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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, BB addicts!! In case you missed it last night, the houseguests had their veto comp and Elissa won it. Not only did she win it, but according to the HG's, she was in "beast mode" during the comp...stepping on Aaryn's hand, pushing Andy into a log & giving him a bruised eye, she was quite the competitor last night. This, of course, ticked off Spencer and Amanda (the fact that Elissa won a comp). Amanda chalked up Elissa winning the veto to pure luck, though I'm sure she's just mad that she, herself, cannot win a comp and that Elissa of all people, did.

Okay, so this weeks target is still very much Helen & not only is Helen not aware of it, but she actually celebrated with Elissa on her veto win last night. Helen is under the impression that Spencer will be leaving & she thinks she has the votes, including Andy's. Truth be told, Andy is planning to vote Helen out & mentioned how hard that's going to be for him.

While Helen doesn't know that she's going home, Elissa knows she is because Amanda has been telling her last night that Helen is going. Will she tell Helen? We'll see!

Speaking of Amanda, in her mind, this week is already "done" and she's moving on to next week & the week after. Amanda wants Spencer out next, even though McCrae disagrees with that and wants Elissa out simply because she's uncontrollable and actually won a comp.

Okie dokie, let me go get the overnight happenings and I'll start to post them below!

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10:15pm BBT:
HOH Room

Everyone in the HOH room are talking about Helen and how they can't wait for her to leave on Thursday. Amanda tells them to keep making Helen believe that they're voting Spencer out this week.

McCrae: "I told Helen that you (Am) are voting Spencer out this week."
Aaryn: "It only takes 3 (votes), 1-2-3." (as she points to people in the room)
Amanda: "I'm just gonna tell her 'I'm gonna with the house'."
Aaryn: "That's perfect because she taught us to do that."

10:24pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Elissa walks into the Have Nots Room where Helen is and they both celebrating Elissa's veto win. (Little does Helen know that Elissa winning veto, means she's going home.)

Helen starts giving Elissa pep talks on winning more comps and tips on how to play the game.

Helen: "Take that same energy, and channel it into winning an HOH."
Elissa: "Mm hmm."
Helen: "I have a feeling that Thursdays HOH comp is going to be 'the wall' (endurance comp)." (*me too.)

Helen: "..and Aaryn can't play."
Elissa: "Thank god! And she's going up if I win!"

A few minutes later, Helen mentions that if she (H) won HOH next week, she'd put up Amanda.

10:39pm BBT:
Elissa tells Helen that until Spencer is gone, she's gonna be nervous. Helen tells her to not worry about that, she'll make sure that Spencer goes home this week.

10:41pm BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about if someone from jury is coming back to the house. (*Yep, on Thursday!)

Amanda: "What would piss me off the most, is if Helen came back. This is going to be the most victorious eviction for me."
Spencer: "Yea."
Amanda: "She's been after me for so long and she thought she was so sly about it. My biggest thing is loyalty and she's been so disloyal to so many people, that it's glorious for me get her stepping (out)."

11:07pm BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae: "Elissa is so easy to get out, that she's almost gonna skate by. Ya know?
Spencer: "You think?"
McCrae: "I dunno. It'd be nice to get out Aaryn but at the same time, it'd be a problem to leave Elissa in the game."
Spencer: "Unless there are no more options, you know I got your back."
McCrae: "Yep."
Spencer: "You know I'm gonna honor our deal. I have y'alls back until the end."

Andy join McCrae/Spencer/Amanda.

They ask who Andy would put up if he won HOH next week.
Andy: "Probably Elissa and...GM?"
McCrae: "If you put up GM, you have to make sure she goes."
Andy: "I know! That's the only thing. What would you guys do?"
Spencer: "With me going on the block, I don't really wanna answer that. But probably the same (as you, Andy)."
Andy: "I probably wouldn't put up GM because I wouldn't want her to go home (over Elissa) and if GM wins HOH, then I'm f**ked."
Spencer: "I got to win HOH soon!"
Andy: "I don't want GM to go home next week."

