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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Overnighter (FIGHTS!!)

Good morning, BB addicts!! What a night on the live feeds!! If you've been waiting for drama and fights, well then you got yourself a healthy does of both last night.

Long story short...

Jessie called Helen out (multiple times throughout the night) about blame her (J) for trying to flip the house last week to get Amanda out, when Helen was on board with the plan as well. Helen, of course, denied everything. By the end of the night, McCrae/Amanda now know that it wasn't Judd that was after them after all. Mc/Am also now know that they have to be the ones to strike first & get Helen up & out next week. Or Elissa, if Helen wins veto. Oh, and Jessie now knows that she's going home on Thursday. So much for a blindside eviction. :P Anyways, the conclusion of all of this is that Helen's game play took a major hit last night. The only people that are seemingly still on her side, are Aaryn/Elissa at this point. If you're wondering if Jessie is still going home Thursday, the answer to that is 'yes'.

A little bit later, Aaryn/GM got into a fight because Jessie told GM how much crap Aaryn talks about her (GM) behind her back. During their fight, the feeds cut to fish and from what Aaryn said when the feeds turned back on, there might have been a little bit of too-close-contact between GM/Aaryn, something in which scared Aaryn.

Elissa/Helen/Aaryn's conclusion to everything is that they're in a house full of crazies.

I'm gonna cover as much as I can, but truth be told, there was soooo much that happened, and often at the same times, that it's gonna be impossible. If you'd like to ~buy me a cup of coffee~ as I try, I'd be ever so grateful!! :D  (**Please remember that blogs like this one are fan-supported & we couldn't be here without y'alls support!)

Let's get to The Overnighter!!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds monthly pass!

While you wait for me to do the Overnighter, go take a look at BB15 Sage: Episode 7 from former BB houseguest, Wil Heuser.

10:53pm BBT:
Pool Table
Cam 3
Ding! Ding! Ding! Round 1 begins. Helen/Jessie just walked out of the HOH room where they were talking to Aaryn/Elissa. Jessie asked Helen to play a game of pool (so that she could talk to her), they both go outside and Jessie starts questioning Helen on comments she made.

Jessie: "Okay Helen, I have something serious to talk to you about."
Helen: "Okay, what's going on?"
Jessie: "I feel like, when you just said that in front of Aaryn, you kind of threw me under the bus."
Helen: "About what?"
Jessie: "About Amanda. Me targeting Amanda. To Aaryn."

Helen is silent for a moment.

Helen: "I'm sorry but...I know..people..just know that. Sorry, I didn't mean to throw you under the bus.
Jessie: "How would people just know that, though?"
Helen: " went around. You guys had that huge fight in front of the whole house. Remember that night?"
Jessie: "Yea but you saying that, just makes it sound more like legitimate, than just a rumor."
Helen: "Well I'm sorry it came out that way. I'd be happy to fix it."
Jessie: "I'm not sure there is a way to fix that. I'm on the block this week & that's gonna do nothing but hurt my game. You're becoming more distant from me and I don't know why."
Helen: "I'm sorry, I mean..I thought it was just, you know, public knowledge at this point."
Jessie: "To my knowledge, it was not public knowledge."
Helen: "Well I'll tell you, it was public knowledge. Judd made everyone know that."
Jessie: "So (Judd) was just going around saying that I was going after Amanda? When I was on the block??"
Helen: "That you were flipping the house against Amanda? Yes. That week, he did. And other people said it, too."

Jessie: "Who else said it?"
Helen: "I dunno..."

Helen: "Jessie, let's not forget that you were the one who tried to flip the house on me & Elissa.."
Jessie: "On you & Elissa??? When?!"
Helen: "When you were tryin' to get Amanda out! You were tryin' to change the power in the house! You & Candice wanted to flip the house on me, Elissa, McCrae and Amanda."
Jessie: "Okay, I have never ever came after you before. Just because Amanda was a possibility for me, doesn't mean I clumped you two together."

They go round & round. Helen gets pissed & walks into the house, slamming the patio door behind her.

Helen goes & fills in Andy/Amanda/McCrae on her version of the story.
11:03pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jessie: "I need you to trust me, because I'm gonna be completely honest with you right now. For the past 2 days, I've had a suspicion that Helen is f**king me over! "

Jessie tells McCrae that she's been loyal to Helen/Elissa for the past 3 weeks and that when she was presented (by them) to vote Amanda out, she was on board with that.

