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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Live Show Thursday to y'all!! :D Yayyy!!! I don't know about you guys & gals, but I'm ready for a new HOH.

Depending on who wins HOH tonight, I'd say Elissa or McCranda are in danger of going this week. Obviously, if McCrae/Amanda win HOH, Elissa is in danger. If anyone from "The Exterminators" alliance (GM/Andy/Spencer/Judd) wins, it'll mean danger for McCrae/Amanda. Should be an interesting week either way.

Yesterday, Judd/GM were playful in the backyard (3:44pm BBT). GM got Judd out of the hot tub and dragged him to the pool. It's a funny watch on the Flashback Feeds. Later on in the night, GM said she hurt her back from goofing around with Judd and had Aaryn help her put on a couple of instant heat packs on her back.
Aaryn is still leaving tonight as scheduled, but she's trying to make waves before she goes. She told Judd about the 3am Alliance and how she "took his place" from the original alliance of McCrae/Amanda/Andy/Judd. Aaryn also told Amanda/McCrae that Spencer/GM/Judd are after them.

Okay, let's get to the Overnighter! :D

5:39pm BBT:
Aaryn tells GM to get Amanda/McCrae out. She tells GM that she can beat Andy/Elissa/Spencer at the end of the game and that she will have her jury vote no matter what. She told GM that if she wins HOH, to put up Amanda/McCrae with Andy as the replacement nom if need be.

6:23pm BBT:

Aaryn: "I just wanna be friends with you after this."
Judd: "We're gonna be friends for sure!"
He leans up to hug her and gives her a kiss. (*This is kiss #2 for them.)

Aaryn told Judd about the 3am alliance and how she took his spot & says it was a mistake working with Am/Mc. Aaryn also warned Judd to not trust Spencer because he lies a lot.

Aaryn: "You're in a really, really good spot."
Judd: "I hope so."

She then talked about how she's okay with leaving the house and that she's looking forward to spending her birthday in the jury house instead of inside the BB house. Aaryn then told Judd she hopes they all can go to Vegas and hangout.

9:57pm BBT:
Elissa/Judd/Andy are playing Jenga.
10:29pm BBT:
GM/Judd are playing cards. (**BB gave them a few toys last night..Jenga, a deck of cards, a slinky.)

GM: "I'd rather have (McCrae) go before Amanda."
Judd: "Me too. I really hate him. And everyone loves McCrae so much."

GM also mentioned how the HG's got sneakers from BB for the HOH comp today, so it's gonna be a physical comp. GM said that despite her back being jacked up, she's gonna push through the pain to try to win HOH.

11:18pm BBT:
Aaryn is making "butthole bleach" for Amanda. (*I'm not kidding! lol) I think she's using lemon juice and honey.

Aaryn: "You wanna do it with us?"
GM: "I have enough problems with my butt right now."

GM: "You actually think that's gonna work?!"
Aaryn laughs.

11:45pm BBT:

Aaryn & Amanda are letting the "bleach" do it's magic as they sit around & wait.

Amanda: "I think I have butthole honey on my foot."
Aaryn: "I have it on my leg."

12:10am BBT:
Amanda/McCrae shower together.

Aaryn is in the bathroom, too.
Aaryn: "Oh my god, my butt is so sticky."

Amanda: "Get my butthole."
McCrae: *laughing* "No."
Amanda: "Get my butthole!"
McCrae: "No."
Amanda: "If you love me, you'll get my butthole...(he does)...YEAHHH!!!!!"

12:44am BBT:
Elissa/Aaryn are talking. Aaryn didn't want to leave the house being on bad terms with Elissa.

 Aaryn tells Elissa she knows she's going home and that her mistake was being with McCrae/Amanda. She also told Elissa that she respects her. It's a clearing of the air convo. 

2:07am BBT:
Aaryn gets flirty with Judd as he's talking to Spencer/Andy/McCrae/Amanda/GM. 

Spencer: "Pull your pants down, Judd."
(*I think Aaryn just gently bit his knee cap.) 

**And that's it for the Overnighter! The houseguests spent the night lounging around & chit chatting. Aaryn knows she's going to jury & she's at peace with it. It's all about who wins HOH tonight!! I gotta go to work, so I'll be back tonight for the Live Eviction Show at 9pm EST! I might do a quickie update in the afternoon, so check back just in case. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!

Stay tuned...
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The frog-gigging goober gets a couple of mercy kisses from Aaryn and he has delusions of grandeur. Anybody else would know she's playing him. Would anybody vote in jury for someone who has already been evicted from the house once?

crane guy said...

