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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, guys & gals!! The Veto Comp has yet to be played, that will happen at some point today. Both Helen/Elissa have nominated for eviction, with Helen as the target this week. The HG's picked veto players already this morning. In case you missed it...

Playing for Veto:
Amanda is hosting. 
Let's dive into the house happenings, shall we! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:28pm BBT:

The girls have been talking for awhile now. Amanda told Elissa to fight to win veto because if Helen wins it, then she (E) will be the one going home. They then started talking about family & then the tv show, Survivor.

Elissa: "I seriously think I could handle being on 'Survivor'. People would hate me (on that show)."
Amanda: "Elissa, you'd have to sleep with bugs and eat bugs. You hate when you're on slop!"
Elissa: "I'm trying out next year."
Amanda: "You should!" 
Elissa: "Can you imagine how uneventful this house would be without me? It'd be such a depressing environment."
Amanda: "Get over yourself!"
Elissa: "I'm just kidding!" 

They both laugh.

12:38pm BBT:
HOH Room
They're talking about past evictions.

Aaryn: "I was pissed when I found out you voted Nick out, but then after that, I was cool...and we were good..."

12:45pm BBT:

Amanda is eating a slop creation, while talking about slop recipes she wants to try to make.

Andy: "Why is there no cap on the BBQ sauce? Did we lose it? Ehh whatever. So what kind of comp is this gonna be!"

They talk about McCrae still sleeping. Andy wonders if he sleeps late everyday at home. Amanda doesn't think so.

Andy starts talking about his commute to work: 15 minute walk to the subway, take the subway to downtown Chicago, walk to the train station, get on a metro for 45 mins to the suburbs, and eihter he can walk 3 miles to walk or wait for a bus.

Helen joins.

Andy: "I like the walk, if it's nice out. But it's 2 1/2 hrs each way (to work)."
Amanda: "That's insane!"
Helen: "That's insane, Andy!"
Andy: "It my Andy-time when I'm on the train."

Elissa joins.
BB: "Helen, please go to the Diary Room."

1:01pm BBT:

Amanda is crying, feeling bad about getting involved with McCrae when she had a boyfriend when she moved into the house. She said that his family loved her, his family is watching, and he's watching, and she feels like it's embarrassing her (now) ex. That's why she never tries to think about 'the outside word'. She fears what's gonna happen when she gets out of the house.

Amanda: "I've been gone from him, the same amount of time we were together."
Andy: "You guys were only together for 2 months."

Helen joins the conversation.

Amanda knows that they weren't right for each other.

Amanda: "He's cheated on every single one of his ex-girlfriends. And he was married before."
Andy: "McCrae is a much bigger catch. If you were having trust issues after just 2 months, that says something."
Helen: "You're dating McCrae, the nicest guy. Not like you're dating Jeremy."

She thinks there's videos/pics of her naked all over the internet by now, because of her now ex.
Helen: "Is he vengeful like that?"
Amanda: "Yea. I took a backseat to him. Everything was always about him."
Helen: "McCrae and this guy are two different people."

Helen: "They say you find love when you least expect it."
Amanda: "I definitely was not looking for it."

1:11pm BBT:
They're talking about their families. Helen jokes and says she hopes her hubby doesn't wanna divorce her after this. Andy tells her she's silly for thinking there's anything that she has done to make him want a divorce.

Amanda said when she was on the block and freaking out, it wasn't just about the fear of losing the game, but the fear of having to face the real world again.

1:14pm BBT:
Elissa joins Amanda/Andy/Helen in the kitchen.

Andy: "Do you remember where you were on 9/11?"

They share their stories. Helen said she was flipping through radio stations and heard Howard Stern reporting everything live.

BB: "Amanda, please go to the Diary Room."
Amanda asks Elissa to help her cook her slop while she's in the D.R.
Helen is now talking about when the Challenger blew up.

Helen: "What have you been doing, Elissa?"
Elissa: "Stretch. My hips hurt from sleeping on those airplane seats. I think it's pinching a nerve."

1:20pm BBT:
Andy: "I wonder what this comp is gonna be, they've been building it forever!"
Elissa: "I'm gonna go stretch some more. My hip hurts."

Spencer is now in the kitchen with Andy/Helen.

1:25pm BBT:

Elissa is doing some stretches while reading her bible.

Amanda is out of the D.R.
BB: "Aaryn, please go to the Diary Room."

1:32pm BBT:
Amanda is snuggled up with McCrae on Cams 1 & 2. No talking at the moment.
Helen is making something on Cams 3 & 4.