Jessie: "Last week, Helen/Elissa were completely on board with getting Amanda out last week when she went up as MVP. Ellissa commissioned me to go make out with Judd and get closer to Judd so that I could get him on board."

Jessie tells McCrae that she wants to work with him/Amanda in the game & says how "over the moon" Helen was to get Amanda out last week.

11:13pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jessie fills in Amanda about everything she just told McCrae. She tells them that she wants to work with them. Andy & Spencer comes out.

McCrae: "Tell them the most interesting part."
Jessie: "That they made me make out with Judd so I could get his vote (to get you out)."
Amanda: "So Helen and Elissa were completely on board (with getting me out)."
Jessie: "110%."

McCrae says it's all starting to make sense to him now & that Judd wasn't the MVP after all because the MVP would have campaigned to get whoever they put up, out. And Judd didn't.

Jessie tells them how Helen/Elissa went to Judd to get Amanda out and he said no, and then Helen told her to "squash it" and that it's "not happening this week".

Amanda wants to call a house meeting.
McCrae: "Don't f**king do that sh*t."

*While McCrae totally believes Jessie, Amanda does least not at this point.

11:19pm BBT:
HOH Room

Amanda is telling Helen/Aaryn how Jessie is putting the blame on Helen/Elissa for wanting to get Amanda out. (*Maybe Amanda was still in denial because she got rid of Judd thinking it was him trying to get her out, a hard pill to swallow to know it wasn't him.)

Amanda: "..and she was like Elissa and Helen were the ones on board..."

Amanda wants Helen/Elissa go downstairs to "clarify" everything. (aka House Meeting). Elissa doesn't wanna go, though.

Elissa: "I dunno, I'm scared!"
Helen: "Why are you scared?"
Elissa: "I don't wanna get into a fight with someone."
Aaryn: "Why is (Jessie) doing this?"

11:23pm BBT:
Helen confronts Jessie in the bathroom. Amanda is there. Elissa is by Helen's side.

Helen: "I'm not even gonna fight with you, because you're the one on the block!"

Amanda walks out of the bathroom.
Helen is yelling loud enough so that Amanda can still hear as she walks away.

Helen: "If we wanted to try to get Amanda out, we would've! But we didn't!" (*because you said it wasn't the right week. lol)

Helen: "Whatever, see ya. You're leaving Thursday."
Jessie: "Ok."

As Jessie leaves the bathroom, her/Elissa get into it for a minute.

Elissa: "Never once did Amanda's name come out of my mouth. Amanda was never a target of mine, ever."
Jessie: "You may have not said it, but you were on board!" (*very much so.)

11:26pm BBT:
Helen is re-telling the story to GM in front of Andy/Aaryn.

11:28pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jessie is telling Amanda/McCrae that though Elissa might have no said Amanda's name, she was told by Helen that she was on board. Amanda says she believes her (J).

Jessie: "What does this mean as far as me staying this week?"

A helicopter is flying over the CBS lot and shines a lot on the backyard. Amanda/Jessie wave.

11:32pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jessie walks into the HOH as GM was just talking about Jessie being a "flip-flopper".

Jessie: "What's up?"

Aaryn leaves the HOH room.
Helen listens to music.
Elissa starts to leave the room to go lay down.

Elissa: "I have an honest question, did you ask (production) for something to take (meds)? You haven't been taking anything daily?"
Jessie: "No, why?"
Elissa: "Because I feel like you're over analyzing like, every situation."
Jessie: "Okay well that's your opinion. And frankly, I'm insulted that you would think that."
Elissa: "You are?"
Jessie: "Yes."
Elissa: "It's so weird!"
Jessie: "It's really not that weird."

Elissa/GM leave.

11:35pm BBT:
HOH Room
Helen tells Jessie that Aaryn knew that she (J) was planning to get Amanda out and that it didn't even phase her that Helen had mentioned it.

The start fighting again.

Helen: "Everyone knows you were trying to flip the house that week!"
Jessie: "I wasn't trying to flip the house! Howard and Candice were trying to flip the house and I was a part of that plan."
Helen: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, then. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!"
Jessie: "(That was) last week, an entirely different plan, and you were over the moon excited about the possibility of getting Amanda out!"
Helen: "No I wasn't!" (*yes you were.)

