

Rebecca McCamish said...

1. I think McCrae does love Amanda.

2. Elissa should be the renom since she's not in the alliance. The fact that nobody seems to be talking about that... is disturbing. Why should the "final four" alliance put up ONE OF THEIR OWN instead of Elissa? That's just dumb. Even if they "have the votes" to get Amanda out, you never want your butt sitting on the hot seat.

3. I'm going to miss Amanda. And yes, she would give her veto to McCrae. And yes, she wants him to win the 500k. If he DOESN'T love her, he better be feeling super ashamed about it because if she'd won, she'd have given him the veto.

Say what you want about the girl, but she wants McCrae to be happy.

Jamie said...

Rebecca, GM/Elissa are working together secretly. Plus, it hides their alliance by putting up one of their own.

Ste ven said...

Will Andy give Amanda a vote or not? OR maybe he should ask GM to put him up (knowing 99% he's safe, except the pawn curse) and that way he doesnt have to show his cards.
Well hoping they still have that punishment veto - Its always entertaining to see who really wants to stay. Maybe if some good people are up. should be interesting to see if McRae wins HOH - would he target Elissa/Judd or seek vengeance on GM. I said a long time ago that the way BB works, the best players often dont win because they get eliminated. Everyone can argue GM was a floater, but hey Amanda, she's won HOH twice and you NEVER won it once...Shes gotten a big target out of the house when no one else had the guts to do it..(But her delusions of Nick are too sad to watch...Did they get his permission to send his photo in her HOH basket; can you imagine how irritated youd be otherwise, and how sad it would be that BB is egging her on...She truly thinks he's in love with her)...At least Amanda is calm - seeing her go berserk for the entire week wouldnt be fun - but karma is a bitch.

So who do people want to win at this point? How will McRae be without Amanda? If Andy won HOH (or will he throw it again), would he have the chutzpah to put McRae up or is he going to play both sides if he doesnt get caught...he can just tell them he has to vote with the house so that he can still work with McRae in secret and no one would know - Thats what Id say...I have to vote against you Amanda so that I can get next week's HOH to not put McRae up and keep him in the loop. McRae is a nice guy and seems smart; his one fault is falling for AManda/ But super nice GM will give them her HOH again (not that manda would appreciate it) so that they can have sex one last time. And theyll be away 3 weeks - not too much considering one of them lives in MN and the other in FL unless McRae is planning to move -there are plenty of Domino's in Boca too

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Besides Lawon from BB 13 lol

Ste ven said...

Ive started to get annoyed with Andy too but isnt lying and playing both sides of the house the strategy to win BB? Why is Andy hated for doing it yet people like Will or Dan are cheered? Thats the one thing Im wondering about.

Judd stands a good chance of winning the fan fave ( although it seems viewers are still blinded by the Rachel shadow)...It does seem unfair that someone would be evicted and then come back to the house. I guess if they have the comp where they ask before/after or details about comps and order, theyd have to adjust it for Judd? Dont they usually have something where you have to put things in order - he was gone for 2 weeks so wasnt involved in those comps or vetoes.

Ste ven said...

Its itnersting what you all say about Elissa being put up. And the fact that the Exterminators arent seeing that. But GM could easily have a side deal with Elissa and so could Judd. At this point, its everyone for themselves and I wouldnt be surprised if Andy or anyone else makes nice to McRae. As much as some talk about getting Elissa out, some may think she wouldn't win because she's already 'rich' - Atthis point, you really need to keep an eye on the jury too - and you never know whos going to vote personally and who is going to vote on who played the best game. THe more time you spend in the jury house, the more you calm down and realize its a game. Although someone like Helen would always vote for Elissa..candice prob would too...Aaryn prob wouldn't ...

I dont really have anyone who I wish to win because even the ones who are playing are the ones that get unlikeable because of what they have to do...but then the floaters who do nothing seem unfair...But at least someone like GM really needs the money and it could change her life..>Not saying I want her to win but just looking at the field - at least shes won 2 HOH

Shannon said...

I wouldn't count out GM putting up Elissa just yet. Amanda has gotten people to do crazier things in this game before, and GM is probably the most impressionable HG there.

Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

Judd got to watch the DVD in the Jury House of the comps and ceremonies of the week Jessie was evicted. So it's really just the week Helen was evicted that he wouldn't already know about and I'm sure he's already gotten that info from multiple people.

GM does have a side deal with Elissa and so does Judd. That's why Andy and Spencer are the 2 that want Elissa to go next because they don't.

The more time spent in the Jury House doesn't always calm you down and make you realize it's a game. Just ask Frank from last season he couldn't have been more bitter still.


J Layla said...

