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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! Yayyy it's Thursday-Live Show day!! :D As it stands, and will most likely remain, Howard will be going home. He's been trying to the votes to stay but truth be told, the votes just aren't there.

Tonight's HOH comp will be endurance and that means us live feeds watchers are in for a long entertaining night!! If you don't have them yet, no worries, just click here to get'em!! They're only $10 bucks and they're oh-so-worth it! I promise you!!

Last night, there was a mixture of fun & gaming. I'll list some important times for y'all to use the flashback feeds for.

*8:12pm BBT: Judd/Andy get into a fight because Andy was talking to Jessie (she was upset & wasn't telling anyone why, Andy went and talked to her) and Judd overheard them and thought that they were talking about Howard. Andy called him out in front of everyone saying that he was not talking about Howard. (Andy was worried that Judd was trying to frame him for a wonky vote tonight.)

*8:33pm BBT: Andy/Judd patch things up.

*11:08pm BBT: The HG's do the Harlem Shake in the HOH room. (*So funny!)

*11:15pm BBT: Harlem Shake Pt 2. (Dining Room)

*11:22pm BBT: Harlem Shake in the Have Not room.

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting below! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds monthly pass!

12:50am BBT:
HOH Room
Aaryn was freaking out a little bit last night. (Aaryn really wants Candice gone & others are promising her that they'll target Candice next week but that Howard needs to go this week.)

Aaryn: "I feel like I'm gonna go back up on the block next week like I did the last time after I won HOH."

Judd/Andy assure she's not, unless Candice wins HOH.

Andy: "And me & Helen can talk Candice out of it."
Judd: "All of us will be scared if Candice wins (HOH) because there's no telling who she'd put up."
Andy. "Yea."

1:01am BBT:
Lounge Room

McCrae/Amanda get BB married w/ Andy as the officiate.
Andy: "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to join Amanda & McCrae in wedded matrimony."

McCrae starts his vows..
McCrae: "Um yea..ahh..I loooove you.."
Amanda: *laughing*
McCrae: " good times...and bad...on the block, or not...have or have not...umm..I'm always gonna be here for you."
Andy: "Alright, Amanda (your turn)."
Amanda: "McCrae, I will be with you, have or have not, on the chopping block, and HOH, through slop & through yummy steak dinners, I will be there as your Big Brother wife."

Andy: "Repeat after me...I, Amanda, take you McCrae, to be my lawfully wedded husband, until eviction do us part."

McCrae says the same.

Andy: "Do you take McCrae to be your husband?"
Amanda: "I do."
Andy: "McCrae, do you take Amanda to be your wife?"
McCrae: "I do."
Andy: "By the power of veto, I now pronounce you husband & wife. You may kiss your bride."
Judd: "WHOOOOOAHH!!!!!" *throws little bits of ripped up paper on them*

1:23am BBT:
Best line of the Night...

Andy: "The cat is out of the bag now that everyone knows he and Helen are from Chicago. Helen and I are twins."

1:50am BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is telling GM that everybody wants Judd out next week, but she doesn't want Judd to go because he saved her over Kaitlin last week. GM is pissed that everybody else is deciding what everyone should do and that it's not fair that they don't have a say in anything.

GM: "Like, who appointed them frikin' mayor of frikin' BB?!"

Aaryn is worried that either Jessie/Spencer/Candice will win HOH tonight.

3:02am BBT:

Howard/Candice work on Jessie to get her vote. Candice tells her that Evel Dick & Rachel won their seasons because people were too afraid to go against them and that's exactly what's happening now. She's trying to convince Jessie to get Amanda out.

Howard thinks he can flip Andy. (*He can't.)

3:50am BBT:
Andy/Jessie talk in bed.
Andy: "I'd feel much safer keeping Amanda."
Jessie: "I told (H/C) that I'd think about it but I'm gonna tell them I can't (vote Amanda out)."

Jessie said they made good points about how some people are running the house but Andy said it worries him what the consequence would be if they went against the house this week. Jessie agrees.

