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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Players + MVP Nom

At 10:30am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means it's time for the picking of the Veto Comp players & the reveal of the MVP nom..which really doesn't matter this week (according to the HG's) because Candice is the main target this week.

I'll post the spoilers when the feeds come back.

10:55am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Veto Comp Players: 

The MVP Nom is:


11:00am BBT:
HOH Room
GM says that Candice has to go home, no matter what & that Amanda is safe this week for sure.

Helen: "Maybe Candice is the MVP! She's the underdog & America loves underdogs."
McCrae: "One more reason to get her out."

Jessie enters.
Aaryn is gone.
GM is saying that they're gonna have a good week, there's not Have Nots this week, no stress.

Amanda said that Aaryn is pissed that if others win the veto, they'll take her (Am) off the block & Aaryn is worried she'll be the renom.

11:08am BBT:
Lounge Room

Amanda thinks Judd is "100%" the MVP this week & that he'll take her (Am) off the block if he wins veto to cover his tracks of him being MVP. (**In case you have been gone for BB for awhile, America is the MVP this week.)

Everyone leaves, except Helen/Candice/Elissa.

Helen: "This MVP thing needs to end."

11:10am BBT:
HOH Landing

GM: "You do what's good for your game."
Judd: "If I win it, I'm not gonna use it on Jessie, that way people will think we're not together anymore."

GM: "Aaryn is nervous that Amanda will come off the block & go up in her place. You're votin' Candice out, right?"
Judd: "Yea."

Judd tells GM that he won't change the noms if he wins it.
GM: "Whatever you need to do for your own game, hun."

11:13am BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn: "Everyone said they're gonna (save Amanda if they win veto)."
Aaryn is really nervous that she'll be the renom if that happens.

11:15am BBT:

They think the Veto Comp could be a "Who Wants It The Most" comp. They tell Candice to do whatever she has to do in order to win it, including shaving her head.

Candice: "I am not gonna shave my head!"

11:18am BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Helen is telling GM that she lied to Candice and said she won't vote her (C) out, but she just in case if comes back to GM, just to know that it was a lie. Helen also says that "a part of her" wants Candice to go, but she (H) can't put Candice up because it'll tick Elissa off because Candice/Elissa are close.

11:22am BBT:
Jessie is dancing to GM's Christina Aguilera CD.

(**Any Seinfeld fans here? ..reminds me of Elaine dancing. Thumb-out & all. lol)

11:26am BBT:
Storage Room
Andy: "I don't think you should push GM to use the veto on you if she wins, right in front of Aaryn, because Aaryn will lose trust in you."
Amanda: "Well who's more disposable to (GM), me or Aaryn?"

Amanda: "Well (Aaryn) should go f**k herself! She's not even on the f**king block!"
Andy: "I know, I'm just sayin'..."
Amanda: "This is so annoying.."
Andy: "Just like, win (veto) yourself."
Amanda: "I think Judd is MVP and that if he wins it, he'll use it on me to show he's not the MVP."

11:31am BBT:
Storage Room

They both agree to vote out Candice out this week. Helen thinks Judd could be the MVP. Andy thinks it could be America.

McCrae walks in.

Him/Andy think it could be America that is MVP, though Andy thinks it could be Judd.

Helen tells McCrae she's voting Candice out.
Helen: "It's better to keep Aaryn & GM on our side, then to go against them."
McCrae: "For sure."

Helen leaves.
Andy/McCrae talk.

Andy tells McCrae that he told Amanda to not push GM to use the veto on her (Am) in front of Aaryn. McCrae agrees with Andy.

11:44am BBT:
HOH Bathroom

They're talking about how they have the votes to get rid of Candice and that Amanda is totally safe this week. Aaryn mentions that Elissa won't vote Candice out. McCrae says good, let her become a target.

11:45am BBT:
Amanda joins McCrae/Aaryn/GM in the bathroom.

Amanda asks Aaryn why she's scared to go on the block.

Amanda: "Why are you scared about going up on the block? You'd stay, anyways."
McCrae: "Stop ruffling feathers that don't need to be ruffled!"
Amanda: "I'm not ruffling anybody's feathers except Aaryn, and why are you (McCrae) fighting against me coming OFF the block?!!"

Aaryn: "(I'm scared to go up for) the same reason you're scared for being up on the block."
Amanda gets pissed off.

Amanda: "Well then keep me up on the f**king block, I don't care. I'll win this sh*t."
Amanda storms out of the HOH room, pissed off at McCrae.

McCrae: "Don't worry about it."