The go back & forth.
Helen goes to leaves, comes right back in. She starts fighting with Jessie again.
Jessie tells Andy that she thought Helen had her back, but found out she didn't.

Jess asked Andy if there was a tie, would Andy keep her. Andy said yes. (*It's not going to be a tie and he knows this. Jury vote being secured, I assume.) Jessie then told Andy that Helen had came up to her later on that week and said the plan was off, so she (J) just dropped it.

11:52pm BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae: "That will kill me if I get out of here (and see that..)"
Andy: "Helen/Elissa were MVP the whole time (and Judd wasn't)?"
McCrae: "Yep!"

Andy: "Do you have a hickey on your neck??"
McCrae: "No!" (*yes!! lol)

McCrae acts shy. Andy can't help but to giggle.

McCrae also said that he's paranoid that Helen/Elissa are working with Spencer & they could pick up GM.
Amanda enters, then Spencer.

Andy: "Elissa just said the most c*ntiest thing to Jessie, ever. She asked Jessie if she's taking pills everyday."
Spencer/Amanda laugh.

Amanda gets mad at McCrae for being in the lounge room alone with Jessie.
McCrae: "We were smoochin', what's wrong with that?"
Spencer/Andy laugh.

Amanda said that it made her blood boil.
McCrae said that he was getting info, including about Judd, from her he could & he's still a player in the game.

Aaryn comes in & says that Jessie still thinks she's safe this week. They all laugh.
Andy said that he lied to Jessie & said if he had to break a tie, he'd keep her.

12:00am BBT:

Helen rehashing everything. Again. For the millionth time.
Andy says they should stop talking about Jessie because she's going home anyways.

Helen said she'll apologize to Jessie. Andy/Amanda tell her not to, and that she didn't do anything wrong. (Amanda still believes Helen.) McCrae made a not-so-funny-joke (at least to Amanda) that he'd make out with Jessie if she'd leave her cigs behind. Amanda, of course, did not find that funny. At all.

12:15am BBT:
Amanda: "Judd was MVP and it was the stupidest thing ever to put me on the block." (*head-desk*)

12:20am BBT:
Have Nots Room
Helen was talking about how Jessie is saying that they made her make out with Judd and she never told to do that.

Elissa is laughing uncontrollably. She tells Helen that she (E) is the one who told her to do it.

Elissa: "I was like, you gotta take matters into your own hands & do what Aaryn's doing, and try to make out with him."

Elissa starts laughing again.

Helen: "......Well she's twisting it and turning it into something much bigger."
Elissa: "Oh my gosh, that's hilarious."
Helen: "Now I have to apologize to her because I don't wanna fight on camera. That sucks."

Elissa, again, mentions that Jessie might "be on something" and she's acting crazy. Helen agrees that Jessie is "crazy".

12:28am BBT:
HOH Room

Helen tells them about "the kissing strategy" and that she just talked to Elissa.

Helen: "It was to get back at Aaryn, or whatever, because (inaudible) get close to Judd..."

GM is rather distracting as Helen is trying to talk. First she got on to of Amanda and pretended to make out with her, then flew onto the HOH bed.

Helen then backtracks a bit.
Helen: "It wasn't to get back at you (Aaryn), it was...(blah blah blah)."

12:35am BBT:
Hot Tub

Elissa asked Jessie was doing (by fighting with Helen). Jessie said Helen threw her under the bus so she was defending herself.

Elissa: "Then why did you bring me into it?"

Jessie: "Because I was describing the plan last week. You were a part of the plan."
Elissa: "I kind of wanted Spencer out."
Jessie: "Yea you've already said that. I don't even know why you're talking to me after the ('are you on meds') comment upstairs."

**Oo! My Cup O' Noodles is done. lol BRB, quickie lunch! :)
**Okay, I'm back.

Jessie: "You know how rude that was? To say that I was on medication? That's probably the rudest thing that's been said all season." 

Jessie tells Elissa that people in the house call her (E) crazy and "talk all the time" behind her back.
Elissa: "What do they say?"
Jessie: "Just how loopy & weird you get."
Elissa: "Really? When?"
Jessie: "All the time. Everyday."
Elissa: "Who are the main people (saying that)?"
Jessie: "Why would I tell you that? You just insulted me. And you haven't even apologized for it."
Elissa: 'Whatever Jessie, I was just tyring to be nice to you."