4:15am BBT:
Lounge Room

Howard tells GM that he has "the 4 votes" to for him stay. (*He doesn't.) Candice said it'll come down to Aaryn doing the tie-breaker, but Howard really doesn't have the votes so it won't even go to a tie.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I have to go to work in an hour, then do some errands but I'll be back hours before the show starts tonight at 9pm EST, so if anything major happens, then I'll make a post in the afternoon. Otherwise, look for a new post around 8pm EST tonight for the Live Eviction post. I'll see y'all then! Make sure you have your live feeds ready to go for the Endurance Comp & don't forget your snacks! I'm thinking I'm gonna make some popcorn. ;)

Stay tuned...
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Debbie said...

Oh shoot...I forgot GM was even in the house that she isn't whining about the love of her life leaving, she's disappeared.

Kingboo985 said...

Every conversation she brings nicks name up though

Kim M said...

Is it bad that I really hope they show the Harlem Shake on the show tonight? I know it doesn't contribute to anything - but it would just be funny!

CC said...

They all need to start standing up for themselves instead of everyone else.

Shelby Lane said...
Here's the link to the HG's Harlem Shake. Pretty funny.

RCW504 said...


geeksgirl said...

When will these people start playing the flippin game????? The BEST person to vote out would be AMANDA!! She has been playing the best game for someone who cant win a comp! It would be a shocker and a whole lotta fun to watch. Wish someone would have the balls to plan it.

Cody Fisher said...

Urgggg!!! Does Aaryn, GM, Judd, Jessie and Andy not grasp that if they joined forces with Howard and Spencer that they would then be controlling the house? There is no need to be afraid of Helen, Amanda, McRae and Ellisa!! They would be nothing without their little puppets and Amanda would be out the door this week!!! Has someone zapped their common sense on how this game works!! I want a power shift, I want people sweating bullets, I want DRAMA!!' Come on houseguest!!

Michelle said...

If Aaryn would let Judd know they're gunning for him a big could be made this week! Especially when Amanda is the one who is really pushing it! These people need to play the game! I really hope something can happen. I would love to see Amanda get blindsided! This could also give GM vindication for Nick getting blindsided. Aaryn has so much information and if she shared it she could do something in the game instead she is too scared she will go on the block next week. How many times has she been on the block? She has yet to go and she has been HOH more than anyone in the house! She needs to get it together. I'm not an Aaryn fan but she has the knowledge to change the house and she is doing nothing!

Chelle Wilson said...

I agree! They are so afraid of retailiation from the leaders? Thats how the game is supposed to go back and forth because they take people like Amanda out. Of course Mcrae is gonna be mad but so what hand them the game? I like Amanda but shes a stronger player and more liked in the house than Howard why is she not going home?

rbjjb said...

The No Game Players Of Season 15. It Is All Set Up To Make A Game Move On Amanda. GM, Jessie, Spencer, And Judd - Then Aaryn Sends Her Home. Howard Needs To Go To Aaryn First And Then Work I Others. In The DR Production Could Let Players Know How Boring This Season Has Been. Plus Just Drop The MVP Already. Keep The 3 On The Block One More Week But Have A Double Eviction By Voting For The One You Want To Stay And Keep Who Gets The Most Votes.

James said...

I think Helen is running the house more than Amanda - Amanda wanted Howard out the last two weeks but nobody put him up, which doesn't sound like she is in charge to me.

Also, since when did saying to someone 'I really want X out of the house' become 'bullying'? people throw that word around waaaaay too much. Actual bullying in the house? Aaryn flipping Candice's bed and mocking her, Kaitlyn making fun of Jessie for not voting with them, and Jeremy wiping his butt with Elissa's hat.


Amanda's playing 'the flippin game'. I hope she wins her own HOH and gets Candice out. She's so weak.

AmiLrn said...

Went and watched their Harlem Shake on YouTube. Way cute :)

Cody Fisher said...

I could not agree more!!!!

Digi Dare said...

You know, I actually thought Aaryn was showing a nicer, controlled side of herself the past week. Last night, she and GM were back to letting all their ugly hang out! They were going to town up in the HOH, talking to the monitor and watching people. Aaryn goes on and on with "Go make me some pancakes, Aunt Jemima" referring to Candice. And Judd was right there on the bed with them and didn't say one word! Really disappointing. So sick of hearing every houseguest come out of the house saying, "I wasn't really around when those things were said" They have no problem calling eachother out on every other little thing that goes on?!? Are people really that cowardly today? Not in my world!

