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Monday, August 5, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Results

At 10:50am BBT, the live feeds came back from trivia and as expected, Spencer is the replacement nom. If you haven't already, go take a look at the The Overnighter & get caught up. There was a ton of game talk last night!

Let's take a look at what's happening inside the BB house! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:51am BBT:
HOH Room

GM is telling Spencer that Candice is going home this week and not to worry. Spencer says ok & that he's just gonna lay low and that he knows everyone in the house wants Candice out this week. All is well.

GM said that she can't wait for her goodbye message to Candice..she's gonna tell her that she's a joke & that she's walking out of the house looking like a joke (in her clownie-tard costume).

They wrap up their convo & Spencer heads downstairs.

10:56pm BBT:
Storage Room
Andy: "What's up with Elissa?"
Helen says she doesn't know why Elissa wants to vote Spencer out and says that Jessie is trying to "drive a wedge" between her (H) and Elissa. (**Helen was part of the whole 'get Amanda out' plot, too.)

10:59am BBT:
HOH Room
Talk is about Candice and the Veto Ceremony. GM said she was irritated when Candice squeaked her nose (during the Veto Ceremony?). Judd said he could tell because of the way GM looked at Candice.

11:10am BBT:
Lounge Room

Helen is telling Elissa that Candice is going this week and to vote her out as well. Helen is warning Elissa that if she doesn't vote with the house, that she's gonna make herself a target and that she (H) wants to go to Final 2 with her. Elissa doesn't like that every week, including this week, people are getting voted out that isn't a threat to her (E) game.

Helen said they'll get Amanda out, but this week is not the week to do that.

11:18am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Amanda: "If I stay here, McCrae & I will not put you up next week."
Jessie: "Then who would you put up?"
Amanda: "Whoever the house wanted."
Jessie: "What if the house wanted me up?"
Amanda: "I'd convince them otherwise."

Jessie tells Amanda that she's not sure why she (Am) is scared to go home this week...
Jessie: "'s not like I'm capable of flipping the house." 

Amanda said she's scared she's gonna keep going up every week as the MVP nom. She also told Jessie that everyone wants Jessie to be a target & herself to be a target & that they hope they (J/Am) will go after each other.

11:25am BBT:
Judd has joined Jessie/Amanda.

J/Am are patching things up & clearing the air.

Amanda: "If you stay loyal to me, I'll stay loyal to you. I did not have a hand in GM's nominations at all! She was always gonna put you and Candice up. That was always her intentions."

11:32am BBT:
Aaryn has joined Judd/Amanda/Jessie.
Aaryn said that GM nominating Jessie, was to try to prevent Candice from winning the Veto so that Candice could go home.

Jessie goes inside to grab breakfast.

Aaryn asked Amanda what that was all about (Am/Jessie talking) & mentions that she's seen Jessie/Helen/Elissa talking and she thinks they're plotting to get Amanda out.

Jessie comes back outside.

Sidenote: Judd/Aaryn were openly flirting with each other in front of Jessie. lol (Judd doesn't like Jessie & has been distancing himself from her for awhile now.)

11:40am BBT:
Jessie/Amanda are still hashing things out. This could be pointless though, as I don't think either of them really care about each other. Amanda is trying to do damage control so she stays this week but I think she'd put up Jessie in a heartbeat. And I don't think Jessie is really buying anything Amanda is saying.

11:50am BBT:
Aaryn/Amanda/Jessie are now talking.

Amanda & Aaryn are telling Jessie that she GM didn't put up Amanda or McCrae because Gm/McCrae made a deal at the HOH comp to not put each other up, including Amanda.

Jessie is still bitter for being nom'ed this week.
Aaryn: "My name gets thrown out every week!"

Aaryn: "You should be happy that you won veto this week, I don't understand why you're upset?"
Jessie: "I'm not upset! This is just a conversation. I's fine, really."

12:15pm BBT:
Amanda is getting her tan-on again.

