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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday to y'all! :D Last night on the live feeds, there were a few small fights, but nothing that's changing tomorrow's outcome: Aaryn will still go. I'll cover everything in the Overnighter.

Let's just dive right on in, shall we?! :D

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8:44pm BBT:
Judd/Aaryn did some more flirting last night. (In case you missed it, Judd gave Aaryn a quick kiss on the lips yesterday.)

Aaryn: "Check out my guns." (*arms)
Judd: "Check mine out.." (*he flexes*)
Judd: "Who wants two tickets to the gun show?!...I hope they don't call me Mr. Pectacular this year, that's one thing I don't want them to call me."

Judd (to Amanda): "You're pants are see-thru."
Amanda: "I know."
Judd then leaned in and pretended to gently bite on her arm.

Aaryn: "Judd likes it when I bite his knee cap."
Judd then bites her knee cap.

Aaryn then teases Judd because the lotion he's been using lately has glitter in it and it's all over him.

9:06pm BBT:
Aaryn tells everyone there's puke on the toliet seat and she's about to puke from seeing it & cleaning it off.

GM: "I was just in there, I didn't see anything."
Judd: "I was just in there, too."

Aaryn unhappily goes to clean it off with paper towels.

9:37pm BBT:

Elissa walked up to Judd was saying something about getting yogurt for Amanda because of her "nasty yeast infection" and that she's "so gross".

Judd: "I though y'all are cool now." (paraphrasing)
Elissa: "Well we are, but she still irks me."
Judd: "Y'all had fun in the pool today."
Elissa: "Yea, not really."
Judd: "You're like sisters."
Elissa: "Eww gross."

Judd: "I'm ready to play some beer pong."

9:40pm BBT:
HG's have 1 bottle of wine & 6 beers.

9:44pm BBT:

Amanda is putting the wine & beers in the outside cooler and not letting anyone have a drink.
Spencer: "Control freak."

10:06pm BBT:
McCrae wants water to be in the cups so there's no spillage. Amanda says no & starts filling the cups up with booze.
Amanda: "Okay here are the rules! You're back foot cannot leave the ground. And your elbow.."

Aaryn: "What?!"
Amanda: "I'm gonna tell you! These are the rules..I'm a professional beer pong'er."

Amanda: "...and if you knock over a cup, too f**ckin' bad."

Amanda to Elissa: "What are you drinking?!"
Elissa: "A little wine. You guys didn't save me some the other night so I'm allowed to have my sip."

Amanda throws the 1st "ball" (they're using grapes) and knocks over a glass of beer.

GM: "I knew that was gonna happen!"
McCrae: "Yea let's not do that."
Judd: "UGHH!!!"

Aaryn looks annoyed.
Amanda is blaming BB for not giving them plastic cups, just paper cups.

10:34pm BBT:
They replaced the grapes with a light-up bouncy ball.
Amanda is being obnoxious. Loud clapping, being loud, and mocking Aaryn...

Amanda: "Hi I'm Aaryn, come share a bed with me Judd!"
Judd mocks Amanda a minute later..
Judd: "I'm Amanda and I need attention!"

11:25pm BBT:

Amanda: "If there's one person that Elissa is obessed with, it's.."
Aaryn: "Judd." (*wtf? lol)
Amanda: "'s Aaryn."
Spencer: "She wants to be Aaryn."
Amanda: "Since week 1."
Aaryn: "She told me weeks ago that Judd is the most attractive guy in the house and that she has a crush on him, and that's why she wants me to go home because she doesn't like (Judd & I) flirting."

Amanda wants to confront Elissa on her Judd crush. (*This is so ridiculous. lol) Aaryn doesn't want Amanda to confront Elissa about it.

Aaryn: "No, Amanda.."
Judd re-joins the couch crew.

Amanda: "Elissa told Aaryn that she has a crush on you..."
Amanda really wants to, Aaryn really does not want her to.

Amanda is going up to the HOH room to tell Elissa.

