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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Overnighter

Happy TGI-Friday, y'all!! :D Wowzers, whatta show last night & whatta night on the live feeds!!

Elissa won HOH & just at the time she needed to win the most (since all HG's were gunning for her this week). And Judd is back!! Welcome back home, Judd!!
Last night, Amanda was doing an a ton of freaking out about this week because, as much as she wants to, she can't control the HOH noms this week. This is unfamiliar territory for her and she doesn't like it. Speaking Amanda, she is once again on her "Judd was the MVP" rant last night and how he's been wanting her gone "for weeks now". (*I really, really wish production or Julie Chen would've told them that America was MVP, otherwise it could end up costing Judd his game, again.)

Elissa's planning on putting Aaryn/McCrae and is saying that Aaryn is her target and that Amanda will be the replacement nom should McCrae or Aaryn win veto. By the way, Elissa told Amanda how she's putting up  McCrae/Aaryn & that she (Am) would be the replacement nom.

Okie dokie, let's dive into the Overnighter now, shall we?! :D

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12:15am BBT:
Storage Room
Andy/Spencer are saying that no matter what happens this week, they feel safe because Elissa has other targets this week. Spencer mentions how he doesn't trust GM because she's crazy and you never know what should might do.

12:20am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Amanda: "I don't trust Judd. It's me, you, McCrae and Andy. Done."
Spencer: "100%."
Amanda: "I don't trust him. Like, why was Elissa so happy that Judd is back in the house?? He's gone. He's shady as f**k. If I win HOH next week, I want (Judd) or Elissa gone."

12:25am BBT:
Lounge Room

Amanda: "She's putting Aaryn and McCrae and if one them wins veto, or if GinaMarie wins veto and takes Aaryn off the block, then I'm going up & I'm gonna go home."
McCrae: "I don't know what Elissa wouldn't think that we (Am/Mc) would come guns blazing after her next week (if we stay) and she's pissing off every person in the house if she does this." 
Andy: "It's Elissa though; she doesn't give a sh*t."

Amanda: "How did her target move from GM/Spencer/Aaryn to Aaryn/McCrae/me."

1:00am BBT:
HOH Reveal
Elissa got a Taylor Swift CD, a yoga mat (it wasn't the one she wanted though), fake eyelashes that she doesn't want, a bottle of vodka, and a letter from Rachel.

"Hey girl, heyyy! First I want to say how proud I am are doing such a great job...we are so happy for you. Your husband misses you and we talk everyday. Our lives aren't the same without you in them. It's just not the same without my best friend to call. You're not alone, we're all in your heart. You only get this shot once so work really hard & play with your heart. Give it your all. We love you soooooo much. 
Get it, sister! Love, Rachel"

Elissa: "Thanks, Rachel! I love her so much!"

Amanda was looking for some candy in her HOH basket but Elissa doesn't eat sweets. 

2:40am BBT:
Andy/Judd talk.

Andy tells Judd that Amanda wanted him out because she thought he was MVP.
Judd: "I never was, though. She didn't look too happy when I came back. I don't trust her."

Andy tells Judd to not worry this week, Elissa isn't going after him. Judd is relieved and surprised because he wasn't that nice to her before he left.

**That's it for The Overnighter! Around 3:16am BBT, McCrae/Amanda talked to Elissa and tried to get her to not put them up but the convo went round & round in circles, with Elissa saying that they'll talk tomorrow. Starting the morning most right now! :D

Stay tuned...
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Mrs WonderBoy said...

Why isn't Elissa putting up Amanda? So stupid!

Tiffany Tiedeman said...

Amanda and McCrae should be going up, not Aaryn! Hopefully she changes her mind about who she's gunning after before the Nom ceremony.

Tiffany Tiedeman said...

She should be putting up Amanda and McCrae, hopefully she changes her mind before the Nom ceremony.

wolfkinight said...

LOL!! Omg I am loving this! They just HAVE to make sure amanda goes home this week. Elissa don't mess this up!! What would rachel do?

Paul Slowik said...

If she puts up Amanada and McCrae, McCrae could win POV and put her off. Amanada would still be in the house to continue her quest for world domination.

James Adams said...

I totally agree with putting Am/Mc up, screw the backdoor, get one out for sure.

Shayler Henderson said...

Good choice on the noms. Amanda without McCrae is dead in the water.

Anonymous said...

Elissa isn't putting up Amanda because for her game Aryan is much more dangerous to her because she wins comps and Amanda doesn't. The jig is up for Elissa and she sees that every HOH Aryan wins she does what Amanda wants. So if she takes that huge tool out of her arsenal she loses a great deal of power. However on the flip side if she gets Amanda out Aryan would still target Elissa if she won HOH due to their history. So I'd much rather someone who can't win anything left in the house coming after me than someone who wins every other week. Plus Aryan has done well in POV as well so it might take a couple tries to get rid of her while Amanda should be relatively much easier. On top of that Elissa sees Aryan in addition has allies in Judd and GM who won't just fall in line with Amanda and perhaps who could work with Elissa more closely with the roadblock of Aryan out of the way.

The point is probably pretty moot anyway since I probably put the odds at about 80%-85% that Aryan, McCrae or Elissa win POV given their skill set and motivation while no one else picked will have any interest in winning outside of Amanda who sucks and maybe GM if they get picked. So the noms are likely to change or be able to be changed by Elissa herself. At which point she'd have leverage to strike a deal with Aryan if she wanted to use POV on her to build a more trust worthy bond she could believe in.


KNicole said...

Brian I completely agree. I questioned it too but my hubby gave me the same analysis you just did.


Elissa is hellbent on evicting Aaryn because Aayrn has been living rent-free in Elissa's lizard-brain since about Day 3. She has been obsessed with her all season, it's like she's on a kamikaze mission, she doesn't really care about the future as long as she takes Aaryn out first.

slnc said...

Totally agree Brian! Great insight. ...

AmiLrn said...

Brian...I think so too. Elissa has solid reasoning. Amanda is only dangerous if she has a "tool" ( ie an HoH she can control) because she can't actually win anything herself. Aaryn wins over and over again and will continue to target Elissa. I want Amanda gone sooooo much, but a puppet master is powerless without her puppet.

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