She goes to get her flip-flops and Andy asks production to play the funky music (that they play to signal Amanda's tanning session) as they wait for her to get her flip flops.

Production does! They all start dancing..

 Amanda: "McCrae, come pat down my back.."
Spencer/Helen/Elissa/Judd/Aaryn all comment how much darker she is now..

Elissa: "You look like someone from the cast of Jersey Shore!"
Judd: "You look DARK!"

Aaryn: "Oh my gosh! That is so ridiculous!"

Judd wants Amanda to show GM how dark she is now.
They walk upstairs to the HOH room to show her.

12:25pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn is telling GM about the convo outside between her/Jessie (a few minutes ago) and how Jessie is "on her high horse" and how Jessie asked why she's "always the pawn".

GM: "(Jessie's) an asshole. And she sucks at everything. Everyone (plans to) put her (J) up next week, even Judd."

GM: "I think there's gonna be a double eviction this week."
Aaryn: "I do, too."

12:34pm BBT:

Judd is "taking one for the team" by taking a nap with Jessie. (**He was talked into spending more time with Jessie last night so that Judd can more influence her..he told them they're trying to "whore him out". lol)

12:43pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda wonders if she'll be put up every week as the MVP nom.
Judd: "As long a Elissa's here, you will."
Amanda: "Do you think Elissa has to go next week?"
Judd: "Yea. What army would Helen have if (Elissa) was gone."

They plan on getting Elissa out next.

Amanda said that as long as Jessie is gunning for her (Am), and as long as Judd can make sure of that, then she doesn't care how long Jessie stays in the house.

Judd: "I trust Aaryn over Jessie."
Amanda: "I'm gonna keep Jessie close to me this week."

They both agree that Jessie is disposable to them & can go any week. Judd said now (after he cuddled with her) that she's officially flipped back to getting Candice out this week. (*Good job, Judd.)

12:50pm BBT:
HOH Room
Amanda is telling Aaryn to stay close to Jessie this week. Amanda & Aaryn start Jessie bashing.

1:03pm BBT:
Judd walks in.
Gm/Aaryn tell him to come in bed with them.

Judd: "Gettin frisky?"
Aaryn: "You're my BB boyfriend. You should sleep (in my bed) with me tonight."
Judd laughs.

Amanda talks about how often she flashes her boobs and how they're probably over the internet. (*Yup.)

**Bloggy break!! :)

Stay tuned...
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Kern's Kreations said...

I really REALLY want a televised event when GM finds out that she has been fired and that the real jokes in the house are her and her little friend. Sickened that these people are still in the house.
But, it does make for good tv. lol

Dannielle Burciaga said...

I honestly don't understand where all GM's hostility towards Candice is coming from... I don't think Candice has done anything to GM (aside from getting into it during the Bed Flipping thing.).. I just dont get it.

Anonymous said...

Can GM be any more jealous of Candice?! Wow

patti said...

[Amanda: "If I stay here, McCrae & I will not put you up next week."
Jessie: "Then who would you put up?"
Amanda: "Whoever the house wanted."]

if jessie did not reply with "WHAT IF THE HOUSE WANTS ME UP?" then...she deserves to go!

AmiLrn said...

Amanda must have some powerful charisma that just doesn't translate over the TV. The more I watch her, the more I find her unlivable. She's a complete witch to someone until she believes they may have the power to get her out then she is a mega butt kisser. And what does Helen mean this isn't the week to get Amanda out?? She said last week wasn't the week either and all they accomplished was losing a vote against Amanda. If they don't get her out this week, the they will just lose another vote against her. Pretty soon there's not going to be any votes against much less enough votes to actually get her out.

AmiLrn said...

I think cdiz hit the nail in the head. GM is JEALOUS of Candice. Lord knows that pageants are GMs "thing" and Camdice being a Miss Louisiana completely overshadows any Podunk crown GM has.

Razldazlrr said...

AmiLrn - I agree - I have to wonder if GM and Aaryn aren't just crazy jealous of Candice.