McCrae worries about Elissa in endurance comps, but not the question comps.
McCrae: "She's gonna pull something out of her yoga-ass." (re: endurance comps)

**McCrae also thinks this Thursday's HOH comp will be endurance, as do I + other HG's. Not only are we due for one, but with a juror houseguest coming back, it'd be the most appropriate.

11:13pm BBT:
Booze delivery! Beers & wine.

11:22pm BBT:

Amanda is telling Elissa that the only way that Elissa would've gone home, is if Helen won the veto.

Amanda: "You're gonna come down, Spencer is gonna go up, Helen is going to the jury house. Do you know that when Helen was up (in the HOH room the other day) crying, she wasn't crying because she thought you were (going to self-evict), she was crying because you're a jury vote for her. It's done. She can try (to campaign) but.."

Amanda: "You're not going to be on the block anymore, so the worst thing you could do, is try to flip the house..."
Elissa: "I would never try to flip the house..."
Amanda: "..and save her. It's not gonna happen."
Elissa: "It just sucks because I (will) have no one to talk to."
Amanda: "You have me and Andy."

11:33pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're talking about weddings and not "spending beyond your means" on one.

Amanda: "..and then we could go on the Amazing Race for our honeymoon ha ha!"
McCrae: "I'd wanna go on the Amazing Race but I don't wanna get married on tv. That's so f**king weird!"

Aaryn mentions Rachel & Brendon and how their whole lives have been on tv: how they met, their engagement, and their wedding. 

Spencer: "It's more beautiful it (the wedding) is private, and quaint." (*I concur. Did I just agree with Spencer about something? That's a first. lol)

12:56am BBT:
Lounge Room

GM is crying to Aaryn about not finding Nick's name during the Otev veto comp last night. (*I couldn't make this up if I tried.)

GM: "I just wanted to find his name so I could f**kin' hold up his name. They didn't even say anything about him. F**kin' Jessie & Judd (were mentioned) and they're f**kin' nothin!"
Aaryn: "It's just because they were here longer."

They then did some game talking.
Aaryn is telling GM to win HOH next week & that Spencer needs to go next (after Helen goes this week).

2:35am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Elissa is complaining that she's not feeling well & thinks it's the slop.

Elissa: "When I ate it earlier, I felt like my chest was heavy. Hey, I really think I need benedryl."
Helen: "..are you saying that into your mic?"
Elissa: "Yea."

Elissa: "'s giving me a headache, too. I feel like my hearts racing."

She thinks it might be a food allergy. Elissa goes to the D.R., which ticked Spencer off because he was in the D.R. and they kicked him out and called her in.

Amanda/GM/Spencer start doing some Elissa bashing. (They think production is playing favorites & just kicked Spencer out of the D.R. for Elissa.) They don't know it was for a food allergy.

3:10am BBT:
Backyard Couch

The HG's are finally off of inside lockdown. McCrae/Amanda are having a small argument. McCrae says people in the house thinks she smoothers him.

Amanda: "You don't think that, do you?"
McCrae: "Not really but sometimes I have to be by myself & play my own game."
Amanda: "I don't stop you from doin' that, do I?"
McCrae: "No but, I dunno. Just like how we both have to go to work (we have to play our own games, too)."

They talk about Elissa and how McCrae just found out last night that she has 3 stepkids (she only talks about 1 kid) and that pisses McCrae off.

Talk turns to about getting Aaryn out soon and wondering how loyal Spencer really is.

Amanda: "If he turns on us, we'll just get him out."
McCrae: "He knows if he makes a move...unless he puts us both up, then I can't (save you) or vote (to keep you if we're on the block together."

3:40am BBT:

McCrae/Amanda/GM/Spencer are doing some Elissa bashing, mixed with random chats. Spencer said that Helen has walked in on him when going to the bathroom 6 times this season. McCrae said he knocks every time before going in.

