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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday to y'all!! :D Sorry for a late start today, I pulled a groin muscle at the State Fair last night and I'm very sloooow moving today, literally. Thankfully the boyfriend was helping me get ready for the day. But, I'm here let's get to it!!

Okay, so there was a ton of game talk last night and at one point before I went to bed, it seemed that the votes might have been there to get Amanda out this week, but as of this morning, that seems to no longer be the case. Candice still seems to be the one going home at this point.

Today is the Veto Ceremony and it looks like Spencer will be Jessie's replacement nom, after she takes herself off the block with the veto.

The plot last night to get Amanda out was from Helen/Elissa/Jessie, and they needed just 1 more vote. They decided to work on Andy's vote first...but that's where they went wrong. Helen then told Judd the same "we gotta get her out" speech.

After trying to score Andy's vote, he then went and told Amanda & Aaryn everything! Amanda now thinks Helen is getting "dangerous" and is now on Amanda's radar, should she win HOH soon. Aaryn then told McCrae/Amanda that Elissa/Helen/Jessie & Judd might vote her (Am) out. (**Judd is not on board with this plan, despite Helen trying to get him to be. Same with Andy. He's totally against it.)

Andy told Amanda to "lay low" and not lead on to Helen that Andy spilled the beans to her about them (Helen/Elissa/Jessie) trying to get her out this week. So, what does she do? She goes outside and cries to Elissa/Helen/GM saying "I feel like something weird is going on." A little bit later, Andy talked to Helen and reassured her that she (H) can trust Amanda, especially over Jessie, and to not get her out this week. Helen agrees and says he's right..this is not the time to get her out. Andy was relieved. They (A/H) then tell Jessie the same thing, that it's not the right time to get Amanda out. Jessie is not happy about it.

Aaryn then started pushing GM to put up Elissa as the replacement nom, so that there's no way they can get the votes to get Amanda out. GM has been having a case of HOH-itis lately and said she'll put up whoever she wants to put up. GM then talked to Judd and told him to vote Candice out this week & she won't put him up as a the re-nom at the Veto Ceremony. He says he will vote Candice out & suggested that Elissa go up as the re-nom just like Aaryn did.

A little bit later,  McCrae/Amanda were talking in the HOH room & they now think that Aaryn/Judd are working together (even though Judd has told them he's making it seem like they are but he's not) and that they're trying to frame other people. (*head-desk*)

Aaryn also told Amanda that at the BBQ party (with Elissa/Helen/Aaryn/Jessie), Helen said they shouldn't talk game and just to have fun..which leads Aaryn to believe that E/H/J are all working together.

Elissa/Helen then had a talk and figured out that Andy told must of told "them" (Amanda & Co.) their plan to get her out this week (she heard Andy talking with Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn). They no longer can trust Andy.

By early this morning, Judd had told McCrae/Amanda about the plot to get Amanda out this week by Helen/Elissa. They all agree that they (H/E) have to go soon, possibly this week. (**The HG's don't know this week will be a double eviction but I can see Elissa or Helen easily going home this week depending on who wins HOH of course.) Just as a little sidenote, Amanda/McCrae still don't trust Judd & still thinks he was/is the MVP. So if Amanda or McCrae wins HOH, don't be too shocked if you see them put up Judd...though there are "bigger fish to fry" at the moment.

*Amanda is super paranoid
*Spencer will be the renom
*Helen/Elissa/Jessie's plot of trying to get Amanda out this week, failed.
*Candice is going home this week (as of now).

Starting the morning post shortly! The feeds are on trivia, as of 10:46am BBT, for the Veto Ceremony. Spence will go up. No shocker there.

Stay tuned...
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Essence Howard-Watford said...

There is NO WAY I would have allowed Helen or Elissa to try to work with Andy's gossiping hen ass on this plan if I were Jessie! He is thee worst omg! I would be working the hell outta Judd telling him how Amanda suspected him and wants to target him soon. I'd get him to consider the fact that EVERYONE she and McCrae have targeted has gone home... come on people

Angela Foster said...

I don't know why anybody tells Andy anything. He snitches in a heartbeat. I feel they need to get Amanda out though before it's too late. She's a HUGE social threat and can persuade anybody to change their votes/vote for somebody. It's getting real annoying REAL QUICK. I really hope Helen or Elissa wins HOH on Thursday for the Double Eviction cause If not and the wrong person gets it, they're screwed..

Now back to work I go.. :( lol

Amber said...

Yeah seriously! They have got to realize that Andy tells everyone everything!!

Jef Rosen said...

"Elissa/Helen then had a talk and figured out that Andy told must of told "them" (Amanda & Co.) their plan to get her out this week (she heard Andy talking with Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn). They no longer can trust Andy."
Amanda can't keep her mouth shut!!! wow. She has absolutely zero control (even when she is not drunk).

AmiLrn said...

I knew they had made a huge mistake when I saw them going to Andy with the plan to get Amanda out of the house. He is the last person they should go to (aside from McCrae) to get Amanda out. But then again maybe they don't realize what I gossiping tattletale he is. Maybe he moves in shadow so much that they don't realize it.

Ste ven said...

I dont understand why Andy wants Amanda...Dont they all realize that if Amanda/McRae have to choose between any of them and themselves, they will always choose their partner. If its a F3, they will never take Andy or Judd or any of them. Why dont they want to get her out now - before she's on jury. I just dont understand the blind allegiance to Amanda. And Andy now has f-cked up his alliance with h/e. It will only get harder to get a couple out when there are fewer people.

I feel sorry for BB fans in NY, Dallas, LA...If they have Time Warner Cable, they cant watch it on TV...Hopefully they dont have Time Warner as their internet service too cuz CBS has blocked online too. Well I guess they can watch it on a tablet or phone using their data


People can get the CBS network broadcast signal if they are close enough to the antenna and tune their tv.

Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

Just because Andy doesn't want to get rid of Amanda right now doesn't mean he wants to go to final 3 with her and McCrae. The odds are extremely high that at least 1 of Amanda or McCrae will be taken out well before the final 3. He's been so close and loyal to Amanda and McCrae why the heck wouldn't he want her on the jury? He'd have her vote against anyone other than McCrae and vice versa. And if Amanda and McCrae both are on jury that's 2 votes for Andy vs anyone if he makes final 2. And Andy technically didn't f up his alliance with Helen and Elissa Amanda did by doing what she always does and confront people with the info she hears despite the fact she promised not to.



Helen/Elissa..."Helissa"? are playing as a 'couple'.

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