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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday, y'all!! :D Tomorrow is live show day & also Double Eviction Day!! w00t w00t!! I.Can't.Wait! Tomorrow, the game will change. Alliances could be broken up and/or minus one of their own, sparking new talks & deals to be had.

Last night on the live feeds before I went to bed, it seemed that there was a glimmer of hope to get Amanda out per Jessie's pushing hard to make it happen. But, by the end of all, the votes aren't there because (1) Helen doesn't wanna do it this week & (2) she pulled Judd aside and told him this week isn't the time to do it (before Candice/Jessie had to the chance to try to change his mind). So, that was quickly put to rest.

With that being said, Candice is still going home tomorrow & I honestly don't think that'll change.

Okay, let's see what else happened last night! :D

**Okay, so the Overnighter won't have any pics because I can't connect to the feeds. :( Seems to be a lot of us (if not all of us) that can't connect as well. Grrr.

Okay, they're back up now! lol Geez louise!

I'm just gonna do some highlights real quick & then start the morning post since BB already woke'em up.

The Overnighter:

9:05pm BBT: Booze delivery! Amanda's bachelorette party is about to take place.

9:36pm BBT: Spencer & the boys grilled in the BY. (Guess they can still use the grill.)

9:41pm BBT: Helen talks to Judd. Says that Jessie wants Amanda out but "this is not the week" to get her out.

10:24pm BBT: Elissa talked to Candice. E said she doesn't like the comments that Amanda said to Candice during their fight after the veto comp. Elissa starts crying over how Candice has been treated, does not agree with it at all & feels bad for her. Candice said she's fine. Candice mentions that she doesn't wanna be a part of Amanda's bachelorette party.

10:36pm BBT: Bachelorette party has begun!
Amanda made Sangria from the wine BB gave them.

10:40pm BBT: Amanda says that McCrae is moving to Florida to live with her.

10:44pm BBT: All HG's, except for Candice, are in the HOH room for the party.
The boys drank the beer BB gave them, since Amanda made sangria for the girls to drink.

11:05pm BBT: Amanda says that the party isn't just for herself/McCrae, it's a celebration for all of the HG's and a reason to get dressed up, have fun, drink, and not be bored.

Amanda: "So, cheers!"
All: "Woo hoo!"

11:24pm BBT:
Line of the Night:
Jessie to Judd: "When do I get my ring?"

11:40pm BBT:
HG's playing a dirty version of "Telephone" on the backyard patio. Lots of laughs.
12:14am BBT:
Jessie asked Amanda if there was something going on between Aaryn/Judd. (**"Psycho" theme music starts to play in my head. lol) Amanda said she doesn't think so.

12:17am BBT: Judd tells Aaryn he's gonna sleep in the Have Nots Room. Aaryn told him to sleep with her in her bed, Andy/Jessie could share a bed. Judd told Jessie the same thing, that he's sleeping in the HN room, Jessie said he could sleep with her. (He does.)

12:20am BBT: Jessie tells Candice she thinks something is going on between Aaryn/Judd. Candice suggest to ask Judd if he's interested in her or Aaryn.  Jessie said she's been making out with Judd "just to keep him close", not for fun.

12:52am BBT: Aaryn isn't happy about the Jess/Judd thing. (**And the claws start to come out! lol)

12:53am BBT: Aaryn is still talking to McCrae/Amanda.
Amanda is telling Aaryn to "not worry about it" (Amanda leaving/Jessie trying to get Candice to stay) because she (Am) isn't going anywhere this week. Aaryn said that Jessie is threatening Helen that if she doesn't go along with the plan to get Amanda out, then she (J) is gonna gun after her (Helen).

Amanda/Aaryn then start talking about how they think Judd is MVP.

By 1am BBT, they're still talking about Judd and how he's made a lot of alliances/side deals in the house.

1:14am BBT: Andy/Aaryn talk in the bathroom real quick.
Andy saying that he trusts Amanda/McCrae/Helen the most. Aaryn said she used to trust Judd but isn't sure anymore. Andy said he (An) flip-flops on trusting Judd.