That is a good question. I don't no how the jurors would aporoach that but I personally probably wouldn't vote for him unless he pulled of a flawless game from here on out.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's HOH is must win for Amanda or McCrae and to a lesser extent Judd since he'd go up with Elissa and be the one going home if Elissa came off the block. There's virtually no chance anyone other than those 4 would be the next evicted after Aryan. Hence if I'm Andy, Spencer, or GM I wouldn't have much interest in winning this HOH and would probably throw it.


Razldazlrr said...

ok - totally not getting the whole butt thing - pretty weird.

tonite's comp should be interesting - gm might win hoh, she seems to be the only one who can compete in a physical comp unless amanda can do it again. Mcc and Spencer both seem lousy - Andy? hmm maybe -
I remain amazed that GM and Spencer are still there - only with this cast

James said...

I'm surprised to hear Judd hates McCrae, he was probably the most upset when Judd left.

Rebecca McCamish said...

I bet David is crushed. Their love was the love of ages...

rigs said...

Last night some of the HGs were trying to get Aaryn to make semi-racist remarks and she can't help herself, LOL. But Elissa takes the cake once again for making stupid and ignorant remarks. McCrae got Selsun Blue hair shampoo for his dandruff and Elissa said she thought that was a "luxury". A flaking scalp is not a luxury and neither is the medicated shampoo. She is just so clueless about life and reality.

If one of the "exterminators" wins this game I would have to go along with the many on this blog that this is the worst BB season. As much as I don't like Elissa, I would rather she won than any of them and her winning would be worst than Evel Dick winning.

What a show it would be if Aaryn stays, Andy leaves and either Aaryn or Amanda win HOH. That would be worth watching.

Anonymous said...

That's a good question Craig. I think if Judd woulda won that baseball comp and came back as HoH that would increase his chances of jury voting for him A LOT. But he fell like a pussy, so I doubt he would get many votes.

B******** said...

Amanda really seems to have lost it. doesn't she realize she needs votes at the end? right now I would try to take her to the final two. there is no way she wins at this point. and there is no way McCrae can win now either, thanks to his association with Amanda. everyone is so down on them.

who do you guys see as the current favorite? i cannot figure it out, no one seems capable of actually winning right now.

Erica Iles said...

I think that if Judd managed to make it to final two he would have a good chance of winning. Most of the houseguests this season, in my opinion, are going to vote personal because everything that has happened in the house has been personal. According to that, Judd has the cleanest slate. Especially considering that half of the house felt horrible for blindsiding him and I would even wonder if that would play a role to some people (Helen, Aaryn)
If the game contines the way it is I believe Amanda and/or McCrea will either make it to F2 or at least be a part of it. If it's both of them, McCrea will win. If it's one of them, no matter who they are sitting next to, will probably win. Like GM and others have said before, if McCrea wins the money they all think Amanda will ruin it for him. So its all personal at this point.

morgan said...

I am confused why Andy isn't going home? If GM, Spencer and Judd are planning on working together from this point forward why don't they band together to keep Aaryn over Andy this week? One extra person on their side go get out Mcranda next week.

Anonymous said...

Of course the jury wold vote for Judd. If he plays the game well and makes the final 2, then yes, he is likely to get the votes.
There isn't anyone else left in the house that jury would vote for any more so than judd

Any way you slice this, the final 2 are going to be bad, unworthy choices .... Sad but true

Jen Broughton said...

Hello fellow BB Addicts! I live in OK and tonight's show will not be aired due to preseason football. Do any of you know of an alternate way I can watch live?

Ste ven said...

I hope McRanda goes up this week. I just want to see her freak out all week. If either McRae or Amanda win, its going to suck. Dont necessarily have that much confidence in the others, esp if its something physical. Spencer cant run fast; Andy is not the most athletic, Elissa cant play, and GM is injured...So that leaves Judd vs McRanda

AuntRoniRocks said...

Well, good for Judd for getting a little somethin' somethin' from Aaryn before she heads out. :) Lordy knows she's not quite as clingy as Jessie.. might be as crazy, but maybe just a touch less psycho-stalker.. ha ha

Even though I knew (thank you, Jamie) that Amanda won the Veto, it was still SO annoying to watch last night... AARRGH!! I was SOOOOO ready for her to go the heck home, but oh no... the ONLY time she wins ANYTHING.... so frustrating!!

However, I'm still so wanting the tides to turn and for some miracle to happen where Andy goes home but I think I'm going to pass out from holding my breath on that one...

Kiley said...

Has anyone heard anything about Amanda talking to her mother and possibly self-evicting tonight? The Big Brother page on FB had a throwback Thursday question, but in reading the comments, there were tons of people talking about Amanda leaving. Supposedly her mother told her how much she's hated and her job and life is a mess. Any truth to this???

Anonymous said...

Spencer is such a pervert, really can't stand him.

Erica Iles said...

