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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Overnighter (Summary Edition)

Happy Saturday, BB addicts! Sorry for the late start, but's the weekend and frankly, I haven't had a day off in like 3 weeks. lol It's really starting to take a toll on me.

Okay, so last night was actually pretty uneventual in the BB15 house. Kinda surprised by that. McCrae/Amanda mostly just laid around and slept, though Amanda did go up to the HOH room and tell Judd/Elissa/Spencer/GM that she's sorry, she knows she's leaving, she love all of them. (Amanda still has no idea that McCrae is the target this week.)

One other thing worth mentioning, is that Andy/Elissa talked last night. Now, Andy has been on this whole "I gotta get Elissa to trust me" kick lately, so this talk was just that. While it seems that they've had a heart to heart, I believe Andy still wants Elissa out of the house ASAP but now he's in a safe spot with Elissa if she were to win HOH. (**UPDATE: Andy just confirmed this morning while talking to Spencer, that this is true..he wants Elissa out next.)

Truth be told, this is smart of Andy to do, especially with the Double Eviction coming up on Thursday. He should have all of his bases covered. The only thing that could trip him up, is if he wins veto today and is forced to show who he is really with in the house. (Amanda/McCrae still think they have Andy on their side.) Though Andy & Spencer both plan on throwing the veto today, it'd be interesting to see what would happen if Andy somehow accidentally won. lol

That's it for The Overnighter! Starting the morning post now! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I thought you got the Sundays off??????

Jamie said...

I usually do, but the feeds were too interesting the past 3 sundays and i ended up blogging. :(

cb2008 said...

The only real loyal person in this game is Amanda and McRae, yes Amanda pulled a lot of crap and got under people's skin but she played the game and she was loyal all the way. it really pisses me off that Andy turned out to be such a snake! He is never going to make it to the end and he will regret this decision later in life.GM is just a big phony and a hypocrite. she talk so much crap about Elissa and now being her little friend and what not, it literally makes me sick. And Elissa its just a real phony,fake,horrible, egotistical, self
centered,spoiled, brat who never shuts up and brags about being such a great person, when she is the bully in a underhanded way. Everyone left in the house except Am&M were all floaters and was carried to where they are, none of them deserve the money. I hope BB gives some special power to save McCranda. TURN the house upside down! PLEASE!

**Alea73** said...

Jamie Loo, YOU have been workin your Hiney off in an effort to keep all of us BB Fans Updated & Informed of all the Drama unfolding in the BB House.
So if You want a Day off (Sat vs Sun or any other day for that fact), then TAKE IT Doll....It's certainly
Thank You again for This Awesome Blog Dah Ling &
Enjoy your Sat off : )

Jamie said...

THANKS Alea! :D xo


Its too bad Amanda has such a blind spot with Andy. This has really derailed her game.

jayne said...


**Alea73** said...

What do you call what Amanduh did to Elissa??
All the UN~NECESSARY Harrassment she
(Amanduh) did to Elissa with the Name calling, the Horn Blowing, the banging on the HOH door (to get Elissa to open it for more of AmanDUMBs Harrassmemt), the constant getting in Elissa's face saying Mean things to & about her, & Following Elissa around in hopes of Elissa engaging in the Horrible,
Immature, & Obnoxious Behavior that AmanduH was doing...
What exactly would you classify all THAT as?
Truth be told, AmanDUMBs Behavior is completely in line with that of a BULLY and THAT is far Worse than anything Elissa has said or done....
You don't have to pay attention to the Man
Behind the Curtain Dorothy, to know
Jus sayin.....

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