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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Afternoon Pt 2: Veto Comp (UPDATED @ 8:08pm BBT)

At 12:30pm BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia, which means it's time for the Veto Comp!! If this is your first time on the blog today, then you need to read the Afternoon Post to get caught up. Amanda is freaking out that she won't win veto & that others won't take her off the block if she wins, and that she'll go home...depsite others telling her she's totally safe this week no matter what.

When the feeds come back, I'll post the Veto Comp spoiler below!

Veto Comp Players: 

2:23pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

Winner of the Veto is:

*Judd won $5k
*Candice got a Clown Suit to wear for a week
*Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas
*Amanda has to get spray tanned hourly when music plays (not sure for how long)
*GinaMarie has to wear a dog cone for 48 hrs

2:24pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda are fighting again.

McCrae: "You're so stupid! All you need to do is she the f**k up!!!"

"Who do you think is going home?"
McCrae says Candice but that Amanda is making a huge target out of herself by "making a spectacle".

(**Something happened during the veto comp or right afterwards between Amanda/Candice.)

Amanda said that Spencer will now be going up in Jessie's place.

Amanda is now crying.

McCrae: "All you had to do was say nothing..nothing at all. Now we have to (do damage control). She (C) is going home, but you didn't need to rub salt in it. Cooler heads will prevail."

*Judd won $5k
*Candice got a Clown Suit to wear for a week
*Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas
*Amanda has to get spray tanned hourly (not sure for how long)
*GM has to wear a dog cone for 48 hrs

2:40pm BBT:
Lounge Room

McCrae is telling Jessie that he finds it "unacceptable" for the way Amanda was yelling at Candice and she should have just layed low. Jessie asked what she can do for them, McCrae says to vote out Candice this week. Jessie says okay & asks for safety for next week. McCrae agrees.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

GM is telling Helen that she still wants Candice gone this week. Helen agrees.

2:48pm BBT:

Pre-Andy joining them: 
Judd said that Candice told him Amanda/McCrae were going against him (Judd). McCrae said Candice is lying. Judd said that Candice said Amanda thinks he (J) is MVP. McCrae said she (Am) thought he could be & thinks Howard was MVP last week, but it doesn't matter now. Judd said he would've told them if he was MVP. McCrae said he believes him. Judd then asked if he (J) should've won veto. (Sounds like he let Jessie win it.) They then talk about maybe cutting Andy loose soon because the girls love him. McCrae then says again that him/Amanda are not gunning for him (J).

Andy joins.
They talk about how it looks better by letting Jessie win the veto to take herself off the block. Judd is worried that people will still think him/Jessie are working together. McCrae tells him that they know he's not.

3:03pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

They're telling Amanda that Candice is 100% going this week, it'll be a 7-0 vote.
They're talking about how Amanda has to get spray tanned in the middle of the night (i think it's for 1-2 days).

Elissa: "You're gonna be like, bright orange."
Amanda: "I know."

**GM just mentioned that she has to wear a dog suit??

3:11pm BBT:
Elissa/McCrae/Andy/Amanda are all talking about Candice going home this week.

Andy: "You have to control your f**king mouth! Espeically with the personal stuff. You said about putting Howard's c**k in her mouth.." (*whoa!)

McCrae is really frustrated with Amanda.
McCrae: "You have to stop!"

They talk about how Amanda called Candice "Shaniqua" sometime during or after the veto comp.

3:21pm BBT:

Elissa is telling Judd that people close to him are saying that he's MVP, but she won't tell Judd who but says it's been more multiple people.

Elissa: "I don't even care who (is MVP)."

3:27pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

Amanda suggest that if Candice calls a house meeting, to not go because the game is built on secrets, not airing them out.

3:28pm BBT:

Andy: "Hey, you ok? ...I'm sorry for yelling at the both of you to stop fighting."
Andy is telling Candice that he talked to Amanda about the fighting already.

Candice: " was really hurtful!"
BB: "Candice, please put on your microphone."
Andy: "That ok, I'll leave."

Andy exits. Candice resumes napping.

3:29pm BBT:
Spencer/McCrae/Amanda/Helen/Judd are all talking about the Veto Comp.

Helen: "It was SO hot out there!"

Amanda said her punishment is "50 Shades of Orange".
Amanda: "I think it's for 48 hrs." (*lol omg!)

3:44pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

Aaryn is really happy that Candice is going home this week. Amanda rehashes her fight with Candice during the veto comp.

Amanda: "When I get that mad, I just black the f**k out."
Spencer: "Me too."