Aaryn and Judd flirting? OK, now that would be funny!

(ok jamie - now how did you pull a groin muscle at the fair? You were supposed to be looking for the best food on a stick!)

rbjjb said...

GM Nomination Speeches For Candice And Jessie Made No Sense At All. Candice A Rat? Jessie A Flip Flopper? With Every Word GM Said SheSounded Dumber And Dumber. Just Call It Like It Is New Yorker - I Won HOH But Had No Guys To Play My Own Game. I Just Want To Have My Hair Done.

Someone Please Win HOH And Take It Serious.

John Gray said...

I can't wait till someone makes a power move or turns on each other. (Still mad the best person in the house got eliminated last week.)

rigs said...

There are two people who can't keep their mouths shut, Andy and Amanda. They are the two people that should stay for the foreseeable future since neither of them has won any competitions and they would be easy to get out if for no other reason than that fact they can't keep a secret. Everyone knows where they are at and what they are thinking.

There are two power players that need to go as soon as Candice is gone. Helen and Elissa are calling the shots and it is time for McCrae/Amanda/Andy/Aaryn to make the big move. McCrae knows that. He said this was the week for Helen/Elissa to make a move against McCrea/Amanda. He is right. Helen is a mastermind. She knows that taking out "kingpins" breaks up power. Time for her to go. I was hoping for Spencer to go after Candice but Helen is just too much of a risk. She can't be trusted. She has even said many times that it was time for Elissa to go.

I don't think so but maybe Amanda is crazy as a fox by keeping the spotlight on her and not on McCrae. She makes McCrae look like the good guy.

Trevor said...

Umm folks GM is racist. She hates Candace because she's black. Why is this a shock to any of you?

stefanie said...

Last night Judd and Jessie did kiss.

stefanie said...

Judd and Jessie did make out last night

Jamie said...

lol @ Raz

its such a stupid story how i pulled my groin muscle...almost embarrassing.

okay, so there's this thing called a "Sky Glider", it takes you from 1 end of the fair to the other. I'm deathly afraid of heights but it didn't seem that high up so i went on it. as soon as it started going higher & higher, i had a panic attack and had to close my eyes, i was gripping the bars on the seat really tight, and my body was so tense from me being in total panic mode.

the ride lasts 7 minutes & my body was tense the whole time.

i'm probably the only person in the history of the State Fair to pull a groin muscle from sitting on the Sky Glider, which 4 yr old can ride. LOL

Razldazlrr said...

Interesting that those 2 knuckleheads think there might be a double eviction this week LOL

AmiLrn said...

I am not sure about Judd's true feelings about Jessie. He goes on this rant last night to Amanda and Company about how much he hates Jessie and how she annoys him and how there's no way he's going to sleep with her etc. etc. Then he turned right around and goes into the house, kisses Jessie full on the mouth, then spends the night in her bed. Exactly what angle is he playing here?

Random World said...

I'm really starting to not like this season of Big Brother. Casting did a bad job in picking this season's cast. I don't know, they're coming off to me as not likeable & if they're not likeable to me, they're not watchable to me. I do however like Judd & Craecrae. I keep changing who I like because the more I watch, the more I change my mind.
Is it just me that feels this way?

Kern's Kreations said...

I'm laughing with you not at you. :)

Robin Jackson said...


GM is an idiot. She hates Candice's voice, thinks she is a rat/tattletale and isn't loyal. I am cracking up with laughter as I type this. Honestly I think it boils down to jelousy and Aaryn all in GM's ear. Also, don't forget the lie that Helen told last week about Candice supposedly demanding that Helen tell Aaryn to put up GM and Spencer. That refueled the hatred. I hope that BB allows Candice to dress in regular clothes for the eviction. It would be awful for her to get evicted in that clown suit. Although Candice is handling it with good humor.


Candice dissed GM by honking her red nose during the veto ceremony. I will be happy Candice is gone (her game has been over for several weeks), but it always gets crazy with the second eviction, I'm hoping Elissa goes, but who knows?