Ryan Long said...

Cause there all bunch of nice floaters with no confidence. Most boring Bb ever. Kumbiyah everywhere. Aarynn and Amanda are only two playing a little. Spenser is right about house

Random World said...

@ geeksgirl, exactly! It's toooo boring right now. So stale, ya know?

AuntCookie said...

LOl, I hope they show the house guest doing the Harlem Shake on tonight's episode. :)

Ryan Long said...

America just keep putting up Amanda they'll put her out eventually. Too much temptation. Lol Amanda this ks she's so liked that america could never put her IP what a joke.

Anonymous said...

How appropriate was it that Spencer did the creepy bathrobe flasher move during the Harlem Shake dancing


Dannielle Burciaga said...


I agree 100% - its like they dont see that if they flip they would also be re-establishing the majority side of the house. Because it would take a majority to tip the scale. Simple as that. The only one thing thats keeping them is the fact that the STRONG players dont want to flip. But the floaters have numbers. They could make it happen if they wanted to.... I'm hoping for a double eviction night soon. I want the pot to steer a little.

Anonymous said...


Amanda is the best person to vote out tonight for all the fans that don't like her and/or like Howard. But outside of Howard, Candice and Spencer it really isn't for enough of the others for it to happen. It obviously isn't for McCrae or Andy who's in a great spot right now as she's very loyal to both of them. It's not for Helen or Elissa as with Amanda gone people might start to realize it's actually Helen who's been running the house. Nothing has happened in that house that Helen didn't want to which is not the case for Amanda. 3 different people refused to listen to her about putting up Howard and only now that Helen wants it has it happened. Amanda is a huge shield for Helen and it'd be dumb for her to take her out now. It also isn't the best move for Aryan as Amanda and crew want to work with her and no way could she team up with Candice and Howard. That already right there is enough to keep Amanda.

Judd and Jessie might be better off getting rid of Amanda if they knew her and the rest of their alliance no longer trust them but they don't and the votes wouldn't be there anyway. And GM doesn't really matter much either way since no one is after her and she's gonna hang around a long time regardless since no one takes her seriously as a player besides herself.

As you said Amanda hasn't shown the ability to win any comps so there'll be plenty of opportunities to take her out and it'll happen for sure eventually it's only a matter of time. Amanda is not the type of person that's ever gonna fall below the radar so there's no need for enough people to rock the boat especially when they're in make it to Jury mode.


Claudia Sauceda said...

ok how is it amanda and mccrae get BB married and NO ONE thinks that is threatening?! These people are out of it! I mean seriously! BOOT AMANDA's ASS OUT! PSH! What the eff has Howard even done. I still dont even get that logic. smh.

Suzie Thomson said...

I wonder if the wedding was held last night just on case Amanda does goes home tonight by some last minute talks and flipping. Hmmmmmmm....

Debbie said...

You are so right. I feel like the house is full of floaters who are too afraid to make any major moves. Amanda is a HUGE threat to everyone else's success this year. Sure, Howard has physical strength, but that pales in comparison to Amanda's mental game.

Ryan Long said...

No chance no gifts in that house except maybe Spenserand aaaryn.

Kayla Naples said...

Did we figure out what was wrong with Jessie? I didn't get to watch the feeds yesterday or today. What are the chances of a twist happening? I love this blog, best one out there!

Kayla Naples said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan Long said...

Jesse is a high school big baby wanting attention. I think she has grown a little since bin there but still has a world to learn. Wow he are all sad what would we do without Bb. Lol

Anonymous said...


I've been saying the same thing. I think maybe a lot of people are confused 1)because many of the HGs talk about how Amanda is running the house and 2)because of Amanda's big and pushy personality. But the fact so many people think she's running the house is a key sign she's not cause someone who truly is doing so is much better at cloaking it which is why Helen is perfectly fine with Amanda getting all the credit/heat for doing so cause it makes her a much bigger target. Meanwhile nothing has happened that Helen didn't want as Amanda has failed with 3 different HGs to get Howard up. Only now that Helen wants it has it happened. Also look at both their pairs Amanda is positioned as the bigger target of the 2 while Helen like a true mastermind has Elissa positioned to go before her if they're targeted.