Andy: "I don't like how (Judd) wants Elissa/Helen outta here so bad. I mean Elissa, whatever. But Helen, I don't want (her) to go anywhere."
Aaryn: "Me either."

1:23am BBT: 

Judd tells Spencer/Amanda/McCrae that Jessie is the type of girl that spends the night & then you act like you have to to work in the morning when you don't, so you drive away in the opposite direction of where she's going, then turn around & go back home to go back to sleep.

Spencer: "I did that to a girl once.."
A minute later, McCrae said he's never done that to a girl & that he's only slept with 3 girls. Amanda was surprised.

Judd said he's been with 10 or so.
Amanda: "You don't wanna know how many people I've slept with."

1:57am BBT: GM got really mad because Helen/Elissa were sleeping in "Nick's old bed" and GM thought Andy was gonna make sure she (GM) got that bed back after her HOH is over tomorrow. GM then started to do bash Candice and called her the "c" word.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! (Finally!! lol) OKay, starting the morning most shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

How do double eliminations work?
Do 2 of the 3 that are currently put up (candice, amanada, spencer) get booted or something else?

James said...


One of the 3 noms (looks like it will be Candice) will be evicted after a vote. She will get a quick JC interview. Then they will have a quick HOH comp. Then they will have a quick nomination ceremony in the living room where the HOH tells 2 nominees to sit on the center couch. There will most likely be NO MVP for the 2nd eviction since logistically it would be very difficult. They will then draw who plays in the POV during the commercial break. Then there will be a quick POV competition and then POV ceremony. There will then be a vote for the final 2 nominees and then the 2nd eviction will occur. That person will then also have a JC interview. The new HOH comp after that will like not occur until later in the night after the broadcast and will air on Sun episode. At least this is how it usually occurs.


Christina Habib said...

They will vote for the frst hg to be out. Then they will go through a whole week in one night except hgs don't have time to discuss.

Essence Howard-Watford said...

That's it, if the MVP is still around this week I'm voting for Helen. She's an idiot. I know she's trying to keep Amanda around for her own game because Amanda's a bigger target but we want her OUT!

Hamida Davis said...

@heather. The double eviction is a good show. One of the houseguest currently on the block is evicted. There is usually a quick hog competition. Immediately following that two more houseguest are nominated. There is the another veto comp and then another houseguest is evicted. All in the same show. Now I am not sure if there will be a MVP vote for the second eviction or not.

Meemo said...

I believe that they normally have a quick HOH then they have like 5 mins to put someone up then another vote and a 2nd HOH competition. If I remember correctly that is. It all happens so fast. Makes it exciting!

Erica Iles said...

It's more like an entire week of big brother goes by in an hour.
For this week Candice will probably go home.
Then the houseguests will play for HoH. That HoH will have to make nomination decisions right on the spot and the remainder of the house will have to vote out someone else right after that.
Then they play for HoH again and we go back to normal.
Not sure how they're going to do the MVP twist with the double eviction or maybe they won't do it at all.

Hamida Davis said...

@ heather the double eviction is usually good. First one of the houseguest is evicted. There is a quick hoh comp then 2 more houseguest are nominated immediately. There is a veto comp then another houseguest is evicted all in the same show. I am not sure if there will be an MVP nominee with the 2nd nomination though.

Erica Iles said...

I didn't explain that too well because I totally left out that the second nominees still play for veto...okay, I think I've probably slaughtered this explanation lol

AmiLrn said...

In last seasons they have held an HoH competition immediately after the first eviction and that new HoH has to pick two nominees right then and another vote takes place and a second person is evicted. Then ANOTHER HoH comp happens to determine the HoH for the upcoming week. Not sure how the MVP/third nominee twist will affect the double eviction though.

Shelby Lane said...

I just read that jury starts this week with the upcoming 2 evicted HG's. Biggest BB jury! Should be interesting seeing how they wanted Candice out before jury. Lol!

Anonymous said...

. They will do the live eviction then play for HOH. Probably be trivia because that's fast. New HOH will pick noms. Veto comp will be played. Then a quick veto ceremony and a second live vote and eviction. All of it happens during the hour long show. It'll make your head spin!

