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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, BB addicts!! And welcome to the BB Funhouse of Punishments! If you haven't been to the blog in a couple days, let me get you all caught up on what has happened:

Quick Recap:
*GinaMarie is the HOH
*She put up Jessie/Candice for nominatons
*Amanda was the MVP Nom
*Candice is the target this week

The Veto Comp was yesterday, here are the results:
*Jessie won Veto
*Judd won $5,000
*Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas
*GinaMarie has to wear the "Cone of Shame" for 48 hrs
*Candice has to wear the Clownie-tard the whole week
*Amanda has to get a Mystic Spray Tan every time music plays over the speakers.

Amanda's punishment is called "50 Shades of Orange". As of this morning (9am BBT), she is looking pretty darn orange:

10:31pm BBT:
Booze delivery!!
BB gave the HG's 4 cans of beer and 2 bottles of wine. The guys claimed all of it for McCrae's "Bachlelor Party". (McCrae/Am are supposedly having a more elaborate BB wedding than just exchanging vows last week in the Lounge Room.)

Elissa got mad & told Jessie that the guys are taking all of the booze. Helen also was not very happy and playfully yelled "Boooo!" at the guys.

A few minutes later, Elissa talked to BB via her mic and asked for more booze because "the boys are taking all of it".

A few minutes after that, Amanda asked McCrae for some booze and he said no because none of the girls can have it & he doesn't wanna play favorites. Amanda walked away mad.

11:00pm BBT:

Andy (a non-smoker) tried smoking last night. He shared a cigarette with Amanda. (He coughed here & there as he was learning how to smoke.)

Meanwhile, inside...

11:02pm BBT:

Elissa doesn't want Candice to go this week, though Helen has had a couple of convos with her yesterday about how Candice is going home with or without her (E) vote and to not put a target on herself by being the only vote to keep Candice.

Jessie said she's scared that now that they're getting down to only so many HG's, she's afraid she'll be put up every week. Elissa told Jessie that she wants Spencer out this week. Jessie mentions how GinaMarie mentioned her (E) name as a possible replacement nom.

11:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

They're talking about the MVP and who it could be. Judd said it's not him. Amanda doesn't know who it could be.

Sidenote: Everyone in the BB house has now worn Judd's bear shirt, except for's too small for him.

11:45pm BBT:
Amanda/Candice apologize to each other for the nasty fight they had during the Veto Comp. (We'll see that on Weds show).
 Candice: "It's apologize as well, doll."

11:54pm BBT:
Judd/McCrae are being pranksters and making a dummy out of shoes/a hat/pillows in Candice's bed.

Judd: "No no, you gotta do it like this.."

Both boys are laughing the entire time.

12:03am BBT:
Pool Table
Jessie wants Amanda gone this week. She's a threat to her game and she (J) feels that if Amanda doesn't go, then she'll be put up on the block every week. Jessie knows that they'd make a enemy in GM/McCrae if they tried to get Amanda out.

Jessie: "I feel threatened (by Amanda). I think people are scared of her. But, I dunno."
Helen: "How does Elissa feel about it?"
Jessie: "She feels the same."

**Helen talked to Elissa yesterday and told her to vote Candice out this week and that it's not the time to make a big move like getting Amanda out.

Jessie wants to make a big move and get Amanda out this week.

Jessie: "If Candice goes this week, there are no big targets left in the house."

12:21am BBT:
Lounge Room

Talk is about ta-ta's and nips. They tease Amanda and tell her she has "pancake" nips. She says no she doesn't...

All: "Prooooove it! Proooove it!!"
So...she does! lol (If you'd like to see it, use the Flashback Feeds and go to Cam 3)

Spencer: "Those were the only t**s I've seen since I've been inside the house."
Andy: "Me too!"

12:25am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Talk is about getting Amanda out...but when to do that. This week or in the future.

Helen: "This is top-secret, but what do you think (about getting Amanda out)? We could keep it the same, get Candice out, and hope that Jessie wins HOH next week." (*Jessie would take Amanda out.)

Candice comes out. Talk stops. (They end up talking again at 1:40am BBT).