11:53am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Amanda is telling Judd to use the veto on her if he wins it because (1) she doesn't wanna go home (2) she doesn't wanna pack her bags again this week. (**You can tell she's freaking out in her mind about being up on the block again.)

Amanda: "I didn't get any votes (to get evicted) last week, so why would they (MVP) put me up on the block??"

11:56am BBT:
McCrae joins Judd/Amanda.

Amanda: "I don't undertand! Where does your loyalty lie?! Are you more afraid that YOU would go up?"
McCrae: "I don't give a f**k if I go up!"

They're going back & forth. Judd jumps on McCrae's side, saying that they're gonna get pissed off at Amanda for pushing GM to use the veto on her, knowing that Aaryn could go up and to not worry--they have the votes. Amanda said that Aaryn is being a "selfish player right now".

McCrae: "YOU are being selfish right now!"
Amanda: "Whose side are you on???" (to McCrae)

Amanda doesn't get it..what Judd/McCrae are trying to tell her. Instead, she's calling Aaryn "a little b*tch" and saying she's being "selfish".

12:00pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda are still fighting.

McCrae is trying to get her to see that GM/Aaryn are "together", just like McCrae/Amanda are "together" in the game..she (Am) can't expect GM to save Amanda and possibly have Aaryn go up. It's not fair.

Amanda still doesn't get it.
Judd chimes in here & there, trying to get Amanda to see what McCrae is saying.

Andy comes in.
Judd: "Can you give us 2 minutes?"
Amanda is saying he's just kidding.
Judd: "No, I'm not. Just 2 minutes."

Andy looks worried/confused, leaves the room.
Judd goes gets him back in the room & says he was just kidding.

Judd: "You look like you were about to have a heart attack!"
Andy: "I was!!" (*lol)

Amanda to McCrae: "You need to stop your dictatorship!"
McCrae: "ME??? Dictator?? Are you kidding?"

12:05pm BBT:
Amanda/McCrae are still fighting.
Amanda doesn't understand why her alliance doesn't care she's on the block.

Andy: "Put yourself in Aaryn's shoes, she's been nominated twice."
Amanda: "ME TOO!!!"

Amanda: "Judd shut the f**k up for a minute so I can talk!!"
Judd: "DON'T TELL ME SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!!!!!" (*whoa!)

12:09pm BBT:
Judd/Amanda/McCrae/Andy are still talking. They're more calm now.

They're telling her she's not going anywhere.
Judd tells Amanda to calm down because if he wins veto, he'll save her (Am) and he doesn't want people to think that he was bullied into using it on her. McCrae agrees.

Amanda: "But Helen/Elissa want Candice to stay!"
Andy: "Not more than they want you to stay, though."

Amanda: "You don't know what it's like being nominated!"

Andy is trying to tell Amanda to not freak out, she's totally safe this week. 

*Blogging break for this gal!! :D Turn on the feeds, Amanda's paranoia & frustration has hit an all-time high!

Stay tuned...
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Jessi said...

I might be alone in this, but I'm kinda over the whole MVP thing. Although, I do love seeing them try and figure out who it is.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty sad that the majority of fans have already seemingly forgotten about Aryan. The HGs doing so is one thing. Most have not directly heard or witnessed all her racist comments and actions and they're trying to use her to help them win 500K. The fans however have seen most if not all of Aryan's racism and have no financial incentive to want her to stay. Not that Aryan would've went home anyway but very disappointed in America's choice regardless.


rbjjb said...

Make The Double Eviction By Voting For The One You Want To Stay. Do This Without Notice So The HG Can't Communicate. That Would Be Nice If Amanda And Macrae Were On The Block Together.

Now That Would Cause A Reset Of Sorts - Just What Is Needed Right About Now.

Then Do Away With The MVP And Three On The Block.

Anonymous said...


Amanda gets to play in POV too right. I assume you just left her off by accident.

(Just letting you know you don't have to post this)


Jamie said...

Thanks brain-melt moment. lol Fixed. :)

AmiLrn said...

I haven't forgotten Aaryn. She has already gotten her just desserts, she just doesn't know it yet. She has lost her job and is hated in the real world. I don't see her winning $500K so I don't see the need to rush to get her out.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I SO agree with you Brian. Now people are on the "get Amanda out" band wagon. What happened to the rage over Aryan? She is much worse, even when she is trying to behave.

Ste ven said...