4:50am BBT:
Amanda is mad at McCrae because of a comment he made about her looking like a "whale" in her hoodie. Amanda thinks Aaryn is flirting with McCrae and knows that women like taken men. McCrae is calming her down and saying there's nothing there.

Amanda: "I love you."
McCrae: "I love you."
Amanda: "I don't like feeling threatened (by another girl) at any point."
McCrae: "There's no threat. At all."
Amanda: "I don't either but when you make (flirty) jokes like that.."
McCrae: "I don't want this to be an issue every time I have a conversation with her."
Amanda: "I never thought about it before, but she's a f**king horndog."

McCrae is telling her to not make a scene about Aaryn making flirty comments to him because she's just gonna keep doing it. Amanda starts complaining that McCrae & her aren't having enough alone time together. McCrae said they need to not isolate themselves so that they're always in the know & not give people time to talk about them behind their backs. It helps to always be in the conversations. They kiss.

McCrae: "We have to be separate sometimes so we can hear everything. I wanna get rid of (Aaryn) eventually but we need her right now."
Amanda: "I just don't like it."

They kiss some more.
Amanda: "Sorry I'm a crazy b*tch. I still love you, though."
McCrae: "I don't want you to be sad though."
Amanda: "I'm not, I'm tired."

5:05am BBT:
Spencer/McCrae talk. Spencer asked McCrae if Amanda is on board with taking him to Final 4. He said yea, as long as he doesn't put them (Mc/Am) up. Spencer mentioned that he's scared that someone could come back into the game.

5:40am BBT:
All HG's finally in bed.

As of this morning, Elissa is by her airplane seat bed (I think she's on the floor, I just saw her move a little bit.)

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! It's "Summer Sunday" for me, my day off for the week. So I'll see you guys back here for tonights Sunday Night BB Episode at 8pm EST! :D Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds today!! :D (**They're $10/month and we have only a month left of BB now.)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


I wonder if there'll be enough room in the backyard for a big endurance comp plus whatever comp the 4 jury members will compete in to get back in the house. That's the one aspect that makes hesitant about the HOH being endurance this week.

The thought did cross my mind that perhaps the jury member that returns could also become the new HOH by winning that jury comp. Maybe that jury comp could even be an endurance comp to show how bad you want it to get back in the house and be HOH to boot. But then I started thinking they're already giving them something great in a 2nd chance and to automatically make them HOH would probably be overkill.


Anonymous said...

@Jamie (cont)

They may even end the live show with the Jury comp. I remember that's what they did in S13 when Brendon beat Lawon to get back in the house. Then they blocked the feeds and taped the HOH comp later that night or the next day I forget which.


Anonymous said...

Some Aryan quotes from last night

12:44am BBT: "America, I am an evil human being. Any sh*tty label you can give me, America, slap it on cause I longer give any f*cks about it"

1:00am BBT: "I'm sensitive too but because I'm blonde and blue-eyed, nobody cares what's said about me."

2:32am BBT: "If I said something that was misconstrued, that's not my problem."

2:48am BBT: "Any publicity is good publicity so people can talk as much sh*t about me."


Suzie Thomson said...

I am surprised that Amanda didn't want Spencer to go home this week, since he went against the house agreement on that hold em fold em comp. That's usually all Amanda needs to want someone to leave immediately. Helen can possibly sell that point this week.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that's gonna trump Helen trying to flip the house on her and vote her out.


Anonymous said...

Ok now that Jessie's gone it's Aryan that's trying to steal McCrae away from Amanda. So after Amanda now turns her wrath on Aryan and wants her out next week I guess it'll be Andy who's being too flirty with McCrae and needs to go.


Ste ven said...