Jessie looks dumbfounded.

12:45am BBT:
McCrae is telling Amanda that he doesn't think Judd was MVP. Amanda is being stubborn and saying she doesn't believe that and that she doesn't wanna talk about it anymore. Amanda then talked more important talking with Jessie "behind a closed door".  McCrae reminds her that he has to play his own game, too. He also reminds her that Jessie doesn't like Amanda and that he was trying to get info from Jessie.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

12:45am BBT:
HOH Landing
Jessie/Helen are trying to patch things up, but it's not going well. They're pretty loud during their convo, not making it private at all.

Helen: "I'm not a vindictive person! I'm trying to apologize to you! I'm not voting you out this week, that's all I can give you!"

12:51am BBT:
Amanda/McCrae can hear everything. (GM is in the HOH room with her ear to the door.)
Jessie is calling Helen out, Helen is admitting to various things, including trying to get Amanda out.
Elissa is trying to distract Amanda/McCrae by telling them about her convo by the hot tub.

 Amanda could care less & walks away.

Amanda (to Elissa): "Shhh!"

Helen/Jessie's "talk" is now over.

Jessie goes & talks to Amanda/McCrae.

Elissa comes in to talk-block her.

It works. Jessie leaves. Elissa does Jessie bashing.

1:10am BBT:
Helen joins Elissa/McCranda. Jessie bashing going on. Aaryn joins the room.

Jessie is listening at the door as Helen/Elissa/Aaryn are talking about her.
Aaryn said that she (J) knows she's going home. Helen is still going off.

McCrae: "So it's gonna be way easier to get her cigarettes (when she leaves)."
Helen: "Oh my god, McCrae."

1:13am BBT:
Jessie runs from the door, and goes upstairs to the HOH room where Andy is.

Jessie: "Did you tell Helen that I told you that I wasn't sure if I could trust Helen/Elissa and that I was switching (sides) to Amanda & McCrae?"
Andy: "I didn't tell them that, I told them that you were leery of them."

Jessie: "Well that's what she's saying."
Andy: "I'll talk to her."
Jessie: "Whatever."

Jessie leaves.
Spencer: "She was lookin' for a fight."

1:19am BBT:
Andy tells Helen that Jessie was just up there. Helen said she never said Andy's name. Jessie bashing starts again. Helen knows that Jessie was listening at the door to the bedroom downstairs.

1:25am BBT:
Jessie hid something of McCrae's or Amanda's. Looks like a cup.

1:36am BBT:
McCrae is telling Amanda that it's "vital" they strike first & get Helen out. Elissa would be their 2nd choice, if Helen wins veto and can't be evicted.

1:42am BBT:
McCrae/Amanda know that Elissa was trying to distract them from listening to the Helen/Jessie fight on the HOH landing. They're not happy about that.

1:48am BBT:
Jessie said that she can get evicted now that she got everything off her chest.

1:59am BBT:
Jessie tells Spencer/GM that she plans on turning everyone against each other before she leaves, so "enjoy the show" this week.

2:32am BBT:
Aaryn asked GM what Jessie told her/Spencer. GM said Jess said that Aaryn talks smack on everyone. Aaryn wonders if she should confront her (J).

2:36am BBT:
McCrae is looking for whatever Jessie hid.

2:41am BBT:
Aaryn/GM talking and semi-fighting.

Aaryn thinks that GM campaigned against Aaryn (she didn't) when it was the both of them on the block. (*If you recall, GM said she wouldn't campaign against her because they were friends, and she tells the same thing to Aaryn during this convo..that she didn't wanna campaign against her because they're friends and to ask anyone in the house.)

2:52pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is worried that they have a couple more days left with Jessie and that she's already talking smack about Aaryn & how Aaryn talks smack behind peoples back.

GM is telling her not to stress over it.
Aaryn: "If someone said that about you, you'd feel differently."
GM: "You said before everyone talks sh*t."
Aaryn: "Just stop. Drop it."
GM: "Why you gettin' all nasty? Relax! We're just tellin' you it's all good."
Aaryn: "I already know! Just drop it!"
Andy: "We'll be fine. She'll (J) will be gone in 2 days."

