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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Afternoon: Part 2 (Veto Comp Aftermath)

Happy Saturday, y'all! :D The live feeds have been insane all day today since the veto comp was over. (Zingbot was there as well!) In case you haven't heard, Amanda won veto..which means she will pull McCrae off the block & Elissa will have to put up a renom in his place. Who will that be? Andy. Could that change? Yes. Amanda came up with a plan that could put GM up as the renom, saving Andy from going out. I'm not sure if it'll work, but it's a shot.

Amanda's Plan:
To have Aaryn tell Elissa she (Aa) has the votes to stay this week (Am/Mc/GM), in an attempt to get Elissa to put up GM. She also said to say that GM hates her (El) and wouldn't trust her. Amanda tells Aaryn that she has to really sell it to Elissa that she's gonna go after her if she stays this week, in hopes of Elissa putting GM up to give her 1 less vote to stay.

In other news:
Judd is still keeping his F2 deal with Elissa underwraps & pretended that he was scared he could go up as the renom. (There's no way that'll happen.)

2:47pm BBT:
Judd told GM that everyone is trying to get her (GM) put up on the block.

3:05pm BBT:

Aaryn busted into the HOH room and told Elissa that GM is lying to her and won't work with her next week.
and that she has GM's vote to stay.

3:11pm BBT:
Aaryn tells GM what she just told Elissa. GM is confused to why she would make her (GM) look bad.

Spencer told Andy that GM/Spencer/Judd aren't going up, meaning that Andy will go up. Ever since, he's been freaking out.

Andy: "I f**king hate Elissa! Oh my god, how did this f**king happen!"

Andy asked Amanda/McCrae to just not blindside him if he's gonna go home.

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Stylas said...

Oh cry me a river Andy. I cant believe him. He had to nominate people too. It isn't like he is in an alliance with Elissa so she has no loyalty to him. It would be nice to finally see him on the block. I cant believe I am going to say this but I would like to see him go home. Aaryn is easy to manipulate and that may help Elissa in the future. Although I think McCranda will vote out Aaryn over Andy. Did I mention how sad I am that Amanda won veto? Elissa should have thought ahead and put up Amanda and McCrea together.

Kevin Watkins said...

Boohoo Andy stfu you rat! Glad he's going home!

AmiLrn said...

Andy's sneaky butt was warned that if he didn't keep Helen that there was a good chance Elissa could target him. He totally deserves it. Although I of course feel crappy that Amanda won the dang veto. Makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! At least getting Andy out will leave McAmanda with only themselves. As long as Aaryn's smart enough to abandon the sinking ship!
Tbh, I find Amanda an incredible game player, Andy not so much.

Anonymous said...

Amanda's plan kinda sucks. To be fair though I don't think there is a plan that'd work to get Elissa to put up GM.

I think a better plan would be for Aryan to go to Elissa and say she's been working with Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer and that even if she goes home all 4 of them will be coming after Elissa next week when she can't play for HOH with only maybe Judd and GM willing to protect her. However she now realizes where she stands in their pecking order despite all the dirty work she's done winning comps for them and that only Elissa has the power to save her by who she sits next to her on the block and she'd gladly repay that loyalty to her by playing for her in the next HOH and Elissa could certainly use a strong comp player on her side when she's so vulnerable. And that if she puts her up against Spencer she might be able to get the votes whereas if it's against Andy she's gone so she'd owe loyalty to Elissa for giving her that chance by putting up Spencer. Or if Elissa was willing to sacrifice GM Aryan would definitely stay and wouldn't owe the people voting anything but Elissa for putting GM up in the 1st place. However the GM part might be too much of a stretch so might be best to stay away from. It's a tough call though cause I'm not even sure if they'd rather keep Aryan or Spencer.

Another plan could be for Amanda and McCrae to go to Elissa perhaps with Aryan and tell her they'd be willing to wipe the slate clean with her and forget all about this week and chalk it up to just lashing out emotionally from losing Helen if she would just put up Judd since it's not fair for him to get a 2nd chance anyway and that then they could work together moving forward. This plan is a much longer shot to work but still better than Amanda's in my opinion. Ultimately though as I said I don't think there is anything they can do to keep Andy from being the renom.


Rebecca McCamish said...


