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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Morning/Early Afternoon in the Big Brother 15 House

Happy Veto Comp Saturday, y'all!! Today is a big day for McCrae/Amanda. Amanda thinks she's the target this week, but it's actually McCrae. Heck, Amanda isn't even a target for next week...Elissa is. As I mentioned in the Overnighter this morning, both Andy/Spencer plan on throwing today's veto comp.

At 9:50am BBT, the live feeds came back from trivia. The houseguests drew veto comp players and...

Playing for Veto:

*Judd is the only one not playing.

As I covered in the Overnighter, Elissa/Andy had a convo last night that was strictly for Andy to make Elissa trust him, in hopes that she'd keep him off the block if she were to win HOH. Elissa, however, told Judd this morning that Andy can't be trusted and that he's playing both sides of the house.

Also this morning, Andy/Spencer confirmed with each other that Elissa is next on the hit list of houseguests to go.

Let's dive into the Morning/Early Afternoon post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:24am BBT:
*McCrae/Amanda are sleeping on cams 1 & 2.

*Judd/Spencer/Andy/GM are Amanda & McCrae bashing in the HOH room.

Every other word out of GM's mouth is "f*ckin'", as usual. She doesn't think McCrae/Amanda will last outside the house, she thinks Amanda is in for a rude awakening once they leave the house, and then mocked how she wanted to self-evict last night. 

GM: "Then there's the f**ckin' door, you stupid b*tch!"

10:27am BBT:
Talk turns to the veto comp & taking prizes. Judd brings up paying taxes on won prizes & money.

Judd: "My $5,000 is gonna be like $200 (after paying taxes on it)."
Spencer laughs.

GM said she's gonna try to go for prizes today in the veto comp *if* it's a prize/punishment comp.

10:41am BBT:

GM is telling Judd/Andy/Spencer about all the injuries she's had since being in the BB house. She hurt her back wrestling with Judd, hurt her hand during the BBQ party, fell down the stairs, etc.

GM: "Do you think Pandora's Box is done?"

They talk about if maybe there's not going to be a P.B. this season.

10:58am BBT:
GM/Andy/Judd are still talking in the HOH room about random topics: The Exterminators & whether or not to tell people (if they're in the Finals) about the alliance, Andy said he wouldn't use the veto if he wins it today, and GM doing more Amanda bashing.

Spencer is downstairs getting ready to nap.
Amanda/McCrae are still sleeping. Elissa is off-cam.

11:03am BBT:
Judd goes downstairs to get something to eat. Andy thinks he wants to nap soon.

Andy hopes today's Veto Comp won't be too physical, since GM's toe is messed up from falling on the stairs yesterday and her back still hurts from wrestling with Judd a few days ago.

11:09am BBT:
Judd is back in the HOH room w/ Andy & GM.

11:15am BBT:
Judd just called to the D.R.

11:20am BBT:
Judd is out of the D.R.
GM is getting coffee in the kitchen.

11:23am BBT:
Judd/GM are clipping their nails.
Andy is in the HOH room as well.

Judd: "These clippers suck."

11:26am BBT:
GM: "I gotta take a sh*t, bro. I need toilet paper, I got a turtle head." (*classy. lol)

11:45am BBT:
GM is holding a pic of Nick, while talking to Andy on the HOH bed.
12:04pm BBT:
TRIVIA!!! Yayy we have the Veto Comp underway! I'll start a new post in a little bit. Expect the feeds to be down for 2-3 hours, so if you have errands to run, now would be a good time to do them. ;)

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krstn423 said...

omg...the conversation in the HOH room is hilarious...GM is cracking me up...i know she has a foul mouth but she is being really funny

Erica Iles said...

Well that sucks that Judd isn't playing for veto when Judd is the only one not on the block who would actually fight for the veto!


Oh, you mean the lovable foul-mouthed racist? I wonder if Chenbot will be as nasty to her as she was to Aaryn?

Dan said...

I can't even figure out who I want in the final 2 other than I want Judd to win. McCranda are both rude disgusting people especially after their comments last night. Andy is a snake that is too scared to do anything. Spencer's child porn comments were very unnerving. GMs early racist comments and Elissa's stupidity knock them off my list. So I really don't care what happens as long as Judd wins. If anyone disagrees with me I'm fine with it.