Elissa: "Is she serious? What is wrong with this girl?"
Elissa finds it funny.
Elissa: "I almost wanna keep Aaryn because she's so stupid & she keeps the target off of me."

Outside, Judd is irritated about the whole thing.
Judd: "I don't know why people wanna stir sh*t (up)."
Aaryn: "Because it's Amanda. And this is a tv show. That's why Amanda is here."

12:00am BBT:
Aaryn is campaigning to McCrae.

Aaryn: "They only way I can stay is if you (and McCrae) save me and I will be loyal forever. I could get voted out next, and I will if I don't win anything."

Amanda: "Who would GM put on the block if she was HOH."
Aaryn: "Probably y'all. But if I stayed, I'd be a vote."

Aaryn tells them she'd be a bigger target in the house if she stayed, which would be good for them.

Aaryn eventually goes inside and tells them to think about it.
Amanda is thinking about keeping Aaryn, McCrae..not so much. He wants Aaryn to go.

12:19am BBT:
Judd/GM talked and both agreed they want either Amanda/McCrae to leave next week.

3:06am BBT:
"The Exterminators" alliance is having a meeting about who to target next week.
Andy said that if Amanda or McCrae win HOH and Elissa is on the block, they have to fight to make sure that Elissa doesn't win it so she'd go home & their alliance stays in tack. 

GM: "Who we wanna..........*long pause*..."
Spencer: "...Evict??"

Judd laughs. Andy puts his head in his hands and giggles.
GM is wondering who they should target. The others say they'll cross that bridge when they come to it.

GM reassures them that she's voting Aaryn out and that Andy is definitely safe tomorrow night. Judd said the same and that he wouldn't waste his time by pretending to be in a "bulls*it alliance" with them.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! As of 10:35am BBT, the HG's are still sleeping, except for Aaryn/GM/Elissa.
I'll start the morning post once the HG's get up & moving! :D

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

Listen - with one bottle of wine and only 6 beers I would be knocking Amanda out of the way! LOL - why not use water and then they don't risk knocking over the limited beer they have? it amazes me that these wimpy "men" (or boys) are so willing to just roll over to her

monilynb said...

Gosh how old is Amanda cause she acts like she is 10 and obnoxious. She is the type of person that makes you not want to watch the show.

Brittany Bowie said...

I guess Zingbot is suppose to make an appearance on tonights show?!

HD said...

I like that it sounds like Judd stood up for Aaryn... sadly I doubt Amanda even registered that he's willing to stand up for Aaryn while McCrea isn't willing to stand up for her.

I'm also shocked no one stood up to her regarding using water in the cups - limited supply = don't risk wasting it.

Anonymous said...

Aryan is spot on in her pitch to Amanda and McCrae so Amanda is right in buying in and should be doing so even more strongly actually. McCrae is a little lost in his faith in Spencer and Andy. I mean it's very easy for Spencer to say he's with someone since he never comes close to winning HOH and he's on the block almost every week so he doesn't even have to vote most of the time. And if Andy could do Helen like he did how does McCrae not think he'd do it to them? While Aryan has been HOH 4 times and never come after either of them.

I think with Aryan gone Amanda and McCrae are pretty much dead in the water as a couple in pretty short order unless they go on a run of trading off HOH wins every week which they've not shown anywhere near the ability to do. The only thing I can think of is that McCrae assumes Amanda would definitely got before him and he might welcome the chance to play out the rest of this game without her.

The point might actually be pretty moot though as I don't know if they'd be able to get GM to be that 3rd vote anyway. She seems to be pretty set working with the Exterminators but she seems to be believable when talking with Aryan and Elissa about being with them as well so it's hard to tell with her 100%. Although I could see a potential ruse working on GM where Aryan gets her to throw her a sympathy vote so she doesn't go out on a 0 vote then have Amanda and McCrae vote to keep her as well in a blindside. However all of this sounds way too interesting to happen with how this season has gone thus far


James Adams said...