Angela Foster said...

Double Eviction is basically a weeks worth of show into one night. They'll have an HOH competition, nominiations, Veto ceremony (maybe a MVP put up, if they don't discontinue it) and then they will vote. They just won't have several days to make decisions on who to put up, out and whatnot. It's fun to see some of them scramble! It'll happen right after Eviction for this week.

Anonymous said...

Gina says it’s not my fault Andy is a fudge packer that he can’t fu*king sleep with another guy because no other guy wants to sleep with him. If he wasn’t gay, it wouldn’t be a problem and someone else would sleep with him..

I can't stand GM

Razldazlrr said...

Funny how Andy was up in the HOH room with the girls while the guys were out in the backyard.

Candice doesn't seem to want to stay - she's not even trying to play. even if you are mad at people, you can't just go to bed when there is a party going on. She seems to have given up and is ready to go.

I think Amanda said the right thing - it's just a goofy way to get people to dress up, laugh, and act goofy. It has to be crazy boring in there. IT seems like these people have just started to have a little fun in the last week.

AmiLrn said...

GM keeps getting crazier. She had a b*tch fit last night right before everyone went to bed because someone (Helen and Elissa I think) were sleeping in the bed that GM considers "mine and Nick's" bed. Nevermind the fact that Nick is gone and has been for weeks and never mind the fact that GM would be sleeping in the HOH bedroom…she cursed and cried and then tossed and turned all night. Run Nick run!!!

Cody Fisher said...

No, they have a rushed version of the week all in one show.
They'll boot one of three on the block then immediately have a HOH comp followed immediately by nominations and then the POV comp. Then they'll go straight back in to give one of those hg's the boot. The show will end and we'll see the next HOH comp played out on Sunday. For live feeders they'll get to watch it tomorrow (I believe).

Shayler Henderson said...

This has to be the worst season thus far. Why is everyone so scared to make a move against the only pair in the house?

About the racism going on, it's un-called for but it just goes to show you people will do anything for money. It's 2013 and the some people refuse to evolve. Amanda, Aaryn, GM, and any and everyone who stood by without confronting the comments made by either of them supports them in my opinion. I can't wait until Aaryn, GM or Amanda has to sit on an exit interview with Julie C because it should be interesting. And please let me not start on Helen. One word WEAK!!!

J, I love the blog and will continue to donate but I'm PO'd that these clowns have you working so hard to spice up their boredom.

Random World said...

Ugh...maybe GM doesn't have a heart.

Razldazlrr said...

GM seems to have "real" issues and is just so off the wall.

Hmm - I wonder if these two people will go to jury!

Judd - acting like a player??? It didn't look like there would be 10 women in his town, must have been on vacation LMAO - I can't see it!

I thought MCC was supposed to be a ladies man out of this house - doesn't sound like it. Another testimony that they would never make it out of this house - Minnesota and Miami - not happening!

Erica Iles said...

I also heard that this week will start Jury so whomever is voted out for the double eviction will be the first 2 in jury house...
I really hope that someone who isn't afraid to get out some big people will win the HoH for the double eviction. I don't understand why these people wouldn't want to vote Amanda out? Even overlooking all of her split personality issues (AKA alter ego Demanda) she's the only one really left in a team! She's got so many people somehow supporting her that now would be a great time for what's left of the other side of the house to get her out. If Candice goes tomorrow, and Am, Mc, Hel, Eli, Aar, or Andy win HoH during DE then the other side of the house is basically gone.
I don't know, I'm confused by these people! But at least most of them will be happy knowing that jury is starting because all they wanted to do the entire game was make it to jury...

RCW504 said...

Hurry up and get this horrible season over with. I don't blame Candi for not wanting to stay if they talk to her like that with camera's watching them I can only imagine what they will say do to her in the jury house. As a whole from comments on here n on BB's FB page alot of fans don't like this season at all. Very disappointed in the cast. BUT I LOVE THIS BLOG.THANKS JAMIE.

Jamie said...

thanks for the love, RCW & Shayler!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks everyone for cluing me in as to how the double eviction process works!

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