**Alea73** said...

What's the time on the GM convo?
I may go back & watch it.

cb2008 said...

Annoying! She always hated on people for putting others down and she is the worst one...Elissa is rubbing off on her! BB needs to give some special power to give McCranda a chance to save themselves...especially since Am is the only one playing BB. The house will be boring if they leave. Probably will quit watching.

Ste ven said...

If they are all going to throw the veto, then McRanda will win it. The question is if Amanda wins, will she save herself or McRae. Is Amanda so hated now that she couldnt win the F2?
I cant figure out if Im hating Andy or if he's really smart playing both sides of the house, since hes trying to guarantee himself the McRanda vote if theyre both on the jury. Obviously if one of them is in the F2, the other gets the vote. Hes tried very hard not to get any blood on his hands. I just wish Amanda would find out NOW that Andy has flipped. Watching whether she explodes or realizes its a good game move...Im ont sure if she finallyr ealizes the others are playing the game and they had to be split up. Will she be pissed at GM or realize she played BB. For all of GM issues, she at least has taken big game moves. Basically the one sure way to get in the F2 now is to win competitions, but I just dont like the fact that HOH cant play in the following HOH. I think taht rule should change; its not fair. I someone can win twice in a row, then let them.

Elissa is suspicous of Andy but doesnt realize the others are against her. Do McRanda think they have SPencer & Andy but would lose a vote cuz GM woudl be the tie breaker?

Ste ven said...

A lot of them have been foul mouthed. GM, Amanda, even Spencer had called Andy Kermit The Fag. AManda is the one Ive been most surprised with since I think her true colors have shown when shes under pressure. For someone who is a professional real estate agent, thats a pretty bad image she has created for herself. Its hard to imagine that she and McRae could last outside of the house. It is interesting that BB has had more successful relationships than The Bachelor.
Besides the cursing I just hate that most of the HG say like/you know as every other word.

cb2008 said...

GM is a hypocrite...she hates haters but is hating. She is a nobody. Elissa is rubbing off on her. Please BB give special power so McCranda can fight to save themselves. This house will be so boring after they leave that alot of people will quit watching...I probably will!!! The rest of these people are floaters or have been carried here...none of them has worked as hard as McCranda or Aaryn....Turn this house upside down and keep McCranda! That would be interesting...and expose andy for the rat he is! That would be a show worth watching!!!!

Rebecca McCamish said...

Craig, I am your #1 fan.

Though I am lovable and foul-mouthed. Seriously foul-mouthed. But then... I'm a NYer... :)

As for the racism: It is my ACTUAL HOPE that Aaryn learns from this experience because she's still young and hopefully malleable. I hope it changes her thinking to get a smackdown from Julie Chen on national TV. (Everyone knows Chenbot doesn't go that deep into controversy on the stage...) When she gets out of Jury, I'm hoping her eyes are opened even more. Humiliating? Yes. But... possibly a learning experience.

I really don't have hope for GM because I don't think that GM is smart enough to understand what she's done.

Amanda? No hope for her on that score.

SPENCER. No hope. You know why? His misogyny will get overlooked and unremarked. This is the TRUE shame of BB15. Everyone clamors "OMG the racism! The racism!!" but totally ignores Spencer's disgusting remarks that he's made throughout the season, not just the normal insults against women (b****, c***, etc--because hey, I use insults equally among men and women) but actively going out of his way to be offensive against women and say things about them that are pretty horrific. Witness his conversations with Jeremy *shudder*.

But he'll get a pass 'cause he's a white dude from the south just talkin' about babes. Mark my words.

And that's the sad part.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good POV draw for Amanda and McCrae. It was key for them to get both Andy and Spencer picked since they both plan on throwing it. And apparently if it's prizes/punishments even GM's gonna go for prizes so I guess Elissa would be the only one trying to keep Amanda or McCrae from winning if that's the comp.

