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Friday, August 9, 2013

Overnighter (Quickie Version)

Good morning/afternoon, BB addicts! Sorry for the late start today, I stayed up late last night so I could report who won HOH for y'all.

Okay, so we know that Andy is this week's HOH and his plans are to nominate Spencer/Jessie for eviction, with Jessie being this weeks target. He's gonna tell Spencer he's just a pawn and his goal for this week for Jessie to leave. However, last night, Jessie talked to Aaryn and told her that she wants Andy to make a "power move" in the game by putting up McCrae/Amanda, but I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen. Andy won't rock the boat this week & will do what the house wants him to do.

McCrae has been taking Judd's eviction pretty hard, he think this could hurt his game..and he's right. He voted out an ally. He was crying on/off to various HG's last night, despite Amanda trying to tell him that it's what they needed to do. (Amanda wanted him out because she thought he was gunning after her, thinking that he was the MVP and kept putting her up..but as we know, it was America that was the MVP and kept putting her up.) I was hoping that Julie Chen would've told the HG's last night that America was MVP, but nope..all she said was that the twist is done for the summer.

As soon as the feeds came back on last night from the HOH comp, Amanda was seen crying because she didn't win HOH and because she's upset she can't win a comp. Andy reassured her that she's safe this week, but that didn't stop her from yelling at McCrae for supposedly knocking her out of the HOH comp last night. (We'll have to wait until Sunday's episode to see how it all played out.) My question is, why did Andy even try to win HOH? He had one of the best spots in the house! Why chance it by making enemies by winning HOH? Again, we'll see how it played out on Sunday.

Last night, GM was heard saying that she thinks that Candice didn't leave with class. (If you haven't seen yesterday's episode yet, GM told Candice as she walked out the door, that her own mom doesn't care about her. This was a low-blow to Candice, considering that Candice is adopted.) For the record, Candice has 2 wonderful moms and her birth-mom is back in her life. Both Amanda/Elissa were heard (in separate convos) that they didn't find GM's comment funny at all.

So that pretty much sums up last night happenings. The only discussions that will be made this week is, who should go home: Spencer or Jessie. Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and GinaMarie all talked last night (3am) about who they think would be better to go home. Aaryn said she'll do whatever Andy wants, but would like to see Spencer go home instead of Jessie.

Let's see what the day brings on the live feeds!! :D Starting the morning post now!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I think the HOH was the one where they have to control rolling a ball down a plank to score points. They each go once to determine the seeding with the highest scorer just getting to wait at the end and only having to play once to win while the 2 lowest scorers start off head to head and having to beat everyone down the line to win with the others ranked in between. It sounded like it came down to a matchup of McCrae vs Amanda with the winner getting to face Andy for HOH. Amanda wanted McCrae to throw it to her so she could face Andy where she probably would've tried to get Andy to throw it to her as well. However McCrae didn't go for it and he beat her and then lost to Andy not sure if he threw it to Andy or not.

McCrae tried to explain to Amanda later that this was the best possible scenario for them since they're completely safe this week with Andy and he's gonna do what they'd want to do and target Jessie and they'd both get to play in the next HOH when a power move might finally take place.


Essence Howard-Watford said...

I just wanna add that Amanda threw Helen's name out there to McCrae (who agreed) that she's there next big target after Jessie.

James Adams said...

Thanks for staying up sweetie. :-)

Anonymous said...

You could definitely tell McCrae knew they made a huge tactical mistake last night but there was nothing he could do about it. For all the Amanda haters she may not have went home which there was very little chance of happening but she made a big mistake stupidly getting rid of a solid ally she'd convinced herself wasn't to keep a known enemy. Judd would've helped advance Amanda in the game and targeted Helen and Elissa for her. Whereas Jessie hates Amanda and wants her out big time and wants to work with Helen and Elissa to do it.

That's why Helen was the big winner last night and showed once again how she's truly running the game. She knew Judd was a threat to her and Elissa so this week she started strongly playing into and feeding Amanda's delusions that Judd was MVP knowing the DE would be the perfect time to do it as to not give Judd time to convince them what a huge mistake they were making. Then obviously Helen and Amanda spearheaded the campaign to Aryan last night and it happened.


rigs said...

Seems I remember Amanda asking Judd if he would use the power of veto on her and he said no. She smiled and asked again or in a different way and he gave a different answer. That was night before last IIRC. Amanda was on left of the TV screen and Judd was on the right side. It was then that I saw what the HGs were talking about. Judd was all over the place with a smile on his face. He was "courting" Jessie and Aaryn. That is hard to trust. Amanda has this smile that said "you are joking with me" but inside she was saying, you just sealed your fate. I think McCrae believed he could trust Judd but Amanda, Helen and Elissa could not. I don't think I could have trusted Judd either.

This season is a game for "smart" players who know the game and how is has been played in the past. The "cool heads" prevailed and ousted the hot heads. We'll see how long the cool head stay cool as the pressure increases.

I am glad David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard and Candice are gone.

Cindy Bagwell said...

BB6 brought an evicted guest back. The guest was chosen by America it was Kaysar..

Cindy Bagwell said...

I love this season so far. As for an evicted guest coming back, it has happened, it was in BB6, and America voted Kaysar back in during that season.

Angela Foster said...

I'm just wondering, but who the heck has some balls in this house? They're gonna nominate what the house wants? And by house they mean Amanda..??

this is starting to annoy me and If Amanda wins, I doubt I'll watch next season. When will they freakin' realize If they don't get Amanda out now, they never will?! *smh* they should have gotten her out while they had the chance before the Jury House came. Lordy Lordy

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