1:34pm BBT:
Spencer is napping in the same bedroom as McCrae/Amanda.
1:39pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Andy: "Oh no, Clownie!"
Aaryn: "Clownie, this is unacceptable!"

They're both laughing. Andy goes downstairs.

1:41pm BBT:
Andy tells McCrae/Amanda/Spencer about clownie.

Andy: "Clownie tried to kill himself again. With pills, on the bathroom floor. It was tragic. I had to leave, it was too heavy for me."
Spencer: "That's what they say to do when someone leave."

They laugh.

2:05pm BBT:
Spencer/Andy/McCrae/Amanda/Elissa are having fun chatter in the bedroom about the Have Nots Comp yesterday.

GM/Helen are talking in the kitchen.  Helen asked GM if it's true that she (H) is not the target this week because that's what Aaryn told her. GM says yea & that's what Aaryn told her, too. Helen asked GM if she won the veto, would she use it on her. GM said as long as Aaryn said it was ok, then yes. Helen tells GM that she trusts her more than anyone in the house. (Yea right.) GM thanks her.

2:30pm BBT:

All HG's are waiting around for the veto comp to start. (Me too! Come on, BB! :D)

3:23pm BBT:
Helen is in the lounge room by herself.

Aaryn is in her HOH room, also alone.
Everyone else is napping.

4:45pm BBT:
McCrae/Spencer are non-game chatting in the lounge room. Current topic is shopping at Goodwill. (*OMG I love goodwill!!) Spencer is saying that there is nothing wrong with saving money & shopping at 2nd hand.

Helen is in the kitchen, whipping something up.

4:47pm BBT:
Andy has joined the boys in the lounge room.

5:26pm BBT:
No Veto Comp yet. (Grr.) All HG's laying around, chatting. Waiting.

6:12pm BBT:TRIVIA!! Fiiiiiinalllyy the Veto Comp is underway! I'll start a new post once the feeds come back! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Last night around 9:20pm BBT GM said she thought Howard was hot but wouldn't date him because she's not into black guys. She then said she doesn't date anyone out of her "species" - (Yes, she really said species)


Jamie said...

GM is a special kind of stupid, isnt she? lol

**Alea73** said...

Def 2 fries short of a Happy Meal... No doubt!!

Brad Kempson said...

i really wish the comp would start

Jeremy said...

Does anyone else think it is a little disturbing that they would make jokes about suicide? Everyone made a huge deal about Spencer and his tasteless/disturbing children jokes, but this is ok? I am not trying to be hyper sensitive, but with so many young people taking their own lives from bullying and other situations, I find this appalling.

Brad Kempson said...

what were they talking about earlier about the veto being an otev

Susie said...

Yes Jeremy I think it is disgusting too bc I just lost a relative to a hanging two weeks ago. I commented at noon about the four with the nasty mouths are still in the house and can possible win with bad timing.
I wish they had gotten rid of Aaryn Amanda, GM and Spencer but I like I said I think they all have been fired or will reprimanded.

Jamie said...

I think it can depend on the person if it's too sensitive or not. I've had a family member and friend die from suicide. (1 many years ago, the other just about a year ago.) Watching it happen on the feeds, it didn't bother me because of the context it was in. but i can see if how others could be sensitive to it.

Ste ven said...

I cant believe Helen is being so gullible and not realizing shes a much greater threat than Elissa. She doesnt think she HAS to win the veto and she thinks all these other people (Andy whos lying to her face - and whats with a 2.5 hour commute in Chicago - hes crazy - go move to Boyztown and find a teaching job in the city, but can you imagine your professor being on BB?)..)..Helen is supposed to be a superfan and shes going to be blindsided and betrayed --- The same thing she just did to Jessie and she cant even see it. I think the worst part of Big Brother is getting out of the house and then watching the Diary Rooms and seeing how people schemed behind your back and lied to your face...that feeling of being made a fool of has got to hurt for a while.

But no one seems willing to touch McRanda.

Ste ven said...

What as the suicide comment?

Yes, it could easily be OTEV esp if theres a lot of building going on...Another predictable BB challenge as theyre following the script. Cmon Zingbot , its time - you want to be able to make fun of HGs while theyre still here.
I feel sorry for GM..She obviously wasnt raised with a lot of money and doesnt have much education. And deep inside she knows it and tries to put up a tough girl front. Shes extremely insecure...And yet at time, we see a sweetness in her. Species she probably meant race. But a lot of people arent into blacks or Asians or whatever, and that doesnt make someone racist.

Theres actually a huge controversy right now in the gay porn world where one star said he wasnt into black guys and all of the sudden it created a firestorm where people were calling him racist.


