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Friday, August 16, 2013

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

The HG's are off to a slow start this morning. As of 11:00am BBT, everyone is sleeping except for Aaryn. Today they will have the Have Nots Comp to play and then nominations sometime in the late afternoon. Unless something drastic happens, I'm expecting to see Helen/Elissa go up on the block today. Tomorrow is the veto comp. If Helen doesn't win it, it looks like she'll be gone on Thursday.

Before I start the morning post, I wanted to mention that I know a lot of you guys aren't diggin' this season. But I have hopes that it'll start to get really good this week. We have twists coming up, big targets are still left in the house, and they're all gonna have to start turning on each other soon. So keep the faith, my friends!

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Okay, let's see what's going on inside the BB house!

Currently on the live feeds...

11:15am BBT:
A look at the quad cam...

Cams 1 & 2 are on Aaryn, as cams3 & 4 are on sleeping HG's.

11:18am BBT:
Amanda is up.
A minute later, she heads up to the HOH room.

11:22am BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is practicing her nomination ceremony speech that she's gonna say to Elissa. Amanda says she's been thinking about Spencer a lot, but not this week...he needs to go next week.

Aaryn: "He's gonna win HOH next week, watch."
Amanda: "No, he's not gonna win."
Aaryn: "If he does, I'm probably going home."
Amanda: "(Spencer) has to go next week."

Amanda says that the next HOH comp will be physical and that Spencer won't win it.

(On Cams 3 & 4, Helen is blow drying her hair.)

11:27am BBT:

Amanda: "Helen needs to go this week! Worst case scenario, Elissa wins veto."

Aaryn is worried about her goodbye speeches to the evicted HG's if there's a chance one of them can come back to play.

Amanda: "Oh."

Aaryn said she's gonna ask production. Amanda says they won't tell her anything. Feeds go to fishies for a few seconds (they're not allowed to talk about production) and then when they come back, Aaryn is again going over her speech to Elissa.

Aaryn: "The only reason why Elissa is still here, is because we carried her & yet, she still treats us like nothing."

Amanda: "Elissa the only reason you're here, is beacuse of your sister. You are the worst player in the BB history."

Aaryn laughs and says that's worse than her speech.
Amanda: "Do you my input (on your speech to Elissa)?"
Aaryn: "Yea."

Aaryn: "I'm gonna tell her, 'You act entitled, you bite the hand that feeds, and you're taking this (experience) for granted.'"
Amanda: "I wouldn't say bite the hand that feeds, I'd say you're selfish and you turned your back on people that have helped you through this game." (*I can't wait to see what happens after the nom ceremony.)

Aaryn: "Either way, I'm not getting her jury vote, so it doesn't matter what I say to her."

Aaryn said she can't risk Elissa winning veto and taking Helen off the block, so they both have to go up.

Amanda: "I think Andy wants me gone before Final 4. I don't think he wants me gone now, but he made a comment to me that (hinted at that)."
Aaryn: "Take me to final 3, then."
Amanda: "I was planning on it."
Aaryn: "(You and I) are like, partners."

11:45am BBT:
Amanda/Aaryn are still talking.

Aaryn: "I love how Helen said that I was trying to play the whole house, when it was her trying to do that."

Amanda: "I would love to take Andy to Final 4 but he's just way too f**king good. That can never leave this room."
Aaryn: "I know."

11:59am BBT:
Talk is about Kaitlin. Amanda thinks she did have feelings for Jeremy. Aaryn said that her (Aa) & Jeremy had potential to date because they had so much in common but Kaitlin/Jeremy won't last outside the house.

12:05pm BBT:
Amanda/Aaryn are talking about who they think would have votes from the people in the jury house.

Elissa walks in and says she slept good last night. 

Elissa is applogizing to Aaryn and said that she was nervous about the HOH comp and was missing her family. (Amanda is now taking a shower in the HOH room.)

Elissa: "When I'm overwhelmed, I just want to be myself. It really wasn't anything to do with you. I wanted to be by myself."

Aaryn: "Thanks for telling me that. I don't have kids so I can't relate, but I'm sorry you're going thorugh that."
Elissa: "I wanna be here..."

Elissa is talking about how it's a challenge and emotional for her to be away from her family. Aaryn said she never wants to make Elissa feel uncomfortable so to come to her if she ever does.

