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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday to y'all!! :D While Saturdays for us usually mean it's time to relax and enjoy the weekend, it's not so much for the houseguests. Today they will battle it out in the Veto Comp and this week all comes down to today: Who will go home, Helen (main target) or Elissa (plan b)? Either way, one of them is going home..and then could come back in on Thursday. (Btw, Helen still doesn't know that she's the target. Aaryn told her that either Elissa or Spencer would be going home this week.)

Last night wasn't too exciting on the live feeds. Most of the HG's talked about random chit-chat and/or what they think today's Veto Comp will be. Shortly after the feeds came back on from the Have Not Comp, the houseguests were already speculating if it'd be a 'How Bad Do You Want It' comp.

As per yesterday's postings, Elissa is still claiming that she wouldn't go to jury "with all those crazy people" and instead, she'd quit & go home to her family if she knew she was getting evicted. Would she really do that? Who knows.

That's pretty much it for The Overnighter, I wish I had more to give ya but the night was filled with non-game chatter, a nail party, and mud masks. :P Starting the morning post right now!

Stay tuned...
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Susie said...

It is ironic for me that the four ppl I do not like bc of their mouth is still in the house and could win the money, how sadbut I think all four have lost their jobs.
Aaryn, Amanda, GM and potty mouth Spencer

Anonymous said...


There's not a chance in the world GM would ever win. Absolutely no one respects her as a player. I don't think Spencer could win either unless he somehow ended up in the F2 with GM or Elissa but I don't see that happening.


**Alea73** said...

1st: Jamie, you Doll, are one Awesome
Chick a Dee!
Thank You for the extreme Dedication to this Blog, Great Insight, and Humor
(Especially this Year with this OH Sooo Boring Cast...Yawn)...
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Keep Rockin your Blog, Ya little

@Susie, I agree with You!
I will HATE to see Amanda OR Aryan win this Game....
What I would LOVE is for Karma to make a HUGE appearance on behalf on Amanda & Aryan..
Something to the effect as in Amanda & Aryan make it to Final 4, then get Evicted one after the next and DO NOT make it to Final 2, but actually get THAT Close & then get to know that their Gameplay is what helped the actual
Final 2 & Winner!!
Now THAT, would be Sweet Karma coming to collect from those 2 Morons!
Oh and McCrae being Crowned the BB 15 Winner & getting back Home, becoming aware of the Snake Amanda is and her True Colors that were soo Proudly displayed by Her, and then Dropping her Butt, & having Nothing more to do with Her again!!
What can I say,
Karma is a Beeotch!!!!

laserkat said...

I hope when Amanda hears that America was MVP & put her on the block twice, she remembers her words to Elissa from last night's BBAD. When Elissa was talking about not staying in jury, Amanda said that America would vote & that "America's vote is legit" since they see everything.

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