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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Night Live Endurance Comp

Good evening, BB addicts!! :D We just saw Howard get evicted from the Big Brother house and now it's time to crown a new HOH for this week. The HOH comp is ENDURANCE!!! Get your snacks ready, it's gonna be a looooong night! ;)

Also, next week will be a DOUBLE EVICTION next Thursday!! Yayyy!!

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The HOH Comp is called "Bull in a China Shop":
7:05pm BBT:
The live feeds are up & running!!!

7:07pm BBT:
All HG's still on the turning log.

Judd: "My eye itches.."

7:09pm BBT:
Judd: "I should've worn water shoes. Good traction on'em."
McCrae: "Your feet would've hurt after a while."
Judd: "Yea."

7:13pm BBT:
Lots of heavy breathing. The logs just stopped. (*The paint is wearing off on the logs.)
The log has begun to roll again.
Spencer: "I'm tired everybody!"

Judd: "I'm ready for some BOOZE!! You're doin' good, Gins (GM). You're doin' good McCrae."

7:18pm BBT:
Spencer sounds like he's about to have a heart attack.

Aaryn: "The (paint) is wearing off."
Judd: "Yea."

Here's Elissa & Amanda...

7:22pm BBT:
Quad Cam view...

Everyone is telling everyone "Good job!".


7:24pm BBT:


7:27pm BBT:


McCrae/Jessie/GM are left.

McCrae: "I didn't put deodarnt on!"
Amanda: "I told you to put deodorant on."

7:31pm BBT:

All 3 houseguests (Jessie/GM/McCrae) look like they're doing just fine! No signs of slowing down.

7:38pm BBT:
The HG's opened up the boxes, prizes *NOT* confirmed yet. (But it sounds like Candice might have won the $5k.)

7:42pm BBT:
The HG's are excited that there are no Have Nots this week. Aaryn is proud to have never been a Have Not.

7:48pm BBT:

GM is trying to make a deal with McCrae to drop but he's not budging.

GM: "I need my hair dye!" (*lol)

7:57pm BBT:GM/McCrae are still going strong!

8:00pm BBT:
McCrae falls...

The New HOH is:

Spencer tells Amanda to smash one of the plates over his head...(they're "hollywood" style breakables):
Spencer has a megaphone (**punishment from one of the boxes).

**Enjoy watching the HOH Comp Aftermath on the feeds!! (Psst...they're only $10/month for the last 2 months of BB!) I'll see y'all tomorrow!! G'dnight!! :D

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AmiLrn said...

I was impressed by that save Elissa made at the very beginning. She was down on her knees and she somehow managed to get back on her feet. Awesome!

Natasha Corrigan said...

Helen must have jumped quick after her threats were down... who got the $5000?

viewtifuljoe93 said...

Spencer and Candice are out already? Lol. That's just great. Thanks for keeping me updated, guys.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that was a strategic drop by Helen. Once Spencer and Candice went she really didn't need this HOH so why take the heat especially how she didn't handle it that well the 1st time. So why not get that last box as a bonus and look weak on top.


joe alvey said...

Leave it to the pizza boy to have the best endurance. I'm so behind on BB this season. :(I only stay caught up bc of this blog thanks so much!!!

joe alvey said...

Also y is Judd playing? I thought he was hoh

Anonymous said...

Haha they're all dropping like flies once Spencer and Candice went out. No one really wants the responsibility since they feel relatively safe already.


AmiLrn said...

So did Spencer, Helen and Candice get to pick a Mystery box? If so what was in them?

James Adams said...

Fun, fun, fun.

Anonymous said...

I want Jessie to win just because shes been floating up to this point

Vickie Scott said...

i hope mccrae doesn't get it.

shannon72283 said...

Come on jessie or GM!!!!! IF mcC wins its going to be a boring week!!! J or gm needs to win for a chance of a power shift!!!

AmiLrn said...

Aaryn was HoH this past week. Judd was HoH last week.

shannon72283 said...

GM OR JESSIE has to win if theres any chance of a power shift!! If mcC wins its gonna be a boring safe week!!! Lets go girls! !! Make the house sweat"!!!!!

aggie2231 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dannielle Burciaga said...

I never thought I'd say this... but GM I'm counting on you!! Go Jessie!.... *awkward* >_>;

shannon72283 said...

What were in the other 2ones boxes?

Anonymous said...


Not sure how interesting GM or Jessie would be they'd probably target Candice since they and Aryan all wanted her out this week. Amanda would probably try to get McCrae to target Judd which could be more interesting actually.


Anonymous said...

Do we have a comp crasher? Who's this 3rd random girl on the log with McCrae and GM? Somebody should call SECURITY!


Anonymous said...

I think Spencer has to only talk using a megaphone not sure for how long. Could it possibly be all week?


Erica Iles said...

I'm kind of annoyed that so many people gave up so quickly, especially when you have people like Elissa and Helen who jog and work out everyday!
If GM wins this thing you never know what might happen so maybe she can shake up the house some. Would serve Helen and Amanda right for just giving up like that.