Congrats, girlfriend. I'm glad she won. This totally screws Elissa out of the satisfaction of getting out Amanda.

Excellent work.

Anonymous said...


Elissa did think ahead and her noms made sense cause her initial plan was to target Aryan. It wasn't until after her DR session late last night that she changed her target and at that point her noms were already set.

And honestly Amanda hasn't won a comp all season even when people were trying to throw it to her so the odds coming into this POV were about as much in Elissa's favor as possible. I mean it was like if it were a 6 horse race and Elissa placed a bet on the 5 horses with the best odds to win and as luck would have it that 1 longshot horse she didn't bet on finally won a race.

It could actually still work out ok for Elissa as she just switches back to her original target in Aryan. Which I thought was smarter anyway as I don't know if Elissa could've really trusted Aryan not to turn on her immediately. And I'd rather have Amanda playing for HOH to target me than Aryan.


rigs said...

Time to step up Aaryn and tell Elissa that she has to put GM or Judd up as a replacement or else she can't work with Elissa next week and that the rest of the house that she (Aa) can't control will be gunning for her (E) and Elissa needs her (Aa) support, vote and any influence she (Aa) has with the other HGs. Then Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer can put up Judd and a pawn with Elissa as the target to be back doored.

DanFan1 said...

I agree Aaryn is easy to manipulate but only by Amanda. The girl is brain washed she is a comp beast and dangerous to Ellisa where Andy is outed his game is over and he knows it so In my opinion Aaryn needs to go.

Anonymous said...


Andy would not actually go home if he goes up on the block against Aryan. They're just trying to convince Elissa he would to try to keep her from putting him up.


Rebecca McCamish said...

Rigs: I like your thinking.

DanFan1 said...

The problem with Aryan staying is Elissa won't/can't trust anything that comes out of her mouth that's why in my opinion, Elissa won't do anything to help Aryan stay.

DanFan1 said...

I think Elissa has shown recently that she doesn't take kindly to threats and if Aryan goes down that road it will only solidfy her choice in her mind. Remember this to Elissa is more about Aryan being a "bad person" and in a distant second is gameplay, in my opinion.

DanFan1 said...

I agree Brian. Unless Andy does something off the wall dramatic he will stay.

rigs said...

Elissa's best chance of winning is to have a strong competitor on her side and that is Aaryn. As the F2, who would win, Elissa or Aaryn? Elissa needs someone on her side to win HOH when she can't play for HOH. That is the leverage Elissa has. If Elissa dumps Andy, no vote in the jury house from Andy, Amanda, McCrea, Aaryn and probably Spencer. Andy is a much more dependable vote than is Judd or GM.

Aaryn needs Andy, McCrae and Amanda because she could win the game if she was F2 with any of them. If Amanda starts winning competition (which I doubt) she could beat out Aaryn as the F2. Aaryn has been winning comps and making big moves. Now that Elissa is winning comps, time for 3AM to get rid of her fast. Elissa already has Helen, Candice and Jessie as jurors who would vote for her. I am sure Helen has told her "You can WIN this".

Elissa wants to now win and the fact that she made a deal with the most "evil" person in the house, Aaryn, proves it. Amanda is the now "most evil" person in the house. Aaryn has a chance to use Elissa's "evil destroyer" mentality to her advantage.

Anonymous said...


Except last night it was Elissa who went to Aryan and said this isn't HS this is BB and wanted to put all the personal stuff aside and work with her to the end. So Elissa isn't this altruistic do gooder purely on a mission to rid BB of all the "bad people". She's playing the game just like everyone else.


DanFan1 said...

Aryan making "big" moves was because it was what Amanda wanted and the jury would no this so I don't think a F2 with Aryan and Amanda and Aryan winning isn't such a done deal.

geno35 said...

I applaud Amanda for pulling a rabbit out of a hat when it really mattered. And I don't blame her for not wanting to work with Elissa.
America is smart enough to figure out she's (Elissa) being coached from the DR. Radical changes in game strategy immediately after her DR session as well as comments from Aaron noting Elisss's knowledge of certain game info she couldn't have otherwise known, make it obvious.

Erica Iles said...