GM: "Don't fight with me, I didn't do nothin'."
Aaryn: "I'm not. Just don't tell me not to be upset when someone brings my name up. I'm not gonna sit here & let you talk to me like that."
GM: "Alriiiight! I'm cooool!"
Andy: "Alright, both of you."
GM: "If you wanna start with (Jessie), then go right ahead!"
Aaryn: "I don't know why you're still talking."
GM: "What's your problem?"
Aaryn: "You're f**king annoying right now."

Aaryn gets up & walks away.

GM: "You better f**king check yourself! You wanna yell at me, yell at me right now! Come on, Aaryn!"
Andy: "No, stop!"
GM goes out after her.
GM: "You wanna be a big girl? Come be a big girl and talk to my face!"

GM follows her down the stairs, so Aaryn starts going back upstairs. Aaryn turns around and snaps on GM.

Aaryn: "Leave me the f**k alone!"

GM follows her into the HOH room. Aaryn is still telling her to leave her alone. GM tells Aaryn she's acting like a "psychopath again".

Aaryn: "AGAIN?!"
GM laughs.

Feeds cut to fishies for a few seconds.

GM is coming down the stairs.

Jessie is there, happy as a clam.

GM goes and wakes everyone up.
McCrae/Jessie/GM/Amanda go upstairs.

GM is trying to the clear the air between her/Aaryn. Aaryn is saying she didn't wanna talk to her anymore. They go back & forth. Aaryn accused her of chest bumping her. (She didn't.) GM said if that was true, she would've been called to the Diary Room.

Jess ends up leaving. Amanda points out that Jessie was smirking during the whole fight & that this is exactly what she wanted.

GM tried to apologize. Aaryn didn't accept it. GM left. Andy tells Aaryn it'll "blow over" soon. Aaryn said she can't take much more of GM.

By 4am BBT, all HG's were in bed sleeping. Finally!! lol

**Okay, that was a doozy of an Overnighter!! If you'd like to watch any/all of what's been posted in the Overnighter, just turn on live feeds & go to Flashback! (They're $10/month for those of you without'em.) I'm gonna take a break & then I'll back to start the morning/afternoon post! :D

Stay tuned...
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Shayler Henderson said...

Helen is playing Politricks and Elissa pimped out Jessie to Judd for a vote!!!

Sh!# is going to get deep.

Thanks Jaime you have saved my Tuesday morning:-)

Eve said...

So Elissa basically accused Jessie of needing medication or being on medication to explain her "weird" behavior. And yet she herself has weird behavior all the time. I just find that incredibly ironic.

JOHN J KNAPP said...

And so beings the demise of Helen...

New Tripoli, PA

NH Kakalina said...

I'm glad Helen was finally called out!

rigs said...

It looks like Andy didn't act quickly enough. He should have backdoored Helen this week. It also looks like Helen has picked up Aaryn so, once again, Aaryn is on the wrong side. While I favored Elissa getting MVP until the disadvantage of her being Rachel's sister wore off, I also said let Elissa lose this game fair and square and she is certainly doing that. She cracks me up. I heard her say that she is not at all superstitious but she also said she reads the Bible every night.

Helen has reached the point where "being in control gets out of control". Too bad Jessie didn't bring this to the forefront before the POV ceremony.

I agree that Elissa was pimping out Jessie her comment about Jessie taking meds was over the top. Elissa would benefit from some meds.

Brandon said...

I really hope that Helen can survive this. Contrary to how some people feel I still like Helen as a game player and want to see her outlast Amanda. I used to like Amanda, but after she was put on the block she went CRAZY! Overall Helen and Amanda are the only ones that seem like good players at this point. McCrae is good as well, but I would like to see him drop Amanda. At that point I think he could win the game.

Chelsie K said...

it's getting really difficult to keep track of all of these alliances and who's with who.

Erica Iles said...

Did you see the way Amanda acted when she walked in on Jessie and McCrea having their conversation? She throws her fake voice on, "hey, what are you guys doing? Wanna go smoke a cig?" Of course McCrea says sure because he doesn't wanna get into trouble and when he turns back around to tell Jessie real quick that they'll talk later you can hear Amanda say, "McCrea, what are you doing?" It so much reminds me of how I would talk to my dog when I know he's doing something he shouldn't be.
McCreas has Whipped by Amanda Syndrome (WAS) for short!

Anonymous said...