This is whole Judd, Aaryn thing is a bit of a suprise, he better get some tonight before she goes.

Jamie said...

Brian: totally agree!

James: Judd told (I forget who?) on Monday that he'd have sex with her but still wouldn't vote to keep her. I've thought for weeks that he's had a little crush on her and I still think he does.

tami said...

I think bb15 has changed and now is the Amanda. It is her world and the rest the house is just living in it. lol

rigs said...

When I saw Elissa and Aaryn talking about working together some days ago, I thought WOW, Elissa finally grew a brain. But I was mistaken. She can't get past her prejudices and hatreds. If those two were in the F2, I can't see Aaryn winning. Elissa would easily have 5 votes. Elissa is a fool to not mate up with Aaryn to take them to the F2.

Judd continually reminds us why he was evicted. Judd comes back into the house parading around with his shirt off showing off the cross on his back then says he would have sex with Aaryn but not vote for her, LOL???? I like sex as much as most any other guy but I couldn't do that and be so dishonest. I mean, betrayal in BB is one thing but maybe I am just getting old.

After the group decides to save the alcohol for beer pong (which is extremely boring to watch), Elissa pours herself a glass of wine because the group didn't save her any the other night while she was hiding under the covers. She is the most narcissistic among several in the house. I don't get it. She has a chance to win it all by teaming up with Aaryn and the chances of them controlling HOH and house is very high. Without a strong player like Aaryn, Elissa could easily get knocked out.

Elissa lives in the shadow of her sister Rachel who got a BS degree in chemistry and was "Miss Sturgis" (motorcycle gathering event) and VIP cocktail waitress. I wonder if Rachel would have teamed up with Aaryn if she were in Elissa's place?

But, as others have suggested about "women" not getting along, I guess this just goes to show why males are the stronger of the two.

So, who puked on the toilet or did Aaryn make that up?

Brian, I agree. With Aaryn gone McCranda may have just handed the game to Elissa. McCrae's fear of Aaryn's abilities competes with Elissa's fear of Aaryn's abilities. Aaryn's only hope is to get McCranda and either Spencer or GM to vote for her.

If Elissa goes next week and Aaryn this week, we are left with losers. I don't think I could get behind any of them unless Amanda really steps up and starts winning competitions right and left.

Polar41 said...

Elissa can't team up with Aaryn because there is no trust. Aaryn would put her up next week. I agree with everyone it would be beneficial but it wouldn't be smart.

Anonymous said...


I'm curious who you think the 5 guaranteed votes for Elissa would be in a F2 with Aryan? To me the only 2 guaranteed votes for her would be Helen and Candice. Maybe she could pick up 1 more in a Jessie or something but I don't see her getting much more than that in my opinion. I think there's a lot of ill will and negative feelings about Elissa among the other HGs about how she doesn't deserve or appreciate being there as much as they all do. That she's only there and is given special treatment cause of who her sister is and don't appreciate at all her talk of just walking and going home rather than going to Jury when it's so many others' dream to make it that far in the game and to be on the Jury. The fact that she doesn't need the money at all could even factor in some's decision. Whereas I think the rest would all respect Aryan's comp wins and where she came from in the game having come from the very bottom of the barrel early on all the way to the F2.

I'm a little confused cause on one hand you say Elissa needs to keep Aryan then in the same post say Amanda and McCrae are handing the game to Elissa by voting Aryan out. Which one is it cause I don't see how it could be both?

I'm of the opinion that Elissa also needs Aryan in the game like Amanda and McCrae do although not quite to the same extent because she does have reason not to trust her where Amanda and McCrae dont. The power players not being able to work together is clearly heading down the path of nothing but weak players remaining in the end after the strong take each other out.


BB said...

Has Amanda really been in the pool with a yeast infection?!?!

Razldazlrr said...

brian - definitely don't like Elissa - but why is it you think she doesn't need the money?

HD said...

