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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday, y'all! Last night on the live feeds, nothing much happened, but I'll cover a few things that are noteworthy.

Helen is still slated to get the boot on Thursday night & will join Judd/Jessie/Candice as the 4 HG's that will get to have a 2nd shot at the game. The HG's are speculating that a juror member could come back and if that does happen, they're just gonna vote out whichever houseguest comes back, though McCrae would like to see Judd back in the game. So we'll see what happens if J-U-Double D comes back.

Okay, let's dive on into the Overnighter! Like I said, nothing much happened but I'll cover a few noteworthy things.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds $10/month feed pass!

6:24pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Helen spent awhile talking/pleading to McCrae last night for his vote this week. She tells him that she'll keep her alliance with him/Andy a secret even if she walks out the door. She then starts threatening McCrae in her own Helen way.

Helen tells McCrae that he's "being percieved" in one way (basically saying he's being Amanda's b*tch, in so many words) and that he could do something for his own game.

Helen: "And I know because (Amanda) is a huge target, you can become one, too."
McCrae: "Oh yea, easily."

This is a long on-going conversation which really didn't amount to anything. McCrae thinks Helen knows who has MVP when Amanda was being put up as the MVP nom (he thinks it was Elissa) and tried to get Helen to tell him "the truth" that it was Elissa, but since Helen truly doesn't know who was the MVP, she had no info to give him. Helen then tried her go-to tactic of shedding tears, which still didn't work.

After their convo ended (around 7pm BBT), McCrae went and told Amanda about their conversation. 

He even told her how Helen mentioned that she bosses him around and is a bully. Amanda asked if he stuck up for her, he says no. She said she's not a bully and all the game moves she makes, is in McCrae's best interest as well as her owns. He also mentioned how Helen said that the plan to backdoor Amanda wasn't hers; it was Jessie's.

7:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Amanda is pissed that Helen called her a bully.

Amanda: "Do you think I'm a bully?"
Spencer: "I think you're assertively honest." (*lol)

7:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Amanda: "(Helen's) saying I'm f**king bossing McCrae around."
Aaryn: "Amanda don't say anything to (Helen), she's gonna get pissed at McCrae."
McCrae: "If you say something, I'm gonna be so f**king pissed!"
Amanda: "Shut up, McCrae. I'm not gonna say anything."
McCrae: "You shut up!"

Amanda: "I'm not gonna say anything."
Amanda then puts on headphones to listen to Aaryn's HOH CD.
Amanda: "Like McCrae, don't f**king threaten me like that, I'm not gonna say anything."

McCrae says he's told her in the past not say stuff and she went & did it anyways.

8:10pm BBT:

They did some Amanda bashing for awhile, but then Helen wondered if Amanda is really nice outside the house and will calm down & be "less crazy".

Elissa: "She reminds me of a 16 yr old, that thinks they know everything."

Elissa: "She's definitely not a loser by any means. She's going to be a success no matter what she does."
Helen: "Of course she will. She's got the brains, the looks, but she doesn't have any class."

Elissa: "She's anything but a loser, she's so smart."

Meanwhile, back upstairs...

Amanda is pacing the room. She's pumped up & wants to start a fight.
8:56pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Amanda: "Did I do something to bother you?"
McCrae: "No."
Amanda: "What are you thinkin' about?"
McCrae: "What we're gonna do about Elissa."

McCrae: "Me and Andy pretty much have to tell on Thursday, like, that me/Helen/Andy had a final 3 alliance without Elissa and that (Helen) said she (E) was disposable."

A few minutes later, Amanda starts to get upset about Helen's comments about her & how she's not even campaigning against Spencer who is on the block with her, she's just trying to maker her (Am) look bad.

9:33pm BBT:

Aaryn: "I really can't believe that the entire time I've been here I have not realized that there's live television happening. I really wanted to tell you guys about a story about my dad shi*ting on the floor at college."

McCrae thinks the cams aren't even on them.
Spencer: "Go ahead and tell it."

Aaryn starts to tell the story, the feeds switch to fishies.

2:03am BBT:
HOH Room

Andy comes in before going to bed to see how Amanda's doing (with being so angry at Helen for her remarks earlier about Amanda being a bully, etc.) Amanda starts complaining about how McCrae isn't being affectionate as she'd like to be and that he's done this before when she was a Have Not and he was a Have.