Helen does the same exact thing every time she gets in a 1 on 1 disagreement with someone else. She runs out of the situation and gathers as many important people as possible to tell her skewed side of the story to first so that's the image in everyone's head about what, why and how everything went down so that by the time the other person gets to them they'll seem like they're a liar. That's definitely some more of her political influence seeping into her gameplay to "control the narrative".


Erica Iles said...

Did you see the way Amanda acted when she walked in on Jessie and McCrea having their conversation? She throws her fake voice on, "hey, what are you guys doing? Wanna go smoke a cig?" Of course McCrea says sure because he doesn't wanna get into trouble and when he turns back around to tell Jessie real quick that they'll talk later you can hear Amanda say, "McCrea, what are you doing?" It so much reminds me of how I would talk to my dog when I know he's doing something he shouldn't be.
McCreas has Whipped by Amanda Syndrome (WAS) for short!

Sorry if this posted twice, it wouldn't let me sign in!

Kern's Kreations said...

Finally! Yay drama. And here I thought this would just another boring week in the BB house.
I still think Andy is a terrible player by the way.

Kern's Kreations said...

Finally! Yay drama. And here I thought this would just another boring week in the BB house.
I still think Andy is a terrible player by the way.

Stylas said...

Does it bother anyone else how often Amanda uses the C**t word? I think it is so derogatory towards women and its seems to be in her everyday vocabulary. She makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Julie Chen could tell the HGs that Judd wasn't MVP and Amanda still wouldn't believe it because it would mean admitting she was completely wrong about something she was so adamant about to literally everyone in the house. So she's damn sure not gonna believe Jessie about it who she hates and is in her mind (and only there) trying to steal her man. It's a pride thing for her cause she thinks she's so smart and good at this game cause she's able to figure stuff like that out. Even though we know she's been mostly wrong about the majority of her theories.


rbjjb said...

Finally An HOH That Will Be Important! None Of This Put Up Two People You Want Out Then The MVP Allows One More On The Block And Keeping The House From Taking Sides.

BB15 Made A Couple Mistakes:
*Bunch Of Young HG Setting Up Too ManyShowmance Even Before Live Feeds.

For The Sake Of The Game I'd Like To See Elissa/Helen/Aaryn Win HOH. This Would Give The Minority The Power Which Would Continue The House Divide Forcing The Rest To Squirm.

If The Majority Wins HOH Then The Fun Stops For Another Week.

I Really Don't Care Who Wins At This Point. I Just Want Fun, Excitement, And Unpredictable Game Play.

Anonymous said...

JESSIE, I LOVE YOU! Finally Helen's act is being exposed + maybe McCrae will push Amanda further away, now that he knows for sure they wrongly evicted Judd thinking he was MVP.

@Erica Iles your comment about Amanda talking to McCrae is hilarious. So true

cyn said...

@Stylas, it bothers me too! Such a trashy word.
Andy says it too, not surprising since he tries way too hard to fit in with whoever he's around in the moment


THANK YOU, Jessie, for your only meaningful contribution to the season, but it was a big one.

Shannon said...

@Stylas- I have heard Spencer, Andy, McCrae, GM, and Jeremy(by far said it the most) use the C-word. I am not agreeing with it, I hate that word and do not use it ever. But, Amanda is not the only one.

Rachel said...

I really hope there's a coupe de ta whatever thing this week so we can save Jessie and Jessie can put up Helen and her gang or Amanda and her gang! So strange I'm rooting for Jessie but this cast is disgusting and I don't think any of them deserve the money! BB plz let the viewers chose something good to make this game what it's supposed to be! Right now there's no "expect the unexpected"!! It's .. That's right u guessed it surprise all voting together cuz no one has balls .. Lets get weak ppl out who aren't threats and call u out so u get mad and take it personal and vote them out kinda summer! We kno what to expect and it's BS!!

Anonymous said...


There really is no majority or minority alliance next week. There's basically 2 true alliances of 2 people each in Helen/Elissa and Amanda/McCrae. While Andy and Aryan are trying to stay in the middle playing both sides and Spencer and GM don't really have a side and are just sitting back waiting for the 2 power pairs to eventually go at it and start taking each other out. So Helen and Elissa aren't really behind the 8 ball any more so than Amanda and McCrae. In fact I'd probably say they're in a slightly better spot since I think it'd be more likely a Spencer or GM would target Amanda and McCrae if they won as opposed to Helen and Elissa. While Andy can't play and I'd lean towards Aryan throwing this HOH so she doesn't have to choose a side with her noms. So I think you can pick a rooting interest based on who you like better or dislike less with this season but I don't think 1 provides much more excitement than the other because of a numbers advantage by 1 side over the other.