Jamie said...

LOL @ Kerns ;)

James Adams said...

I don't understand how Judd can not be attracted to Jessi, she is superhot, I mean just for fun nothing to do with game.

isabella said...

Its jealousy on gm and arynn 100%. Candace has a state crown..has to be extremely tough to win due to the talent beauty poise sponsors im assuming is required. Shes been a cheerleader for the NFL team and on Oprah. I might never have respect for GM, but maybe respect for her gameplay if she did something with her HOH. Right now km rooting for Jessie since she is the only 1 trying to create some excitement in the house.

Kim M said...

@ Robin - I doubt BB would let her wear regular clothes for eviction. It was a running "curse" for a handful of seasons in a row to get a punishment of some sort of costume. For multiple seasons in a row, people were evicted in the crazy costumes. It was kind of a BB kiss of death. :)

Anonymous said...

@Random World

For years fans have complained enough with bringing back past HGs to play and give us a whole new cast. This season they finally gave us a completely new cast and everyone complains that this cast sucks. I wonder if its a conspiracy so they can say see we told you so we need to keep bringing back past HGs. My hope is at least this season is just like a saltine cracker pallet cleanser for an All Star season next summer.


Michelle said...

I think it is really Amanda and McCrae who are controlling the game. I thought Aaryn would be loyal to Helen but clearly she is not. I really hope Jessie wins HOH so she can nominate Amanda and Andy! HA HA HA! I would love to see that! I think it's crazy that the house is gonna flip on Helen. Helen may have Elissa but they are playing a different game. Ugh! I would love to see Amanda go and I'm actually okay with Candice leaving. She just has no game play whatsoever and hasn't for a couple of weeks now. The sad thing is if she leaves they are losing a vote to get Amanda out. I would love to see Amanda, Aaryn and Andy on the block! That would be ideal! So If Jessie could win and nominate Amanda and Andy and America nominate Aaryn it would be a perfect week for me! I agree that GM and Aaryn are jealous but I also think they are racist. I really want them sitting with Julie!

Jamie said...

the reason this season sucks is because

1) the brought in a relative of a former bb alumni (Elissa) and she sucks at playing the game...

2) casting staff cast people that have never seen the show, such as jeremy and kaitlin (and i think candice too?)

3) everyone is young, which makes for a more "Real World" vibe, than big brother.

they need to get people that really want to play the game, know the game, and of all ages.

otherwise, we're stuck with stupid HG's that only care about getting into a relationship, tanning, or looking at themselves in the mirrors to make sure their hair is perfect.

rigs said...

I don't care what Candice was or has done. Today she is a PIA. I felt bad for Howard trying to get through to her. She just doesn't get it and she is a smart girl. She and Aaryn had the same problem. Aaryn now gets it and has changed, at least for now. Candice likes to stir up trouble to make herself look good and it is not working. Her house meeting didn't do her any good at all. As much as I don't like Spencer, he ended up "winning" that round and Candice lost. It is her own fault.

As for being "racist", most people are. They just won't admit it and/or they control it. It is not just racism, people react to others who are fat, skinny, tall, short, gay, religious, athiest and anything that is "different". When people get mad, their filters are bypassed in favor of inflicting maximum hurt.

The key is to avoid reacting. Howard was very good at that, at least in this game.

James said...


Thanks again for all your hard work. Sorry to hear about your injury.

I am actually very happy having all new HG's this season and hate how newbies play when mixed with vets. I would prefer 9/10 seasons be all new.

Although I agree about casting people that don't know the game has its problems, I think its always good to have some fresh people in there like in early seasons that aren't familiar with the game.

I absolutely wish there was more age diversity in the game, but I guess they are trying to get the younger audience which is always the case.

I think the thing that hurt this season the most was not Elissa, whom I actually like personally although is not much of a gamer. I think it is the ridiculous MVP twist and 3 nominees, b/c there is absolutely no shift of power this season since the MC was taken down. I want to see the house flip back and forth, which has not happened.