I'm curious to know what Andy's and Spencer's plan is though if Amanda or McCrae come off especially Andy. Are they gonna want to be the renom? Otherwise they're gonna have to show their cards by voting the 1 that stays on the block out anyway so what's the point really? I know Andy's strategy is to avoid danger at all cost but if you're gonna be on the block there'd be no safer time then this week next to 1 of them. So I'd be interested to see if instead of people scurrying to not go up we actually have a couple people who'd want to go up.


laserkat said...

All I could think about when I was reading about GM's back hurting was, it should be hurting from carrying Andy & Spenser's floating asses around. Of course they are gonna throw the POV comp, if not, they might actually have to play the game & choose a side. GM might have flip flopped some but she is not afraid to say where she is standing in the game. I think it would be so appropriate if Andy & Spencer were dressed like chickens.

Anonymous said...

As far as Andy and Spencer wanting Elissa out next week that's definitely smart. In fact in terms of their own individual safety if GM were to put up Elissa as the renom this week if Amanda or McCrae come off they'd actually even be better off voting Elissa out now. Then they'd both be 100% safe in the DE no matter who wins HOH. If Judd won he'd put up Amanda and McCrae and 1 would go regardless of who won POV. And if Amanda or McCrae won they'd put up Judd and GM and 1 would go regardless of who won POV. And they'd obviously both be safe if each other won HOH. However if Elissa stays and wins the next HOH she'd put up Andy with the remaining member of Amanda and McCrae and if that person won POV she'd put Spencer up as the renom and 1 of Andy or Spencer would have to be evicted.


Anonymous said...


I bet that's definitely what BB wanted to happen with the chicken suits. They just didn't plan on Judd being so terrible at a physical comp. He's really been hugely disappointing! That's 2 comps in a row you'd think going in he'd have a good shot in and he was embarrassingly bad. In the POV he was sucking wind and vomiting while Amanda of all people won. And now in this last HOH how on earth could he not even manage to beat Spencer? Yikes!


B******** said...

man Brian. way to break it down. get Elissa out now!

Elizabeth Jeffreys said...

Folks I'm confuse. This blog indicated that GM knew her bff Aaryn & Amanda were bullying E to put her on the block but the shows portrays GM as being clueless.
Secondly, why is E. so hated? What has she done. I think her game is weak but hey she is not Rachel she E.

B******** said...

Brian > way to break it down > evict Elissa now.


Rebecca, thanks!
I have no problem with foul language in principle, but in BB I think the profligate use of profanity, crude sexual and racial comments by HG this season without being called on it early caused it to escalate until it has become a part of their normal conversation.
This has been a very strange season. I don't think Aaryn or Amanda talk or act like this in their everyday lives, but then who among us would emerge squeaky clean if monitored 24/7?
In the future BB should screen out people on prescription drugs that alter their personalities, because you just know that is an accident waiting to happen as we've seen this season.
I want McCrae to recapture his mojo, sans Amanda.. I don't think the frog-gigging goober deserves anything. Elissa I object to on principle and she creeps me out.. GM has been carried the entire game and because she has 10 fingers to count she can finally play the game a little, but I hope she stalks Nick, that poor creepy bastard. Spencer needs to get to the jury house pronto, so the girls have someone to rub suntan lotion on them. Andy reminds me of Gollum. He needs to pay for his treachery.

Digi Dare said...

IMO, the racist things that GM said were just as bad if not worse than Aaryn. How about "I'm gonna punch Helen in the face and knock her eyes straight" She really has a problem with ALL races, except hers! I am so sick of all the trash talking instead of game play. Everything based on emotion. It angers me when the others say that Amanda used Aaryn to do her dirty work. Ummmm, they had an alliance!! Andy did the same thing, its called strategy. And of course, McCranda "forced" everyone into it, blah, blah, blah. I can not wait until this season is history! I only hope that Julie gives GM the same treatment she gave Aaryn... I wanna see her face when she hears the words "****er insurance"

rigs said...

Amanda has once again proven to be the bigger person in all of this. You would not see the same "contrition" from GM or Elissa. I am disappointed that Amanda won't be pushing GM's buttons. I love it when GM goes ballistic. Maybe it would encourage her to get some help. The aftermath of this show will be her only chance to catch a husband. LOL, she really thinks Nick will be there waiting for her with open arms, LOL. I would love to see that. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

rigs said...

