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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Night Live Eviction

Happy Thursday Live Eviction Day, y'all!! :D Tonight is the live eviction and as it stands, Howard will still be the one going home. Though he's tried to get GM/Jessie/Andy/Spencer to flip & vote Amanda out (with Aaryn breaking the tie), it's just not gonna work.

Tonight's show is at 9pm EST. We will see some recaps of house happenings, Julie will talk to the houseguests, then they'll all vote for which HG to evict.

Then towards the end of the show, we will watch the houseguests battle it out (minus out-going HOH, Aaryn) for this weeks title of HOH in an Endurance HOH Comp!! (I'm expecting a hang-on-to-the-wall kind of endurance comp based on how far into the season we are.)

If you wanna watch tonight's Endurance HOH Comp, ya gotta get the live feeds!! It's $10/month for the next 2 months of BB we have left. You'll get to watch tonights endurance comp, 24/7 access to the house cameras, chat rooms, and more! Super cheap entertainment & ohhhhh sooooo worth it!!!

As always, I will be live blogging tonights live eviction for those of you who won't be near a TV. I'll also have the chat room open so pop on in & say hello!! You bring the drinks, I'll bring the popcorn. ;) 

See y'all at 9pm EST for the show!!! :D

9:00pm EST:
Show begins....

9:09pm EST:
playing recaps of the past few days on the feeds.

9:24pm EST:
BB just did a segment on Judd & his small home town.
Votes are coming up after the commercial.

The Votes:
*Helen votes to evict...Howard
*Elissa  votes to evict...Howard
*Spencer votes to evict..Candice
*McCrae votes evict...Howard
*Andy votes to evict...Howard
*Judd votes to evict...Howard
*GM votes to evict...Howard
*Jessie votes to evict...Howard

Evicted from the BB House is:


9:45pm EST:
America is MVP again this week

9:50pm EST: 

The HOH Comp is ENDURANCE!!! 
*Get the live feeds to watch!! 

9:53pm EST:
There will be no Have Nots this week!

The first 3 people to drop, will get to pick 1 of the 3 boxes sitting on the haystack, one of them contains $5,000!!

9:58pm EST:
Double Eviction next Thursday!!!

10:00pm EST:
Show ends & the Endurance Comp on the live feeds begins!!!

Stay tuned...
CBS Interactive Inc.


Gilbert said...

I think had they done their homework H&C could have gotten Amanda evicted.....1st they could have worked Judd n Jessie together w/GM & Spencer that's four votes for Amanda...2nd as Elissa is the weekest link on the otherside confuse the crap out of her into voting for Candice. Have Candice call her a liar/backstabber whatever it takes and Amanda would be gone. Risky yes...but could work instead of just being sitting ducks..


Every time Candice has a confrontation she digs herself deeper. First rule when you're in a hole is stop digging.

cballz79 said...

Did anybody see the long hair dangling from Andy's pizza last night on BBAD at 10:13BBT?? Every bite he was inching closer and closer to it! It was a WILD scene man!!

Michelle said...

I agree with you Gilbert!

gigicatz said...

Although I'm still not a fan, I'm impressed with Aaryn for being true to her word this week.

That said, I would love to see Candice win HOH and put her up next to Amanda. Helen as the MVP nom would make the week very interesting. (Would it be too much to hope one or more of them be PMSing?)

Everyone laying low is really, really boring!

Polar41 said...

Candice seems to blame Helen and Elissa for the way week has played out.... She said that she was going after them in last night episode, do you guys think she was being truthful? Is she that upset and blinded?

rbjjb said...

Exactly Gilbert!!!!
Leave Andy Out Of The Conversations. Those Were The 4 Howard And Howard Needed To Go To Work On.

rbjjb said...

Aaryn Was True To Her Word. Still Could Have Done So And Then Get The Votes To Get Amanda Out.

Anonymous said...


I don't think Candice can win this endurance HOH though I obviously haven't seen it yet. If she did you'd have a much a better shot for Candice to nom Amanda and someone else, be it Helen if that's what you want, though I don't see her doing that, and than having Aryan be the MVP nom.


Anonymous said...


I don't think Candice can win this endurance HOH though I obviously haven't seen it yet. If she did you'd have a much a better shot for Candice to nom Amanda and someone else, be it Helen if that's what you want, though I don't see her doing that, and than having Aryan be the MVP nom.


KayKayLah M said...

I think I might take a break from big brother for a couple weeks (even though I'm addicted) BUT I'm so irritated w/the HGs, and I know someone like Candice's days are numbered, and yet we have to continue to stomach Aaryn's low brow off putting remarks.

@Craig I wonder if you were as critical of the blondetourage when they were stirring up trouble and flipping beds and spewing bigoted statements when they were ganging up on the "weak" Candice!??

Hopefully Candice can swallow her pride and make some deals, Oh, but wait like Candice said no one was offering her deals the way they forgot and forgave Aaryn of all her prior bad acts!!!

I'm just so frustrated...

slnc said...

I am so irritated with this group of hg's they suck! Everyone is so afraid of Helen and Amanda...its so boring. Aaryan needs to be removed along with Gm, the comments are so out of line.

Patricia Herdrumbold said...

BB is boring this year!!! Now the idiots are staring at the board to see Howards picture fade out!!! I cant stand that everyone is voting together!!!! What happened to 5/4 votes makes the gamemore interesting

AmiLrn said...

Coulda, shoulda, woulda. I think that this is the week that the houseguests will look back on and say this is when we should have flipped and gotten Amanda out. Not sure they will have another perfect opportunity like this was.