This is pretty interesting because Aaryn has now escaped America's wrath and Amanda is now the most hated houseguest and broadcast viewers havent even heard half of the slimy things she's said. Or maybe they just want to shake things up. The HG ARE SO SO SO STUPID for not voting her out. It cant be just Aaryn, Spencer etc but the WHOLE HOUSE so no one will get 'blood' (except McRae of course) these are the last non-jury eliminations so get Amanda out before she can cast a vote against you. Amanda and McRae are the strongest pair; they will never vote against each other (and I cant see them lasting outside of the house as Amanda seems pretty selfish)...GET HER OUT WHILE YOU CAN PEOPLE. I just think its going to be hard for others to put her up later - they seem scared of her so why not get her out while youve got the chance...Aaryn is right to be scared cuz she'll likely go up but she wont get voted out right now. Americas vote is proof she's rehabilitated herself somewhat. Its fun to see Amanda freak out yet again when she takes it so lightly when others are nervous and on the block. So they though it was Howard and now they think its Judd...Andy and some have already assumed its America...Amanda probably wouldn't even go there cuz she couldnt believe that viewers wanted her out. Theres double elimination so I dont know if that means Amanda could go on the block a second time or if the second position MVP would go up since viewers only voted for 1 MVP. Does anyone know how that will work or maybe the first eviction will be the last MVP and then the next one will just be the regular 2 nominees. Actually, thats probably more likely now that I think of it but I still think they should have the cojones to vote Amanda out. She will not be loyal to any of them besides McRae and if they evict her as a house, McRae cant target anyone specifically (and when he calms down, he'll realize its better for his game to have her out as he's someone who can win the whole thing)

Anonymous said...

How funny is it that McCrae thinks America is the MVP who keeps putting Amanda up? No one knows better than him as a BB superfan and the person who's spent the most time with Amanda all that she's done wrong as far as winning fans with her aggressive gameplay. He better not let Amanda find out he thinks that though. She's going nutso right now and might literally chop his head off.


Ste ven said...

The person who said put McRae and Amanda on the block together is smart. What could happen is the first eviction will be the 3 nominees. The second eviction could easily be just 2 nominees and the MVP ends in the middle of the show. When you think about it, America only voted for 1 it wouldnt be fair putting that same person up twice. So they do the first eviction - do fast forward and only 2 nominees...butchances are whomever wins HOH would be on the Goof side of the house and wont put them both up together cuz theyre scared of them. I wonder if Spencer or Aaryn won, they would do it. Somehow I dont think so but it would be good for them and the viewers. With only 2 nominees and both of them up, one of them would have to go unless they won the veto. And there wouldnt be time to scheme and make a plan

tabsouthard said...

I totally hope Candace wins pov.....I want amanda to keep feeling frantic and getting on their nerves.....I can't understand why they are sooo afraid of breaking up the showmance mccrae/amanda.....I'm so ova her and the relationship.......

Cody Fisher said...

Oh please, please, please let Amanda self destruct and cause herself damage!! I do NOT get why the houseguest are so determined to keep her in that house! At this rate they might as well ask CBS to write them the checks for 1st and 2nd place and just enjoy the rest of the Summer.
And for crying out loud CBS has got to tell them that its America (not Judd) who has the sense to know Amanda needs the boot!!
I don't get how Amanda can be so angry at Aaryn for not wanting to be on the block! She is having a paranoid party in her on mind as we speak, but its ok for her to not want to be on the block?
And as for Helen, do they not realize she is playing everyone?
I will say that as far as game play go Amanda and Helen are the only ones that I see actually doing anything! I just wish some of the others would get together and decide their rein had lasted long enough.

Cody Fisher said...

You aren't alone!

rigs said...

It is better that McCrae finds out now just how crazy Amanda can get. If the marries her for real and then finds out, it is too late. He either manages to help her control her emotions or he accepts her as she is. If they are going to be a couple, they need to learn to be compatible, not combatable.

It is sad that America wants Amanda out before Spenser or Aaryn but we must remember that America voted Elissa MVP three times in a row. I agree with that decision but not because I am a Rachel fan. I voted Elissa as MVP because the game was stacked against her in the beginning and she deserved a fair shot at it. The game has changed and Elissa is no longer at the Rachel disadvantage in the house. But I suspect America wants Elissa to win and the best way to do that is to breakup Amanda/McCrae. IMO, the majority of America is voting to save Elissa. They are not playing the BB game. If that is the case, it is probably time to get rid of the MVP.

Anonymous said...