3:46pm BBT:
Lounge Room

The boys are talking about the Candice/Amanda fight and how Candice told Judd that Amanda thinks he (J) is MVP and she's gunning for him. McCrae tells Judd how he told Amanda it was "so stupid" over her (A) to say the stuff she did. Judd is still worried how it looks that he let Jessie win the veto.

Meanwhile, back in the Have Nots room...

Amanda is telling Spencer/Aaryn how mad that she has to sit on the block for another week, pack her bags all over again, and here about people gunning after her. She's not looking forward to this week at all.

3:51pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom
GM is happy with the outcome of the veto comp, she's happy Jessie won veto but thinks it sucks that Amanda didn't win it.

3:54pm BBT:
Judd joins.

Judd: "I'm f**king concerned! Jessie's having private conversations with everybody."
McCrae: "She's asking for saftey for next week already."
GM: "WHAT?!!!!!"
McCrae: "She's just trying to make sure she's not the target next week."

Spencer joins.
BB: "GinaMarie, please go to the Diary Room."

4:00pm BBT:
Aaryn/Amanda are talking.

Aaryn is telling Amanda that no matter what, she (Am) is safe this week.

4:02pm BBT:
Aaryn is trying to get GM to nominate Elissa as Jessie's replacement on the block on Monday. She tells her that Elissa is trying to get Candice to stay.

GM: "Why is she doing that? Maybe I'll put her ass up on the block. How's that!"

GM rushes off to the Diary Room. (She was called awhile ago.)
GM leaves.

4:05pm BBT:
HOH Room
Aaryn talks to Andy/Spencer/McCrae/Amanda/Judd in the HOH room.

Aaryn: "Elissa is trying to make a plan to keep Candice."
Andy: "Elissa is being such an idiot!"
Aaryn: "Everyone would vote to evict Candice, except for Elissa."
McCrae: "Yep."
Aaryn: "She doesn't want Candice to go because she (C) is going after her."
Andy: "Candice isn't coming after me either, but I'd still vote her ass out in a second!"
Aaryn: "Well (Elissa) isn't thinking like that, she's only thinking about herself."

Aaryn: "I don't know what GM is gonna do, but if I was her, I'd put up Elissa."
Andy: "It doesn't matter (who the renom is), Candice is going home! We have the numbers!"
Aaryn: "But (eviction) is 5 days away...I dunno, that's GM's decision."

4:27pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Amanda is trying to keep Elissa off the block & to have Spencer as the renom (when Jessie pulls herself off the block).

**Amanda has to go get spray tanned every time music goes off. "50 Shades of Orange".

Aaryn tells Amanda that she (Aa) will be loyal to her (Am) forever in the game.

Aaryn leaves.
Helen joins McCrae/Amanda & says that she'll talk to Elissa and get her to see that Candice needs to go this week. Helen said that she wants Spencer on the block because then he'll go after GM.

4:40pm BBT:

Spencer said that he just doesn't wanna be the pawn and then go home. Helen assures him he won't.

4:48pm BBT:
GinaMarie has to wear this dog cone for 48 hrs:
4:50pm BBT:
Living Room

Andy: "I can't wait to see Candice in her clownie-tard!"

4:53pm BBT:
Lounge Room

McCrae is trying to cheer up a crying Amanda.
McCrae: "(Candice) is gonna be evicted in a clownie-tard."

Judd enters.
Amanda said that Candice makes her "so angry". Judd is worried that he'll be the replacement nom. Amanda says there's no way he'll be the replacement nom.

Judd leaves & heads upstairs to the HOH room.

4:56pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Judd: "I'm gonna lay down after this...I feel dehydrated."

GM is reassuring Judd that he is not going up as the replacement nom, if he won't put her up next week if he wins HOH.

GM: "Why would you even think I'd put you up, dude??"
Judd: "Because of people.."

Gm is telling he's not going up. He said he was just being paranoid.
GM: "I'm probably gonna put up Spencer, but I heard that Elissa is trying to get Candice to stay. You're gonna vote Candice out, right??"

Judd: "Yes."
GM: "That's all I need to be official with. We shook on it. You are not going up!"
Judd: "Dude, she got the clownie-tard."
GM: "She's gonna be evicted in that thing."

GM is telling Judd that she's happy with the veto outcome.
GM: "It's all good. You have my word. I just don't know if I should put up Elissa or not."

5:07pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is now trying to get GM to not put up Elissa. GM says she's putting up Spencer.

5:15pm BBT:
McCrae enters. They talk about Amanda's punishment.