I really hope Helen comes back & wins HOH. We need some fireworks finally. It's funny how Aaryn, Andy, Spencer all keep blind loyalty to McRanda while seeing them openly lie and be very willing to slice anybody throat. It's really amazing how they're all so scared of McRanda (they're not comp winners).. And with so few HG left, no one thinks they need to get at least one of them out. And what is McRae doing for his own game. Would he vote Amanda put next week? No. But neither would Andy or probably Aaryn. HOH winners need to think strategically.
As for GM, I sometimes feel sorry for how immature and uneducated (+ delusional) she comes across. I hope they show that Nick comments or they ask her in Dr. It's too good to ignore. I'm starting to think TVGN should give her a reality show. Her family is probably just as kooky and it seems like part early Jessica Simpson and part Staten Island Honey Boo Boo

Ste ven said...

Don't think that would be the case.. It's probablya sseparate comp for the 4 jurors but it's a great idea. Have the HG and the jurors do an endurance comp and if a jury member wins, they're not only back but HOH. I live that idea. I'm still frustrated that the comps are so predictable that the HG already predicted 3 (probably now 4) in a row & can actually strategies how their alliance will play or throw them.

anthony m said...

ok i am confused!...???
or i just don't know the rules,
if me (anthony)is up for eviction with elissa & we are an alliance and i win power of veto can i use it to remove Elissa....BUT i am also safe?
OR the only way i am safe is if my alliance member (elissa) was on the block , but i was not on the block, i can use it on Elissa but i cannot be a RE-Nom because i (technically) won POV?
does that make sense what i wrote?
i think it doesn't matter anyway because Elissa & Helen are both on the block so Elissa HAS to use it on herself and Helen goes home unless the re-nom is someone who the HG's want out instead.
i hope/think that all makes sense- i just wanted to clarify the use of the POV- the winner can use it to remove BUT CANNOT be the replacement nom correct?

RCW504 said...


Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

That's a pretty good idea as a hybrid where just all the HG plus the 4 jurors compete in an endurance HOH and the longest lasting juror gets back in the house and if they last longer than everyone else too they're the HOH. I don't see them doing it for a couple reasons. First I think it'd be too chaotic with all those evicted HGs up there spouting info. Secondly I think for TV purposes they're gonna want to give the viewers at least 1 of those results of whose coming back and whose HOH on the live Thu show. That's why I tend to think it'll be 2 comps with Jury comp closing the live Thu show and HOH played probably late Thu or early Fri and shown on Sun.


Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure you got it all down. If you win POV and you're on the block you can use it to save yourself or the other person but not both. If you win POV and your not on the block you can use it to save someone else and also can't be the renom since otherwise no one would ever use it cause HOH could just threaten that if you do you're going up.


Nancy said...

I concur Brian.

rbjjb said...

I Think Julie Will Tell The HG Before The Live Vote About The Twist. That Will Put Some Doubt As Whom To Vote Out.

UshifferBrains said...

LMBO! Seriously!

it's just Jessi said...

If Elisa uses POV on Helen, Elisa remains on the block and is eligible for eviction. The only way to save both nominees is with the "diamond power of veto" from a few seasons ago. If the veto winner was not already on the block and they use power of veto, they cannot be a replacement nom.

Imani Harvill said...

I also wondered that about the veto, but if that was truly the case (the above mentioned rules), why did Kaitlin choose not to use the veto to save Jeremy, if she herself was automatically safe after winning POV?? And they showed, I believe it was Amanda, threatening her saying that if she didn't use the POV to save herself and chose to save Jeremy, then she would go up as the replacement nominee. So I think POV can only save one person each week, not two.

This Is My Journey said...

Kaitlin was on the block with Jermey. If she used it she could only use it to save one of the two of them. If she wasn't on the block to begin with she could have taken him off and she would also be safe. That is why backdooring is risky because the person off the block can win the veto and take someone off so plan A and B are ruined.

Erica Iles said...

Wow, we only ever hear Elissa talk about her one kid but she technically has 4?!? What an undeserving beotch!!
Why she gotta have such a nice body though?! lol

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