As far as girls in the house, I personally think none of them are very attractive except for Helen, whom I think is absolutely gorgeous. The same can be said for the guys, but I won't go there.


KayKayLah M said...

Okay here are some of my observations and why I'm so frustrated w/this season....
#1) Lack of backstabbing and houseflipping- This false sense of "loyality" and doing what "the house wants" really should be an insult to these people's so called intelligence! When is someone gonna realize that this so-called house they're referring to is Mcranda and Helen.
#2) Hypocrisy- The BlondeBigots are always correcting Candice's regional dialect in her speech, yet GM speaks as if she has never been introduced to grammar. Demanda is constantly telling people that they are playing this game incorrectly by playing it on a personal level, yet she goes around instigating cat fights. Helen (passive-aggressive ice queen) led the eviction of Howard because he lied, yet she goes around sensationalizing private conversations to meet her needs.
#3) The short-sided limited memory for morally incomprehensible behavior compared to lingering on petty immature irrelevant issues. So, this season has held up an ugly mirror to society b/c you can go around stereotyping certain ethnic groups and make racial slurs, and per Demanda that behavior should be "let-go" or forgotten, BUT if someone speaks in a tone you don't like, speaks using metaphor/analogy, or God forbid if certain people, BESIDES Andy "the TRUE house RAT", enlighten others to inconsistencies or think outside the box than that person becomes a target!!

Anonymous said...


1) That really was I believe their biggest mistake this season. They couldn't just completely remove themselves from all past HGs so they had to hedge their bet and pick a relative of a former HG who while still someone who hadn't played before gave them a connection to the past. However they picked a relative who looked exactly like the former HG and was quickly discovered. Elissa in the house single handedly ruined the MVP twist before it ever got off the ground and we never really got to see it in action as it was designed. Everyone in the house assumed Elissa would get it, she did and then she proceeded to confirm everyone's suspicions by telling people. If they do this twist again they need to do it with a new cast with no relation whatsoever to past and make it illegal to tell anyone you got it like in the past with coup de tat and diamond POV.

2) That's the case every year as far as casting people who've never seen the show before so it can't be the reason this particular cast sucks.

3) It was strange that they cast mostly all younger people this season but there's usually not that many more older people. Maybe they thought they needed more younger single people because they weren't bringing back any past HGs.


KayKayLah M said...

@Jamie I also agree w/your reasons why this season sucks.

It's sad cuz I love BB!

John Gray said...

Totally agree

TamaraJ said...


Erica Iles said...

No, it's not just you. I feel the same way.
I even paid for the live feeds but I don't even watch them anymore because I kind of just lost interest. I still read the blog but for the most part I'm just so...disappointed.
I've almost even stopped watching the episodes, my dvr records them but I don't get around to watching them for days after they'd aired.

Erica Iles said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

AmiLrn said...

I don't really mind the relative of a previous HG because Elissa is so very different than Rachel. However I do agree with the fact that they should have more age diversity and they do. It really does make it more of a Real World vibe.

Alex Ramos said...

Helen keeps saying now is not the week to get Amamda out, so when is it when she is in F2 and Helen in Jury. Although Amanda is playing a good game because they are doing the dirty work for her. Howard should not have left last week. Why does Aaryn and GM hate Candice so much? I cross my fingers that Candice will not be going home this week and that someone makes a power move.

laserkat said...

Hey Jamie, sorry about your injury. Years ago I pulled a groin muscle when I slipped on a wet floor at the Piggly Wiggly. I could not get out of bed for two days. Take care! My hope is that Amanda goes beserk with the combo of paranoia & spray tan, resulting in the house flipping on her right before the vote.

Robin Jackson said...

That sounds a lot like me. Last year I couldn't get work done because I was so engrossed in the live feeds and the show. This year I am just like eh whatever in regards to the live feeds. I hope it will get better after this week.

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