Anonymous said...


I left this out on my 1st reply but I do also feel Aryan is closer with Helen despite the 3AM alliance and would side with her which is also bad news for Amanda and McCrae cause she's actually shown the ability to win stuff. The one issue is that Aryan has had issues with Elissa and vice versa however even Helen isn't really loyal to Elissa and I think would drop her in a second if she thought it could further her game working with a "winner" like Aryan.


Monica Lawson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
**Alea73** said...

Ohhh how I couldn't agree with You more, Brian, but let us not forget her (Helen's Always pronounced stand at attention and promptly exit whatever the nearest Door is, all the while sayin
"whatever", with her ever Dramatic Exit)....
Soooooo OVER HELEN....

slnc said...

Youre so right! Everyone that would've had the nerves to put up Amanda Mcrae or Helen Andy have all been evicted for even suggesting it...and that's what makes the game borING!

Monica Lawson said...

U hope jessie stirs some things up in that house ....I can't believe production has let this season be a joke and not stepped in to intervene ...they should have done something by's like watching a hamster go around in a wheel ....or starting at a fish tank....boring ....boring snooze fest ....helen and Amanda are the only ones playing and there not even really doing that...getting blood on your hands is how you play people ...mcrea in my opinion is the one who knows what's up if only he could lose amanda ...she only hurts his game....and ellisa ....well being rachels sister ...I expected more...

Monica Lawson said...

I hope*

Tara C said...

I'm no Jessie fan, but this is awesome. Screw Elissa, yeah Jessie's the one on meds. You know, the one that constantly slurs her words and takes five minutes to get one thought out...oh wait...

Bebecantaloupes said...

I totally agree!

Jef Rosen said...

"I heard her say that she is not at all superstitious but she also said she reads the Bible every night."

I think religion and superstition are not synonymous.

Your analysis was impeccable as always. Thank you for breaking that down. Before I read your comment I was thinking mccrae/amanda/andy/aaryn are the power alliance. But I think you're right, its really mccrae/amanda vs helen/elissa.

rbjjb said...

If You Are Correct Then I Root For Amanda/Mccrae. My Thinking Is GM And Spencer Side With Amanda/Mccrae. With Andy Not Playing That Is 4 Vs 3.

I Don't Think Anyone Can Throw The HOH At This Point.

I Have A Tough Time Rooting For Amanda And Her Style Of Play. I Say The Same For Helen.

I'd Like To See Andy Make A Game Move And Use POV. But At This Time He Is Playing Switzerland - Which Is Probably A Good Thing.

andrea said...

Its really smart:) I have seen this employed, and maybe tried to do that during roommate or friend fights when maybe we each had our own version, but Helen utilizes the 'control the narrative' technique brilliantly. Maybe I would have been more successful in standing up for myself if I had been aware of this. Maybe I could be cut throat at something!

Unfortunately I don't think that flows with program of letting go, rigorous honesty and humility that I now need to employ. But it is fun to watch :)

You guys brighten my day, Andrea aka SoberChick

andrea said...

So true. Thank you. I have used it a handful of times to describe someone vile, but each time I felt it just made me feel gross.

Except in the vagina monologues where they do a monologue on "reclaiming" it, which is quite good.

Ste ven said...

Helen better win HOH on Thursday or she's on the chopping block. McRae is sitting very is Andy - hes still not on anybody's radar. Hes got an alliance with everyone and no one even talks about getting him out. McRanda will cut anybody's throat.

I also have to laugh at GM because she made jokes about Candice and watching After Dark, I kept noticing how she alwys says AXE instead of ASK herself. All of the HG say LIKE LIKE LIKE way too often. That should be a tiebreaker question...How many times in the house have HG like asaid LIKE
And I sitill cant believe they find lal these young people taht smoke so much. Do peole in their 20s really smoke that much these days? DOnt remember the evicted ones exc Judd ( I think Kaitlin) but last night, AManda, McRae, Jessie all lighting up. Disgusting turnoff

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