Kayla Naples said...

Amanda has been playing this game but she nasty. The HG's nees to open their eyes start making big moves or risky moves. Howard shouldn't have hugged any of them good bye. If you're in an alliance you're supposed to be hush hush about it. Why should he have answered to Helen about it??

CC said...

I picked Amanda to be put on the block this week. this show is becoming too predictable.

Patricia Herdrumbold said...

The hg's need to stop being puppets!!! Cut those strings from the puppetmasters Helen and Amanda!!! Make thi game interesting so far boring!! So boring that i catch myself just going on the spoilers to see who is in charge and who is on the block nothing in between because its so boring no excitement at all!!!

Anonymous said...


As many seemingly forget the HGs aren't in the house purely to provide entertainment for those who watch they're there to win $500K. So if the majority feel biding their time and minding the status quo is their best chance to do that than so be it that's what they're gonna do and I can't fault them. And although it's fallen into a rut recently the 1st 2 evictions were blindsides and the 3rd a pure backdoor. Often there are seasons where the 1st few votes are all unanimous. Hopefully the action will naturally pick up soon.


Anonymous said...


Amanda will always keep herself front and center on most HGs mind with her aggressive personality and she's not shown any ability to win challenges so trust me there will be many other opportunities to get her out and they eventually will especially if America keeps voting for MVP apparently.


AmiLrn said...

From the HGs perspective it is true that they are there to win $500K but without fans, there is no show. And as boring as it has been the fans won't stick around forever. That's why CBS needs to shake things up with an interesting twist. Glad next week will be a double eviction!

Anonymous said...


Exactly it's not on the players chosen to make the show entertaining their job is to try and win the best way they feel they can. It's only the producers to make the show entertaining with the cast they pick and the twists and challenges they have.


Kelly VanBortle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly VanBortle said...

GM needs to put up Helen just to switch things up a bit since she is "running everything" aka- the theater. Orrr she needs to put up amanda just because she is so obnoxious!! Also someone needs to get Aaron the f*** out of there, racist B*tch!!!!

Digi Dare said...

Totally agree with you Brian. Your comments are the only ones I can read anymore. I don't know if BB is pulling in a "newer" audience or what, it is like no one understands gameplay. Very frustrating.

**Alea73** said...

I agree with the Both of Y'all with the exception being that the Votes for Candice (which were more than apparantl) being:
and. Aryan being the Tie Breaking Vote as HOH
She sooo desperately wanted Candice evicted Tonight & this was her Oppurtunity to do so ...
I am NOT an Aryan Fan BY NO MEANS,
But she DID Honor the Ageeement she made with
the House Regeme of Amanda/Helen (Ellissa) & gave them the Eviction Noms, BUT,
They NEVER stated in their Agreement that should the Eviction come down to a Tie Breaker, They'd
Also be demanding Aryans Vote on that Too...
Soooooooo, Yep pretty Sad to watch em all
getting Railroaded IN & OUTTA the House...
I agree with sooo many on this Season being the absolute Worst one yet!
BB , WHAT r y'all thinking???
I mean, REALLY?
Here's my personal 2 Cents ((thats all it is) on the Players left thus far....

G.M. Won her First HOH Comp, BUT,
She's STILL 2 Fries short of A Happy Meal...
Andy~Absolutely without a doubt, cannot keep his
Damn Mouth shut to save his Life &
A Big O Floater....
SPENCER~ID 10 T & he's gonna be hard pressed to find someone to work with Him at this Point...
HELEN~can't stand this one at all, she let that HOH go to her Head & now she's got some BB God like Complex thinking her strategy is the ONLY Strategy allowed, Have grown VERY tired of her Power Trip & her Bullying (yes, she's a Bully in her own way)...
ELISSA~ Overated, Caddy, about as Real as her Eyelashes.
I think NOW & more recently Elissa is just all kinds
Of 50 Shades of Sketchiness...
JUDD~I really Hope that Amanda doesn't start pulling her typical ��sheehut this week about trying to get him out (over whatever lame excuse she came up with now.... Maybe she said it looked like it was gonna Rain & Judd said No" so now Judd must Go.... I dunno...
I think Judd is about to make a pretty Big Bold Move though, fairly soon too....he's our Under Dog...
That Girl is sooo dang Confused, she don't know whether to scratch her watch or wind her Ass...
ARYAN~If ya ain't got somethin nice to say about someone, then go sit by her....
At this point, she's just a Puppet doing a Janitors Job for those in Control, but, I'll give her this, she's actually being somewhat Smart & tryin to rebuild whatever Trust she can all the while. Aiding in keeping The Targets bigger on others, so I reckon she's not a COMPLETE Jackass....
AMANDA~Ugh!! Liar at its Beat!!
Grand Manipulator, BULLY, She's like
The Don of BB15 & if you dare go against her on ANYTHING, she coming for ya & you Gone,
Constantly scheming & she has em ALL snowed,
She is a bit entertaining, but she is the BIGGEST
Hypocrite of em ALL...
Hello Pot, I'm the Kettle....
MCCRAE~he's the Smartest one in the House
And this one without a Doubt (is no doubt gonna Win)....


Yes, I didn't like them at all. Those people that made those comments will have to live with the consequences, beyond that I don't think the game has to deal out any kind of 'justice'. Candice abandoned her game for a couple of weeks and it will probably cost her.

AmiLrn said...

While it is true that Amanda will keep herself front and center and always have a target on her back, I am not so sure that they will have the numbers to flip the house after this.

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