BBAD last night was the most boring this season. Amanda falling on her sword for McCrae was one of the more revealing moments. The only think I don't like about all the profanity is that it gets bleeped out. HGs should be required to be heard via microphones. What is the purpose if HGs can whisper and it can't be heard?

rigs said...

If I got it right and all goes according to Andy's plan, he, Judd, Spencer and Amanda will be the F4. Wouldn't it be great BB is Amanda ends up winning it all or at least ends up in the F2? As for Amanda and McCrae, they have done pretty good at staking out territory in their relationship and giving in when needed. Amanda has given up a lot of control and McCrae has taken a lot of control compared to when they first met. That is how relationship work themselves out. Will it last? I don't know but it hasn't fallen apart so far but then again they are not Jordan and Jeff.

rigs said...

Cb2008, I agree that basically Amanda is a much better person than is Elissa. There is no comparison. Elissa said she would not only self-evict, she said she would also NOT go to jury. I could be wrong but I don't believe Amanda said she would not go to jury. If she wants to save McCrae, self-eviction to the jury may be her only option if she or McCrae don't win POV.

Too bad McCranda doesn't know that Andy turned traitor. I think the did too much making love and not playing the game. Amanda could have tested Andy's loyalty by calling him out the way she called out Elissa. Elissa's reaction of "Amanda____!!!!" when Amanda asked her to swear to God she (E) would not put her up was priceless.

rigs said...

Rebecca, I share your hope that Aaryn learns from this experience. Well, I know she will learn but not sure what she will learn. She is pretty typical of the environment she grew up in. She has a much better chance of learning for the better than does Elissa or GM. Elissa has shown NO propensity to learn from her experiences. GM is what she and I doubt she will change even if it meant being able to snag a husband.

Brian, I agree that Elissa going up as a renom to McCranda would be a wise move for Andy and Spencer but I'm not so sure they are wise enough. This may be their last chance to get Elissa out and like you say, if Elissa wins HOH, Andy will go up for sure and probably the remainder of McCranda.

**Alea73** said...

I'm not Team GM, but I will say this;
GM worked, Earned, & WON 2 HOH Comps,
Amanda has NOT!!
Amanduh won 1 Veto and GM (even AFTER dropping the Ball once) was only a few points away from Winning that Veto Comp from Amanduh...
Other than that ONE Veto Comp, she has won NOTHING....
She hasn't even had a good Social Game, it's been made up of Controlling People
(Especially those in a Power play position),
She's tried to instill the Fear of The
McManda Wrath, & when all else Fails, she reverts to her typical obnoxious Loud Mouth & Bullying....
Amanda has got to GO!!!
Maybe if She had actully WON an HOH herself, more than one Veto, and STOPPED being
The obnoxious, Rude, Mean, Gross, Temper~Tantrum throwing,
Ohh look at Me-Give Me Attention-this Game is about Me Me Me & McCrae ONLY, type of Child she's been, perhaps she would be in an
Entirely different & Better position...
Sucks to be U, Amanda!
Jus sayin....

Say what ya want about GM, at least she's WON & not threatened to pack up her Toys & go Home just bcuz it's No longer HER WAY in the Game anymore!!!!!

Lindsay said...

I don't understand how every week the target has accepted their fate and realizes it is their last week in the house. Whatever happened to campaigning and not having a unanimous vote every week???

Jamie said...

100% agree, Lindsay.

rigs said...

Digi Dare, I agree. Aaryn's comments were not out of hatred and hatred is the foundation of racism. Everyone makes fun of other people particularly when there are "differences". It could be skin color, facial features, fat or thin, tall or short, smart or dumb etc. Race is just an easy target because it is usually so obvious. What GM did was much closer to hatred. Aaryn thought she was being "cute" with most of her remarks or funny and directed at an individual. True racism is directed to a group, a race, like the comment GM made about "______ insurance" or when rules and policies are directed at a racial group.

I'll bet GM remembers her comments because they come from deep seeded views. Aaryn looked genuinely surprised at the comments she made which indicates the comments did not come from deep seeded hatred.