I don't understand the Andy tears. Maybe I'm not a very sympathetic person, maybe I'm kind of evil, because when these people cry I just think to myself, "OMG, are you kidding me?!" I just don't get some of these people's thought processes. I cannot relate in one single teeny weeny bit.

Rebecca McCamish said...

If Elissa and Aaryn go to the end, Aaryn wins the 500k. Period. They will reward her for working hard for weeks and weeks and weeks to stay, winning comps, and changing her behavior to get to the end. Elissa can't win sitting next to Aaryn.

AmiLrn said...

Elissa's apparent change in strategy after leaving the DR was nothing but a timing coincidence. She told Helen before Helen was evicted that her plan should she win HoH would be to put up Aaryn and McCrae and back door Amanda. Elissa also said that she would tell no one of this plan. And that is exactly how it would have played out had Amanda not won PoV. Check out around 11:30 am BBT on Thursday camera 3.

Ste ven said...

If McRanda can't leave, I do want Andy gone just for the drama. If Elissa puts up GM after last night's After Dark, she will truly appear crazy, esp if CBS would juxtapose that with the nomination. I'm confused now if Aaryn likes GM or not. I just feel bad for GM in a way cuz she's just over her head and doesnt know how to play BB or what the heck is going on around her. At least Zingbot will be fun.. Thats one segment I dont mind seeing yearly.
BB could still try to manipulate this week's outcome. Elissa technically could get a Pandora Box that would give her a special power. Just imagine the HG reaction if that happens after the MVP BS... And I was looking so forward to the possibility of Amanda out... Let's see how cocky she acts now. If next week's HOH doesnt put up Amanda & McRae, they deserve to lose the 500k. I'm kinda rooting for Judd cuz think he might be the only one who might even do it. Not sure GM or Spencer would... But the home stretch is usually when it gets exciting. Blog & After Dark is good but sometimes I wish I wouldnt know all these spoilers. Its like 2 different shows.. Viewers dont even know about the first BB wedding

•~catty~• said...

Absolutely! Sad for the end of 3AM, though.


Given a choice between Aaryn and Andy, I would rather Aaryn go home. I'd rather have GM go home, she's absolutely clueless about how the game is played, she's been carried this far on her leash. Even slowwww-talker Sad Clown couldn't penetrate GMZ skull while trying to impart strategy. All you get is:"OK!OK!OK!I just do the best I can do!We can get Aaryn later!I hate Amanda!What do you think Nick is doing right now?Oh!My nail is chipped!Sorry I farted!It's the slop".

Stephanie Kitchens said...

This is a little off topic but tonight Elissa keeps bringing up how Amanda was pregnant when she first came in the house then you get fish until the conversation is over. Then Amanda says she was three days pregnant and then more fish. Does anybody know the story on that? I guess the other night Amanda told the whole story?

Rebecca McCamish said...

As of 11pm Saturday, Amanda's plan looks like it is working perfectly. Plenty of time for things to go wrong before eviction day, but I doubt it. All they need is for GM to get put on the block as the renom, and boom. Andy flips, votes with Amanda and McCrae to keep Aaryn. 3AM is still in business and kicking ass.


This looks like it might work for McCrae and Aaryn.
I really like this:
Amanda: "I'm gunning after that b*tch (Elissa)...You're staying. I'm staying. McCrae is staying. I also want GM gone."
When everyone is losing theirs, Amanda keeps her head.
If Amanda pulls this off you have to give her props for strategy, chutzpah, and sheer force of will.


Amanda went to the Dr. to get the Pill and a blood test showed she was about two or three days pregnant but then she got her period.
But Elissa's kid was out of wedlock. Apparently. I don't know from all this girl stuff.

rbjjb said...

Vote Out Aaryn. Then Make A Final Give Of Spencer, GM, Andy, Judd, And Elissa. Get Rid Of The Horizontal Exercise Duo.

Anonymous said...


I'm not positive but I believe she may have had a miscarriage like 3 days in to a pregnancy during sequester before going in the house.


Roberto Arguinzoni said...

If you have been watching the feeds this morning, Andy is a snake. He has turned on 3am.

shannon72283 said...

Can u watch after dark? She tells the story around 24 mins in.

Justin Crafts said...

Whoever writes this blog, Thank You! I've looked on line at many BB updates and blogs and yours is the best,

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