At this point I'm not even sure how upset McCrae would truly be when Amanda eventually gets evicted. She's really starting to ruin his game with how irrational she is and constantly flying off the handle about anything and everything. At this point she is really only providing him with cover since she will definitely go before him. So in that sense the longer she's around the longer he is most likely. I mean she can't even provide safety since she's shown no ability to win a comp. And having to constantly be with her all the time is impeding his social game some with the rest of the house.

Amanda's biggest flaw in this game is her complete inability to look at the game from anyone else's perspective but her own. You need to be able to do this to accurately predict what someone else would do in the game in various situations and how you could best get them to do just that or convince them not to depending on what you'd like to happen. That's why Amanda has failed miserably at getting others with power to do things, mainly put up Howard. And that's why she's not truly running the house and Helen is.


Rebecca McCamish said...

Elissa fans (by the way, her gameplay is terrible) got on an anti-Amanda kick because they were opposed to one another. It doesn't have anything to do with Amanda herself. It just snowballed from Elissa fans wanting her out of the way of their precious MVPer (cheater) star who says how perfect she is and talks about everyone with disdain.


I've noticed that Amanda is constantly devising little loyalty tests for McCrae, putting him in the impossible position of always defending her. She mentioned a previous boyfriend of 3 years (poor bastard, obviously a masochist) who wouldn't defend her either. Women do this all the time, unfortunately. One can only imagine how many tests she's failed in McCrae's eyes this season.

Erica Iles said...

I totally agree, I put all my votes on Aaryn and I believe it was you who replied to one of my posts about how the HGs are so forgiving. I agreed with you in that they're playing a game and such so they have to look over it, now everyone else is just all of a sudden forgetting about it also when it was SUCH a big deal in the beginning when everything was happening. I guess since Aaryn started watching her mouth people have just forgotten all the nasty things that have already come out of it.

Erica Iles said...

Her family has paid for a PR guy to fix her reputation after she's out of the house. Don't know if it's actually going to help her but I don't see why she needs any more extra money than she has already gotten.

Erica Iles said...

The whole time I was reading the blog updates all I could think was, "McCrea, you're a lot stronger than me for putting up with Amanda's BS!" In a way, maybe that makes him more dumb also.


Only those in the house know what its like in there, they all have said/done things they regret, and they all like to think they would be forgiven, particularly if it gets them farther in the game.

Jessica Montes-Byles said...

I totally agree!! I voted for Aryan. Its time for her to go!

Jessica Montes-Byles said...

Totally agree! O voted for Aryan. Its time for her to go!

Erica Iles said...

I voted for Aaryn to go up, however I had a feeling it would actually be Amanda. I don't think it's because America hopes that Am will go home, I think it's because America wants to see drama. America wants to split that big alliance and let people make their own deals and actually start playing their own game. I also think that both times Amanda has gone up she has put her foot in her mouth the whole time and showed America her true colors and they aren't pretty.

Erica Iles said...

Very good points as always, Sir Brian

AmiLrn said...

PR firms can do wonders. But u can't fix stupid. The only money she will get is the money her family wastes on the PR firm. America will not forget.

Debbie Iles said...

Agree Brian and Erica. Erica we share the same last name even the spelling. Rare. Lol

robere11 said...

ILife Amanda pooping her pants I'm voting for her every week

AmiLrn said...

Disagree. I am not an Elissa fan necessarily and I initially had nothing against Amanda. However, I have really started to dislike Amanda the past couple of weeks. Amanda is on the block because of her own actions.

Trevor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
**Alea73** said...

I think McCrae is gonna end up winning this Game, Hands down...
He's by far the Smartest Gamer in the House now...
I'm actually fine with that result, but not so much with Amanda winning it...
Sorry for all the Team Amanda's out there, but I can't take her any longer, I just can't...These last 2 weeks of watching her & seeing her meltdowns over being on the block have been more than Entertaining...
Surely, she didn't expect to be behind the last Evictions & had a hand in most (if not all) of the Nominations for Evictions & Run the House (as she has clearly done & is STILL doing) and NOT think she wouldn't be Nominated for Eviction at some point???
I mean....Really????
Come ON??

Anonymous said...

OMG...Get the stinky McCrea out!! I've watched him lay and pick at his toes and then put his fingers in his mouth! I think he is the dirtiest person in the house and he grosses me out!!!!! Amanda is second in line...Stinky..dirty .... gross!!! If these idiots don't wake up and get them out...they are going to win this darn game!!

Andrea Leffler said...

Love the Seinfeld reference.... with the little kicks and the thumbs? "It was more like a full body dry heave set to music." I love that episode!

Thanks for all you do... I am so glad I found this blog! You do a great job!

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