I think for the people saying Judd couldn't get votes at the end are looking at this game wrong. How has the whole season played out? Personally. So logically, when it comes time to make jury votes, the jury is most likely going to vote personally. If that's the cass, Judd has the cleanest slate compared to someone like Spencer or GM. Also, you may say Amanda is playing a good game instead of being downright crazy; however, nobody in that jury house is going to vote for Amanda. Those people aren't going to look over all the crap she did on her way to being the queen. Maybe if she would have controlled the game like she has AND at the same time kept her mouth shut then Amanda would be considered a great player. She cannot keep that giant mouth shut though and it's going to cost her the game. Probably McCreas as well. IMO, the only way McCrea gets the votes to win is if it is him & Amanda in F2.

AuntRoniRocks said...

@ Morgan

I am SO right there with you - I don't understand for a single second why Aaryn is still going home and they're keeping Andy~!?!?!?!?!?!?

Don't they know how to count????

rigs said...

Judd got voted out for a reason and that hasn't changed since he came back into the house. Judd is very shady and he is unintelligible because of his poor enunciation. He can do better. I have heard him do better. His game is just as bad. He is using the same strategy as he did in the beginning of the game.

It is because Amanda is not liked by the jury, that she would be the one to be with as the F2. If Amanda keeps winning comps, she could turn things around. I was very surprised to see her win the POV. She did good in BB baseball. If there had been a no hanging on rule, Elissa would have been out in the first 20 minutes. From what I could see, Amanda finally saw that Elissa was hanging on and started doing it herself but I only got to see what they put on TV. It is very hard to make that kind of a competition totally fair for everyone. BB baseball was a perfect fit for Elissa. Being in shape and doing yoga all the time it surprised me that she fell down and off so often.

McCrae has to start winning comps. I think he is "whipped". He has allowed Amanda to drain him of all energy. There is some validity to no sex before a game the next day.

It is time for a big shakeup. Andy goes home and Amanda wins HOH.

Did anyone catch the sex talk about Candice and Jessie? That was so funny. GM had Aaryn burying her head in the bed and Andy must have been just totally disgusted because he walked out of the room, LOL. He is just not into "girl parts".

hannah leonard said...

Check out the Facebook page. There are some links posted to watch the show live!

Anonymous said...

I saw there are a ton of preemptions tonight due to preseason football. I have one here in NJ and to make matters worse it's for the Jets. Yuck! haha On the bright side I'm glad since there's always at least 1 preemption a year for me that at least it's this week. Since last week had the excitement of a juror coming back in and I'm predicting next week will be another DE.



I agree, McCrae needs to start conserving his 'precious bodily fluids' from the voracious, raven haired, succubus, that is definitely how he is being controlled. If he's not careful this could just turn out as "McCrae's Horizontal Summer".


HOLD UP?! Am I the only one who noticed this? NFL football on instead of Big Brother tonight? Crap! What am I gonna do?

Anonymous said...

@Morgan and AuntRoniRocks

Judd, Spencer and GM are keeping Andy because he is on their side now and they trust him more. They even have an official alliance name in The Exterminators. Plus in the event they prove to be wrong in trusting the one they keep Aryan is much more dangerous in that she's proven to be a big time comp winner.


Anonymous said...


Who's to say Judd doesn't think Aryan could be trying to play him? It seems very likely that he just wouldn't care one way or the other and is just taking whatever he can get like I think most guys would in his situation. He knows he's not gonna vote to keep her regardless so if she wants to give him some attention of a sexual nature whether it's to get him to change his vote or not so what why not?

I think Judd definitely has a shot to win the game. Whoever makes it to the F2 at this point is going to have their major flaws and the fact that Judd was evicted and got to come back in will certainly be one of his. I think it will come down to how Judd got to the F2 and who he was sitting next to and what they did to get there.


crane guy said...

No I haven't heard anything but that would be interesting to say the least. O well one can hope at least lol.

Toast said...

Same thing here in OH. Any ideas???

slnc said...

I wouldn't take amanda to the f2 at all she doesn't deserve 2nd place prize. She disgusting on all levels. @ jaime are they allowed phone calls?

Janely Castro said...

I think there might be some truth to that only because of a link I read on jokers updates. The link was to a tweet that had been removed claiming amanda was going to be evicted on the next like show this tweet claimed that amanda had signed the papers with her lawyer present and

Anonymous said...

Hey..a football game is showing in place of BB here (in Madison). How can I watch the episode live on the web?

Anonymous said...

@Kiley and Janely

Just another BS nonsense rumor about Amanda. It makes no sense and there's absolutely no validity to it.


american gina said...

Stupid football and dumber me for spoiling it through google noe I know who wins hoh and who goes home waaaaa. Amanda is a mean girl bully, mccrae is willow whipped and a barnacle and andy is a crybaby floater. Beginning of season I didnt like alyssa but am now rooting for her to take it all

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