Candice mentions how orange Amanda is turning and says she's gonna look like an oompa loopa.

1:40m BBT:
Storage Room

Elissa says she wants Spencer gone and that Candice has the same targets as they do, so she wants to keep her. Helen says there's no votes to get Spencer out and that Candice has to go this week. Helen said that they don't have the votes to do anything except get Candice out this week.

They both know this is not the week to try to flip the votes & get Amanda out, despite Elissa wanting Candice to stay.

2:10am BBT:
HOH Bathroom

McCranda took a shower together. They did some kissing (& more) and then McCrae helped her scrub her back good to try to get the tanning spray stuff off of her.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! It stills looks like Candice will be going home, despite Jessie's desires of seeing Amanda getting booted from the house this week. Today is my "Summer Sunday", my day off from blogging for the week. I'm going to the State Fair to eat some yummy food & see some pig races. Yee haw! lol ;) Tonight's show is at 8pm EST & I'll see y'all then! Until then, enjoy the  live feeds!! (They're only $10 this month & $10 next month!)

Stay tuned...
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I'd like to know how many women here "black the f... out" like Amanda when they get mad. I've seen it before, I'm just asking.

Ste ven said...

It always seems like so many HG smoke. Is that really reflective of HG today. Its such a disgusting - not to mention extremely unhealthy habit. I dont know many young people who smoke these days. I just cant believe all the smokers. That should be a punishment...No smoking for 2 days...Or just cant go outside the house for 2 days. But as usual they come up with the same types of things.
Its funny also watching After Dark because they seem to want to bleep all the bad words but they miss more than half of the time

Michele Kocoros said...

I want to know where to get,one of those shirts like Judd's I like it.

Razldazlrr said...

Geez - talk about getting nothing for booze! 2 bottles of wine and 4 beers for 11 people???? I can easily drink a bottle of wine myself and I would need it in there! LOL

Darren said...

Finally a move can be made! I think she can persuade Elissa, Helen, spencer, and maybe Judd

AmiLrn said...

They are selling for ridiculous amounts on eBay

UnionGrl said...

I'm beginning to join the 'Get Amanda out' brigade. She's amusing but too pushy. It would be interesting to see how the game shifts if she were gone.

Ste ven said...

Does Candice have lesbian parents or just a mom and a step mom? I keep hearing her say things about her 2 moms but I dont recall ever hearing something about lesbian parents as I would assume that would have been a conversation with Andy at some point.

it's just Jessi said...

Have fun at state fair! My folks are down there today! Gotta let us know what the best food you found was!

Darren said...

@Steven she's adopted, so she is talking about her biological mom and her adopted mom

Jamie said...

will do Jessi!! Maybe I'll take a pic of the best "on a stick" food i find. a couple years ago, i tried chocolate covered bacon on a was REALLY good but you can only buy it in pairs (2 for $5 or whatever), and it was too much lol So i gave my 2nd one away to a friend.

i hear the fried mac n cheese bits are this years hit!

AmiLrn said...

She has a birth mother and an adoptive mother....

Gilbert said...

This weeks double eviction should be a good one I want to know what you all think will guess is amanda will be evicted aayrn wins hoh a third time and sends elissa home....fingers crossed!!!!!

Jamie said...

Craig: i dont speak for all women obviously but the 1 fight i was in (i was jumped by 2 girls in Baltimore when i was 17 yrs old) and i blacked out. i won the fight but i have no clue how! i always tell people that it's a great story to re-tell but i dont have details on how i won because i blacked out. i think for my situation, it was a "fight or flight" moment, where the brain shuts down and your instincts kick in.

Anonymous said...

No she was adopted, so that's what she means when she talks about her two moms. Her birth and adopted mom.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Amanda has to go, then aaryn. This target candice just because bs has to stop. I'm glad Jessie is putting in peoples heads that getting Amanda out this week is a maybe the best thing.

teckk17_ej said...