Amanda: "We don't go to bed together, we don't wake up together, we don't spend time alone, and whenever we are alone, all he does is talk fu**king game."

They all agree that they hope something fun happens today (Tuesday). Andy says he doesn't because he wants to win HOH on Thursday and he wants to be the one to get a Pandora's Box.

Andy leaves.

Amanda/Aaryn talk. Aaryn said she's paraniod that McCrae doesn't trust her, Amanda tries to reassure her that they're fine. Aaryn then mentioned that she's scared to be a pawn next week. Amanda tells her to trust their 3AM alliance and not to have any doubts. Aaryn said whenever she gets HOH, she just gets paranoid.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! As of 10:04am BBT this morning, all HG's are sleeping & all lights in the house are off. Once they get up & movin' for the day, I'll start the morning/early afternoon post.

Stay tuned...
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Loyd F said...

So Amanda rules the house with an iron fist, and she's flipping out because Helen made an accurate assessment of her (Am) personality. I bet she was a lot of fun to be around in high school.

Helen should be kicking herself in the backside for not voting Amanda out when they had 2 chances to do it. Too bad it just "wasn't the right time."

I'm really starting to wonder if that ex-CBS employee about which someone posted here a couple of weeks ago was telling the truth when he said that this game is rigged and Amanda was the predetermined winner.

Nicole Donmore said...

Love this blog!!! I have the live feeds but I can't always watch so it's great to have someone catching all the things I miss.

Does anybody else find it ironic that the house as a whole is scared of Amanda but as I read the blogs and watch live feeds I find her to be insanely insecure? If she did not have McCrae I seriously doubt the social game that has carried her along thus far. She hopped on McCrae so early in the game that it shaped her game in a good way. Alone? All her ego and antics would have sent her home long ago.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely sick of all these hg's. Andy is a pussy, Spencer is a floater along with GM, MC does nothing but lay around with Amanda, Amanda does nothing but tell the house guests what to do..Elissa is wondering why she signed up for this and Helen is just Helen non stop. Can hardly wait for the finals.


So CBS rigged the game by making sure Amanda doesn't win a single competition? Is that the logic? I'm not sure that's a very sound strategy if you are going to fix the game.

KNicole said...

Well said!

Susan Heimbach said...

Totally agree. It is so weird to just watch everyone cower to Amanda's wishes instead of see her for the threat that she is. Something smells fishy for sure. If she wins, it will totally ruin this show for me knowing that they pick the einner from the beginning. Ugh.

Laura said...

can someone explain to me the situations that prompt the switch from live feeds to fishes? besides comps and ceremonies, of course. why did they switch to fish when aaryn was going to tell that story about her dad?

**Alea73** said...

@August... ELL O ELL!!!
I sooo agree with You!!
All of those HG are sooo Confused most of the time
Between Amanda telling them what to do & them being afraid of Amanda's Wrath if they don't do as she says, that NONE of them know whether to
Scratch their Watch or Wind their Ass....
Jus sayin....

Rebecca McCamish said...

Your TV (and computer) has an off switch.

I really am not as sick of HG's as I am of the online fanbase saying how much they hate the game/season and then keep watching.

If you didn't like it, you wouldn't watch. I mean, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like sticking my hand in the garbage disposal so, you know what? I don't do that. ;)

rigs said...

The person who posted something about the game being rigged and Amanda is a predetermined winner is probably referring to an Amanda basher who just makes things up and posts them to validate his/her delusion. I just don't see Amanda as a bully, certainly not to the degree that Helen is, or Jeremy is. I like Spencer's description of Amanda as being "assertively honest". It can be a fault to not hide your feelings and wear your feelings on your sleeve particularly in this game. But so far it has worked for her.

Aaryn pushed her "man" David around. The difference is that McCrae stands his rational ground but also allows Amanda to vent but he can't ultimately control her nor should he. They can learn from each other. The old adage "opposites attract" seems to be at work here. I do get tired of the "romance". Being in my 60's, it doesn't do much for me.

I would agree that Amanda is insecure but definitely not "insanely insecure". Any ruling of the house by Amanda is done because she puts her thoughts out there, other do the same and she just happens to be right most of the time. This is a smart group of BB players.

I like McCrae's idea of telling Elissa about the McCrae, Andy and Helen alliance. That would be a great move. I don't trust Spencer but so far he seems to have saved himself after being on the other side. I would trust Aaryn more but she either needs more "hands on" comforting OR she is playing a smart game of using "insecurities", real or not, to her advantage.