Elissa: "Well I just wanted to clear that up. Is GM angry? I didn't want to sit by anyone. I just wanted to be alone."

Aaryn is saying that she doesn't get along with GM at times, she's not easy to talk to.

12:15pm BBT:

Aaryn is telling Elissa that she wants Spencer to go home this week, they have the votes to get him out, and she doesn't know who she's putting up next to him yet.

Aaryn: "If you go up, you're not the target! No matter what anyone says."

Elissa is saying that she knows being on BB is a once in a lifetime opportunity but that the thought of her being in the jury house & missing her little boys first day of 3rd grade just upset her.

They hug it out.

12:25pm BBT:
Elissa left the HOH room. Aaryn tells Amanda that Helen is still the target, she was just telling Elissa that her target is Spencer. They start talking about what Aaryn is going to school for, etc.

12:37pm BBT:
Amanda has been giving Aaryn voice lessons so that she doesn't have a scratch in her voice. Helen is now there and Aaryn is showing her what Amanda just taught her.

1:26pm BBT:
HOH Room
Helen said she knows Elissa is gonna go up on the block today & that if she (H) wins veto, she would not use it on Elissa unless Aaryn wanted her to. Helen says she's worried she's going up. (*She is.) She (H) can't stand the thought of Spencer lasting longer in the game than her.

Aaryn: "I know that if Elissa goes home, it'd be hard for you. I just know that if Elissa wins HOH, she's gonna put me & GM. And if I'm on the block, I'm going to go home."

Helen: "I care for Elissa deeply, I do. That's why I told her to come talk to you. If you were ever on the block against McCrae, Amanda or Andy...Andy is like my brother, but most people in this house..I would (save you) but I can't speak for the rest of the house."

1:32pm BBT:
Aaryn: "I know if I do put you up, you have every right to put me up next week. Whoever I put up and stays, will put me up. I understand that. But Spencer and Elissa, I just can't read them."

1:37pm BBT:
Helen: "If me and Elissa go up and you win veto, would you take me off the block?"
Aaryn says she'd probably keep the noms the same.

Helen: "If Elissa goes home, I'd need someone else to work with." (She's hinting at Aaryn.)

1:43pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Aaryn is blowing smoke up Helen's wazoo. She's telling her that she wants Helen to win veto "so, so bad". Aaryn is telling her that Elissa is going home and that "either way" Helen will be ok. 

Aaryn: "If Elissa wins veto, Spencer is going home." (*lie.)

Aaryn is trying to make sure that in case Helen wins veto, that hopefully she won't gun after her next week.
Helen: "I respect your decision, and we'll see what happens after veto."

1:51pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Aaryn (lies to) Helen & says that if it's Helen/Spencer, Spencer is going home. If it's Elissa/Helen, she doesn't know what the house will do as far as votes go. She keeps saying she "really wants her (H) to stay". (She's just covering all bases. Helen is definitely still the target.)

BB: "Aaryn, please go to the Diary Room."
Aaryn: "I guess we're about to do the have nots comp."

They wrap up their convo & Helen leaves the HOH room.

1:54pm BBT:

 McCrae: "Oh no, I don't wanna lose!"
Helen: "Just eat while you can just in case."

2:20pm BBT:
Feeds on fishies for awhile..possible that the Have Nots comp has started & they forgot to switch to trivia instead.

2:23pm BBT:
Annnnnd we have trivia!! :D Have Nots Comp is underway! Check back in about an hour for a new top post! (Feeds will be down for 1+ hrs.)

Stay tuned...
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David said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Helen is not some challenge beast like Jeremy or Frank from last season where you need to fear them playing for POV. Plus there's only 8 people left in the house so only 2 won't get to play so the odds are high she'd get picked to play anyway. Then you have the disaster scenario available where Helen wins POV while not on the block and uses it to save Elissa and they can't get rid of either and you wind up with Spencer and GM on the block. They're also all gonna lie to Helen and tell her she's just the pawn and this is all about getting Elissa out to lessen the ill will if she pulls herself off.


Anonymous said...

I wonder when Julie will tell the HGs someone in Jury is coming back in and if she'll tell them how they'll get the chance. If she tells them before the eviction that someone will but not how and if they mistakenly think America will vote for it I wonder if they might make a split second decision to evict Elissa thinking then she'd get the most votes to come back so that the other 3 wouldn't.