Judd: "She has to get up every hour for 48 hours???"
GM: "Think about it, it's called "50 Shades of Orange"..once every hour.."

UPDATED!!! @ 8:08pm BBT:
Candice got her Clownie-tard costume!!
(She got it at 7pm BBT).

At 7:15pm BBT, Amanda went outside & tanned. She has to do it every hour when the music comes on. This will be ongoing for 48 hrs!!

**Alright guys & gals, 9 1/2 hrs of blogging is enough for today. lol ;) Tomorrow is my "Summer Sunday", so I'm gonna sleep in, recharge, and then I'll do the Overnighter and spend the rest of my day off.

The house has definitley come alive today and it's game-on!! And unless you have the live feeds, you're just getting the tip of the iceberg. They are super cheap, $10 this month & $10 next month. You'll love'em!! So treat yourself & get the live feeds!!! :D See y'all tomorrow!!!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Spencer would try to make some moves if he won POV. At the very least it would be interesting who GM put up as renom if he used it on Jessie or Candice even if it didn't effect much who goes home.


cballz79 said...

There is a very simple twist that can be applied to mix up this boring season and divide the house.... Eliminate 2 of the jury spots. Simple as that. Think of what that would do to this group!!!

Erica Iles said...

How many people might actually start playing a little harder if they did that? Seems like the number one thing I've heard come out of most peoples mouth this season is, "I just want to make it to jury."

Dee said...

Here's an idea: Instead of one of the HG or America being MVP, how about letting one of the EVICTED HG be MVP for a couple of weeks. That would make things real interesting.

Chelsie K said...

your blog is so amazing! I have followed other blogs and they are more like trashy magazines.I watched the first four weeks and got to know the players and when I was on vacation I didn't have TV so I just followed your blog to keep up on what was going on. & I have found that I didn't even watch the last three episodes because your blog gives me all the info I need! Awesome!

Jamie said...

Hi Chelsia! Thanks, doll!! :D glad to have you a part of the addicts family. ;)

RCW504 said...


Anonymous said...

If Candice going home wasn't enough in the bag already now Jessie is off the block and Candice is wearing the cursed BB costume out the door.

So does Amanda expect Jessie to use the POV on her? Or is Jessie just gonna use it on herself like a selfish brat! It's so unfair first Jessie wants to steal her man now she stole her POV!


rbjjb said...

Just a little excitement in the house. For things to get much better then McCrae needs to be the replacement and/or Amanda / McCrae need to be the first to go.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was the POV where you have to pick a prize box and then the next person can either keep their box or swap with a prize someone else already got. Perhaps Judd could've had the POV then but took the $5K instead.


enb said...

Congrats Candice you are going home to your family, you deserved none of the abuse you received. They hated you cause u told the truth and called everybody out on their bullcrap. Finally enjoy your 10g's, and you are beautiful.

Maria Gree said...

That's a great idea :) they'd never figure that out :)

Maria Gree said...

Me too Jamie.... i read a lot of big brother updates before I found yours.... I have it saved to my iPhone and I'll keep it there so that next year I can just go right to it :-) thank you :-)

Maria Gree said...

I totally agree… She has been to hell and back.... She's a beautiful person inside and out and that's Yet another reason they don't like her :-)

Christina Habib said...

This is seasons cast is stupid. Dont they realize that the reason amanda is fretting is because she realizes that she would be the best person to get evicted compared to Candice and Spencer. Spencer and Candice have no one to lean on they could be easily evicted later. If DE does not grt rid of either Amanda or Aryn. I am done watching this show for a minute because it is rigged or this cast is dumber than a door nail. America keeps watching because they want these ladies out and CBS knows it.

barb coles said...

I one hundred percent agree. She is a great lady that has been put through the ringer. And i would have self evicted by now to get out of there. She has a great future. And will go on to live a great life.

barb coles said...

Amanda and Arryn need to go they discuss me . Amanda is just as bad as arryn. These people are really selfish and to think that america or canada love them. NOT. Come on houseguests vote Amanda out.

laserkat said...


Jen P said...

Seems to me that McCrae is distancing himself from Amanda--not because he's not 'backing her up'--but in many of the screenshots and conversations, they aren't cuddling or sitting close. McCrae knows that Amanda is going to take him down with her.

Amanda is just as bad as Aaryn. I hope that folks complaining earlier about Aaryn fading in to the background because of Amanda being a bad thing--they both need to go. Let's double-eviction this! Unfortunately, I don't think Aaryn would go in a double-eviction either.

Aaryn loves to throw Elisa's name into every conversation. Elisa isn't even a threat.