Vickie Scott said...

sad Jessie didn't get it come on gm

Anonymous said...

Helen apparently won a BBQ party with 3 other HGs I believe.


Anonymous said...

McCrae probably should let GM have the HOH. I think she'd stick to her word on whatever deal she makes. She wouldn't want to be a rat or a cockaroach.


jayne said...

Lets go McCrae...i would have been
ok with Jesse winning but GM NO...
don't think someone who has said
some nasty awful things, deserves to
hair dye...My Opinion!

shannon72283 said...

Hmmmm....i think ur rite!!! I like that! Go mcC lol :)

geeksgirl said...

Yeah....what happened to Elissa saying she would let her arms fall off before she gave up an endurance HOH comp. God these people are horrible. The pizza guy is gonna get it again??? That's the last thing Amanda needs.

Would it be hilarious if Amanda gets put up by us and leaves on McCraes HOH????

rbjjb said...

Put The Married Couple Up GM.

Erica Iles said...

I think she was just filling in or something...maybe acting as a distraction.
I think her name is Butterscotch...

Heat said...

It really doesn't matter that GM won because now that Aaryn won't be nominated, America will nominate here and get sent packing.

shannon72283 said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder what 3 people Helen will choose to attend the BBQ party she won? The easy diplomatic way would be to pick GM, McCrae and Jessie since they stood out as lasting by far the longest. Plus it's a good mix of people to spend time with as a group. A little from column A, a little from column B and a little from column C. Or I guess she could go by who's been a Have Not the most, not sure of the stats on that though.


Cody Fisher said...

Never thought I'd be happy to see GM win! Now if she'll actually do what SHE wants to do and America will put Amanda up again maybe just maybe we can see a power shift. With the double eviction this week is bound to be a doozie!!

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't be so sure about Aryan getting evicted. It's definitely possible but it'll depend on who she's up on the block with.


Random World said...

Guess all that yoga paid off, huh? :y

Maria Gree said...

I bet GM will put up Spencer and Candice

Anonymous said...


I would think and hope America hasn't forgotten as quickly as the HGs seemingly have and puts up Aryan in a landslide again.


Leslie Hanley said...

Any ideas how the MVP will work during the double eviction??

Anonymous said...


That wouldn't surprise me. You know Aryan is going to be pushing her hard for Candice to be the target and Spencer is the easiest person for her to put up as a pawn.


Anonymous said...


Best guess would be there won't be an MVP next week. Or I guess they could also do another vote either Wed or right at the top of the show Thu.


This Is My Journey said...

I have an idea for next season. They should keep the 3 nominations but make the third nominee the last place person in the HOH comp, that way it makes people fight more in the comps. If the last place person wins the veto the second to last person goes up.

James said...

I really hope Aaryn is up as the mvp nom. Hopefully America will look back and think that being a racist bully is worse than being bossy.

Jen said...

Candice got the $, Helen got the BBQ party and spencer has to talk in a megaphone/bull horn until nominations.

Sierra Speer said...

Wow, I'm surprised GM won! Now it will be a never ending destruction of the English language courtesy of GM! A lot of ppl will be "scrubs" "cockroaches" and so on! I wonder if they will be back to calling Ellissa a femme bot!? Not very creative in my opinion! Looking forward to finding out what's in store for the week!

loveaustintx said...

I to hope that America votes for Aaryn. I read on another blog that Aaryn said Candice was not raised right because she was adopted. As Jamie would write (*head-desk*). Also read her Mom has hired her a publicist for when she gets out. She definitely does not represent this Texan!

rbjjb said...

They Vote To Keep One Player And The Other Two Go home

It's Easy Mmmkay said...

Hopefully Double Eviction is the end of MVP.

JON GROSSE said...

Hello Jaime:
Read online about the Fall 2013 premiere dates. Survivor starts September 18th. I think BB finale was suppose to be September 25th. I'm presuming that the finale will still be after Survivor starts which means it will be 9/18.

This is probably the reason fort the double eviction next week. How many rumored HGs are to be in the jury this year? I thought I read 9 instead of 7 because of the larger number of HGs this year. That probably means that we'll have the first member of jury next week.

Can't wait for the double next week!!

Great job on the blog. It's my go to for the latest updates on BB. I just moved this past summer and have little time to keep informed of BB.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

zouger said...

My thoughts on why this week will end up EXACTLY the same as last week:

1) If there was any chance that GM could be swayed to flip the house, Spencer might have a shot, but since he's forced to speak through a megaphone, he literally has no secrets or discretion this week.
2) GM will therefore follow "the house" (i.e. Helen and Amanda) and prob put up Candace and Spencer, but it honestly doesn't matter who she puts up b/c of my next point,
3) Once Amanda is put on the block as the third MVP nominee, she will be sooooo convinced that the MVP must be Judd, so she will target him to be the replacement nominee after veto and rally everyone else to backdoor him this week (and let's face it, everyone is so paranoid and easily manipulated, especially at the hands of demanda, they'll go along with it)
Oh, and even if Amanda isn't on the block, she'll STILL be convinced it's Judd and want to backdoor him this week, because that's what she does... She decides something is true according to her, tells everyone else that her word is law, and the sheep follow.