Also if they know it's a comp and they evict Helen and she wins and comes back they could tell her they switched at the last second to vote her out cause she'd have a better shot at winning a comp against the other 3 than Elissa would. They could even say that if they didn't know it was gonna be a comp but just that someone was gonna come back and say they just assumed it'd be a comp and she'd have better shot to win it.


Jamie said...

ooo good brainstorming there, Brian!

Anonymous said...


And when I talk about "they" might switch the vote at the last second it'd obviously only take Amanda wanting to switch it and then telling everyone else to. And the way Amanda loves to get crackpot theories in her head that are almost always wrong I don't think it's too far out of the realm of possibility. Although despite how often she's wrong everything has seemed to work out well so far for her anyway so.


James Estep said...

First time commenting ... I've been reading all season ... Thank you Jamie for all your work and dedication on this blog ... Also thank you to Brian and others on your insight ... I thoroughly enjoy everyones insight ... I believe as the saying goes that business is about to finally pick up this season on Big Brother ... I will from this point forward add some of my insight on things ..., Thank you to all

UnionGrl said...

As strange as it may seem I'm really starting to respect Aa's game play. She has very carefully maneuvered herself into a decent position in the house. Yeah she's a mean girl, and yeah she has a nasty mouth and temper, but damn the girl can play.

I've seen comments from other posters contemplating Aa winning the whole show and what would that mean to CBS. You don't have to be a nice person to win -remember Evil Dick? - you just have to be the best of what remains.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure if personally Aryan wouldn't be fine with Helen winning POV so that she could get rid of Elissa. If Helen stays she'd have bigger fish to fry in Amanda and McCrae so she probably wouldn't nom Aryan. Not so much with Elissa who would definitely target Aryan if she stays. She knows for 3AM as whole Helen is the much bigger threat to take out than Elissa so I think she'll follow through with the plan. But if Helen wins POV 3AM can't take issue with Aryan since she went with what they wanted and like I said Helen wouldn't target her while Elissa would so that would actually put her in the better spot next week when she can't play for HOH.


Anonymous said...


I think there's a difference between not being nice and being racist. Also with your example of ED I think it was part of his strategy to be rude and abrasive and terrorize the house to make people keep him around as a huge target and to think anyone could beat him in the end. That's not the case whatsoever with Aryan.

I mean they added a disclaimer to the beginning of the show because of her and all the negative media attention she got. There's no way I can imagine BB and CBS would be happy if she won. They probably don't want GM or Spencer to win either but I can't see either of them winning anyway. They might not be thrilled with Amanda either cause she had some negative press plus that BS rumor of being pre-chosen to win. If they had they're druthers I'd venture to guess they'd probably prefer McCrae, Andy, Elissa, Helen or 1 of the 3 in Jury that have a shot to come back to win.


rigs said...

For those who thought this year's BB was boring, they weren't paying attention. This is great gamesmanship. Amanda can't win any competition. She is the perfect HG to keep in the house, NOT the one to be evicted and she has a great strategic game even if some of her theories are, LOL, crazy. But then again, she doesn't know what we know. It is a fool's game to evict her now.

Elissa has firmly dug her own grave, Helen is already shoveling dirt on top of her and their time in the house is about to come to an end. Helen basically begged for mercy last night pulling out all the stops. I would send her packing and hope she doesn't return as an ex-juror.

As exciting as it is now, it will only get more exciting as GM, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Andy and an ex-juror (Judd is my preference) round out the final 7. Aaryn can't compete next week, a jury member will re-enter the house, Amanda can't win any competitions and GM is becoming increasingly "unstable". At this point Aaryn has proven to be the best player in the house. I hope she doesn't side with Helen. The jury just might choose Helen if she and Aaryn were the F2.

Christina Habib said...

I agree with you. It has been too predictable though I think that is why it is a bit boring. I think Helen is playing a great game also. She might be lying and two faced but that is BB. Helen knows that she is going on the block with possibity of Elissa. If she can make Elissa look bad before it is official. She will not look like she is campagining. Dont forget that this weeks evicted player also gets a chance to play to come back. I root for Helen I think overall her and Amanda played the be as t game so far. Amanda though is mean and crazy.

eric hodel said...

I never remember a season where everyone always votes the same. .. usually at least a split some where.. but they all just agree on a target and go with it even if there friend or supposed friend rather than takinga stance. . It better start changing

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