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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pre-Live Eviction: Judd/Jessie Fight

Good afternoon, everybody! Normally I just do a Thursday Live Show post before the show starts, but there was a fight between Jessie/Judd on the feeds at 1:25pm BBT on Cam 2 that I wanna cover really quick.

Apparently Judd told Jessie to "Shut the f**k up" earlier in the HOH room. This is the root of the fight.

**If you'd like to watch this, use the Flashback Feeds feature on the live feeds, Cams 1 & 2.

1:25pm BBT:
Jessie/Candice/Helen..then Judd

Jessie: "He told me to 'shut the f**k up'! And nobody seems to give a sh*t, again. I'm so sick of being in an enviroment where people can talk down to you and make you feel like sh*t and.."
Helen: "What's wrong??!"
Jessie: "I'm so sick of being in this environment where nobody is a good Christian because they're trying to win $500,000."
Helen: "What's wrong?"
Jessie: "(Judd) told me to shut the f**k up! In the HOH! And he was talkin' sh*t about me!"
Helen: "When?"
Jessie: "Today!"
Helen goes & gets Judd in the Lounge Room.

Helen: "Hey Judd?.."

"You alright Jessie?"

Jessie: "Don't come out here and act like..after you told me to shut the f**k up!"
Judd: "(Helen) just told me to."

Judd said he didn't think she took offense to it because she talks about Spencer's "butterscotch" comment all the time. (*If you missed it before, Spencer has referred to Jessie's hoo haa as probably tasting like "butterscotch" in the past. She's aware of it and jokes around with him now about it.)

Jessie: "You're supposed to be my friend, Judd and.."
Judd: "We are!"

Jessie: "..and you go & make a comment to Andy about how it sounds like I'm getting f**ked in my sleep!" (re: she makes noises in her sleep)

Judd: "You're just being dramatic and I'd appreciate it if you would just not talk to me anymore. I can't stand you, you're absolutely the worst person & I've been fakin' being nice to you, but..."
Helen: "Okay let's, let's...
Judd: "..stay away from me." (to Jessie)

Judd: "You make is miserable for me here."
Helen: "I thought we could make this better, so.."

Judd: "I was just jokin' around, but ..Andy would have the same story I did. It's blown way out of proportion. Everyone was up there. Why would I say something like that if I was tryin' to be a d*ck."
Jessie: "You told me to shut the f**k up, Judd."
Judd: "I thought it was (said) in a joking way. We talk like that all the time."
Jessie: "Okay, it wasn't in a joking way."
Judd: "Well I appologize if I hurt your feelings. I don't really think I hurt your feelings, I think you want attention like always,
Helen: "He's appologized."
Jessie: "He just told me that he hates me and he's being fake nice to me, and now you're apologizing to me?"
Judd: "It's just something every day (with you) Jessie, somethin' every single day."

Judd (to Helen): "She just wants to fight with me, it's all for (Jessie) should've tried out for the Real World. You would've been good on there!"
Jessie: "Alright, Judd."
Judd: "I apologize if I offended anyone else. Candice, I apologize if I offended you..."
Candice: "Stop fighting."
Jessie: "Yea Judd, you're so innocent."
Judd: "Yea, and you're so wonderful."
Jessie: "I don't accept your apology."
Judd: "Let's just never speak to each other again, that'd be fine."
Jessie: "That's what you want so you can go hang out with Aaryn."

Judd/Helen enter the Lounge Room.

Lounge Room

Judd: "Did you notice how she stopped cryin' and just started (fighting)?"
Helen: "Yea, that's true."
Judd: "She just wants to fight, it's all for attention, she wants everyone to turn on me before the double eviction because she knows the target is on her."

**If you wanna watch this fight, use the Flashback Feature on the live feeds Cams 1 & 2.

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Jef Rosen said...

Makes me feel like Judd is an a**hole.

I think its stupid for his game too. I understand he doesn't want people to think he is aligned with Jessie, but she is a guaranteed vote for Judd and he turned her into a guaranteed vote against

Anonymous said...

Every other day my opinion of these HGs changes!!! Judd was beyond harsh, not a good look. Until recently I wasnt a fan of Jessie but I think shes tried to play the smartest game of anyone this week and she has endured a LOT of verbal abuse.

Can't wait for 8 pm!!!!!

Anonymous said...

finally, jessie has made a game move! sure, it might have been motivated by jealousy over aaryn and judd's on/off attitude, but she's finally figured out her days are numbered, and tried to turn the tables on judd - too funny.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Yes, Judd acted like an a$$...but not for the comments. He's been leading her on for over a week now, while obviously not wanting to even be around her. I think that was harsh. But as for the reason for that fight? Jesse is wanting attention so much that she latches on to whoever she can and smothers them. No wonder Judd snapped. PS-they all talk that way to each other...

Ashlyn Strupe said...

And I thought I liked Judd....this season has sucked. Let's just have Amanda 'win' and get this over with. Can not stand any of these people. Ugh so disappointed this season.

Gilbert said...

Bye bye judd

AmandaHater said...

GO JUDD!!!!!!!!!!!
This was the nicest fight in the house yet. Judd says, "I'd appreciate it if you just stay away from me". Then he states WHY- because you make me miserable. He let her know how he tried to endure her smothering habits when he said" I've been faking being nice to you. ( that shows patience on his part ) and he apologized. No name calling , No racial remarks, No personal digs. GO JUDD!!

AmandaHater said...

I might of fell for Jessie's cry fest (why lie, no I would'nt) until she mentioned Aaryn. SHE IS JEALOUS!She has a classic case of LAMS. (Look At Me Syndrome)So in my eyes she was saying" Waaa, Waaa
What about me? Look at me? Waaa, Waaa. Im gonna tell Mommy ( Helen).
Mommy make him look at me.Waaa. Waa

Nancy said...

Agree Amandahater

John Gray said...

Makes you miss the good HGs like Howard.

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