Razldazlrr said...

Amanda - I do think a woman can be smart in business and not so much when it comes to men or more insecure (I speak from experience LOL). However, they are there to play a game and win money!! Amanda is getting the relationship and the game all mixed up.

I just think all of Helen's stories and alliances are coming back to bite her. If she or Elissa had won HOH last week, it would have been a different story.

They are getting closer to cash now and they are going to have to choose sides and not the middle (like Andy)

kennedy adeetuk said...

I disagree with most everything you said, Amanda is the worst type of bully. Everything has to be her way, she is so insecure you can't even mention her name without her literally going ape shit and wanted to kick you out and bad mouth you until it happens. I guarantee hat McCrae will dump her as soon as they are done doing their press rounds, he seems way to rational and level headed to be with her. I honestly can't wait until she leaves the house and finds out how the majority of the world views her, she is in for some shit. Look at it this way America hates her more than Aaryn the house racist, that says it all

KayKayLah M said...

@Rebecca- it sounds like "YOU" might want to stay off of the blogs or turn off "YOUR" computer.

I quite enjoy listening to others vent their frustrations or observations some I agree with and there are some I don't. I think that blogs like Jamie's, especially during a season like this, provide avid fans a place to discuss relevant topics and talk to each other b/c yelling @the tv isn't as fun as interacting w/other fans through the chat room!

Just b/c you LOVE a show doesn't mean you have to LIKE all the storylines or characters. If you want a BB15 lovefest take your own advice and stay away from the blogs!!!

Nancy said...

Rebecca, I agree with you.

Nicole Donmore said...


When I say insecure I am not talking about her speaking her mind. That I love...just like Jeff in his seasons.
I mean the constant whining for attention from McCrae and wanting to confront someone as soon as she hears something instead of being more rational like McCrae. or the fact that she only wanted Judd out because she believed he was the MVP. She could not WOULD not believe America was the MVP. 'America love me". and the endless talk about who is going to win fan favorite.

On any other season I would have loved Amanda despite all things I have pointed out.. No bashing-I think it's so easy for her to run the house because of who is in the house with her. So again how great would her game-play be if she didn't have so many HGs willing to be floaters? how great would it be if she didn't have McCrae fighting for her? Again most def she would have been gone if she didn't have him.

Nicole Donmore said...

@kennedy agreed!!

Tina Kimber said...

With No disrespect to you or your opinion, I have had the same thought but than realized, it's the game of BigBrother ItSelf that keeps people hooked!
We wait around for a Year, we all look forward to BB when the summer comes around, and it's That loyalty that keeps people watching!

On this same topic, I understand where these "haters" are coming from - to Some degree. BB is all about the fights, backstabbing, drama and of coarse...."expect the unexpected!". This season Most Definitely lacked in the expectations department! It has been Soo predictable Every Week! It's just a different game this year than any we've seen before. Let's hope future HG's of BB16 and on, Learn from this season!
This is just My two cents, feel free to keep the pennies! lol :o

3pzmom said...

McCrea will most defiantly dump Amanda's crazy insecure butt as soon as he can.


Amanda and Helen aren't bullies they are women.

*Oh no he didn't!*

Ste ven said...

AFTER DARK didn't have fishes and aired Aaryn story so that's strange. I hope Helen is the juror to return and she or Elisa wins HOH or someone gets the cojones to get Amanda out.

Ste ven said...

3pz mom , we can only hope but not likely. You think if he won final HOH, he'd pick anyone over Amanda? They just don't seem like the type of showmance that would last. They're so different and they already fight constantly. Is it worth giving up that money pizza boy?

Ste ven said...

They didn't on TVGN

Susie said...

Not sure when they go to the fish when Aaryn was telling her Dad story, either for being sued or privacy or depending how nasty it was. I know they all sign a waiver.

Ste ven said...