Yes, you're being way too sensitive. You can't expect perfect strangers on a TV show to empathize with everybody's life predicaments or they would never be allowed to talk about anything. I don't think anything is out of bounds as long as they own it.

enb said...

No she is not a racist for dating her own race, you should date who u want but almost everytime she refers to howard or candice its always in a negative fashion, and another thing I heard people from staten island don't act like that. Thank u jojo bb season 14.

Michelle said...

When I saw Spencer was laying in the room with Amanda and McCrae and he had on sunglasses...I thought what a perv! He is trying to watch!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I think people need to relax a little bit! Everything these people say you jump down their throats! Like you haven't said something bad about somebody in your lives. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and may make jokes that could hurt another person. The other day I was watching Tosh.o and he made a joke about little boys getting into his car. Why wasn't he cancelled? Because it was clearly a joke. A joke I do not find funny but do I think he's a disgusting human being? No. I personally think Spencer seems like a nice guy. I would probably be friends with him. Aaryn also deserves to win this game considering she is the only one kicking ass at competitions. She's saved herself many times and redeemed herself in my eyes. We have all said things that if heard by millions could be taken as offensive in one way or another. I think people need to get off their soap boxes.

Stephanie Kitchens said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Random World said...

Why are people calling the Veto competition an Otev competition? Am I missing something here?

Suzie Thomson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rebecca McCamish said...

I lost my cousin (more like a brother) to suicide a little over a year ago.

I thought the Clownie thing was hilarious.

I can divorce myself from that trauma and appreciate that it was done in the spirit of fun (Clownie is a stuffed... clownie). But then I once went camping with friends (as an adult), and there was a Barbie doll hanging incident (complete with suicide note) that we all laughed about. All in the spirit of fun.

Poor Clownie. He just can't take being with Aaryn...

shannon72283 said...

I cant wait to see who wins the veto!!!!! Thnx for update suzie..i was wondering what was going on :) keep us posted!

shannon72283 said...

Otev is the name of the veto competition that they play every year :)

Clay London said...

Omg i think she is the dumbest person ever to be on this show in history.

Random World said...

BTW this is only the 3rd season I have watched BB religiously. LoL I did not watch last season. I watched both seasons Jordan & Jeff were on & Rachel & Bren's season. Other than that, nada. So, I'm still trying to understand all of it still.

•~catty~• said...

Absolutely, @ Stephanie K! I agree wholeheartedly. Jeff (who is with Jordan-who he met in the BB house 4 yrs ago and does the interviews before the HG's go in & then after) even said that you have to be a forgiving person & let things go that people have said in the BB house. He describes it as "losing your brain" and Jordan explains that when you are in the house for awhile (our current contestants have been there a couple months already) you become extremely paranoid and unless you have someone to REALLY confide in, they couldn't even explain how it really is inside that house. How it looks easy on TV but it is way more difficult...especially the mental part. They both discussed how your brain shuts out the real world and that house and the HG's become your real world. I believe that. You never know what you will say or do once you are in there!

Natasha Webb said...

Some jokes are private not for a show that anybody has access to! Some things I would literally only say to my mother or sister because I won't offend them! My husband is of the opposite race and we have certain things we won't say jokes or not because it can be offensive! Jokes is not an excuse! And we can't say someone is too sensitive because people digest things differently! I think Aaryn and some other house guests are young people making public mistakes but that does not excuse it and I definitely wouldn't want them $500,000 richer!

Drea said...

UGH!!! She is nauseating!!!!

Chikis said...

I cant wait for Helen to be kicked will be Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

You can always count on those that will defend any kind of behavior no matter how offensive or hurtful. It's easy to tell people to get off their soap boxes when your ethnic group hasn't been the subjected to hundreds of years of continued abuse and oppression. SAD

SandyW said...

Michelle said...
When I saw Spencer was laying in the room with Amanda and McCrae and he had on sunglasses...I thought what a perv! He is trying to watch!

Michelle, I thought that too!


If you are offended by anything/everything, don't watch. Don't expect strangers on a reality TV show to adhere to your standards of behavior, much less atone for hundreds of years of continued abuse and oppression.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

You know what's funny? I was reading the old blog from BB 13 the other day because I love Dani Danato and I was reading a conversation between Jeff and Kalia and he was saying how he doesn't think Hogwarts should have a gay headmaster. Now since he is a fan favorite, obviously he won America's player I believe, he didn't get as much heat for that then some people in this current season do. My dream is to one day be on BB but the way people take everything you say and over analyze it would drive me crazy.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

It's VETO backwards. They have sonething very similar to this every season. Where the OTEV voice says a little riddle about a house guest and they must find what house guest they are referring too. Sorry I probably didn't do too good of a job explaining that lol

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