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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! :D I'm diving into the afternoon post, since the HG's didn't really wake up until around 1pm BBT. If this is your visit here today, then you gotta read The Overnighter!! It's a must-see. There were lots & lots of fights last night, mainly between Jessie/Helen, though Aaryn/GM got into a big riff as well late into the night.

Aaryn is already mad at Jessie today. Reason? Well, Jessie threw out her cup of chocolate milk. Aaryn told GM that they should just ignore Jessie for then next couple of days and that'll "drive her crazy".

Jessie said last night that she plans on making everybody fight/turn on each other and today, she's already trying. (By the way, she's calling this "The Rachel Method", though Amanda thinks she's copying Evel Dick's gameplay during Season 8). She told Aaryn today (1:25pm BBT) that Elissa talks crap all the time about her, trying to spark a rise in Aaryn. But it fell flat. Aaryn is so done with Jessie, it's not even phasing her.

At 1:30pm BBT, Jessie tries the same tactic with Amanda. She tells Amanda that Elissa calls Amanda "slutty" all the time. Amanda's response? "I know."  Jessie's attempts thus far are not working. Will she step it up a notch? We shall see! Amanda did ask Jessie why she's acting this way & Jessie said that she's going out with a bang.

Today is gonna be an interesting day on the feeds, that's for sure!!

Currently on the live feeds...

1:50pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

McCrae says he has to "put a bigger target on himself", such as win HOH and make big moves, so that people will want to take him to the end.

1:59pm BBT:

Jessie has already started in on Elissa, by saying how nice her hot shower is (Elissa is a Have Not, only cold showers for her) and called Elissa "Rachel's shadow".

2:12pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jessie: (to Helen) "Good morning, liar!"
Helen gets up & leaves.

McCrae/Spencer talk about the weather. (*lol)

Jessie: "Hey Rachel's shadow, who got fake boobs first? You or your sister?"
No response from Elissa.

Amanda comes out.

2:17pm BBT:
Inside the house, Helen is non-stop talking about Jessie, though she keeps saying "she's not worth it" to talk about.

2:18pm BBT:
Aaryn/Elissa are in the backyard (off-cam at the moment). Jessie keeps calling Elissa "Rachel's shadow". Elissa can heard laughing.

Amanda goes inside the house.

2:20pm BBT:

Aaryn: "How does it feel not making it to the Top 8?"
Jessie: "Feels great!"

Inside, Andy is taking HOH pics.

2:24pm BBT:

Jessie: "...half the player your sister was."
Aaryn: "This isn't even funny."

2:26pm BBT:
Jessie keeps saying different things, none of them are really getting a reaction (yet).

2:31pm BBT:

Jessie heads inside.
Jessie: "By Rachels shadow!"
Andy: "What's going on??"

The girls tell Andy that Jessie is saying stuff to them but they don't care.

HOH pics resume.
2:38pm BBT:

2:40pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Spencer is talking about how late last night when Jessie was listening at one of the bedroom doors, Jessie panicked and jumped into bed with Spencer. They then talk about the GM/Aaryn fight.

McCrae: "I still don't know where my water bottle is." (*Jessie hid it last night.)

Amanda joins the boys.

Amanda: "Take a picture of me."
McCrae: "Oh my god. Duck face with a frog."

McCrae still thinks Andy is gonna get a pandoras box today. They don't think it'll happen while all the drama with Jessie is happening, though. They then talk about Jessie & all of her comments today.

A look at the quad cam...

*McCrae/Amanda/McCrae/Spencer are in the kitchen.
*Jessie is sleeping.
*GM is roaming around

Elissa has now joined the kitchen crew. Andy is talking about his HOH blog. He gave shout-outs to Ragan Fox & Jodi (former BB hg's.)

3:05pm BBT:
*Helen is in the Diary Room.
*Jessie is awake now.

3:08pm BBT:
*Jessie just put McCrae's water bottle back.

3:10pm BBT:
Jessie goes outside and sits on the ground, lights up a smoke.
GM is talking about her family.

3:13pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen said that if she won HOH, she'd put up Spencer/GM but would probably backdoor a bigger player. Helen now does Jessie bashing, again. Helen (who thinks their F3 deal with McCrae is real) said that she doesn't wanna backdoor Amanda without his permission.

Helen thinks that Jessie will give Amanda or McCrae a jury vote if they make it to F2.

3:30pm BBT:
A look at the quad cams...
***Bloggy break! :)
Stay tuned...
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James Freeman said...

Jamie u are a blogging beast thank u for all u do for us lol

Bethany Storms said...

I'm still rooting for Helen!! She and Aaryn and Amanda are the only ones really PLAYING (and Amanda is way too emotional about everything) You can't really play a game if you're playing by yourself.

I'm loving this season though. And especially loving that this is a FEMALE dominated season. I find the alpha-male driven alliances to be so repetitive and boring and annoying. It's interesting how the game is different when all the "strong males" have been booted. Though it's sad that a lot of the women chosen have represented themselves so poorly (GM, Amanda, Aaryn, Kaitlin) though. Jessie and Candice were straight up BULLIED. (And Spencer is a whole different kind of disgusting, I don't even want to go there.)

GO HELEN!! (And Candice if she gets to come back in! Can you imagine a Helen vs Candice final two?!?)

Jamie said...

lol Thanks James!!!

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