Blame producers for not being creative. For stunt casting Rachel sister. For not realizing she'd have a super advantage thus to get mvp and thus ruin that twist. For doing the same challenges week after week to the point the HG can predict what's coming and plan accordingly. The people who criticize players don't realize some of them are Playing BB. You may not like Andy but he's played a great social game and had never been on the block. You're supposed to lie and former multiple alliances and make mistakes. Helen was doing well till she couldn't or wouldn't swing a house flip. Amanda right when she says she's had a role in all the evictions, and that's without winning everything. Aaryn went from most hated and a few steps from eviction to turning it all around, changing her image somewhat, winning 4 HOH and stoll there. Pizza boy is still liked and didn't get targeted despite winning first HOH. You may not like them. Some like Spence have been total floaters, or GM doesn't think.. Period.. But the ones left have played. You also underestimate the stress if being locked in that house with no privacy, often no food, bed, or hot showers, with people you can't stand. That in itself will cause people to blow... Not to mention the paranoia of blindsided and back doors when you're sitting around for days with nothing else to download but think

Ste ven said...

You lost be a conspiracy theorists. What you're saying makes no sense and is illegal. They would never cast someone tied to production staff. Believe what you want

Ste ven said...

If you loved everyone, you'd be even more bored. Ever heard of love to hate reality shows thrive on that concept to draw in viewers

KING said...

Its a censor. It blocks out things that CBS don't want you to hear, such as disturbing things, racial slander, and comments about production

KING said...

A censor

KING said...

Its a censor. It blocks out things that CBS don't want you to hear, such as disturbing things, racial slander, and comments about production

•~catty~• said...

Ok I'll be the gross one and ask......what was Aaryn's story?????

And wow, great blog, as usual, and awesome comments all around! So strange that I agree with everyone...I see Amanda as mainly a smart player who will do/say anything to stir up trouble to get closer to the half million. BUT, she is definitely assertive and does pretty much tell everyone in the house what to do. An they actually, incredibly, do it!! lol, it's pretty unbelievable to watch.

The other HG's each have their own, I should say they are more like 'characters' . Actually, that's exactly what they are. It is pretty much a scripted reality show and not a family game show....they discuss inappropriate things all the time, just not on CBS but on BBAD and the live feeds. This, I think, is what happens....they are locked in a cage for months, like hamsters, they're stuck with one another, and even Jeff has said you really begin to lose your sense of reality in that house!! It's the world's largest sociology/psychology experiment! On humans! To see how certain people act under a certain set of people interact...who is the leader, the minions, the followers...who will start fights....etc etc. Jeff & Jordan both say that you really have to be there to understand, and the experience really can change you....I believe that, for sure. Now, are some of their 'real' personalities coming through? Of course! But that's just it; the 'game' of BB!

I'm still sticking with McCrae/Andy as F2!!! Especially now that Helen may be out...they're both great 'characters' imho....the two quiet good guys who got stuck with the bossiest chicks in the house! I believe McCrae has been the 'house' too. He's playing well: he knows when to win and when to lose...he predicts what is going to happen and when...he comforts most people (in his own way)...but yet he is BB MARRIED to Amanda, imo the biggest sh!t-stirrer in the house. I find their romance funny sometimes (like funny-cute) but they fight like they're really married-lol!! Andy has played super intelligently as well. Guys, he put some of his stuff all over the house, in each room, so he could be sneaky, sneaky and pop in and out and catch every conversation! Then he chose (a WINNING) team to tell everything to, not just SOME things like the (now) losing team. Pretty brilliant, I think. ;)

I LOVE BB, and always will. Nobody is boring....I like to say that only boring people get bored. Just saying! No insults or malice intended with that remark, btw ;)

Andy/McCrae all the way!!! (man...I am SUCH a dork-lol!)

AmiLrn said...

I don't really get why some people post that Elissa is clueless. In my opinion, she says some very insightful things regarding the other players, their motivation, their personalities and their gameplay. She does not seem to get snowballed nearly as easily as some of the other players. She seems to take everything that she is told with a grain of salt, which is exactly what you need to do in this game.

3pzmom said...

He will ride her until the finals if possible, LOSE TO HER, and then wake up and realize how stupid he was! It's a shame because they will never last outside of the house. Smh.......

SandyW said...

Ste ven said...
"AFTER DARK didn't have fishes and aired Aaryn story so that's strange"

Oh, Ste ven, do tell!

Patrick Quinn said...

Helen ruined this season of BB by getting everyone to vote with the house(people are OK with being a pawn rather than going after who put them up) when you get zero votes you feel OK.
Andy made this BB one of the worst in history by running around like a 13 year old girl telling everyone's conversations. Helen & Andy will be famous for making this the most boring in BB history. Thanks you losers.

Krystal Mitchell said...

Elissa is very smart she just talks slow which is a thinking mechanism she likes to think before she speaks and that's a good thing the other HG needs to try it sometimes

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