**Alea73** said...

Haha, I Agree on the Andy & Spencer being dressed like The Chickens they ARE!!!

Anonymous said...


Say what you will about Helen but that's one thing I really liked about her is that she worked it hard to try to stay up to and even including the day of the live eviction where it looked like she may have even succeeded in flipping the vote with Andy and GM till Aryan put the kibosh on it.


kwood said...

I don't believe self eviction gives you a seat in the jury house. If you don't play the game then why would you get to vote for a winner at the end? That just wouldn't make sense. Amanda is horrible! Elissa at least doesn't get rattled like she does! Hopefully the Big Brother Stars align soon and expose Andy for the floater he is! He has no backbone and can't phathom someone putting him on the block as a pawn when he did it to Spencer! Omg! He gets on my last nerve! I want him gone after mccranda!

Kaycee14 said...

Jaime, why wasn't Judd in his chicken suit in that nail-clipping pic? Did BB let them finish early because of the veto comp? I haven't had the feeds on today...

cb2008 said...

I dont agree with any rude or lude comment or actions...they are all guilty there...from a game point- Mcranda has been loyal and not carried. Gm was carried by Aaryn, Elissa by helen, Andy by Mcranda, Spencer by everyone(pawn), and Judd got lucky.....just my view!

cb2008 said...

That's true very very smart thinking there. unfortunately Spencer and Andy both are too stupid to understand that!

laserkat said...

We must be watching a different show because I haven't seen the part where Amanda has given up any control.I think the majority of people have grown to dislike her & that is why America put her on the block. I started the season rooting for their showmance & that sentiment was slowly eroded because of Amanda's behavior.

cb2008 said...

I see E for who she really is...she looks down her nose to people...I truely believe Am would have never done 90% of the things she did if she werent on BB and trying to stay loyal to her that andy is such a snake....Gm, Andy, and Mcranda coyld have taken F4 easy and then Gm could have easily took out McCrae or Am then and most likely been final 2 and won it all....she screwed herself with Elissa. Elissa is cut throat and could care less about any of them...she is seeking a title where the others need the money!!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Oh give me a break. At the beginning of the show she was saying how hot Howard was and was talking about his muscles. And stop acting like you have never made an offensive joke in your life time. Nobody is a perfect saint that has only done 100% good in their lifetime.

Lindsay said...

With the exception of Helen ;) You are right, she tried hard to campaign and she actually didnt have the unanimous vote as Elissa voted for her to stay.

Digi Dare said...

Exactly Riggs! That is completely how I see it. It is part of GM's belief system. I couldn't believe it when I heard her say she hasn't dated anyone out of her "species" WOW.
And I am sure Nick is just dying to wrap his arms around a woman telling a room full of people (& America)that "I gotta take a sh*t, bro. I need toilet paper, I got a turtle head." Last week Aaryn was complaining again about throw up all over the toilet seat... talk about CBS editing?!
BB has never been all about winning competitions, it is a strategic game and Amanda and McCrae have been completely strategic. I may not admire everything they do, but they have been playing the game.
Oh and dont even get me started on Elisa wanting to work in ministry?!? LOL Of what? Church of Elissa-cize and how to never come in contact with the guhrossss people of this world ;)

John Gray said...

Gina Marie TMI...TMI OMG

ZoomZoom said...

It speaks volume that Amanda is in this situation no less than 1 week after Aaryn's eviction. Aaryn kept Amanda afloat this summer. (Aaryn, if she wasn't a racist and played her own game she would've gotten far and been respected for it. Instead she let herself get used and said hateful things.)

And the hate on Elissa, I don't get it. I did believe she seemed odd when I first saw her in June but the way she handled Amanda's bullying last week was remarkable. Jamie, thanks for keeping up this blog! I appreciate the work you do to keep everyone informed with the most up-to-date information.

alyde said...

But isn't the majority of the house that takes prescription medicine only on adderall? I know Aaryn was and Amanda. Adderall in no way is a medication that changes your personality - it is only for concentration. To me, the personality changes are only because of the situation they are put in - which CBS can't predict.

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