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Monday, August 19, 2013

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon, BB addicts! :D This morning, the houseguests were woken up around 8:30am BBT. Shortly after, game talk started.

At 9am BBT, Helen/Aaryn talked alone in the HOH room for awhile. In Helen's mind, the possibility of getting Amanda out is still an option, while Aaryn is telling her that the votes aren't there. Helen can't believe that Andy isn't on her side, after all this time of her thinking he was. Helen said she's gonna tell Elissa to work with Aaryn/GM. Aaryn said she almost thinks that Amanda/Elissa are working together.

Around 9:30am BBT, Elissa/Aaryn talk. Aaryn tells her that Spencer is going up as the renom today at the Veto Ceremony. Aaryn tells Elissa that putting Amanda up isn't an option because the votes aren't there. They would need Andy and he's not on board.

Elissa/Helen talked at 9:45am BBT in the bathroom. Helen still can't believe that Andy is "a rat" and she knows that Aaryn is trying to pin the idea of backdooring Amanda on her (H). Elissa said if she wins HOH, she's putting up Aaryn/Amanda and backdooring McCrae to ensure that either Am/Mc would go home. Helen tells her to put Am/Mc up on the block together so they can't save each other with the veto.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:26am BBT:
A look at the quad cam...
Helen is eating her breakfast. Elissa is in the kitchen. All other HG's are off-cam, sleeping.

10:28am BBT:

BB: "Elissa, please go to the Diary Room."
Elissa: "Do you think it's time (for the veto ceremony)?"

Helen is helping Elissa with her dress before she goes into the D.R.

10:36am BBT:
TRIVIA! Veto Ceremony has begun.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Andy is the biggest ass kisser and floater in BB history, his time is long overdue to be booted

James Adams said...

The fact is they don't need Andy and McC to backdoor Amanda, Spencer, Elissa and GM could do it if they had the guts.

Loyd F said...

How are the votes to get Amanda out not there? Elissa, GM and Spencer would be enough. This is by far the worst season that I've watched. Amanda is the big bully that everyone is scared to cross. I think Aaryn, GM and Amanda are not good people and do not deserve to win this game. Elissa is extremely annoying. Andy has no spine what-so-ever (Aaryn fits that description, as well). Mcrae is still in the game only because he teamed up with Amanda.

Erica Iles said...

What about GM? She's pretty up there on the list too I'd say.

Jamie said...

Spencer won't vote Amanda out. He made that clear last night.

James Adams said...

What a shame.

Kern's Kreations said...

When Elissa comes off the block, Spencer will go up. So the votes (GM, Elissa) aren't there. Andy is playing the role of Amanda's loyal little puppy to a tee. He will not flip because he really thinks Am/McC are his best bet.
I think he is almost as thick headed as Helen thinking she could flip McC on Am.
Crazy. It all comes down to Andy. I won't say its a terrible choice. I mean it basically comes down to getting rid of Helen or Amanda. He's sticking to his guns and taking out a supposed power player in the house. It just happens to not be the player that most of the viewing public wants gone. Either way though Andy is not making the finals. His best shot to ensure that came with his HOH but he blew it. The majority of the time in this game, people with a good reputation in the house leave the house with just that, but even the "good guys" have to make a major move at some point in order to win.
At this point, I don't even care who leaves. I'm more interested in who will come back. Thursday should be fun.

Ste ven said...


youre saying the votes arent there if Spence is put up...but what Aaryn could/should do is put Amanda up...Then Spencer, Elissa and GM could vote Amanda out. Elissa would vote her out; GM could easily be convinced by Aaryn, and then it would be up to Spencer and if he would be blind and then make a f4 with Mcranda and Andy and think after all his nominations that somehow they 'saved 'him and hes not low man. Aaryn/Elissa/GM/Spencer/Helen could make an alliance...and then it would be 5 against 2 McRae/Andy and theyd probably have the votes to get to F5 and then go from there. Helen /Elissa vs Aaryn/GM and SPence would still be at the bottom. Im stil lsurprised with everything Andy hears Amanda say and all the lies and backstabbing that he still thinks they wouldnt cut him off. Theyve already clearly are planning to cut aaryn off and theres no way in hell Amanda or McRae would vote against the other or not take the other to the F2. Andy in the F3 with them has to win it all and then still could easily lose in the finals to either of them. This is the part of the season that gets so frustrating

aaryn has won a lot of competitions but shes let others play her game every time she is HOH. Id have to think again that GM could be manipulated by Aaryn to vote out Amanda. Then theyd need Spencer If Andy wouldnt do it. IT would make for a better game and entertainment for a somewhat lackluster season.

Ste ven said...

As for saying Andy is a floater. Hes been pretty loyal to McRanda so I dont consider him a floater. He (and Mcrae to some extent) have the best social game. I dont think anyone hates Andy (well thats changing a bit) and hes been pretty loyal. Being 2 faced to Helen/Elissa is not floating - its the way you play BB. Its not like hes been shifting from one side of the house to another...hes just made deals with everyone to keep himself safe...and until now, hadnt got caught. Hes NEVER EVEN BEEN NOMINATED!!! At this point in the game, thats pretty good track record. I just wish he wouldnt be under Amanda's spell - he has ot know he has to get at least one of them out and break them up - as the numbers dwindle a 2 vote alliance is power. (elissa needs helen as helen had to explain to her you have to put mcrae and amanda up so that one doesnt win the veto, pull the other off and then you get no one out)...Aaryn was so close to turning on Amanda and I thought the fights would get her angry enough to do it. Plus she was saying how great and nice Helen is and yet that couldnt sway her either. Its all timing and I wish the veto would happen tomorrow. Why do they do it so quickly. Guess Spence just wants the record for most times on the block . Dont they all get teh same stipend now since they get paid for jury ...I dont think its like DWTS where they get paid the longer they stay in the game. Right?

Rebecca McCamish said...

I love it that Helen is getting booted. I'm so over her. "Most" of America isn't "all" of America. Helen is a pretty big target for a large portion of the viewing public.

Andy is by no means a floater and hasn't been for quite some time. It's just a perception people have that someone who goes from conversation to conversation is a floater. A true floater is someone with no alliance and no prospects. Andy has 3AM which, once Helen leaves, will likely be rock solid again. (Aaryn will come to her senses. There's no way Elissa is going to work wtih her faithfully.)

Right now, it's just picking off the detritus of the house. Helen, Elissa, Spencer, GM. When 3AM is left standing (hopefully), then the gloves will get thrown, and it'll be down to who wins challenges and who has the strongest ties. And since Aaryn has been in beastmode....

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