Anonymous said...


Aryan came into this week with no allies and now Amanda, McCrae and Andy have ditched Judd to form a final 4 with her? Why would she immediately turn on that? Is it to work with Candice or Howard or Elissa who hate her? She's in no position to do that or she's right back in the same boat with no allies. She's in a good position right now to sit back for a little bit with no one really after her anymore at the moment. The house has already changed enough in her favor so there's no need to do that.


rigs said...

"These people" are playing the game and they are playing it very well. "Winners" stick together, loses get divided and conquered. The alliance of Helen, Elissa, Andy, Amanda and McRae are winners because they see the value of sticking together. Smart players like Judd, Aaryn and Jessica go with winners. Spencer, Howard, Candice an GM are losers. They picked the wrong side from the beginning and they continue to make huge mistakes even if they are mildly dramatic for those who want drama. Amanda will go in due time as will all but two be eliminated to stand before the jury. The people who play this game get smarter every year. The MVP twist really has them baffled. It looks like many who watch the show are baffled by the value of the MVP twist.

Candice has good instincts when it comes to being a victim but her actions victimize her even more. She sorely lacks the rational side of the game. She can't keep her big mouth shut. Howard and Spencer can't be trusted. GM is just plain annoying.

When the house gets flipped, I want to see winners flipping winners. Once Howard, Spencer and Candice are gone, the game will be well worth the wait. Getting Amanda out now makes no sense, not even for the drama. Good, dramatic moves take time. Getting Amanda out now is just a knee-jerk reaction.

Renee said...

loved the harlem shake funny!

I agree with those that say that Helen is truly running the house. Amanda is just more in your face with her game. She talks game 24/7 and spends very little time socializing. Where as Helen has found a way to balance the two and even when she is talking game she finds a way of cloaking it while being "social"

Howard and Candice have enough votes to flip the house tonight. The only thing is they are talking to the wrong person. Andy would not turn on Amanda however Judd would and if his final 2 deal with Elissa is "semi real" he could probably convince Elissa to vote her out too. I don't know how truthful GM is being about voting Amanda out. But even if she decides to place a vote for Candice that's one less vote for Howard. As a matter of fact someone should tell her to vote for Candice then she can show her loyalty to Aaryn lol

McCrae, Andy and Helen vote for Howard...Everyone else votes for Amanda! Judd, Spencer, Jessie and Elissa...that's 4 to 3 Amanda is out the door and they don't have to worry about a tie breaker. Wishful thinking

Cody Fisher said...

That could work but I have a suspicion that this will be the last week for the MVP twist. I could be wrong, but I look for Julie to tell them America has been the MVP the last 2 weeks and that the twist is now over.

rbjjb said...

Rigs I Agree On Your Last Point. If All Stays Status Quo Then Eventually The Alliances Will Be Divided. However, No Season Has Been This Boring Through 5 HOH Competitions. Sure Amanda, Macrae, Andy, Helen And Elissa Have The Numbers Over Spencer, Howard, And GM. But The Rest Of The Group Are The Ponds That Could Switch And Make This More Fun

Why Should All Of America Have To Wait 7 Or 8 Weeks For This To Spice Up? Such A Vanilla Season Up To Now.

I Really Don't See Many Really Playing The Game.

Where Is The Ian Move? Probably Top 3 Moves Of All Time. Where Is The Dan Move? Heck It Would Be Great Having Jerry In The House. Should Always Be A 50 Plus On BB.

rbjjb said...

We Can Only Hope

Anonymous said...


I think they may keep the MVP twist for at least as long as it takes to get Aryan out of the house. Haha. They don't want to deal with the nightmare of her getting to the end and dare I say actually winning.


KayKayLah M said...

I agree with many of you that say that Helen is in charge, BUT the problem is that Helen can be so easily influenced; usually by Amanda.

@Craig M I'm confused by your focus on Candice being so weak. It seems she's one of the few that really get what's going on. Jessie is truly the weakest link. She doesn't win anything, and she is always crying to whomever will listen if someone "confronts" her or looks at her wrong.

It's moments like these I miss Dan. He was never afraid to stir the pot and play the game.

Mandee Easterwood said...

I found it on youtube :)

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