Glad to see Jessie off of the block. I don't think she has what it takes to win--but I certainly wouldn't want her to go home over Amanda or Aaryn.

What a frustrating season! No fun stuff--just all hate, meanness, etc. No hijinks and fun.

KNicole said...

These people are despicable. The constant racial comments are unacceptable and the fact that CBS is allowing it to continue is even worse. Why aren't advertisers and others up in arms about this like they are about Paula Deen???????? Unbelievable. So disappointed.

Ste ven said...

They are so bring to not vote Amanda out while they have the chance but don't see anyone being able to turnthe house. TThey're just a few weeks from having to turn on each other anyway. Get her out while you can Amanda has become the new Aaryn. She becomes so ugly when under pressure. She probably is so nervous because she's wondering how they can be so stupid and not vote her out now before jury. They broke up the other couples so why doesn't anyone see the strongest couple is there in front of them. I've never liked Candice much but I feel bad for all the abuse she's suffered

Ste ven said...

They want the $$

Ste ven said...

Get the threat, Amanda, out.. They're so stupid... Amanda, Elissa and all told Candice not to play emotionally & thats exactly what they're doing

Ste ven said...

Getting a spray tan is nothing compared to the chum baths of previous seasons and the shaved heads... (dont think its fair to make a girl do that but they could have made them die their hair like a rainbow)

Ste ven said...

That's exactly what I think. The voters are playing the game and now for 2 weeks telling the HG to get rid of Amanda and theyre not getting the hint. Why they dont break up the couple I dont understand.

Ste ven said...

Its part of the show and the worst isn't broadcast. The more press ur gets the more eyeballs it gets too. If the show is supposed to be a social experiment, you have to let it play out. If you want penalties for these types of comments from now on, you need to add that to the rules. Either have no tolerance or first time warning, then eviction. As it is now, I think you have to threaten or hit someone to be evicted. People who put toothbrushes in toilets and hatsup butts haven't been evicted

Debbie Sutterfield said...

A rainbow would have been a good idea due to the racist and homophobic comments in the house. In fact, it would be fantastic if they all had to do that for the live eviction show (and also tell them WHY during the show).

OA said...

Hey jamie,

I noticed you didn't know about the comments Amanda made to Candice, I am pretty new to this live feeds BB but aren't they 24/7 how did people ot see/hear their fight? This is a open question to anyone who has live feeds and/or knows how they work. Thanks!

Oh and I am super glad Jessie won the POV cause now we have 1 person who isn't afraid to vote out Amanda when she goes up as MV during dbl eviction.


rbjjb said...

We Need To Wait For Week 8 For This To Get Going With Game Play? I Really Don't Like The 3 On The Block Deal. Is It Just Me?

**Alea73** said...

Like I said, I think McCrae is gonna Win this whole thing...
I think he's figured out More than he's letting on, he's already pretty much figured out that America was/Is
MVP (he doesn't strike me as an Idiot)..
Yes, getting close (to close) with Amanda has been bad & good for his Game, but I think he sees the threat in that now...I think He's super aware of the fact that not only is America MVP, BUT We (The Viewers) have VOTED for Amanda to go up in the block for EVICTION....
A Hint I don't think he's taken lightly, but others in the House haven't even thought of....
Soooo, it will b very Interesting to see just how McCrae continues to handle Demanda as the Pressure continues to get to her & Hopefully McCrae takes this Oppurtunity to re~evaluate his Game.....
I think for an Underdog, he's playin a pretty good Game though....

Jamie said...

the feeds aren't on during comps, such as veto/have nots comp and the veto ceremony.

robere11 said...

When people are getting hoh why are they doing what those 4 or 5 people want I'm so sick of this I want Amanda on the block every week I want those 4 people nominated Helen,mc crea,Andy,Amanda, and then Elissa why are people doing what these Hg want instead of putting 3 of their asses up this season sucks

zouger said...

No more CBS for me... TWC officially cut it off in my city. :( Now all I have are these blogs to keep me updated - keep 'em coming!!! *tear*

OA said...

ahh I see thanks!

DO you think their will be an MVP for Dbl Eviction? There is so little time, between end of HOH Comp or when Candice gets evicted to nominations.

Jef Rosen said...

Guess we had it right. Howard DID say something sexual. Amanda used it and exaggerated greatly to smear him.