If anyone is paying attention you would know elissa/GM are secretly working together, that's why she won't be going up and if she did it would only be because they have the votes.

For anyone to think that amanda would have saved Mccrae if she won the veto is nuts! Why did she fight so hard for it knowing her and Mccrae were neck to neck?

Brad said...

If GM puts up Elissa there is a chance she can go. Andy would still have Amanda and McRae and spencer could be swung to

Brad said...

Elissa going up is Amanda's best shot. She's have McRaes vote and Andy could change his mind as Elissa doesn't trust him but McRae and Amanda do. And if spencer and Andy are together as good as it seems he could be swung. Plus Amanda made the genius comment of getting out Elissa as revenge for nick which GM would love

hooked said...

It would be classic if the Exterminators could convince McCrae to use the veto on Amanda and they would put up Elissa to get rid of her but then turn around and vote McCrae out. But, alas, there is no Dr. Will in this group of knuckleheads and weasels.

•~catty~• said...

ABSOLUTELY! I concur.....begin with Narcissa, and go on down the line.....knock em out & take Andy to the end! I've been pulling for Andy/McCrae all the way for F2!

rigs said...

Surely GM knows that Elissa would beat her if they were in the F2 together. Amanda is right, again. GM should put up Elissa as the renom. I can see it now, GM bent over on the balcony with hearty laughter bellowing below to Elissa "I am saving McCranda because of what you did to Nick you cockaroachachaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

If GM saves McCranda, she has their votes to the end. GM knows Andy can't be trusted and neither can Spencer. Amanda needs to tell GM that if GM were in the F2, McCranda couldn't vote for Judd, Spencer, Andy or Elissa and tell GM why. The truth is Amanda's best argument.

crane guy said...

Completely agree with youse!!!! Lol

Trena Andreotti said...

GM isn't putting up Elissa because last week when everyone wanted her to put up GM she flatly refused. All she is doing is repaying that back then they are even. It has nothing to do with her commitment to her alliance.

rigs said...

On Friday night's BBAD with about 16 minutes left GM said "you wanna do rock, paper, scissors for "????"" What did she say. She acted like she said something she wasn't supposed to say. Then she said "Whoa, ha, ha, I just said "????"". Anyone catch what she said?

rbjjb said...

Nope, Sometimes You Put Alliance Member Up To Disguise The Plan.GM Should Put Up Alliance Member - Probably Judd.

Rebecca McCamish said...

Jamie: What I was saying about putting up Elissa, though, is that the other 3 people in the alliance should be telling GM: "Wait a minute. Why do we have to go on the block when Elissa isn't with us?"

It's not GM that needs a wakeup here, it's the other three stooges. Andy and Spencer should be going: NO WAY my butt is in the hot seat.

Yet they want to? I don't get it.

SMendenhall93 said...

Can someone please explain to me why Andy is a traitor and/or floater? He's been part of major alliances the entire season and has won 2 comps (if I'm not mistaken that's how many GM, McCrae, Elissa and Judd have won, too.) Also, he stayed loyal to Mcranda until he knew he couldn't anymore to stay alive in the game. I think he's playing a great game, but I seem to be the only one.

leroy jenkins said...

Im sorry but that is illogical. Anyone against elissa would win. She is rich, a bad social player, and an annoying egotistical snob. She is gm's only true ally left. If she takes mcranda down and elissa up, she will be voted out next week or did u forget a few days ago when amanda tried to get elissa to renom gm. Gm would gave gobe abd elissa would be on the block right now.

leroy jenkins said...

Its not going to happen, nuff said

Rach1058 said...

How is Andy a rat? It's big brother!! You have to backstab and be sneaky to win! It's how the game is played!! I would be very interested to see how many of you would give up $500,000 to be loyal to people you've known for a month who would most definitely not hesitate to throw you under the bus if it meant getting them closer to winning! Every last person on this season (and EVERY season) have been disloyal and two faced to their "friends" in the house. Andy is not a rat he is a smart game player.. Obviously! He's getting closer and closer to being one of the final 2.. He should continue what he's doing.. It's clearly working.

xander hunter said...

Why does Andy hate Elyssa so much? He says that he hates her about once a minute. I've never seen so much hate Expressed.

Kim M said...

I'd love to see GM put up Elissa as the remon as I think she'd go home. I think Andy and Spencer would jump on the opportunity to get her out now instead of hoping she doesn't pull off an HOH win next week (since their primary target of McCrae would be safe).

Razldazlrr said...

yep, I'm not sure GM is smart enough to get it but Amanda makes a good point. It makes much more sense for them to get out Elissa - she is a much bigger threat at the end than Amanda.

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