This is the 1st time I've read your blog...or any BB blog for that matter....and I enjoyed hearing others thoughts about this ADDICTING show! So thank you! :)
I don't know if I'm just not "getting it" or what, but I noticed that no one is talking about a few things that really eat away at me: 1) Why would America put up Amanda? I would think Aaryn and Elissa would get America's votes by a landslide??? Aaryn for her hard-to-forgive racial slurs and Elissa for her too-many-to-list annoying qualities...
2) I recognized Helen as a force to be reckoned with from the 1st week, and certainly I respect her game, but she's been running the house since week 2...why do the HGs seem blind to it? It seems like MVP America would want to pull her off that pedestal and/or the HGs would have caught on to it by I missing something because I'm tired of her! Love her, but over her!
3) I can't stand that Aaryn is getting a pass on her insulting, offensive and ignorant beliefs...why isn't there more demand for accountability from CBS and/or fans? Can't CBS figure out a way to at least deliver some diversity sensitivity training to the HGs?
4) I want to see a BB wedding! Keep Amanda & McCrae around and let them get show-married!!! Yay!!!

Essence Howard-Watford said...

Jessie needs to assert herself this week and really work the Amanda eviction option hard among the house guests that aren't apart of the core alliance. It would be good game play and she will be remembered for a huge power move in the game no one else had the cahunas to attempt.

andrea said...

I have blacked out in high emotional stress several times. I spoke to the fraternity brothers of the man who raped me on the year anniversary of my sexual assault (I know that's kind of heavy, but I have dealt with it, speak publicly and now I'm an advocate. So my life has blessedly moved on). Anyway, I guess I said some really profound things, but have zero memory. I also have had some other times that I don't remember. Will we see the fight? What brought it on? I have been disappointed by Amanda's behavior, but even worse has been what people have been saying About her on the live feeds. Its as if she is literally Satan, and the only one who has said anything out of line. I don't like going on anymore. Lastly, thanks for letting me get this all out, Judd's comment about kicking a transexual in the face? Just awful. - Andrea

Razldazlrr said...

I happened to see the original "bathing suit" pics of the house guests and that pink bathing suit Amanda is wearing is god awful, with all the cut outs in it and just way too clingy (if you know what I mean!)

also, There is a video of Candice being on the Oprah show when she was looking for her birth mom and then the two of them together. She seems really nice there. I STILL wonder if they know that she was Miss Louisiana (right state?) and an NFL cheerleader.


I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but here I go again. I am interested in the number of HGs that take mood altering "medicine" like Xanax (Judd), Adderall (Amanda, Aaryn), and those are just the ones I know of per conversations in the house. It wouldn't surprise me if they were all on something. Maybe I'm just old, but nobody I knew growing up was on anything more than aspirin, now it just seems like a matter of faith that a large segment of people of a certain age are constantly on some type of drug. Maybe BB should screen this. Maybe this is why they aren't getting as much alcohol as in past seasons. Maybe this is why so many of them are acting so erratically. Maybe it amps up the paranoia. Just some food for thought.

AmiLrn said...

You are missing something I guess. I would never want Aaryn to win because of her nastiness but Amanda is such a bossy annoying witch that I can't wait for her to be evicted. And I like Elissa so I want her to stay.

jayne said...

Andrea, sorry for what you have gone through and I praise you for being an advocate for others.

Also, I agree with you about Amanda. I absolutely adored her until these past few days. She has gone a little crazy. I am afraid she will bring McCrea down with her.

Thanx for sharing.


Jeff said...

Did anyone not read that Amanda said racist remarks about Candice during the veto competition now. She has to go, she's the biggest bully in the house and now a hypocrite also. I'm so tired of her bs.

it's just Jessi said...

I tried the bacon too...didn't make my tum happy. I can't do the fried foods anymore (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it!) Until they start making gluten free deep fried stuff! :) I'll just stick to the big slide and the flavored milk!

DominoDiva said...

Can someone please tell me why Amanduh and GM HATE (strong word) Candice so much? Other than her annoying living habits ie slamming doors, annoying voice, what is driving such vicious hate from these two towards Candice? What did she ever do to them personally? Perplexing!

Michael Williams said...

I agree except Aayrn wins hoh and tries to get rid of Helen...She sees Helen her biggest threat.

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