So even though this week should have been exciting that one of the "power players" didn't win HOH and America once again has the MVP power, we're basically damned if they do, damned if they don't either way this week...

AND, even though I'm excited for double eviction next week, chances are the numbers will no longer be in favor to flip the house then (in the aftermath of this week) so that will be another disappointment as well.

It seems like nothing will be exciting again until the super friends make it to the final six and start turning on each other, but I will probably have given up on BB 15 by then. :(

Sorry for the long rant... I would love to be wrong, but they're proving to be so predictable now, it's just painful to watch. *sigh*

**Alea73** said...

On Double Eviction, that means they'll do another HOH, correct?
If so, how will the (assuming It's America's choice again)
MVP on that Eviction play out?

Rebecca McCamish said...

My guess is that you won't see a double eviction until the MVP twist is gone.

Chelle Wilson said...

Did they say this week if it would have been her had she not been hoh? I hope so. I think she is playing well but she definatly deserves americas vote to go on the block. I cant wait to see her exit interview w julie! I like amanda but wasnt surprised america wanted her on the block however arynn needs to find out the viewers wont tolerate her comments even if the houseguests do.

•~catty~• said...

Amanda should NOT be evicted. She is the clear leader this year (sorry but it's true....the others all clamor to fill her in CONSTANTLY....they all want her to like them and would rat out their own mother to get in her good graces).

America, get off the Amanda bandwagon and choose wisely!! Choose someone that doesn't play BB, and mmmm hmmmm's her way through the game. I say get ELISSA out! Candice should go soon, too; she is a weak player (yep she is clever & has figured out secret alliances left & right), but she is entirely too emotional & unpredictable to stay much longer. Don't waste your votes on Spencer or Jessie, either, I'll bet that's who GM will put up. Let's rally & get Elissa up there....or Helen. Then they can back door either of them. Great season, BB!!!!!

Love this blog! Keep up the good work!!

P.S. Helen won a private BBQ and can ask 3 guests to join her (dumb reward; nobody is a have not this week!!), Spencer has to talk with a megaphone until nominations (I think), and Candice won the $5,000.00. I read this elsewhere, so I hope I'm not wrong about this---lol! 😎 HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Let's get Elissa or Helen out out OUT! 👍👍👍👍👍 It is time to shake the house up!!! Double eviction, too, so maybe they'll BOTH go! 🙏🙏

Ryan Long said...

Did Spenser make deal with gm to not put mcranda up?

Razldazlrr said...

on a double eviction don't they play a quick hoh and that person nominates and then they all vote right then? I can't remember! LOL

hey jamie - i wonder if they read our message that the "have nots" part of the game is getting old and worn out! LOL

Ryan Long said...

America ain't Noway putting up aarynn. Shes a cool chick not an idiot like the rest of them and the only thing good to look at in the house now. America puts up annoying people so either Helen or Amanda are going up but it doesn't matter cause Candice is going home.

Kim M said...

@Cody - America isn't going to put up Amanda again. I'd bet that now that Aaryn isn't safe as the HOH, she'll be put up by America in a landslide!

laserkat said...

I like that idea!

Anonymous said...

@This Is My Journey

I don't think that idea would always work because with many of the HOH comps there's no clear last place. For example in a question comp 4 or 5 people can be eliminated on the same question and all be 1st out.


laserkat said...

Wow Ryan, now being a racist female is equivalent to being a cool chick?? I think most would disagree with your claim that Aaryn is not an idiot. Racism comes from ignorance, so I believe that makes her a world class idiot.

Anonymous said...

I could NOT STAND Candice in last night's episode!! She comes off so entitled and a spoiled brat. I can't believe Andy either, the worst part is Am/McC/Helen will evict him without a blink once he's of no use to them.

Hope the outsiders (Jessie, Judd, GM, Spencer, Candice) realize this is their last week to stick together and get 1 of the master manipulators out (possibly 2 with the double-eviction) and break up the alliances that have been dictating everything!?

Helen will take Aaryn or Elissa and Amanda/McC will take each other to the end, it's time to STOP being puppets and start playing to win.

Wake up!!!

Linznoel said...

Anyone know where the gray/white bedding in the HOH room is from?

missnita said...

Congrats to GM for winning HOH and did not make any deals with McCrea. Not as far as what I have seen on line. Now is the time to make a big move and flip the house. Amanda and Helen would be my picks for the block. Amanda is such a pushies player. Some might think she is playing a good game. I disagree. She is not the HOH but she wants to pick who goes on the block. She has a spy/rat his name is Andy and he's a floater. Maybe he should go on the block. Comon GM flip the house and get rid of Amanda!!!!yah!! America seems to feel amanda needs to go after all WE (america) chose her for the 3rd nominee....

Ste ven said...

spencer's punishment seems to be more of a punishment for the rest of the house, but I guess now that I think about it more, it means he cant really plot with someone unless he writes notes

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