[We now ask Howard about an incident between him and Amanda a couple days ago, where he whispered something to her in the kitchen and she laughed and said, "Thank you" and that was ALL we saw of it on the live feeds. She later started saying she felt threatened and she made production check the tapes. She also told the house that Howard said to her that outside the house he would "f*** the s*** out of" her. But we have NO verification of this and did not write about it. From what we could see, production did not chastise or (obviously) boot Howard, plus they keep cutting the feeds every time Amanda talks about it in the house, so we waited until we could speak with him about it.]

There was some controversy on the live feeds this week over a comment you whispered to Amanda in the kitchen. She got pretty riled up about it, talking about feeling threatened and having production check the tapes. Can you tell us what happened? What did you say to her?

"I mean, basically it was nothing. This was after the big thing outside where Candice confronted Spencer. At this point, I'm just carefree in the game. ... I just saw an opportunity to joke with her .. I walked up and I said, 'I love you' and she said, 'What, no you don't?' and I said, 'No, I love you.' With her being brash and she's never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, 'I really do love you and outside this house you'd be so hot to me and we could hang out' and that was it. That's a joke I felt I could joke with her about because her, Candice and maybe GinaMarie, they're really open about their sexuality and that was basically it. She made more of it because she never really could figure me out because she couldn't control me. I guess she took it as a game ploy ... I mean, that's basically what it was. I wouldn't harass anybody."

Amanda is telling the house you said you want to "f*** the s*** out of her."

"No. No. It wasn't anything to that degree. Basically, I said we could hang out, you're so hot. She had always joked with me in that fashion, even in public around other houseguests. ... It was said in a joking manner. If she took it as [threatening], I will apologize over and over because I definitely didn't mean it in an offensive manner."

Breyanna Jeffries said...

Aww, that sucks! I keep getting the warning that TWC will be cutting CBS, hope they don't!

Maria Parker said...

Hell no!!!!!!! I will be soooooooooooo mad if tbat happens man thos season sucks i cant stand aaryn Amanda n McRae at first i liked Helen but now she acts like she is in control.......n Andy he is a huge nosey floater !!!!!!! I think well im going for allissa.

Rebecca McCamish said...

They'll probably announce the end of MVP during the break after Candice goes home. There's no way they can manage "America's Vote" in the 10 minutes they'd need. And after you have that second eviction only be two people, you can't go back to putting 3 on the block. That's fundamentally unfair--just like the MVP vote has been from the beginning.

James said...

At the beginning of the show, I was an Amanda fan, but she is starting to annoy me now. I liked the fact that she was thinking clearly about the game, but whenever it becomes personally she loses sight of that.
I think a lot of people don't like Amanda's brashness/how bossy she is, and are trying to make more out of some of her comments and behaviour as a result - there is no way she has said anything as bad as Aaryn or GM

Ryan Long said...

Great job america keep putting up Amanda. Love those paranoid cry baby why me fits.

Ste ven said...

Not sure there will be a third nominee for the second eviction. America only voted once. Part of the Fast Forward may very well be the end of Mvp. If I heard the HG, they are at 11 now... 1out makes it 10 and after the second they're down to 9,which we assume is jury time (2 finalists and 7 jurors). Mvp was never planned for the entire season. Julie will announce thatv& HG will cheer. It would serve HG if F2 is McRae & Amanda (he'd win) but they've had opportunities to get her out and didn't. Guess the seasons producers showed them didn't involve breaking couples. Not only cuz they are 2 vote block.. But if 1 is on jury and the other is finalists, you that didn't evict her just lost 1 vote. In the end, McRae is the type who'd realize it was a smart move

Razldazlrr said...

My guess is that they would all love to win the big prize but say they want to get to jury so they can continue to be paid every week. Once they make it to jury level, then they will focus more on winning.
There definitely hasn't been a lot of game play, maybe that will change when they get down to the core of people.

KNicole said...

Yes she has. YouTube Amanda zuckerman social justice warrior.

Kathleen DesRosiers said...

Mabey they could have the MVP get an extra vote in the eviction instead of nominating an additional player. That gives them more power. Or bring back the sabatuer. . And when does the zingbot come out?

James said...

I've seen the Amanda 'highlights' reel, and I still maintain it is nowhere near as bad as the things Aaryn and Gm have said. Half of the ones on there are jokes involving the whole house. There is a big difference between having a joke with someone and attacking them.

missnita said...

Please, please, please. Backdoor Amanda NOW!! Then Aaryn can go next in the DOUBLE eviction! This season has been awefull the rasist comments. I don't have the live feeds I read this blog which is great thank you Jamie. I get a lot of info. Keep up the good work!!!

AmiLrn said...

Amanda is on the block as the MVP vote

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