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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday, BB addicts!! :D Before I get into the Overnighter, I wanted to let y'all know that there's a new BB15 Saga by Wil Heuser video up for your viewing pleasure.

"It's Day 9,000 inside the Big Brother house..."-Wil Heuser

Feels like it, aye?! ;) lol 

Okie dokie, so last night, nothing earth shattering happened. There were a few convos worth mentioning though, so I'll cover those. Aaryn is still for sure going home on Thursday and truth be told, that's not gonna change. I wish we could fast-forward to Thursday and get today/tomorrow out of the way. *le sigh* 

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10:40pm BBT:

Aaryn is complaining that she doesn't feel enough has been done to save her this week.

Amanda: "I don't know what you want me to do, Aaryn! I've been in bed crying...I feel like I failed. For the first time in this game, there is NOTHING I can do."
Aaryn: "Well, at least you understand where I'm at."

Aaryn walks away. Amanda continues to clean the countertops.

10:50pm BBT:
Booze delivery! A whole six beers & 1 bottle of wine. Almost enough to get them buzzed. Almost.
Judd/McCrae made a trade: McCrae gave Judd 5 cigs for 1 beer.

11:50pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Amanda is telling Elissa that Aaryn is leaving because of Amanda/McCrae...because if they wanted to keep Aaryn, they'd have the votes with GinaMarie. Amanda tells Elissa that if they wanted to save Aaryn, they could, but that they're loyal to Andy because Andy has been loyal to them.

This is a long convo but most it was clearing of the air between them, discussing issues, apologizing to each other (though I'm not sure how much either of them truly mean it). 

**That's pretty much it for the Overnighter. Not a whole lot happened last night. :( McCrae hopes something happens today (something fun), while Spencer thinks Elissa could get a Pandora's Box. In other news, McCrae noticed that there are more guys than girls in the house and joked about maybe they should form "Moving Company 2.0". (I doubt that will happen.) Also, there was some ground work laid down for getting McCrae to work with Andy/Judd/Spencer (sans Amanda) yesterday. So expect that deal to be made in the future if Amanda ever gets evicted.

I'll be starting the morning post once the HG's get up & moving for the day! Currently (9:30am BBT), all houseguests are sleeping & lights in the house are off.

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

omg - the Wil show - how funny! the Elissa impression is so great.

Anonymous said...

Here goes amanda trying to get credit for everything again dramatic

Jef Rosen said...

"I wish we could fast-forward to Thursday and get today/tomorrow out of the way."

Don't you feel like that every week? It seems like everyone already knows who is going home before the veto ceremony happens.

jefftalbot said...

It looks like one of those weeks where not much happens once the veto ceremony is held. I think it is about time for Aaryn to go and it feels like we might have three straight weeks of bitch removal if Elissa and Amanda go in the next two weeks. I can't believe Elissa has lasted but she is winning and I smell the end for Macranda. Maybe Macrae can regroup if Amanda is sent to jury...end game is all about comps so i guess we can expect the unexpected.

Ste ven said...

Well there was the mysterious photo booth and apparently DR told them 'they needed more photos." They were suspicious it could be a Pandoras Box or that Production would give Elissa a special power. They could use something like a photo booth for a special prize or award..whoever has the funniest picture America has voted for...or took the most photos etc. I do wish we would have the how bad do you want it challenge. Im still waiting for some girl to shave her head...but no one would ever do that...They should have a guy shave his head (Spencer beard too) or a girl die her hair rainbow colors. Aaryn could be saved if she either got McRanda to change their mind..or if Spencer, Judd, GM would vote Andy out. SHe has some points that everyone loves Andy...Im just hoping the alliance to get out McRanda is real and one of them wins HOH and finally does it. If they go after Elissa next week, they deserve to lose.

Jamie F. said...

Hi, Jamie. I don't understand why they need McCrae once Amanda is gone. There isn't that many of them left...once she is gone, that means that GM or Elissa are left (maybe!!). The thought process this year in BB in terms of alliances is kind of ridiculous. Amanda has made it this far (and trust I am not a fan of her) is b/c she truly is smarter than a lot of them.

Anonymous said...

no matter how many times Amanda says shes sorry shes still nasty

AmiLrn said...

Aaryn's overuse (and misuse) of the word "legitimately" drives me insane. Anyone else notice that? LOL


Amanda said she was sorry and elicited an explicitly Elissa apology as well, so I guess it is true that unless you are in the house you just don't know. Fans seem to hate the houseguests much more than they do. Fans get emotionally invested vicariously and their own competitive natures get stirred up. The weird ones are the people that actually complain about how someone eats. "Did you ever notice (insert name) smacks their lips"? That's a strange one.

Juliana said...

I don't understand why Spencer/Judd/GM just vote to keep Aaryn. Obviously Amanda/Mcrae's loyalties are with Andy because they are keeping him... so they should get out Andy and make a deal with Aaryn. These people are so dumb! They are leaving an alliance of 3 in when they could knock it to 2.

Philippe Scott said...

Would you say it "legitimately" drives you insane?

laserkat said...

I think the lip smacking type of comments go back to the old addage, "familiarity breeds contempt". Like in all relationships, after being around these HG for this long season, their little habits are starting to annoy us.

Anonymous said...


Because they've already made that same deal with Andy instead since they trust him more plus they view Aryan as a bigger threat since she's won a lot of comps.


KathyC said...

LOL AmiLrn - at least it's not "literally" like in Dani Donato's season.

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