@Brian - I would agree, Aaryn has shown herself time and time again to be team Amanda. It's no surprise Elissa can't trust her. Afterall, look how quick Aaryn was to toss GM under the bus.

@rigs - I don't like Judd's comment either but it is no worse a statement because of the cross on his back - it'd still be just as rude if it wasn't there. I don't think it's dishonest since she knows he's voting her out... I just think it's rude cause it sounds like he's just using her... then again, they could be just using each other physically and as adults, that's their choice. It'd be worse if they were doing it to try to promise or gain votes.

James Adams said...

Thanks Jamie and I also agree with Brian's comment.

Anonymous said...


I didn't say anything about myself personally not thinking she needs the money since I would never base my vote on that as this is a competition not a charity. I know that that does factor in with some jurors though and I've heard multiple people talk about how she doesn't need the money. I believe because she married someone well off who has and/or makes a lot of money. That's part of the reason why she would just feel like she could willy nilly walk and go home rather than go to Jury and forfeit her larger stipend and highly probable $25K for America's Favorite Player in the process.



Right, Judd, in your dreams. No way that goober will ever see that cookie.

rigs said...

Elissa would definitely get Helen and Candice. In addition she would most likely get GM unless GM finds out Helen and Elissa were just blowing smoke at her telling her how special she is. As it now stands, GM could have sided with Aaryn but didn't so that tells me she prefers Elissa. Remember the talks Helen and Elissa have had with GM? GM was floating on a cloud. GM desperately needs that kind of special attention. I just think Jessie would go with Elissa because of Aaryn's ties to McCranda. Spencer is harder to predict but he also has a chance to side with Aaryn and he isn't. He probably thinks he would do better in the F2 against Elissa than Aaryn. I don't think so.

Aaryn would get votes from Amanda, McCrae and probably Andy but even Andy could flip. Andy was much better friends with Helen and Elissa than he was with Aaryn. I am not sure what Judd would do. That has been his problem all season, a mumbling, non committal being. Rationally, I think Aaryn would win against Elissa but this is an emotional group. And Aaryn is equally responsible for getting Candice, Judd, Jessie and Helen evicted. Those four are my foundation. All Elissa needs is Andy and/or Spencer.

With Aaryn gone, Elissa is the only competition left. Anyone who hangs on her coattails has a greater chance to win and go to the F2 with her. That is a huge incentive. If Aaryn and Elissa team up, at least Aaryn has a much greater chance of being in the F2. Things can change and, like you predict, Aaryn could win. I can't imagine Elissa thinking, as things now stand, that she would lose to Aaryn in the F2. Elissa has had a fire lit under her that didn't exist earlier. She is winning competitions. She might even be a better competition winner than Aaryn. With Aaryn on her side, I think she has the best chance of winning.

rigs said...

HD, yes, it could be that Judd and Aaryn would use each other for "gratification". Sixty days and only McCranda getting anything could leave the rest desperate. Aaryn and Jessie certainly displayed "interest". LOL, Aaryn and Amanda, Spencer drooling and McCrae didn't dare look. I don't remember if Andy was in there then but he was probably disgusted if he was there.

Becktuck said...

Aaryn also said last night that she's a virgin...I don't remember the conversation but that stuck out to me. I was rather impressed...Judd is dreaming, although they are cute together

rbjjb said...

Makes Me Want To Watch The Show When She Heads To Jury.

Ste ven said...

At this point and especially in couple weeks, winning comps us crucial.. The irony is if The Exterminators work and the luck of HOH and Veto go a certain way, players who've been virtually clueless can advance. Imagine a Spencer-GM finale... GM then admits playing stupid was her strategy.
I cant believe E could actually get the fave player cuz of Brenchel fans. I was sure Jay U Double D had it Licked up, esp having now gotten extra screen time. I thought Andy was in running but last couple weeks, his unlikability has skyrocketed

kennedy adeetuk said...

Co sign! Agee with everything you said

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